So this story takes place right at the end of Confessions. I always wondered more about Reed's home life so I decided I would write about it. What would happen if Reed didn't come back to Easton Academy. At least right away. She decides she needs a break from all the memories of Thomas and Ariana. So she spends some time back at Croton high. Its a chance for her to realize where she belongs and show those who tried to tear her down that she is better then them. Don't worry Josh and Reed are still together in this. No way could I break apart my favorite couple.

Even though in this fanfic the books after Confessions didn't happen, I still took small details from them portraying them as if they already did. While reading it will become clear and it doesn't include spoilers from the next books in case there are the few that hasn't read them yet.

"Reed, I lo-"

"Don't." I blurted. "Just please don't"

"No Reed I love you. Please don't go." He almost made me rethink my decision.

"I love you too Josh but I can't stay. Too much has happened, I just- I just can't"

"Please Reed, I'll do anything, I wont get on your case anymore about Billings if that's what you want. I'll do whatever it takes to make you stay."

Just then my dad's car pulled up.

"I'm sorry Josh. I love you." I gave him one last kiss on lips. Right before I got in the car he pulled me into a hug.

"Just think about it over break. Its not too late to change your mind."

I pulled away from him and got in the care. Probably the most painful thing I've ever ad to do.

When I got home I didn't talk to anyone, just went straight to bed. It was back to Croton High for me.

I knew my brother was home for Christmas vacation, but I was just emotionally exhausted. I would have time later to catch up with him. Everything that's happen the past few days was finally taking it's toll on me.

I woke up to my mother's yelling. Yeah, back to how things use to be. Before Easton, before Josh.

It was Christmas eve and every year there is a dance the town holds. Its a fundraiser to try and set up scholarship funds. Never raises enough money to send anyone far.

The dance usually involved Courtney, Nikki, and Brianna dancing inappropriatly for in front of parents. They were basically the Noelle's of Croton High, except not as classy. And instead of being friends with them, they hated me and tried making my life hell.

Not this time. I was best friends with Noelle Lange, Kiran Hayes, and Taylor Bell. I was apart of the elite of Easton Academy, a Billings girl and it was time to start acting like one.

I still had all the clothes Kiran and the others gave to me and I was going to this party and showing these people I wasnt the same Reed Brennan they seen leave.

I took my time getting ready. I wanted to make sure I was going in looking strong and confident. I had on a simple loose black dress that was strapless on one arm with an off the shoulder sleeve on the other. There was a belt wrapped around my stomach letting the top part of the dress be loose and floppy like and the bottom hug to my shape.

I put on the diamond studs I had got from Whitt a few months ago and clasped my diamond B around my neck. The one my Billings dorm mate Cheyenne had gotten for all of us.

My makeup was lightly done and my hair down flowing down my back. I decided to for-go the heels and settled on a pair of flats.

I looked in the mirror and smiled at my reflection.

I have changed since the last time looking in this mirror. No more letting these people walk all over me.

I was going to walk in strong and confident, a whole new me. I took a deep breath and opened the door...