A/N: J.K.R. owns these pranksters, not me. Just borrowing them for a laugh.

This is inspired from a chapter in author Stars and Stripes's humorous fic 'Detention Please'. Check it out, its one of the best out there. Enjoi!

Ooh, shiny!

Fred and George surveyed the wrecked Trophy Room and groaned. All
the trophies had been cleared but the damage was extensive. And they
were expected to clear it up. Without Magic.

''Quit groaning and get to work, you menaces!'' Filch snarled.
''And you'll be doing the dungeons next, if you don't tell me where
the other monsters are,'' he finished, smiling nastily.

Fred and George caught each others' eyes and couldn't help grinning.

It was mid-afternoon on a Sunday morning and the Weasley twins were tired.

''I'm pooped, George,'' Fred said yawning. ''People just don't
appreciate the effort that goes into our pranks.''

''And after all the overtime we've put in to keep our dear
Headmistress entertained, I'm ready to take a break,'' George said,
smirking briefly at the thought of Umbridge's reaction to all their

''Agreed. I say we take a break over Easter,'' said Fred while George nodded.

''But, in the meantime, we've got a week's worth of pranks to pull!''

Fred was looking thoughtfully outside the window when he saw Hagrid
by his garden, digging energetically.

''George,'' he said slowly, ''aren't the fourth years due to study
nifflers pretty soon?''

''Yeah,'' George began confused, ''why do you,'' he caught the
predatory look in his brother's eyes, ''ask?'' he finished, grinning

That evening, after dinner, they crept down to the makeshift
padlock near Hagrid's hut; a number of holes in the ground indicated
the nifflers' habitat. They started luring the excitable creatures
with their gold wrist-watches, freezing them as they came out. They
collected five of the treasure hunters and made a quick getaway.

''I don't fancy letting one loose in McGonagall's office,'' said
Fred, numbering the nifflers he'd caught.

''Nor Flitwick's,'' said George nodding.

In the end, they decided to release the nifflers numbered 2, 3 and
5 in Umbridge's office, the Trophy Room and the dungeons, respectively,
retaining nos. 1 and 4 for future use.

The first hint the Hogwarts populace received that something was
amiss was at breakfast, when an inhuman shriek rent the air. Professor
Umbridge barged into the Great Hall, breathing heavily; half her rings
and jewelry were missing, her eyes were bulging and she was muttering
incoherently. The students and staff alike stared in shock.

''Detention!'' she shrieked, as she spotted the twins doubled over
in uncontrollable laughter. "Detention for a month!''

Umbridge and Filch spent the entire morning prowling the hallways,
rounding up the nifflers as they systematically stripped the castle of
glittering items. Filch spent even longer searching for niffler nos. 2
and 4, muttering under his breath about 'unnatural freaks'.