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"Don't talk that way. As long as you are alive, there's still hope."

These words ran around and around in my mind. These words and the voice of my beloved Daphne, which was so full of confidence and surety that everything will be alright. That I would, once more, be a free man.

"As long as you're alive… "

That won't be long now. There is no hope for me. Barnabas had come back with the judge's denial of an appeal.

Gerard has won. He is master of Collinwood and the Collins Estate and he will be responsible for killing two Collins. How could I have been so stupid for believing his lies about helping me and taking care of Tad? I should have listened when Desmond tried to tell me about Gerard's true nature before all of this happened.

Poor Desmond. I looked in the direction of his cell. He, too, is in love with a girl, but instead of being with her now, he is stuck in prison for helping me. I should have never asked him to help me find that accursed head. If I hadn't asked him for his help, Desmond wouldn't be here now, awaiting his own trial for witchcraft.

I walked back to my cot and sat down with my back pressed against the wall. My thoughts were gloomy and filled with regrets of things that I should have done and seen, but what I didn't do or see.

What does it matter now? I thought in despair. I will be beheaded and there is nothing that can be done about it. I know that Barnabas has exhausted all legal courses, though he has not directly said so. I just hope that, if he does choose to do so, Barnabas will have better luck in defending Desmond and that my younger cousin will be found innocent.

"Don't talk like that. As long as you are alive, there's still hope."

I groaned and leaned the back of my head against the wall in frustration. How I wish those words are true! But I fear there is no hope left for me. Nor for Daphne if Gerard has anything to do with it.

If there was one true thing that Gerard said it was how he feels about Daphne. It makes me crazy just thinking about Daphne being in the same house as Gerard Styles and that I was the one who asked Gerard to keep an eye on her. My sweet Daphne… What have I done? I know that there is nothing I can do right now to make things right with her, but there may be something I can do after I'm out of this prison one way or another.

With the back of my head still against the wall, I firmly closed my eyes and vowed in my heart to come back and make Gerard Styles pay for any harm he has planned for my family and for Daphne. With this silent vow made, I felt a new determination and resolution well within me.

"… There's still hope."

"Yes," I answered, my voice betraying the hatred I felt for Gerard, the determination I felt to keep my vow of vengeance, and the sorrow and love I had for Daphne. "There is still hope even after I am dead. I swear it!"

After I spoke, I felt my mind free itself from the thoughts that have been tormenting me since the death sentence the judge has given me and I felt weary. Before I fell asleep, I made myself remember the vow I had made.

I shall see Gerard Styles dead, yet!


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