"My name is N." That singular sentence held her in place. Millions of emotions tangled in the pit of her stomach and she could not think of anything to say in reply. For someone who seemed so important and dangerous, that one letter for a name could have not been right. Or maybe it was the most fitting thing in the universe. One letter was all that was in front of the calm face and glowing eyes. An untold story that she wanted to know and treasure for the rest of her days. She tried to push back the shock so apparent on her face; the pure need for an absolution to that name, but it didn't work as well as she had hoped and color rose uncontrolled to her face as a smile twitched at the corner of his mouth.

Did he know how much she was caught in his gaze, how much she craved to hear something more tangible that could explain the simplicity of his name? He probably did, and that thought made her uneasy. She could say nothing and her movement was lost in his very presence. She was trapped and as he repeated the sentence, she could feel some unknown force tie them together…something that stretched beyond the now. She wanted to reach out to him, to understand the things he told her and blend them with the things she knew, but the connection she might be sharing with him felt too thin and she feared losing that binding cord above anything else in that moment.

'N…It truly is a beautiful name…it blots out everything else when I hear you say it…it makes me feel unworthy every time I hear myself say it…N…how could something so simple make me feel so weak…why does it endear me to you so completely?' She frowned and found the strength to move back from his commanding presence. Something like sadness moved into his eyes, and she blinked. Confusion was now apparent in her body language, and he read that just as easily as her earlier need. She could almost feel him reaching out to her with his gaze…to understand that it didn't have to be so complicated. But it was and maybe that was really the only reason why she hoped to see him again.