This time he woke up to her.

He groaned slightly, stretching out his legs and flexing his arms above his head as he woke up. He turned his head to the side and saw that the clock was not in its usual place, and he realized that the bed he was in smelt not of him; but Donna. He then remembered where he had fallen asleep, and looked in vain for his secretary.

His eyes could not find her, but his nose could. The scent of bacon filled the air and led him to Donna's quaint little kitchen, where he found the strawberry blonde turned towards the stove, and away from him. He casually walked in, ignoring the fact that he was in an extremely rumpled expensive three-piece suit and nodded his hello to her after she glanced up at him.

His hand settled comfortably on her waist as he leaned past her to steal a freshly cooked piece of bacon, and softly touched the side of his head to hers in an affectionate fashion.

"Sleep well?" She asked quietly, skirting around the subject that brought him here. "I know it's odd for you to sleep in the same bed as a woman with clothes on, but you get what you get." Her attempt at banter was pitiful. They both knew it, and yet Harvey just gave her a crooked smile and replied.

"I'll take what I can get when it comes to you." And softly mussed her hair, giving her waist a quick squeeze before settling down at her kitchen table with a coffee and a newspaper.

He noticed that his coffee tasted even better in her kitchen.

The flight down to Fort Lauderdale was quiet, and Harvey looked through some files while Donna looked out the window.

Donna was patient. Harvey was not.

The flight from New York to Florida was about five hours long, and yet Harvey felt as if he'd been cooped up in his small seat for hours. He tried endless activities to keep himself busy. He bounced his leg, whistled, doodled, and read but nothing could keep him occupied.

He noticed a pensive look on Donna's face as she gazed out the window, and decided that it be best for the both of them for him to start up a pretend argument.

"Donna." He nudged her leg. No response. "Dooooonna." He nudged again, slightly rougher. "Doooooooonnaaaa!" He whined, his childish demeanor managing to sneak a smile onto Donna's lips.

"What, Harvey?" She asked, irritated yet amused. "Didn't you pack any toys to play with on the plane?"

"The only toy I need is you." He smirked, baiting her.

"Too bad this toy doesn't want to play." She rolled her eyes.

"But you know you'd have so much fun." He winked.

"Is that what Denise told you? Because I'm fairly certain she was just trying to be polite. She didn't seem all too reluctant to leave your condo that morning." She was unable to hide her smile any longer, her eyes lighting up with a gleam that Harvey hadn't seen since she told him the news.

"I think you enjoy pretending to be my wife." Harvey challenged, his spirits lifted as he saw that she was beginning to behave like her old self. "You would just LOVE to be Mrs. Donna Specter."

"I think Mrs. Donna Ross sounds better. Almost like a movie star or famous singer. Mrs. Donna Specter just sounds like an old spinster." She playfully replied, secretly approving of the combination of their names. "Or maybe Donna Litt. That could be good, although I think Mike would be much better in bed than Louis."

"As if the twerp could please you like you know I can."

"I don't know anything about how well you can please, Harvey, after all, I was fairly certain Mike was your type." She was grasping at straws now, but she couldn't help but burst into laughter at the outraged look on his face.

His eyes were extremely wide and his mouth opened and closed like a fish a few times before he composed himself and looked her dead in the eyes, a small sparkle lighting up at what he had planned.

"What are yo-" She started cautiously, before being interrupted by Harvey's hands squeezing her ribs lightly, just at her ticklish points. "Harvey! Stop it this instant! Harvey Specter! Sto-hahahaha-p!" She struggled under his relentless grip and fought back.

"Admit that I'm straight or I will tickle you until you piss your seat." He spoke calmly over her loud giggles as she attempted to wiggle out of his reach.

This was much better than being patient.