Rose held the Doctor's hand tight as they ran, the ground collapsing just seconds after they ran over it. This new regeneration of the Doctor was so different but even with his smaller build he was still her Doctor. It took her a while to come to terms with this new Doctor but as soon as he gave her that smile and took her hand in his own she was stuck. How strong that hand always seemed to her. Now she realized her love wouldn't be strong enough to keep her Doctor going. They slid to a stop and Doctor pulled her back so that they fell away from a very steep edge they had come to. They painfully stood up and looked over the edge into the abyss of molten metal that was once the engine room.

"Doctor, what do we do?" She hugged his arm, trying to stop her shaking.

"I don' know. I'm sorry, Rose. So sorry. I brought you here and now…"

"Don' say that, Doctor. You'll get us out of here." Suddenly she felt trembling from below her. She took a step back and watched in horror as the ground gave out beneath her. She fell and felt a hard painful tug on her arm. She felt as if her wrist was being wretched from her body. She could hear him shouting, calling her name, his voice one of agony.

"Rose!" He sobbed. For a while he held her up at his waist but lost his footing on the shaking ground. He fell and sprawled. He lay on his stomach holding her hand in both of his big strong ones.

"I can't hold! Too hot! Sweat! Doctor!"

"Rose Tyler! Don't you dare let go! Of all the times you have held my hand this is the most precious. Hold my hand!" He shouted desperately. She smiled as her hand slowly slid from his grip.

"I love you, Doctor."

"I love you too, Rose Tyler. I should have been brave enough to tell you sooner." She felt it slip and heard him scream as she let go of his beautiful strong hand and saw his beautiful tear stained face. She fell and collided with something painfully below. She wondered what was going on when she looked up into the smiling face of the Doctor about ten feet above her. Her vision blurred as she felt somebody pick her up and sit her in a chair.

"You're alright dear. We heard the mayday from the ship about an hour ago. The bottom six floors are gone. How did you make it this far?" The green humanoid smiled.

"The Doctor." And as if on cue the Doctor leapt from his falling perch and landed on the hovering craft. He scooped her into the best hug she had ever felt then they stared into each other's eyes for a long moment and kissed the kiss they had both been waiting for.

"Rose Tyler, you're brilliant." The Doctor whispered. Rose smiled and laid her head on his strong shoulder, his arms wrapped protectively around her as the craft liefted them to safety where the Tardis and many more adventures waited.