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Chapter III-Blue Heart

It was dusk in the Realm of Edenia. And dinner was being served now. All were called to dinner.

Like before Tsunade, Queen Sindel, Jade, Naruto and Princess Kitana were all present in the palace dining room. Kitana had a troubled look on her face which made Sindel worry about what was going through her daughter's mind.

"Kitana is there something?" Sindel asked her daughter worriedly. But Kitana shook her head and she smiled at her mother.

"No mother, I'm fine. Just a little tired from my studies, that's all." Kitana's bright smile cleared away any worries Sindel may have had.

At that moment, the guards brought out tonight's dinner for everyone to enjoy. As dinner was being served Tsunade noticed how friendly both Jade and Naruto were to each other now, as Naruto was talking with Jade.

"Naruto, you've got a little food hanging from your mouth. Let me get it off for you." Tsunade was about to reach out to clean a piece of noodle on his right cheek, but Jade beat Tsunade to it as she tenderly kissed his right cheek and sucked up the small noodle that was on Naruto's face.

"Thanks Jade," Naruto said and smiled lovingly at her, a gesture that she returned. Tsunade was a bit surprised that Naruto wasn't blushing or freaking out. It didn't take a genius to figure out what had happened between them.

'Naruto you little devil. Finally gave it up, eh?' Tsunade chuckled.

"Baa-chan what's funny?" Naruto asked.

Tsunade gasped as she didn't think anyone would have heard her. "It's nothing: just remembering a few things from my younger years," she said, putting a smile on her face to look more convincing.

"Oh, and what was this event that amused you so?" Queen Sindel asked with a cocky smirk.

"Jiraiya would ask me out a lot back in the day," Tsunade lied, but everyone believed her (especially Naruto). "I always said no but when it came to buying me sake I always said yes. The fool always thought those were dates."

Naruto chuckled at this, grinning from ear to ear. "Pervy-Sage never did give up on ya, did he Baa-chan?"

"I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to get a date out of me even after I'm dead." Tsunade laughed.

Naruto sighed, smiling at the thought of his former mentor doing such a silly thing. "Yeah, I bet he would Baa-chan." But Naruto's smile was quickly replaced by a frown as he thought back to Jiraiya's death. It was one of the milestones that forced Naruto to open his eyes even more so to just how brutal life could be.

He remembered Pain's words that day.

"How can you understand true pain, if you cannot understand the pain of others? How would you confront this hatred, in order to create peace? I want to know your answer."

But Nagato left Naruto that job: to be the one who would break the chains of hatred in this world. The chains that cause war, death, fear and pain.

Naruto pondered as he ate dinner. He believed he could break this chain and free the world but not without help. Of course one can do many things alone but they can do things much faster with others by your side.

Naruto looked at Kitana and noticed that there was something bothering her. He felt it; he just couldn't shake the feeling. But something was indeed bothering Kitana.

"Baa-chan, after dinner can I talk with you?" Naruto asked as the Fifth Hokage wondered what her favorite knucklehead ninja wanted from her.

"Sure Naruto, but why not ask me now?" Tsunade grew curious. Sindel, Jade and Kitana looked at Naruto curiously as they also wanted to know what Naruto wanted to talk with Tsunade about.

"If it's about what-." Tsunade was cut off by Naruto raising his right hand up. Naruto closed his eyes as he finally made up his mind.

Naruto opened his eyes, then he spoke to the ladies. "It's not only about what's happening back home: it's about the whole marriage thing. I'm fine with it, really. It's just...I made a promise to someone. I can't just stay here while the rest of the world goes on without me. He told me the world works with the chains that bind each world, the chains of hope and the chains of hate. The chains of hate bound him so deeply caused only suffering for him. He believed by showing the world pain it would force the world to grow up."

"Naruto, you talking about Pain aren't you?" Tsunade asked with a frown.

Naruto nodded. "Yes Baa-chan. He asked me before he died to be the one to break the chains of hatred in my world. He wants the world that not only he wanted but the world Pervy-sage wanted as well. Pain was Pervy-sage's student and so was I, yet I didn't understand Pain's reason for dong what he did. I didn't understand him or what he felt. The world can be cruel and dark but at the same time she can be kind and filled with light. Baa-chan, I know you're trying to help me and want me to be happy, but having me here isn't going to help. I want to help Edenia but I want to help everyone back home as well. They need me and I need them."

Tsunade sighed as she rubbed her forehead. "I knew you would say that. Okay Naruto you win; but one day, just one more day. I've grown to like Edenia." Tsunade smiled afterwards as Naruto nodded.

"But I would like Jade and Kitana to come to Konoha to see everyone. I know I can't do it alone. After all friends help one another don't they?" Naruto grinned as Tsunade seat dropped while glaring at her idiotic (but favorite) ninja.

'Naruto you are unbelievable,' Jade thought as she smiled at him.

'That boy's spirit is strong. He much like how the previous Uzumaki were: willing to fight for the right cause right to the end,' Queen Sindel thought, amazed by the boy's speech.

'Naruto,' Kitana mentally sighed as she smiled at the Uzumaki. She felt her heart melt as she stared at him. Images of being with Naruto suddenly popped into her head, but she hastily shook them off.

'Why am I thinking such things now?' She wondered.

Later that Night:

Princess Kitana was alone in her bed, dreaming away in her slumber. Kitana's dreams were odd...in the sense that they were lustful. All she could think of was watching Naruto and Jade having sex but in her dreams she was having sex with him instead. She wanted him. Badly.

Kitana opened her eyes, sweat dripping down from her forehead. She couldn't believe that her dreams were like this. And worst of all, when she reached down between her legs and noticed how wet she was, she found her fingers covered in her juices upon inspection.

Kitana blushed. "Why do I have such dreams about him? Why do I desire him so? I mean, he'll be marrying me or Jade but..."

Kitana paused to get her thoughts together. The Princess of Edenia got out of bed to focus her thoughts. She needed flesh air.

Palace Hallway:

While walking down the hallway of the palace, Kitana stopped to see Naruto standing at the balcony alone. He sighed, frowning as his emotions became involved in what he was thinking about.

"What a dumb thing to say huh, Naruto?" He muttered.

Kitana just stood there watching Naruto.

"Naruto you need to remember, this is your break. You don't need to rush things. Besides, the people here are really friendly. I'm sure you can win Kitana's heart. She's really beautiful but she still likes that Liu Kang guy. I can't force her to like me-it'll be like Sakura-chan and Sasuke all over again." He sighed once again in exasperation.

"I mean, Jade really likes me and she was great. Then again, she took my virginity and well I took hers. But maybe I can be just real good friends with Kitana?" Naruto nodded. But then it hit him: what if Kitana really did like him after all?

"Man, the duty of being a Champion must be really tough. If I was Liu Kang I don't know what I'd do. Ensure the safety of my world, or become King of another realm? That's really tough." Naruto nodded again.

Naruto slapped his forehead. "What am I doing? Talking to myself!"

Kitana couldn't help but chuckle. She found it cute that Naruto was talking to himself. Unfortunately, Naruto heard her. Naruto gasped and looked away to hide a blush. He was really embarrassed now.

"How long were you there?" He asked.

Kitana walked over to Naruto and kissed him lightly on his right cheek. "Every word."

Naruto sighed, then started moaning. He looked at Kitana. "What are you doing here?" He asked.

"I couldn't sleep," Kitana replied as she looked out at Edenia.

"I can't blame ya. Kitana, I'm sorry if I was…acting like an idiot earlier. I know you and your mother want to help out and all. I would be happy to be your husband, but I know you still have feelings for Liu Kang." Kitana placed her right hand on Naruto's left shoulder.

"Relax Naruto. Now tell me why you think you can't win my heart?" Naruto turned his full attention to the beautiful princess.

"Well, there's this girl I really liked. Hell, I've been in love with her since as long as I could remember. But I was always one step behind. Sakura and every other girl out there had fallen head-over-heels for a guy named Sasuke Uchiha." Naruto frowned as he remembered his Genin and post-Genin days in Konoha.

"I tried to be tough and cool like him, but I usually made an ass of myself. They called me a loser or a dead last, I tried and tried but I never got any girl to like me let alone be friends with me. But after Baa-chan become Hokage, all the girls started to see me different: they started talking to me more often-I even got a bit closer to Sakura. Well long story cut: Sakura and I are friends now but she'll never become my girlfriend. I know that no matter what she'll still have feelings for Sasuke."

Kitana could see the unloved look in Naruto's eyes. "That's why…I asked you earlier. I want to know you more. I don't want to force you to marriage me if you don't love me. Because if your heart belongs to another, I can't be as loving as the person who you gave your heart to."

Judging from Kitana expression, she had nothing to say to him. Naruto knew Kitana gave her heart to Liu Kang, but he really upset. He had Jade, so Kitana would probably be better off with Liu Kang. It wasn't a total lost.

And just as Naruto was about to leave to return to his chamber, he heard the princess call out, "Naruto, don't go."

"Yes Princess Kitana?" He asked, addressing her by her title.

Naruto looked into Kitana's eyes, and instantly knew what she was feeling right now. Kitana knew she would never have Liu Kang's love, though she may have had his heart. As long as there was evil or a threat that would put Earthrealm in danger, he would always be there to protect it as Earthrealm's Protector and Champion of Mortal Kombat.

"I know Liu and I can never truly be together. His duty is too important; he must protect his home, as I must protect mine. But you Naruto, you are different. I can see it in your eyes. You had your heart broken."

"I never want it to be broken again. And I know Jade will be the right girl for me, and I hope you find happiness." Naruto hugged Kitana, and she hugged him back as the moonlight shined brightly down upon them.

Naruto broke the hug and walked away but not before saying, "Good night Princess Kitana. I will see you in the morning."

Kitana waved goodbye to Naruto as he walked down the hallway by himself. "Good night Naruto," she said quietly.

Naruto's Room:

Naruto entered his room and saw that Tsunade was still awake.

"You okay Naruto?" She asked.

Naruto sat down on his bed and turned his back towards Tsunade. Naruto had a large frown on his face but answered, "Yeah I'm fine Baa-chan."

Four Hours Later:

Naruto woke up feeling a little restless. All he could think about was his talk with Kitana and about the Elemental Nations. He knew trouble was waiting for him there. After all, not all of the Akatsuki were dead.

Tsunade was still asleep and the sun wasn't up yet. Naruto decided to use this time to be alone before anyone woke up.

Palace: Garden

Entering the beautiful palace garden, Naruto sat down and tried to put his mind together. "Why do I feel like shit? I have Jade. I can marry her but why do I feel like crap?" Naruto groaned at the fact that he couldn't make up his mind.

"Because you desire my daughter the most do you not?" A familiar voice asked. Naruto quickly turned around to see Queen Sindel standing at the entrance of the Garden doorway.

Naruto bowed respectfully. "Queen Sindel, forgive me I-."

Sindel shook her head. "It's all right Naruto. I always come here early before everyone wakes up. Kitana has not made up her mind and niether have you. Even though you have won Jade's heart you still wish to win my daughter's."

"I…" Sindel stared at Naruto for a moment as the boy looked down at his feet. "Yes Queen Sindel, I want to have Kitana as well. The whole marriage thing, I thought I could be friends with them and that seemed to work. Then Jade and I had sex and, well, I start looking at things a bit differently."

"Not surprising. This usually happens when one's lost their innocence to the one they love. You love Jade, but you also love Kitana as well. Can you tell me why?"

"Kitana, there's something about her. It isn't her beauty that draws me to her. Maybe it's her personality. It reminds me of someone I know someone but can't remember, but my heart can."

Sindel chuckle "The heart knows but you don't? My, you are one interesting young man. You remind me of my youth."

"Me? Really?" Sindel nodded.

"Out of all the men in Edenia, I could have picked any one of them. Some were rich, kind, and handsome, but I chose Jerrod to be my husband. Jerrod was just a normal man: he wasn't rich, and he wasn't the best. But in the end I chose him to be my King, my true love, and the father of my daughter. I picked Jerrod because he was special. He was different from the others, and I knew he felt the same for me as well." Sindel thought back to her early days as Queen of Edenia.

"They say everyone is hooked by a red line to their true love. One line can be a guide to many. But I believed Jade and Kitana are linked to you, Naruto. I want my daughter to be happy, I want her to live the life Jerrod and I wished for her to have. Liu Kang is indeed a handsome man and is one of the strongest Earthrealm Warriors there is, but he cannot give my daughter what she desires."

"What she desires..." Naruto went silence as he wasn't sure what to say next. But Naruto soon had a big smile on his face and he bowed to Queen Sindel.

"Thank you Queen Sindel." As Naruto left the Garden, Sindel felt hope that her daughter would find her true happiness in this young man.

Kitana's Bedroom:

Kitana woke up by the sound of someone knocking on her door. Kitana wonder who could be knocking at her door. Opening her door to see Naruto was standing there; Kitana was surprise to see he was there, wondering what he wanted or what he was doing to say.

"Naruto," Naruto stop Kitana from saying a word as he push right his index finger against her soft lips. Naruto walked inside Kitana's bedroom as he closed the door.

Alone together in the Princess's bedroom as Kitana sat down on her bed as Naruto sat down beside her, Naruto place his left hand on Kitana's lap "Kitana, I want to say I'm been an idiot a lot. I love Jade, but I also love you as well. Since I saw you, I was draws in by not just your beauty but something else."

"Something else?" As Kitana raise her left eyebrow wanting to know what else could she have draw Naruto to her by?

"I can't explain but you're special Kitana, both you and Jade are special unlike any woman I've ever seen or been with. So I came down to make my final choice. I want you Kitana I want to be your husband I want to help." Seeing Kitana grew a warm smile as she looked at him. Kitana rubbed Naruto's left thigh.

"I saw." Kitana began to say.

"Saw what?" Naruto was confused.

"I saw you and Jade having sex. I watched you two made love. Lately I couldn't get it out of my mind. My dreams are filled with naughty impure thoughts of you and me making love." Naruto blush he had no idea, Kitana had that kind of dreams let alone thoughts.

"Kitana I had no idea…I" Kitana place her left index finger against his lips, this time it was Kitana who silence him.

"Naruto…I want to be love…I need this…I just want to feel a man's touch…I don't want my heart to broken as well." Naruto happily grinned while Kitana blush she felt like young a girl telling her dream crush she wanted him for so long.

"Kitana, it's just you and me nobody else. There's no Liu Kang no Sakura nobody us my bride to be." Naruto rub the right side of Kitana's face with his left hand. The red line had hook Naruto to Kitana and Jade but right now it was just Kitana and him.


Naruto say no words and either did Kitana as the two stared at one another for well over a minute. Naruto made the first move he kissed the right side of Kitana's neck. As Kitana moan softly, Kitana place her hands around Naruto's back rubbing his back slowly.

Naruto stopped kissing Kitana's neck and look at her, as their lips touched. Naruto place his hands on Kitana's hips. Hearing her moan while kissing, Naruto felt Kitana's tongue entered his mouth. Naruto soon broke the kiss and smirked at his wife to be.

Naruto removed his T-shirt showing his chest to Kitana. Kitana looked at Naruto's chest and saw there was a small scar on the left side of his chest. Kitana frown as she rubbed the scar on his chest, wondering who and where did he get this scar from?

Naruto place his right hand between Kitana's legs as Kitana grasp and blushed as Naruto surprise Kitana as he place two of his fingers of his right hand between in her legs fingering her. Kitana moaned she loved the feeling of him fingering her as he smiled at her.

Naruto withdraw his fingers and looked at his wet fingers "My Kitana you're wet. Did Jade and I turn you on that bad?" Kitana slowly nod her head. Naruto place his fingers back between her legs fingering her much faster.

Kitana's moan louder and sexy to Naruto's ears as Naruto kissed his wife to be to silence her loud moans. Kitana held on to Naruto as Naruto felt it Kitana was about to cum from being fingered. Naruto broke the kiss just as Kitana came from getting fingered by Naruto.

Kitana panted hard while she blush "Naughty Princess you are Kitana." Naruto teased her.

Kitana glare at Naruto just for a second before she pushed him down on the bed. Naruto grinned as he wonders what Kitana was going to do. Hearing the sound of Kitana unzipping his pants follow by the sound of Kitana grasp.

Naruto looked up to see Kitana was shock and amaze by the size of his penis. Kitana was stroking Naruto gently her soft left hand as the touch of her giving her a hand job was enough to give any man a full hard on.

Kitana licked the head of Naruto's penis tasting the precum from the head of his penis. Kitana then sucked on the head of Naruto's penis to tease him. As the sound of a pop was heard. Naruto moaned as he bites his bottom lip.

Kitana finally took his penis into her mouth as Kitana bobbed her head up and down giving Naruto a blowjob. Naruto moan Kitana's name again and again telling her how good she was sucking his penis. Kitana enjoyed the taste of Naruto's penis.

Kitana took the penis out from her mouth and licked the side of his shaft.

"Kitana wait," He said. Kitana let go of her hold on his penis.

Naruto pulled down his pants completely now butt naked in front of Kitana. Kitana was down on her knees. Naruto grab hold of Kitana's head and place his penis into her mouth as he thrust his hips forward and back as Kitana felt Naruto's penis throbbing inside her mouth and pounding her throat.

Kitana made a gagging noise as she couldn't take the full inches of his penis down her throat. But Naruto didn't want to get too rough with Kitana.

'He's pounding my throat so thick oh by the Elder Gods. I want him I want him to take me!' Kitana naughty thoughts were. Naruto show sign of he was about to cum inside Kitana's mouth. Naruto surprise Kitana by taking out his penis and unload his sperm on too Kitana's nightgown.

Kitana looked at her nightgown how messy it was now "Sorry about that Kitana." Naruto laugh lightly.

Kitana smiled at Naruto "Its fine." Kitana remove her nightgown showing her all naked beauty to Naruto. Showing her lovely large D-cup breasts, her perfect hips along with her long lustiest legs as Kitana was outstanding in her beauty.

Naruto knew both he and Kitana were ready for the main course but Naruto had another idea. While Kitana standing in front of him, Naruto went up to Kitana, rubbing his penis between her legs right below her pussy as Kitana was so ready she want him to take her now.

"Teasing me will cost." Kitana warn him, but Naruto just grin.

Naruto grab Kitana's right breast and gently rubbed it while he could feel Kitana's pussy was dripping wet as her juices drips down on his penis. Kitana kissed Naruto once more, Naruto then move his hands down to her ass. Feeling her juicy lovely ass as Naruto was indeed ready to take Kitana as his woman.

Naruto turned Kitana around as she got down on all four on her bed. Kitana looked back over her left shoulder to see Naruto holding on to her hips as Kitana could feel the head of Naruto's penis slowly entering through Kitana's lower lips.

Kitana let out a loud moan as she felt Naruto entering through her inner walls. Kitana felt Naruto was going in slow being gentle with her since this was Kitana's first time. Kitana jerk her head back as she felt Naruto just gave a deep thrust.

Pumping his hips thrusting his penis deeper inside Kitana's pussy. Kitana moan louder and louder but suddenly felt Naruto grab her long beautiful black color hair. Kitana felt like a naughty princess finally getting her prince to rock her world like no tomorrow.

"Look at that ass! Your big Ass oh yes hmmm your pussy sucking my cock so tight!" Naruto said to Kitana hoping his little dirty talk would make Kitana cum faster as he was on the edge of cumming soon.

Naruto surprise Kitana as he spank her lovely ass "Yes spank my ass!" Kitana loved it she loved how Naruto was treating her during sex. He was gentle and also bit of a master when wanting.

"Kitana I'm gonna cum!" Naruto gave one big thrust deep into Kitana's pussy which was just the thing she needed.

"ME TOO!" Kitana screams as her orgasm just hit.

Kitana felt Naruto filling her pussy to the core filling it up with his sperm. Kitana fell down while panting hard. Naruto kissed Kitana on her left cheek "You're an animal." Kitana said to her husband to be.

Naruto chuckle "Jade said the same thing."

Kitana giggle "I see." Naruto took his penis out from Kitana's pussy as Kitana turned over on her back as Naruto looked down to see Kitana's pussy was dripping of Naruto's sperm. Kitana had a satisfy look on her face.

"Looks like Sindel gonna be a grandmother." Naruto chuckle.

"I don't know Naruto, you came a lot but I don't think it'll be enough to get me pregnant." Kitana finger herself to rub her fingers of Naruto's sperm.

Naruto smiled "Don't worry about that. I will take full reasonability beside I am sure Sindel wouldn't mind having grandchildren." Kitana find it cute that Naruto was ready to be a father especially at an early age.

"Naruto let's rest I'm tired." Kitana smiled at the young Uzumaki.

Naruto had an evil grin "Most of my semen from the previous load flowed out of you already, so why don't I shoot some more inside to make sure. I am sure you make a great mother Kitana." Kitana grasp when she felt Naruto thrust his penis back inside her pussy.

Kitana moan loudly as how deep Naruto was thrusting inside her now. Naruto was holding on to Kitana's legs keeping her in place as he fucked her nice and deep. Kitana's large breasts bounce with each thrust Naruto did.

'He's really trying to get me pregnant.' Kitana started to love the rough thrust Naruto was giving to her now, Naruto looked down at his lovely Princess seeing had a lust look in her eyes as she bite her bottom lips grabbing the bed sheets tight.

"I'm going to cum!" Kitana shouted as she came right on Naruto's penis but Naruto kept on going he kept thrusting his penis in and out of Kitana even after cumming a second time. Kitana could feel his empting into her pussy a second time surely his sperm would fill her womb to the max.

"Naruto please…stop…I can't…think…ahhhh." Kitana felt her mind was going blank the pleasure was too much for her to bear she was a Princess but she never had any sexually experience after all she was a virgin not too long ago.

"You must be satisfied already that's enough…" Kitana said as she felt Naruto took his penis out from her pussy as her pussy was overflowing with his load of sperm.

"What are you talking about? I'm only getting started Kitana, I guess Baa-chan to tell you and Sindel about my stamina being really high. I can go for a long time and tonight is a good night to test how long I can go." Naruto smirked at Kitana as he winked at the beautiful Princess.

"Naruto please…I can't go after longer."

"Don't worry it was your first time I am sure next time you can last much longer. I heard that Edenian stamina was equal that to an Uzumaki." Naruto grinned.

Kitana sighed at defeat with a big smile "I got it Naruto, I lost I'll give birth to your baby." Kitana kissed Naruto on his forehead. As she lay back down on the bed but this she turned on her stomach with her expose in the air.

Naruto grab Kitana by her hips but this time he surprised her by thrusting his penis into her asshole, Kitana scream as Naruto not only took her virginity but now he was taking her anal virginity. Naruto was pounding the ever love out of Kitana's gorgeous ass.

Kitana could feel the hard ramming of Naruto pounding her asshole making it wider than it was before. Kitana smash her ass right back to meet with Naruto's hips as the sound of Kitana's clap back to Naruto's thrusts was beautiful.

"Kitana I'm going to cum and it's gonna be a big load I can feel it." Naruto gave out a big warn.

Kitana looked back at Naruto as the lustful look in her eyes gave Naruto the permission to give it his all. Naruto pulled out from Kitana's asshole and turned her over on her back. Kitana pulled the covers over Naruto as Naruto felt Kitana's legs wrapped around his hips.

Naruto was really giving it his all; he was hamming her like no tomorrow. The bed shook hard and rocked against the wall hard.

"Oh yes give it to me Naruto!"

"Kitana you're so hot I'm gonna make you into a great mother!"

"Yes make me a mommy! Give me your child! Oh I'm going to cum, cum inside ME!"



"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" The room was filled with screams of orgasms and moans as one with final big thrust as the bed rocked one last time. Kitana screamed at the top of her lungs her screams was loud as her mother's as Naruto unload the mother of all loads into Kitana's womb giving it his all.

Both were sweaty and tired from the love making, as the new lovers kissed one more time they close their eyes drifting off into sleep.

Naruto had won Kitana's heart and she have won what she desire the most, the love of a man who want she want to spend her life with forever.

End of Chapter III

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