N watched the girl from the safety and shaded distance in the trees. This sneaking around made him feel like nothing more than an underhanded Grunt, but she wouldn't trust him if she saw him. Besides, he had plans to meet up with her soon in the next town. He could not rush things.

Some sort of a smile played across his face as she stopped and rested on the edge of the dirt path. She had every right not to trust him and so it did not concern him too much. After all, she was no different than any other human and he would not spare her the separation of Pokemon and people that he had dreamed of for so long. All the Pokemon that suffered in those capsules and the horrible wounds they inflicted on each other all for the glory of the human who had captured them made him sick inside.

The girl; Touko, released her Oshawott from its ball with a smile and reached into her bag as the little blue otter rubbed its face and stretched in the sunlight. The smile on N's face faded into a frown as he watched the creature stumble for a moment before turning to look at its Trainer. Pokemon should not be kept in such conditions and he didn't understand why nobody else saw this. Touko giggled as she glanced over her shoulder to witness the Oshawott's faltering first steps before she pulled the blue tin she had been searching for from her bag.

"Lunch time!" She said happily, opening the tin and placing it before Oshawott. It grinned and dove into the food, bringing out another laugh from the girl. N did not see the humor and folded his arms across his chest while the Oshawott continued to eat. Touko pulled out a candy bar and munched on it lightly before glancing back at her Pokemon, who had finished eating and was rubbing its now protruding belly in contentedness.

"Hey…I know Professor Juniper asked me if I could name you before, but I didn't…would you like your name now?" Touko had asked her Pokemon the question as though she saw it as and equal…as a friend. Oshawott jumped once in a display of excitement, saying it's name with enthusiasm and moving closer to the girl.

"That's great! Let's see…" Touko paused and studied her Pokemon with a look of deep concentration. N blinked and leaned closer to the scene before him through the trees. He doubted she could understand what the Oshawott had said, but it shouldn't have gotten excited about being named. "I know! I'll call you Azhure. A special name for my newest friend!" Touko grinned and clapped her hands together as she said the name a second time. Oshawott…Azhure, blinked up at Touko with a mystified glitter in its eyes.

"Huh, guess Oshawott hates the name." N breathed in a mocking tone more to himself than to the pair a good distance away from him.

"Oshawott! Oshawott!" N watched with a grim expression as Azhure jumped into Touko's arms with a wide smile on it's face.

'Friends! We are friends!' The human words that threaded into N's ears as Azhure spoke made him bristle with anger and clench the nearest branch to steady himself. Pokemon and people could not be friends. There was no way.

"You are living in a dream." N said in a dark tone as he stepped into the trees and moved closer to the next town. "Pokemon and people can not be friends. If they could, I would not have to rescue the Pokemon from people." He did not glance over his shoulder to peer at the two as he left.

'Friends! We are friends!'