Izaya woke up to the smell of cigarette smoke, which was odd. He knew that Shizu-chan never smoked in here because he thought that he might disturb his breathing. He sat up and rubbed his eyes to see where the nose-crinkling aroma came from, only to find out that it was coming from Shizu-chan himself. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit. The ravenette blinked a few times to see if this was a dream, but unfortunately, it wasn't.

Shizuo took his cigarette, crushed it with his foot, moved away from the wall he was leaning on and punched Izaya straight in the face. ''I'm sorry,'' he said softly. ''I know you're recovering from whatever the fuck you got hurt from, but your lovely friend Namie told me that you were up and healthy for a week now but you were pretending to be dead just to screw me up.''

''Ah...'' Izaya sprawled his fingers across his face to check if anything was bleeding or broken. He laughed halfheartedly, but he looked up to see Shizuo burying his head in his hands. From the corners of Shizuo's eyes, tears leaked out. Something in Izaya split into two. This was the first time that he ever saw Shizuo cry directly infront of him, and seeing the man he loved cry made him want to cry. For the first time in his life, the ravenette regretted doing something.

''You...idiot...'' the blonde sobbed. ''You made me so worried...''

Strong arms wrapped around the pale body of Izaya's, and Shizuo buried his face on the flea's neck. Izaya felt the tears run down his hospital gown, and having Shizuo cry in his arms was the last straw, and Izaya too, started to cry a bit. He wrapped his arms tightly around Shizuo, his right hand lightly stroking the shaggy blonde hair he always was fond of. It was the shade of the sun and had the smell of strawberries...who wouldn't like Shizuo's hair? Izaya felt the shock in Shizuo's body and regret immediately swallowed up the insides of the ravenette.

''Shizu-chan,'' Izaya said, noticing his voice crack slightly. ''I'm sorry...''

''Yeah, you better be,'' Shizuo said with a muffled voice. ''Why'd you have to make me worry that much, dammit? Stop fucking with me, you flea. I love you so much, so never do that kind of shit ever again...''

Those words struck Izaya's heart with a throbbing force.

I love you so much.

''I've loved you this entire time. Since the day I met you. I put myself through all this shit to try to get your attention, and instead you try to murder me every time I show up in Ikebukuro.'' the ravenette sighed. ''But that was the past, wasn't it? What about now?''

Shizuo sat up and wiped his tear-stained face. He thought that he was the one who was chasing Izaya, but instead he was the one getting chased. He thought that Izaya was the one trying to murder him every time they lock eyes, but instead it was the other way around. And now, he had admitted his love to the flea at least more than once and...well, he was pretty sure that Izaya had said it too.

He recalled the time when he had slept over at Izaya's house and what had happened that night. He remembered saying that he loved Izaya, and he remembered Izaya saying that he loved him. He thought that was all sleepy talk, but apparently he was wrong. Izaya did love him. The blonde turned pink. Izaya loved him, and he loved Izaya. This wasn't a one-sided romance - they both loved each other with all (or most) of their hearts and they practically couldn't last a day without each other.

Izaya watched Shizuo's pondering expression and smiled to himself, brushing a tear away from the protozoan's cheek. ''Do you remember what I told you on the day we met each other?''

I remember everything, Shizuo wanted to say, but he shrugged and asked what he had specifically said. ''I said that we're going to have fun, and look at us now. It's almost been ten years and, well, we had fun, didn't we?'' the ravenette chuckled.

Shizuo wanted to emphasize the word 'fun' into much more extreme levels, and he figured that doing said fun things in a hospital was...unmannerly. He shook Izaya's arms off him and headed for the bag he had brought to the hospital containing Izaya's clothes - courtesy of the impatient Namie Yagiri. He took Izaya by the hand carefully and helped him get into his clothes, but before Izaya could even finish buttoning his pants up, Shizuo had carried him bridal style and headed for fresh air.

''Shi-Shizu-chan! What are you doing?'' Izaya buried his embarrassed face in the protozoan's bartender suit.

The nurse that had been taking care of Izaya saw Shizuo carrying him and she gave one of her warm smiles. ''Take care, Shizuo-san.'' she said.

The blonde nodded. He took Izaya down a flight of stairs and started to complain about how far the hospital exit was. Once he had reached the floor of the exit, he walked past the receptionist, who was shouting at Shizuo to let the ''injured patient'' down.

''Just send the hospital bills to my place. I am Shizuo Heiwajima, and this flea is mine. Thank you for taking care of him, but I'm afraid that he has to come home with me now.''

''But you need to sign him-''

''Sweet mother of Jesus, this is a hospital, not a fucking elementary school!'' Shizuo yelled at the receptionist, and proceeded to exit the building. Izaya was blushing fiercely to the words this flea is mine. He sure was. He took a deep breath of the warm air and sighed.

''I missed being outside,'' Izaya said. ''I just don't want to be around that bitch Vorona, for she might try to kill me again.''

Shizuo froze in his steps, and the ravenette in his arms covered his mouth.


''It was Vorona?'' Shizuo yelled. ''Was she the one who hurt you?''

''It's okay, Shizu-chan!'' Izaya ruffled the blonde's hair in an attempt to calm him down. ''Namie's taking care of her. It's just us now,'' he squirmed around a bit until he finally got to reach Shizuo's face, then gave him a quick kiss on the lips. ''Just..us..''

The next thing both of them knew was that they were in Shizuo's apartment, sticking their tongues in each other's mouths. Emotions swelled inside Shizuo, since he's been wanting Izaya for who knows how long now. He didn't know if Izaya was feeling good. He wanted to make Izaya feel amazing, because he is amazing. In a twisted, out-of-this-world way of course.

''Ngh, Shizu-chan..'' Izaya took the blonde's hand and placed it on the front of his slightly buttoned pants. ''Touch me here.''

Shizuo's eyes widened at the order, but since he asked, he might as well do it. He slipped his hand inside the flea's pants and started slowly stroking the hard member. Izaya shuddered at Shizuo's cold hands and slowly melted into the man's hands. Shizuo started stroking Izaya's cock faster, causing the raven to cover his mouth in embarrassment.

''Don't do that,'' Shizuo used his free hand to gently remove Izaya's hand from his mouth. ''I want to hear you.''

''It's embarrassing...'' Izaya's face turned into different shades of pink, trying to pry his hand out of the blonde's grip. ''I'm used to doing this on my own, and usually no one is in the house and I would just...you know, let it out.''

''Yeah? Who do you jack off to, Izaya-kun?''

Izaya-kun. The emphasized '-kun' made the raven want to die from the overflow of embarrassment and pleasure. The blonde's hand sped up and a moan escaped from Izaya's lips. Shizuo was overcame with lust and desire, and he wanted to hear more of Izaya's voice.

More. He wanted more. Much, much more. He quickly removed Izaya's pants and took the head of the cock in his mouth. Experimenting with his tongue, he started sucking on it slightly. The noises that came out of Izaya made the blood rush south of Shizuo, and all he wanted was to pleasure Izaya, so why not have a little fun for himself?

''Ah-ah! Shizu-chan!'' Izaya moaned. ''P-Please! Just get inside me!''

Shizuo ignored the plea and kept sucking. He bobbed his head back and forth, rolled his tongue around. Izaya was much bigger than he had expected, but just a touch could send this flea screaming and crying all over the place. He's too vulnerable. Which means he has to permanently make a mark so that anyone else who dares touch him would know who they were messing with. Yes, yes, that's a great idea. Maybe some marker might do it, unless it washes off...

His thoughts caught him off guard and he found himself under said flea. ''That's enough fun for you, Shizu-chan,'' Izaya said teasingly. ''It's about time I had it my way, don't you think?'' He carefully removed Shizuo's pants, sitting himself down on the blonde's legs. He reached over and used said pants to tie Shizuo's hands up.

''What are you doing?'' Shizuo asked, watching the flea stick his fingers in his mouth, sucking it deliberately. ''Wha-''

''I'm going to have fun,'' Izaya said through his sucking. A hint of a smirk was on the corner of his lips, and Shizuo tried to remove his hands from this somewhat kind of handcuffs but he couldn't find the energy to. Damn, when he needed his super strength, he couldn't get it? It wasn't his fault that the love of his life was single-handedly seducing him right infront of him! He watched the raven reached his fingers to his...entrance... and that was when Shizuo became officially frozen. Izaya inserted his fingers into his hole slowly, moaning, ''Shizu-chan...'' and his face had a lewd expression. Shizuo was about to lose it. He sped up his pace and Shizuo watched the fingers slip in and out so neatly, enjoying the sloppy, wet sounds that emitted from it.

Izaya cried in pleasure as he used his free hand to toy with his chest. When he angled his fingers a different way, he hit a certain spot that made him see white, and made Shizuo see white too- coming from Izaya's cock.

''You...'' Shizuo's eyes widened, and his face slightly turned pink. Did Izaya do this at home? Did Izaya touch himself to the thought of him? Oh my god..

The raven was limp and his breathing became uneven. Once he regained his strength, he lifted himself up and propped himself on Shizuo's hard member, slowly sliding down. He's big, Izaya thought. When Shizuo's cock was fully inside him, he tried one thing that he had been wanting to do for so long now. Izaya bounced up and down, making the blonde's cock strike his pleasure spot repeatedly, causing him to wither, scream, cry and moan like there was no tomorrow.

''God, Shizu-chan! Ah! Ah! Aah!'' Izaya threw his head back and screamed in pleasure.

Shizuo lost it. He summoned all the strength he could find and ripped the pants that were preventing him from touching Izaya. Sorry, Kasuka, but your pants currently mean shit to me. I'll get some other pair of pants myself. He pinned Izaya down on his twin-sized bed and started fucking him senseless.

''Aaaah~'' the raven cried, wrapping his legs around the blonde's back. ''Faster, please! Oh, god!''

He went just a tad bit faster, Izaya telling him which way to go. One day he would need a study guide for the inside of Izaya, so that he wouldn't need to be guided. This was embarrassing Shizuo more than it was embarrassing the man who was screaming beneath him.

''I-Izaya, you feel amazing,'' Shizuo groaned, thrusting faster. The insides of Izaya was starting to squeeze his cock to death, signaling him that he was about to come again. He thrusted in a bit more until Izaya came endlessly, crying out Shizuo's name. The blonde also came vigorously inside Izaya. Nope. Not happening. Shizuo wasn't going to pass out like in the shows that Erika Karisawa showed him. He wasn't tired yet. Hell, this was just the beginning. How the hell did those men just pass out from a couple of lame thrusts? Weaklings. This was when his strength came in handy.

He lay down on top of Izaya, 69 position. Izaya knew what he was doing and quickly took Shizuo's leaking cock in his mouth. Shizuo did the same, repeating the process he did earlier. Izaya, however, had no idea what to do, and couldn't do much because he was moaning most of the time. Before he knew it, he came again, spilling his seed inside Shizuo's mouth. The blonde's lips were beginning to get sore from all this sucking, but hell, who cares?

''Kiss me, Shizu-chan,'' Izaya mumbled. Shizuo obeyed and gave Izaya a sloppy kiss, semen still smeared on his mouth. The raven was tasting himself, how dirty, Shizuo thought.

They continued their said dirty ways a couple more times until Shizuo became a hypocrite and almost passed out. Izaya had came almost ten times, Shizuo eight. More was to come, but both of them were too tired to even lift a leg, Izaya especially.

''Ah-ah...Shizu-chan...you're so cute,'' he ran his hand through Shizuo's shaggy hair and to his sweaty cheek. ''Doing such ero-ero things to someone you hate.''

''Hate?'' Shizuo panted. ''You mean love, right?'' He surprisingly had the strength to roll over a bit and give Izaya one of the gentlest kisses of the night, and all of a sudden, his lips didn't feel so sore anymore. Sure, they were probably puffy, but he couldn't tell anything from the darkness of his apartment. From the faint moonlight, he saw Izaya's smile.

''I love you, Shizu-chan.'' he said.

''And you bet that I fucking love you too, idiot.''

Silence filled the room, and Izaya realized that the blonde he had just made love with had fallen asleep in his arms. He chuckled slightly and rubbed his aching stomach. It probably wasn't good to be having sex after he was almost mauled to death, but it was okay. As long as Vorona is out of the story and Shizuo is his. His only.

Izaya reached for the fleece blanket that was forgetfully discarded on the floor and used it to cover both of them up. He himself was starting to fall asleep too, and he buried his nose in the thick mass of hair that always, always smelled of strawberries.

''Oh, Shizuo,'' he said, using his real name this time. ''You're the idiot, not me.''


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