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Chapter I-Into Edenia

The Village Hidden in the leaves: One week after Pain's defeat

Tsunade's office:

Naruto Uzumaki has been summon by Tsunade the fifth Hokage for a special task as Naruto show up wanting to know what his favorite Hokage wants with him?

"Hey Baa-chan you wanted to give me a mission I heard from Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto cross his arms over his chest waiting to hear what Tsunade has to say. The beautiful blonde hair busty Hokage let out a sign before she spoke.

"How many times I told you stop calling me Baa-chan." Tsunade rubbed her forehead but she knew he was never gonna stop calling her that "Anyway I have a special mission for Naruto. I am traveling to a place called Edenia and well I need your help."

"You want me to take your Hokage? Already I'm fine with that." Naruto chuckle with delight he didn't mind becoming Hokage for the day or the week or even for a month.

"Shut up and listen and let me finish idiot." Tsunade glare at her favorite hyper ninja with an angry glare which made Naruto shut up quickly "Sorry Baa-chan please go on."

"Thank you Naruto. Anyway I am going there and I need you as my bodyguard." Naruto was a bit surprise that she picked him "Why me Baa-chan? Surely you can pick Kakashi-sensei or even Captain Yamato or even Super-Bushy-brow!"

Tsunade smiled at Naruto "Because I trust you Naruto. You defeated Pain by yourself you protected the village with your life. Kakashi and everyone else will be busy helping everyone restore the village and you are the hero you need your break. Beside the ruler of Edenia wants to see the hero who save his home by himself." This made Naruto even more wanting to join Tsunade on this mission.

"I don't know Baa-chan I did it because it's every ninja job to protect his or hers home." Naruto scratch the back of his head unsure to come along. Tsunade grab Naruto by his throat and pull him into her breasts squeezing him tight with her arms "What you don't like to hang out with your Baa-chan?"

Naruto struggle to get free Tsunade almighty breast hold but Tsunade soon let him go "I didn't mean it like that Baa-chan I'll go I'll go just keep those dangerous weapons away from me." Tsunade laughed "Beauty is deadly remembered that Naruto females are the number one assassins in the world."

Naruto rubbed his cheeks "Yeah trust me I'll remember that from now on." He sweatdrop soon after as Tsunade grin at the young Uzumaki "When do we leave Baa-chan?" he ask.

"Tonight you don't need to pack it won't take long. The path way opens during the night. So don't be late Naruto got it?"

"Don't worry Baa-chan there is one thing I'm not, I'm not always late like Kakashi-sensei." Naruto left Tsunade's office afterwards. Tsunade sign as her favorite ninja left her office "That boy needs a nice girl in his life. I'm too old to be having kids."

Later that Night:

Naruto met up with Tsunade the village's gates right on time. It was just Tsunade and Naruto nobody else, Shizune was left in chance until the two returns. Naruto and Tsunade left the village hidden in the leaves and enter the hidden forest.

Naruto follow Tsunade right behind her until they reached a large waterfall.

"Here we are." The blonde Hokage said. Naruto looked at the waterfall and wonder where is this place "Baa-chan is the place behind the waterfall?" he ask as Tsunade look back at the young ninja "No Naruto it's inside the waterfall."

Naruto and Tsunade walked across the small lake and enter the waterfall. As they enter a hidden cave inside the waterfall there was a gate in front of them after they enter the waterfall. Tsunade knocked on the steel gate twice with a hard knock and spoke in a language Naruto never heard before.

The steel gate open wide as the two enter through the steel gate as the gate closes right behind them.

The Realm of Edenia:

The two made their way across only to find themselves in another place. Another world another land another realm as upon leaving the cave and pass through the waterfall. Naruto found himself within a different area the land was beautiful and rich with life and beauty.

It was night the moon was up high in the sky with stars shining bright.

"Come on Naruto we didn't come here for site seeing." Naruto snap out of it and quickly caught up with Tsunade. Tsunade walked across a small red wooden bridge as Naruto run across the bridge to catch up with her.

Edenian Palace:

The palace was a large palace bigger than the Hokage's tower. Guards staying in front of the palace to protect it from anyone who bring harm to their Queen and Princess.

"Place your business or leave at once?" One of the guards spoke.

"I am Tsunade the fifth Hokage from earthrealm leader of the village hidden in the leaves." Tsunade stated who she was as right away the guards stood aside "Ah lady Tsunade oh yes Queen Sindel has been waiting for you for some time."

Tsunade nod her head "Let's go Naruto."

"Right behind ya Baa-chan!"


Another pair of guards stood in Tsunade's and Naruto's way guarding the throne room.

"I am here to see Queen Sindel." The guards stood aside letting Tsunade in but just as Naruto was about to step in the guards blocked Naruto's way "Hey what's the big deal?"

"Only the Queen and Lady Tsunade are allow in the throne room. Visitors and guardians must stay outside the throne room." The second guard said to Naruto.

"That's okay Naruto I'll be fine just wait out here." Naruto step back after he sign he walked and rest his back against the wall of the hallway wanted to see who this Queen Sindel was and why she wanted to see Tsunade?

Sindel's Throne Room:

Tsunade enter the throne room. The throne room was the largest room in the palace. The throne room floors and walls as Tsunade saw Queen Sindel was sitting in her throne room seeing the Queen smiled when she saw Tsunade had finally arrival she rose from her throne and walked towards the fifth Hokage.

"Tsunade you've finally made it." Sindel gave Tsunade a welcome hug as Tsunade return the hug as well. Tsunade smiled at the Queen it was good to see her at last "How goes things in the leaf village?"

Tsunade wasn't sure where to begin as she rubbed her forehead with her right hand "We are still recovering from the attack by the Akatsuki. But we will recover fully very soon. The village was destroy before and it was rebuilt and so it can be rebuilt again. Raiden came to me telling me Edenia can offer support to our village."

Sindel nod her head "Yes, it has been some time since Shao Kahn's defeat and Edenia has been free from him finally. Raiden came to me one day telling me your dear boy is the son of Minato and Kushina."

"How does Raiden knows about them?"

Sindel chuckle "Minato was the second chosen one. Originally Minato was the one who was to enter the Mortal Kombat tournament sixteen years back but news of his death force Raiden to change his plans to search for a new chosen one. The Shaolin Monk Liu Kang was a nice choice. Raiden would have picked your boy but he was too young."

"Naruto is sixteen he'll be seventeen in three months."

"Where is he? I wish to see him."

"Outside the guards told him to wait." Tsunade jerked her right thump back behind her.

"I see." With the snap of her finger the doors open wide "Guards allow Mr. Naruto to enter I wish to speak with him." The guards did as their queen command them letting Naruto inside the throne room as the doors close behind Naruto.

Naruto walked over to Tsunade and bow his head showing respect to both Tsunade and Queen Sindel "Thank you for letting me in."

"Ah so this is Naruto Uzumaki. He's very handsome young man hard to believe he saved the village single handed." Sindel was indeed impressed by this while Naruto blush of embarrassment yet he felt honor.

"Thank you Queen Sindel I did what I had to do." The young Uzumaki chuckle afterwards while leaving Tsunade and Sindel smiling at the young man.

"Tsunade Edenia will support the hidden leaf village but only under these causation." Both Naruto and Tsunade were open ears to what Sindel will have to say "The village must not hold any secrets or dark secrets I want an honest trust. I will have my people and soldiers help you and your village at anytime of your needs. And thirdly I want to form an alliance with earthrealm."

Tsunade nod her head agreeing with Queen Sindel "Very well Sindel we agree with your causations. We will not hold any secrets against you we will be completely honest with you. And we will gladly form an alliance with the realm of Edenia."

"Not just any normal alliances. Any normal alliance can be easily broken." Sindel have dealt with traitors before and she will not have Edenia fall again.

"What kind do you have in mind Queen Sindel?" Naruto asked the beautiful Queen.

Sindel grew a smile "A Marriage alliance."

"Marriage?" Naruto looked confuse.

Tsunade quickly caught on what Sindel wanted "Surely with your daughter or yourself?"

Sindel laugh lightly "I am too old to marry such a young man. But my daughter she isn't getting any younger and she has single for quite a very long time. And my daughter's friend is single as well."

"Offering a marriage between both of them?" Tsunade asked.

Naruto asked Tsunade "Um Baa-chan I'm confuse what's going on? Who's getting married? Is it Kakashi-sensei or someone in the village?"

Tsunade shook her head "No Naruto. The person we are talking about is in here, the lucky guy is you Naruto."

"What me get married? But I'm sixteen I'm too young and I don't even know the girl I'm gonna married!" Naruto yelled he was freaking out so suddenly.

"Relax will you knucklehead I know your too young. But Konoha rules goes when your eighteen you are able to be web." Tsunade explain to calm Naruto down "You'll have time to get to know her long before you and her get marry."

"But who am I getting marry too?"

"My daughter Kitana and her friend Jade." Sindel spoke.

"Baa-chan why pick me I'm no good with girls. Beside don't you have other better guys then me to pick?"

"Naruto quit crying about getting married. You got balls show me you're a man damn it! Beside you are the last known Uzumaki. We need the Uzumaki clan back they're the strongest clan Konoha ever had. Your mother was an Uzumaki. Beside I'm too old I can't have children you're the Uzumaki clan only hope." Tsunade explain to Naruto why having get married is very importate.

"You're an Uzumaki too Baa-chan?" Tsunade nodded her head "Yes I am an Uzumaki, Naruto on my grandmother side of the family."

"And having the Uzumaki clan breed here in Edenia is the safest place. Your clan has helped us before." Sindel spoke "Ten thousand years ago."

"The Uzumaki clan has been around for that long?" both Tsunade and Sindel nod their heads "And now I'm the only one left? Baa-chan I need to think this over."

"That's okay Naruto we won't rush this upon you." Sindel said.

"Thanks Queen Sindel." Naruto smiled.

The doors of the throne room open wide as two beautiful women enter the throne room. One was wearing a blue and black patterned leotard, and her long black is held in place by a red ribbon. Her face was beauty on another level her brown eyes were beautiful.

The second woman was darker look then the other one, her skin was brown colored. She wore a green skin-tight outfit as her legs were long and beautiful. Her eyes were green. Her long was black colored and very long but not long as the other woman.

"Mother we have return." The woman bow her head to Sindel, as Sindel smile upon seeing the return of her daughter Princess Kitana and the return of Jade. Sindel and Tsunade turn to see Naruto had a deep look in his eyes when he saw the two women.

"They're so beautiful." Were the words that escape Naruto's lips as he whisper. Tsunade and Sindel knew right away that had Naruto right where they wanted him.

Sindel introduce Tsunade and Naruto right away "Kitana, Jade. This is Tsunade she is the granddaughter of the first Hokage is currently the leader of the village hidden in the leaves. She is also the granddaughter of Mito Uzumaki. And this young man here is Naruto Uzumaki the young hero who saved his village by himself."

"I am Princess Kitana. It is a pleasure to meet you both." Kitana bow her head showing respect towards Tsunade as gave Naruto a quick wink which leave Naruto to quickly looked away to avoid blushing.

"I am Jade. It is also a pleasure to meet the both of you." Jade bow her head as well. Naruto bow his head to the two beautiful ladies "I'm…Naruto Uzumaki nice to meet the both of you." Jade and Kitana could hear Naruto was nervous in his voice.

Soon Sindel spoke to everyone "Come rest you must be tired from your journey and we have spoke so much tonight. Kitana will be so kind to show Naruto and Tsunade the guest bedroom?"

"Yes of course mother."

Naruto and Tsunade follow Kitana out of the throne room.

"He's very handsome." Jade said as she laid her eyes upon Naruto as he left the room with Kitana.

"Indeed he's an Uzumaki after all the males are always handsome and the females are always beautiful. If you have a child with an Uzumaki that child will be bless with beauty."

"Isn't that the same with us Edenian?" Jade smiled.

"Indeed." Sindel smiled "It's been a very time since I seen an Uzumaki. I'm glad to see there is still one left alive in the world. He reminds me of Jerrod when he was young." Sindel smiled as she remembers her beloved husband.

"King Jerrod wasn't he an Uzumaki?"

Sindel shook her head "No he wasn't but he was good friends with Eddy Uzumaki. Eddy lived a long time I wonder if this boy is from his bloodline and if so this boy will live for a long time." Both Jade and Sindel hoped so.

Later that Night:

Naruto and Tsunade shared room together. Tsunade was fast asleep as Naruto was wide awake. He couldn't sleep not with knowing he was going to married two beautiful women. Just to form an alliance with Edenia and to revive the Uzumaki clan.

Wasn't the type of guy of marrying someone not without knowing who they are and what they were like? But still Naruto did find them to be very beautiful unlike any woman he met he thought Baa-chan was beautiful and bang he met Kitana and Jade.

Naruto got out of his bed "I can't sleep." He said to himself.

Naruto pull his pants on and left the guest bedroom. He walked down the hallway of the palace, the air was warm blowing a gentle breezes. Naruto stopped in his tracks when he turned to see there was a balcony there and who was sitting on the balcony by herself no other then Princess Kitana.

"Couldn't sleep?" Naruto's voice caught Kitana's attention. Kitana turned around to see the young man she to be married with. Kitana was wearing a royal night blue colored robe.

"I love the breeze of the night."

"Your home is beautiful." Naruto joined Kitana as he stare at the beautiful sky filled with stars. Kitana smiled at the young Uzumaki "Thank you, I'm glad you like it. Edenia is indeed beautiful and peacefully we fought so hard and long to free my home world and now we finally did it thanks to Raiden, Liu Kang and his friends."

"Um hey Kitana can I ask you something?"

Kitana knows what Naruto wanted to ask her about "If it's about the wedding don't worry you have two years. We're not focusing you Naruto, I have heard a lot about you."

"Wait how did you know about the wedding?"

Kitana chuckle "Well Jade and I have our own way of knowing."

Naruto laugh lightly "Well Kitana you're a very beautiful woman. But I don't think I'm your type you're much older than I am. And we just met."

"You're very sweet. There has been many wedding with the young marrying the old."

"Yeah I know but if I don't marry you or Jade there's always your mother and I don't think I can be your stepfather." Kitana laughed as she could image Naruto being married to Sindel.

"Naruto my mother want to help earthrealm after all they did for us. Although I am in love with another mortal I cannot have his heart. Duty as champion all too importate I understand that duty is importate."

"But you're in love with that guy. Shouldn't you choose who you want to marry. What's the point to marrying someone if you're not in love with them?" Kitana can see Naruto was truly young and he has not taste true duty or how love works in different way.

"Have you wanted to protect everyone and everything you love and will do anything to keep them safe?" Naruto nod to Kitana's question "This is what I am doing. I am protecting my world, my people. By marrying you will make Edenia safer although our realm is free many of our Edenian people had died during the thousands of years under Shao Kahn's rules."

"So by marrying me you're not only doing this protecting your world but insure Edenia race survival?" Kitana nod her head to Naruto.

Kitana's beautiful smile warm the cool night as Naruto couldn't keep his eyes off her "I know Liu Kang will understand. He has his duty as protector of earthrealm he's a strong and kind hearted person much like you and I have my duty as Princess of Edenia. Naruto it would really help us all if you do this. Your clan the Uzumakis was once good friends of my mother and father so long ago." Kitana said as she looked out at the stars.

"How long ago are we talking about?" A large question mark appear above Naruto's head.

"Ten thousand years ago the Uzumaki made Edenia there second home they were our friends our neighbors. I was very little when I met the founder of the Uzumaki clan Eddy Uzumaki." Kitana turn her attentions to Naruto. Who's jaw now hit the floor "You're…ten thousand years old?"

"That I am."

Naruto looked at Kitana from head to toe twice "But you don't look a day old. You look like your twenty how is that even possible?"

"Edenian age very slowly. We keep our youth much longer doesn't matter what our age is. My mother is far older and yet she's so beautiful more beautiful than I."

"That's a long time of living man. And here I thought Baa-chan was old." He shook his head while Kitana giggle.

"Don't tell me you never think older women can be fun?" Kitana tease Naruto as Naruto shook his head shaking naughty thoughts out of his head "Curse you pervy-sage now I'm acting like you."

"Kitana if…I marry you and not Jade?"

"You will marry an Edenia woman. The choice doesn't matters long as you make the choice you believe is the one you want."

"It matters to me." Naruto grab Kitana's hands "Kitana I want to married the woman I love. I would like if you and I get to know one another better before I make my final choice." Kitana smiled at Naruto, he had a sweet and honest personally. Kitana gave Naruto a kiss on his right cheek as she'd whisper to his left ear "I'll support your final answer. You have a good heart."

Kitana turned away leaving Naruto alone as she return to her room.

Naruto looked up at the stars in the skies of Edenia. Naruto let out a small sign as he smiled big "Well Naruto the future is starting to look bright for you…well maybe."


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Hi everyone Bunji the wolf, just with a small miniseries here, nothing big or anything just a one-shot/miniseries series of Naruto being in Edenia with the three beauties of Edenia Sindel, Jade and Kitana. Yeah its not a main story, just a mini one okay everyone?

As you can guessed it, its right after MK3 and MK4 and way before MKDA.

Mainly here is Tsunade want to have Edenia as Earthrealm allies and Konoha as well, and in the main sealing of the deal, she want Naruto the last male Uzumaki to get married and get laid and have lots of children to make sure the Uzumaki clan are back that's pretty much it.

I pretty much sum up the chapters of being or might having three to four chapters, each chapter is Naruto's relationship with each of the Edenian women. Will Naruto get laid by each of them in each chapter who knows so I made this rated M just in case.

The main women in Edenia are

Queen of Edenia-Queen Sindel

Princess of Edenia-Princess Kitana

Kitana's bodyguard and bestfriend-Jade

Kitana's halfsister/clone-Mileena

The Edenian Traitor Tanya

Will Naruto get lucky with Kitana or with Jade or with any of these Edenian women?