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Title: Dear Santa

Summary: In which everyone's favorite shinigami write letters to Santa. Let the holiday cheers—and jeers—begin! Mild pairings inside, nothing heavy.

Word Count: 888 (not including A/Ns)

Rating: K+ or T...I haven't decided, really. Rating might change from time to time.

Pairings: Nothing heavy, miscellaneous pairings. Might include some HitsuMatsu, ByaChiru, etc. Nothing really romantic or hot and heavy, so you could read this even if you don't like the pairings I mentioned.

Warnings: Set when Hitsugaya, Matsumoto, Ikkaku, Rukia, etc. went to living world and Hitsugaya and Matsumoto stayed with Orihime, since Matsumoto is in her apartment...

Disclaimer: Bleach is Kubo Tite's property. He's the genius who thought of this awesome manga. Not me. Sadly.

1. Rangiku Matsumoto

"Orihime-chan, what's a Santa?" A perplexed Matsumoto showed Orihime the picture of a model dressed in a Santa costume in her Vogue magazine. "It says 'Let your inner Santa shine.' What does that mean?"

"Ehh? It can't be that you don't know who Santa is!" Orihime stared at Matsumoto as if the busty female shinigami had just sprouted horns and a tail. "Everyone knows Santa!"

Matsumoto pouted, unhappy at being left out by everyone. "Well, I don't! We don't have Santas in Seireitei."

Orihime smiled. She decided to trick her Shinigami friends into believing in Santa and get them gifts. It was the least she could do for them.

She poured some tea into two quaint little teacups, gave one to Matsumoto, and spoke. "Well, Santa's this jolly old man with a white beard who gives everyone presents on December 25th." She thought for a moment before adding hastily. "But only if you write him a list of what you want, mail it to the North Pole, and leave cookies for him at night!"

Matsumoto looked even more confused. "Huh? That sounds like old man Yamamoto. Except he usually doesn't give gifts…"

"Silly! Santa's from the North Pole! It's all the way up there!" Orihime pointed south, mistaking it for north.

"Oooh! I see now…So, do I write him a list?"

"Of course! Or else Santa doesn't know what to get you! But try to keep it simple, and less than 10 items, or else Santa can't fit it all in his sleigh."

Matsumoto nodded wisely, sipping her tea slowly. "I see! Then I'll work on the list right away! It's already the 18th!" She sprang from her chair, set the empty teacup gently on the coffee table, and rushed to the empty room in Orihime's apartment where she was staying. Patrolling with her captain could wait. Santa was the priority!

Once in her barely furnished, rather blank room (she thought the whiteness of it was suffocating), she grabbed a sheet of paper and her favorite blue sparkly pen. "Okay! Here I go…"

Dear Santa,

Hi! I'm Rangiku Matsumoto, fukutaichou of the 10th Division! I'm writing to you because I want gifts! So you better get me the following, or else I'll use Haineko on you. And get my cute little taichou to freeze you!

Matsumoto paused. What should she ask for? She could only get 10 items at most, and she was at a loss. Suddenly, a light bulb flashed brightly in her head as she grinned and hurriedly started to write again, her pen furiously scratching on the paper.

Well then! I'll make a list for you to see. You better get me everything!

1. First, I want a bag of make-up! I need some eye liner, blush, lipstick, lip gloss, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, face creme, and, of course, Hallibel's Hair-libel Shampoo! It's necessary for good hair, you know?

2. Ah, and can you get me a new bright pink scarf? My old one got ripped a bit when I was killing this giant hollow.

3. I want to read the next volume of Naruto! And do you have a copy of that book Kakashi's always reading, the Make-out Paradise thing? I've always been so curious!

4. I guess I would like some bottles of human sake. Just to see why it's so expensive in Seireitei. It can't be THAT good, can it? Then again, Soul Society's sake is pretty sour, cheap stuff.

5. A new sheath for Haineko would be useful. A sky-blue one to match my eyes! Or teal to match my adorable taichou's eyes!

Matsumoto paused, puckering her lips thoughtfully. This was harder than she thought...

6. My Soul Pager keeps getting all scratched up. Do you have a phone case that fits my Soul Pager? It'd be awesome if you did.

7. Ummm…Some new sneakers would be appreciated. My pretty shoes keep breaking when I'm training. And it's freaking expensive to repair them.

8. While we're on the topic of training, do you think you can get some clothes that I can fight in? I hate it when my shirts get ripped and all ugly. And fighting in my haori is impractical. My size is 4. Though the chest area might have to be adjusted a bit…

9. Umm, I don't know what else… Do you have the newest Rasengan CD? I want it! (A/N: Rasengan is my fictional Naruto boy band. Read BleachBook Chapter 3 to find out. And I might have a Naruto fanfiction about Rasengan written soon, so watch out for that!)

10. Okay, last item! Ehehe, if it's not too much, do you think you can get Hitsugaya to fall in love with me? Or at least go on ONE date with me. If you can't I won't get mad, because it is a rather stupid thing to ask...

Matsumoto blushed scarlet as she wrote the last one. She couldn't believe what she was asking (much less WHO she was asking), but she had to try. Her taichou was just adorable, and rather handsome, and she really thought she was in love with him. Who wouldn't fall in love with HIM? He was the perfect guy, after all.

She looked over her list again, making sure everything was correctly spelled. As she gently placed it into an envelope, the door banged open, revealing Orihime and a very disgruntled white-haired captain.

"MATSUMOTO! Where were you? I waited over an hour for you to take over patrol! Dammit,woman!" Hitsugaya struggled to keep his anger in check as he glared murderously at his sweat-dropping fukutaichou.

"Hahaha, sorry, taichou." Matsumoto smiled apologetically, quickly handing the envelope to Orihime. The orange haired girl left with a secret smile, shutting the door behind her. She didn't want to spend ANOTHER day listening to the two argue. It could drive a person-even Orihime-insane.

"So? What were you doing?" Hitsugaya growled impatiently.

Matsumoto grinned. Obviously, her cute taichou hadn't heard of Santa yet. "You see, taichou…"

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