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Reading Can Prove Dangerous

"Good evening, boys," Professor Dumbledore said genially, smiling at the identically grinning adolescents seated opposite him. "To what do I owe this most pleasant visit?"

"Oh, you see, Professor, we were just passing by," said Fred in a would-be casual voice.

"And thought we'd come say hello to our favorite Headmaster," George continued just as innocently.

"Hello, then!" they both finished brightly.

Dumbledore chuckled merrily. "Thank you so much for the kind gesture, boys but, you see, I already received a note from Professor McGonagall about your… er… social visit. Something about the library books developing a few extra limbs…" he trailed away delicately.

"Well Professor," Fred began earnestly, "we saw that many people weren't showing the books the respect they rightly deserve."

"And we felt that it just wasn't fair that the books couldn't defend themselves , you see," George continued.

"So we might have given them a pair of hands and legs-"

"And maybe some teeth-"

"And perhaps made them indestructible," they finished grinning.

"Ah," Dumbledore said, trying not to laugh.

"But you do see that it was all in the best interests of the school, don't you Professor?" Fred asked anxiously.

"And we're sure the students in the Hospital Wing will be released within the week," George put in helpfully.

"Boys, pleased as I am to think that you hold books in such high regard, Professor McGonagall will be most displeased with me if I let you off… again," Dumbledore said, regretfully. "So, what do you say to rounding up all the books you both charmed and restoring them to the library?" he asked, his eyes twinkling.

Fred and George looked at each other gleefully.

"Without magic, of course," he added as an afterthought.

The twins' grins fell off their faces.