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Izaya, I think I really….like you.

Those words were displayed on Shizuo Heiwajima's cell phone screen. His thumb was on the 'Send' button, but he didn't actually press it. In fact, it has been there for about 15 minutes now. Shizuo – the Shizuo – couldn't bring up the balls to press the 'Send' button.

He was Shizuo motherfucking Heiwajima! The strongest motherfucker in Ikebukoro, who was capable of throwing vending machines around, ripping signs off the cement, and was capable of killing someone in a snap, and he couldn't press a goddamn button?

Nope. He couldn't.

That wasn't the saddest part. The saddest part was that he was actually willing to confess his feelings for the stupid flea. And he didn't even know how he got to liking the idiot. All he knew or cared about was that he felt so attracted to Izaya, and that whenever they fought each other, he was always turned on.

It was so wrong, yet so right at the same time.

When he realized that he had this forbidden attraction to Izaya, he tried to get it out of his system as soon as possible. He talked to Tom. He talked to Namie, because she was close to Izaya (somewhat). He went to Simon and asked for advice. What did he get from Simon? A simple shrug and a coupon for his fucking russian sushi. He even went to desperate measures – a strip club.

Full of sweaty women in their lingerie and ugly men who either went there because they got cheated on or they just wanted to get laid. Shizuo took a seat infront of a blonde stripper whose name was Vorona and watched her with his glasses lowered down to the bridge of his nose.

She went on and tried to tease Shizuo with her too-round ass and removing her goddamn bra. She also had the fucking balls to toss it at his face. Disgusted by Vorona's actions, Shizuo took the bra and threw it back at her and told her to ''Put a shirt on, you're embarrassing yourself.''

He left the strip club, unsatisfied, Izaya still roaming around in his head. Shizuo had just single handedly proven to himself that he was gay. No straight guy would tell a lady like Vorona to put her bra back on. In fact, a straight guy would have grabbed her, headed for the nearest bathroom, and fucked her senseless.

Did Shizuo fuck the lady senseless? No, because he thought she was disgusting. Why did he think the lady was disgusting? Because he was gay. Why was he gay? Izaya made him gay.

After the awkward trip to the strip club, he went home. He removed his pants and boxers off and jacked off to the thought of Izaya being the stripper instead of…what was her name?- Vorona. And he thought about fucking him senseless in a bathroom. All. Night. Long.

Here he was now, in some park, with children screaming and couples making out infront of him, with his eyes glued to his cell phone, his thumb placed on the 'Send' button. He was tempted to press it, but…

He just couldn't.

An hour or so passed by and the people in the park headed home. Shizuo remained on the park bench, still staring at his cell phone screen.

And then….

''Shiiiiiizzzuuuuuuuu-cchhhaaaaaannnnnnn!'' someone bellowed.

It wasn't just any someone. This was Izaya motherfucking Orihara. Hearing the loud voice startled Shizuo, making him fumble with his phone, almost dropping it. He stuck his phone in his pocket and made it look like he was just enjoying the peace.

Izaya sat down next to Shizuo. Their fingers were slightly touching, and Shizuo blushed because of it. He slowly moved his hand close enough so that he could actually feel the warmth of Izaya's hand.

''Heh, no fighting today, Shizu-chan?'' Izaya smiled.

''Sh-shut up. I'm here to relax. Get rejuvenated. A man needs his peace once in a while.''

''YOU need peace, Shizu-chan? You're the one disrupting this city's peace, throwing vending machines around like there's no tomorrow.'' The ravenette smirked and looked up at the not-so-cloudy sky. The street lights were beginning to flicker on, and the sun was setting. ''Look, Shizu-chan. If you want peace, watch the sunset.''

The two gazed at the lowering sun. It is pretty nice, Shizuo thought.

Beep Beep Beep!

Izaya scoffed. ''Moment killer. It's a text message. Excuse me.''

For once in his life, Shizuo didn't give a shit about anything. Watching the sun set was absolutely exhilarating. It was such a beautiful sight. He almost forgot about the forbidden attraction he had for the flea, who was right next to him, reading some text message.

Wait..text message?

Shizuo whipped out his phone and checked his drafts. Nothing. He looked at his 'Sent' box and the first thing he saw…

To: Izaya Orihara

Izaya, I think I really…. like you.

''Oh my god…'' Shizuo mumbled. He glanced over at the flea and mentally killed himself. Izaya was flushed, wide-eyed, and his mouth was slightly agape. Crap, Shizuo thought. I'm such a dumbass.

''Sorry, I think I sent it to the wrong person,'' he said.

Izaya looked at Shizuo like he was stupid. ''It says my name, Shizu-chan.''

Shizuo gave himself a mental face palm. He thought about walking away and pretending that this never happened, but would that make him a coward? Yes, yes it would. He stayed put and thought the situation over calmly.

Okay, so basically I just accidentally confessed to Izaya that I liked him. Maybe I should tell him that this is just all a misunderstanding and that I was just trying to prank him. Got it. Here it goes…..

Shizuo took a deep breath. And before he even utter a sound, Izaya went on to a big explanation about how convenient it was to have Shizuo Heiwajima fall head over heels for him. The blonde man refused to confess that he was 'head over heels' for Izaya, because he wasn't.

Well, he thought he wasn't, because obsessing over every little thing about Izaya didn't mean he was head over heels for him. Because he thought that jacking off to the thought of Izaya didn't mean he was head over heels for him. Because he thought that the strip club experience didn't mean he was head over heels for him….wait.

Oh my god..I AM head over heels for him!

Izaya looked at Shizuo with a raised eyebrow and a confused face. ''So? Are you head over heels for me?''


A smirk. ''You liar.''

''Shut the fuck up, fleabag. You wouldn't know.''

Said flea gasped. ''Oh? And how would you know that I wouldn't know what you know?''

''Because I know.''

''No you don't.''

''Yes, I do.''

''No you dooon't.''

''Yes, I dooooo.''



Izaya flinched at the loud voice, but continued to argue. ''You don't know how I feel.''

Shizuo bit back an outburst of bad words and managed to blurt out, ''Then tell me how you feel.''

His words were followed by silence. The sky got dark and stars were beginning to pop out and it was getting cold. Shizuo was so anxious to know how Izaya felt about him and he couldn't wait any longer. He had to know.

''I…I don't know, Shizu-chan. It's nice to see someone I'm close to fall for me, but I'm not sure how I feel about you,'' Izaya said.

Shizuo felt his heart break in two. ''I understand. Sorry for scarring you for life with that text message. I guess I'll go now.'' He got off the park bench and straightened his bartender suit. The man was careful to not make eye contact, because he didn't want Izaya to see the sadness in his eyes.

Why the hell was this all going wrong? Shizuo thought. In the yaoi shows that he actually watched for reference, (courtesy of Erika, who gave him encouraging pep talks and that she would support the two happily in their relationship) when the male confesses to the other about his feelings, the other would say that he also felt the same way and they would have hot sex afterwards. He was coonvinced that the same thing would have happened in real life, but apparently his plan didn't go out the way he thought it would.

Shizuo took a few steps away and felt his insides twist and turn in pain. There was no other way to make himself feel better than to drink his heart out and demolish everything in his path. Once he's out of Izaya's sight, he'd throw a giant rampage. He began to walk home, but then he felt something pull against him.

He was turned all the way around, and a man that was a few inches shorter than him was clutching on to him like there was no tomorrow.

''Let me think about it, Shizu-chan. Please don't go destroying the entire city. Don't think that I'm going to hate you forever. Don't do anything stupid, don't commit suicide, heh, don't kill anyone, don't destroy any more of these poor vending machines, and…just don't go around being depressed. Promise me, Shizu-chan?''

Shizuo stood still and looked down at Izaya. ''Yeah. I promise.''

Izaya let go, looked Shizuo in the eyes and let him walk home. He watched the tall man stroll away slowly. Izaya almost felt bad. Almost. When Shizuo was far enough, Izaya also headed home himself.

''Oh, Shizu-chan. So completely oblivious. He simply can't figure out that I too am completely head over heels for him. Oh well, I should at least enjoy what's in store for both of us.''