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Warning: This is a Harry/Rose pairing but remember that they are NOT related by blood and she is of age in this fic. If you're OK with this then read on…

Harry looked at around him in awe. Hermione had gone all out for Rose's 17th birthday party. There must have been over 100 people here and she had used a muggle's sweet 16 party as her inspiration. There was food and punch (probably spiked by now), a DJ and large dance floor. Harry scanned the crowd looking for his kids and had to look away quickly when he found Lily in a passionate kiss with Scorpius Malfoy...he would never get used to seeing that. Al and James seemed to be surrounded by several pretty girls each and he chuckled at the sight. His ex-wife Ginny was here with her boyfriend, Cormac, of all people. She seemed happy enough so who was he to judge. He then found Rose and he still couldn't believe how much she had grown, she was absolutely beautiful. She caught his gaze, smiled and made her way over to him.

"Hi" she said leaning in to hug Harry and kissed him on the neck, which made him shiver involuntarily.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back a little to look at her questioningly and said "Hi Rose... Happy Birthday."

She beamed proudly and said "Thanks. Can you believe I'm finally 17? I feel like I've been waiting for this day forever!"

Harry raised his eyebrows and said "Really...What was the big rush to turn 17?"

She smiled deviously and asked, "Promise not to tell?"

He grinned widely and said, "I promise."

She moved closer and whispered huskily in his ear "I've found myself fancying an older wizard and I've been waiting not so patiently to turn 17 so that I can seduce him."

Harry's breathing stopped... he was in shock. Rose was still incredibly close to him and he was becoming uncomfortable with this sudden turn of events.

She continued on whispering, every now and then her lips would touch his ear making him shiver again. She did not seem to notice that Harry was frozen in place... "You know him, the wizard, quite well actually. Care to take a guess who it is that I plan on seducing?"

Harry shook his head to the side slightly indicating No he didn't want to guess...he didn't want to know. Why was it so hot in here, did Hermione set the temperature to 100 degrees on purpose...he was sweating. Rose had gotten even closer to him, if that was possible then he felt her move and realized she was now sitting in his lap with her arm around him and her mouth still up against his ear. He started to panic...what the hell was going on? This was Hermione and Ron's daughter, surely this was wrong; she may not be related by blood but ... he couldn't think clearly. He needed to stop this before it got any farther. He found his hands gripping her waist tightly and realized his fingers were touching bare skin...it distracted him and he looked down to see a large portion of her stomach revealed by her top. He tried to speak but he only got out a husky "Rose..."

She smiled seductively back at him and said "Ah, so you've figured it out..." then she asked innocently "Is it working?"

His eyes widened and he tried to speak again but nothing came out. She smiled at him again and whispered sexily "tag, you're it." Then she gently pulled on his earlobe with her teeth, got up off his lap, smiled down at him and walked away.

Harry was in shock...he was certain he looked like he was hit with a stupefy spell but he couldn't believe that just happened. After a few minutes he felt someone sit down next to him and they handed him a drink. He looked over, still in shock, to see Hermione smiling at him. He tensed up immediately.

She either didn't notice or didn't care. She downed her drink in one shot and Harry stared at her questioningly. Finally she said "Look, Harry, I'm not an idiot. I've known she's fancied you for years. I thought it would go away, that it was just a silly crush but clearly it hasn't." She looked at him and laughed, then said, "You had no idea, did you? You look like you've been hit by a bludger."

He shook his head to the side indicating no, he had no idea. He still couldn't speak properly. He drank his drink quickly and they both indicated to a passing waiter (again Hermione went all out) that they would like another. After a few more minutes of silence Hermione asked amused "Are you going to speak anytime soon?"

"Don't really know what to say, Mione." replied Harry

"I know you and I don't want you to not do something because of me or Ron. You deserve to be happy Harry, and clearly Ginny didn't make you happy. You haven't been with anyone since the divorce...and that was two years ago." said Hermione

"I have too been with others since the divorce." replied Harry indignantly

Hermione smiled, and said, "I don't mean just a quick shag, Harry."

He smiled at that and asked incredulously "What are you saying Mione, that you want me to date your daughter?"

"I'm saying that I want you to make up your own mind but I don't want me or Ron to factor at all in your decision...understand?" Replied Hermione

"You must be joking Mione, I'm practically her uncle" said Harry

"But you are NOT her uncle...there is no shared blood between you. Besides she's never thought of you as an uncle. Even when she was younger, she would blush when you talked to her and as she got older she always fussed over how she looked when you were going to be around. You've always had her attention, Harry, and she's apparently just been waiting to act," replied Hermione

"I can't believe we are having this conversation," said Harry downing another drink.

Hermione laughed again and said "I've been preparing for this...I could tell she was planning something."

Harry turned to look at her shocked again

She replied "I'm just thankful that it's you she's got her eye on, Lily had a crush on Draco Malfoy last year. I can't tell you how revolting it was to listen to her go on and on about how sexy he was. It was all I could do to keep from vomiting."

Harry choked on his drink and said "What! Are you serious?"

"Merlin yes, it was horrible. Although she seems to have gotten over that, if the way her and Scorpius are going at it are anything to go by," said Hermione

Harry groaned and said "Mione, please, stop, you're killing me."

"OK, OK, fine. But just think of it this way...if Al or James had the hots for an older witch, would you rather it be me or Pansy Parkinson?" asked Hermione amused

"Are you drunk?" asked Harry clearly shocked

"Pretty much, but you didn't answer the question." smirked Hermione

"Fine, you, I guess...you're not thinking of bedding one of my boys are you?" asked Harry warily

Hermione laughed and said, "No, Harry, I'm a married witch, remember." and she flashed her wedding band at him.

He sighed in relief, thanking Merlin for that small miracle. He couldn't handle any more surprises tonight.

"Speaking of the handsome devils," said Hermione addressing Al and James who had just walked over to them.

Harry smiled at them and said, "You two seem to be having a good time..."

"Yeah, we are. This is great Auntie," said James and he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

Harry shifted uncomfortably and Hermione laughed at him

"What's so funny?" asked Al

"Oh, nothing, your father is just a little on edge with witches tonight...aren't you Harry?" giggled Hermione

He shot her a dark look and didn't respond

"Well I don't blame him, I think there's something in the air tonight, they all seem to be acting a little strange. Even Lils and Rosie. Bloody hell, I had to hear at least a dozen blokes talking about how hot they looked tonight. And Rosie keeps looking around like she's hunting for her prey. It's pretty scary. I feel bad for the bloke who tries to resist her tonight." finished Al

Hermione burst out laughing and Harry groaned running his hands through his hair.

Al and James eyed them curiously, then James asked "so what were you two saying about us before we walked over?"

Hermione giggled again (she was getting quite drunk) and said "Oh, I was just asking your dad if one of you had the hots for an older witch, would he rather it be me or Pansy Parkinson."

"Mione!" said Harry shocked that she told them

"What? They asked." replied Hermione nonplussed

"Sorry, boys, apparently your Aunt has had too much to drink," said Harry taking away her current drink

James laughed good-naturedly but Al smirked and replied, "Well, there's no blood shared so there's no harm in me saying I would definitely pick you." He then brushed the back of his hand against Hermione's cheek and walked away, leaving James and Harry with their mouths wide open. Harry looked to Hermione to see her blushing. He needed another drink, no doubt about it and he downed the remnants of the drink he took away from Hermione.

"Blimey, everyone's mental tonight." said James and Harry just nodded in agreement. They sat watching everyone for a few minutes until Hermione stood up and said "Alright, who's going to dance with me?"

James was on his feet in a second and said, "I'll dance with you Auntie."

Hermione smiled and Harry went to object but she cut him off and said "Harry, I'm sure the Birthday girl would love to dance with you."

Then James piped in and said, "Yeah Dad, will you dance with Rosie? Maybe it will scare off some of the blokes who have their eye on her."

Harry shot a pleading look at Hermione who just giggled and pulled James with her to the dance floor. Then he spotted Rose, making her way over to him and groaned.

"So, aren't you going to ask the Birthday girl to dance?" asked Rose with her lips in a small pout. Shit, he needed to get away... but it would probably look strange if he was seen running away from a 17-year-old witch. Wouldn't do much for his manly reputation now would it. While he was thinking this all over, he failed to notice Rose take his hand and lead him onto the dance floor. How did his hands end up on her waist again? Holy Merlin she smelled good. He found himself inexplicably drawn closer to her, one hand was on her bare skin on her back while the other was holding the exposed skin of her hip to him. She had her arms wrapped around his neck and she was resting her head in the crook of his neck. Her breathing was tickling him and he couldn't help but let out a small gasp. She was so close and so soft and she felt like heaven to him.

Then she started whispering in his ear again "You've always smelled so good to me, it's intoxicating really." He closed his eyes when her lips touched his ear, he couldn't take much more of this. He was a man for Merlin's sake. He wondered if she knew she was playing with fire? Then she spoke again "Do you know what I want for my Birthday, Harry?" He was somewhat hesitant in his reply but he finally whispered back "No, what do you want Rose?" He held his breath waiting for her answer. He nearly died when she replied huskily "I want you Harry." He pulled away from her in shock and they stared into each other's eyes for a long time.

Then Lily was next to them and she was saying something to Harry...he shook his head and looked at her and said "What?"

"Dad, weren't you listening? I said I'm leaving. Scorpius is going to take me back to Mum's now. Are you OK? You look like you've had too much to drink..."

"I'm fine, Lils, don't worry about me. Is your mother home? I don't want you alone with Scorpius in the house." replied Harry

"Honestly Dad... Mum just left a few minutes ago to go home so I wont be alone with Scor. And Dad I thought we talked about this before, I'm old enough now to make decisions about who I want..." replied Lily

"Lily! Please, stop, I don't want to hear any more. Just...good night." said Harry blushing furiously

She laughed and said "Night Dad. Rose, will you make sure he gets home OK?"

Rose grinned and said "absolutely" and then she continued under her breath saying, "I'll even tuck him in if he wants."

Harry groaned and Lily said "Night."

Harry looked questioningly at Rose and she smiled and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the house. They were stopped several times so that people could say good-bye to Rose. Harry just followed silently, not even realizing that he was still holding her hand. When they got inside Hermione was in the kitchen cleaning up. She looked at their joined hands and raised her eyebrows. Rose said "Mum, Harry has a present for me at his house. I'm going with him to get it...don't wait up for me." Hermione looked to Harry, who looked shocked at this statement but before he could say anything Rose pulled him into the Floo and shouted "Grimmauld Place." Hermione shook her head, said "Poor Harry" and headed up to bed.

When they arrived at Harry's he seemed to come out of his stupor and said "Rose, what's gotten into you tonight? I don't have a present here for you, I left my present at your house with everyone else's..."

"Well perhaps it would have been more accurate to say that I had a present for you," replied Rose

Harry raised his eyebrows but before he could say anything Rose was walking toward him. She stopped to look him in the eye and took hold of his hand again. She pulled him towards the stairs and started walking up them. She sensed him starting to resist so she turned and smiled at him, which seemed to throw him off a little. Finally, when she reached the top of the stairs she pulled him towards his bedroom and opened the door pulling him in with her. She let go of his hand and looked around curiously, never having been in his room before. It was very masculine, all the furniture was dark wood, and he had black satin sheets... which she ran her fingers over and looked up at him.

He was having hard time breathing. How did they end up in his bedroom and why was she looking at him like...like...he was dinner. He started to back up and found himself quickly backed up against a wall with Rose in front of him. She whispered huskily in his ear "Harry" and then started to unbutton his shirt. When she finished with the buttons she ran both her hands up his chest starting at his stomach and he closed his eyes and let out an involuntary moan at the feel of it. She pushed his shirt off his shoulders and started to kiss his arms, then his shoulders, then his chest, moving to his nipples and then she hesitated. He opened his eyes to see her an inch from his face.

He couldn't hold back anymore, he quickly closed the gap between them and attacked her mouth. She moaned loudly and he turned them around so that he was pushing her up against the wall. He took both her hands and held them above her head, then started kissing and sucking on her neck. She squirmed and moaned and ground her hips against his begging for more. He broke away from the kiss and growled into her neck, then bit a spot on her shoulder. She yelped out in surprise and he took the opportunity to lift both her legs up and wrap them around his waist. He pushed her against the wall harder and held her arms tightly still above her head and she growled in frustration, biting down on his neck hard. That sent him over the edge and he lost what little control he had left. He quickly brought her over to the bed and roughly threw her down on it... She went to take her clothes off but he said "No."

She smiled devilishly at him and laid back down. He moved closer and pulled her skimpy top off of her to find she had no bra on. He growled in approval and roughly ran his hands over her. She was only wearing a short pleated skirt and heels...he pushed the skirt up and touched her gently then he brought his fingers up to his mouth and licked off her juices. She moaned in delight and grabbed his hand, bringing it to her mouth and finished licking his fingers for him. "Fuck." moaned Harry in response

He ripped his clothes off and they gasped and moaned at the sudden feeling of their joined bodies. Harry was rough but not so much that he hurt her, just enough so it was clear how much he needed her. He'd never felt this good with a witch and he was going to make sure he pleased her as well. When she finally screamed in release, he went with her having the best orgasm of his life. He collapsed on top of her and they stayed that way for a long time just catching their breath.

Finally Harry crawled up to the top of the bed and moved the covers, and then he pulled Rose up with him and covered them both. Rose curled up in his arms with her head on his chest. They were still breathing heavily when Harry said "Rose, that was amazing." She giggled in response and reached up with her lips to kiss him. She didn't seem to want to stop kissing him and he groaned and said "you have to give me some time to recover, you little minx." She smiled and kissed his neck and laid back down with her head on his chest. They stayed like that and started to drift off to sleep when Rose whispered, "Harry?"

He leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead and said "yeah?"

"That was the best birthday present ever. Thank you," she whispered

He laughed and whispered "it was my pleasure Rose, I'm glad you enjoyed it."

"Harry?" asked Rose hesitantly

"Hmmm" he replied sleepily

"Can we do it again?" she whispered

"Definitely, just let me get some sleep first." He replied laughing

"Promise you won't change your mind when you wake up?" she asked curiously

"I promise Rose," said Harry firmly

"Ok, night." sighed Rose

"Night" replied Harry grinning

Then they fell fast asleep together. When Harry woke in the morning, he was surprised that he didn't feel guilty. He looked down to see Rose curled up in his arms still and smiled. Hermione was right, he deserved to be happy and if this was the witch that made him happy then so be it. He kissed her softly on the neck and moved her gently to the side covering her up. He got up and threw on a pair of boxers and went downstairs to go make her breakfast.

When Rose woke, she felt cold and reached around to feel for Harry. She smiled remembering last night and how unbelievable they were together. When she opened her eyes she found he wasn't in bed anymore and she frowned hoping that he didn't regret it. Then she smelled food coming from downstairs and immediately felt better. He was just making breakfast. She got up and grabbed one of his button up shirts and put it on haphazardly buttoning it then made her way downstairs.

When she entered the kitchen her breath caught in her throat at how sexy Harry was standing there in his boxers cooking. He may have been in his forties but he was in great shape. He turned when he heard her approaching and smiled broadly. He reached out and grabbed her by the waist pulling her towards him, crushing her mouth with a passionate kiss. When they broke apart he said "Good morning, I was going to bring you breakfast in bed."

"Good morning to you. I was lonely in bed without you so I came to find you and bring you back so that I could have my way with you." replied Rose reaching down to cup his butt.

He smiled and replied, "your wish is my command, but let's eat first so it doesn't go to waste."

Rose grabbed a fork out of the drawer and jumped up to sit on the counter next to the stove. She scooped up some eggs and held them out for Harry to eat. He moved in between her legs and took the offered food, and then he began to feed her as well. They continued like this for a few minutes, giggling and kissing in between bites. Finally when all the food was gone, Rose pulled Harry to her and began kissing him passionately. She then hopped off the counter and turned them around and pushed him against it.

Then before he realized what was happening Rose was on her knees in front of him pulling down his boxers. He moaned as soon as he felt her mouth on him and grabbed on to the counter for support. She was exploring him at first timidly then all of sudden he was surrounded by her warmth and he thought he had died and gone to heaven. He was somewhat aware of the fact that he was making a lot of noise but he didn't care. His legs gave out soon and he collapsed on the floor and pulled Rose into his lap, kissing her all over in appreciation. She giggled and then asked shyly "Was that OK?"

He chuckled and said "OK? It was bloody brilliant, Rose."

"Really? That was the first time I've ever done that... I was worried I was doing it wrong," replied Rose

He turned her head so he could look at her, she was blushing and she looked beautiful. He lifted her chin up and kissed her passionately, then broke away and said "it was perfect, Rose, really." Then he smirked and said, "now how about we go back upstairs and I can repay you?"

Rose smiled and laughed then she got up and said, "you'll have to catch me first." And she giggled and started running out of the kitchen.

Harry laughed and said "you little minx!" throwing his boxers back on and swiftly following her. He caught up with her just as she was getting to the stairs and grabbed her by the waist and pushed her up against the banister kissing her passionately…

At the same time that Harry and Rose were eating breakfast, the burrow was filled with family and they were all waiting for just Harry and Rose. Hermione was biting her lip in worry wondering if they forgot about the weekly 2:00 dinner with the family. Finally Al said "Look, why don't I just go to my Dad's. He seemed like he had too much to drink last night so he's probably just sleeping it off."

Everyone was nodding in agreement when Hermione panicked and jumped up saying, "No, Al, I'll go. You just stay here."

But he waved her off and headed to the Floo in the other room. She yelled back to everyone "I'll go get Rose as well at her friends house and be right back"

She rushed to Al and said "Al, please, I don't think you should go to your Dad's right now. Let me go."

He raised his brow at her and said, "No, it OK, you have to get Rosie. I'll be right back." And he was gone.

"Shit!" yelled Hermione before she jumped into the Floo after him and said "Grimmauld Place."

When Al arrived he heard giggling which he thought was strange and then he smiled thinking his Dad must have a witch over.

Hermione burst through the fireplace and sighed in relief when she saw Al still standing there. He turned and smiled at her and held his finger up to his lips telling her to be quiet, which she thought was odd. Then she heard the giggling and actually groaned out loud. Al raised his eyebrows questioningly at her but before she could get him out of there Rose ran by in nothing but a t shirt and then Harry had caught her and was passionately snogging her against the banister of the stairs. Neither had noticed Hermione or Al in the room. They had a perfect view of exactly what Harry and Rose were doing. Al seemed to be speechless so Hermione spoke up and said, "You two seemed to have forgotten that you were supposed to be at Molly's a half hour ago."

Harry and Rose jumped apart when they heard Hermione's voice and Rose squeaked and hid behind Harry, who didn't have anything on except his boxers. Both of their faces were beet red in embarrassment but when Harry saw Al he groaned and said "shit" under his breath.

Hermione continued on trying to pretend the situation wasn't as awkward as it was and said "Rose, I didn't see you take anything with you last night so I packed some of your things just in case" then she reached into her bag and pulled out what she packed for Rose and walked over and handed them to Harry since Rose was hidden behind him.

"Look, we can talk about this all later but right now you need to go get changed and get to the burrow. Everyone is waiting for you two." Said Hermione slightly annoyed that neither had moved or said anything.

Rose grabbed the stuff from Harry and used it to cover herself up enough to make it up the stairs. When she was out of sight Hermione sighed and said "I'll see you there." And left through the Floo to go back to Molly's.

Harry just stared at his son, not really knowing what to say. Al still looked completely shocked. "Look, Al…"

But Al cut him off and said "this is why Hermione didn't want me to come get you…she knew, didn't she?"

"Al…this wasn't planned…this is the first time this has happened…there was nothing to know about…but she knew that Rose…brought me home last night." Harry stammered out.

"Did you take advantage of her?" asked Al angrily advancing on his father

"What? No! Of course not!" replied Harry now angry as well

"Then explain to me how you ended up shagging your own niece! My cousin for Merlin's sake!" Al yelled

Rose had heard Al yelling and decided she needed to get down there fast before things got out of hand so she hastily dried herself off from her shower and frantically got dressed running down the stairs…

"I…I…I don't know, Al. It just happened. It wasn't planned. I didn't take advantage of her, I swear to Merlin. But I'm not sorry that it happened. And she's not my niece. She may be your cousin, but there's no blood shared between us." Replied Harry

Al rolled his eyes in response and ran his hands through his hair

Rose spoke up startling the both of them since neither had heard her come down and said "Al, it was me. I started this whole thing. I've had a crush on Harry for as long as I can remember and these last few years it's just gotten so much more intense. I was waiting to turn 17 to make my move. You should be blaming me, Al. I seduced him, he tried to resist, he really did, Al, but you know that I always get what I want." She was smirking when she finished and had made her way over to Al, approaching him slowly in case he was still angry.

Al looked at her incredulously and then said "Bloody Hell Rosie, he's my Dad!"

"I know. I'm sorry if this bothers you. It's why I never told any of you. I know it's strange but Harry and I, we're not related. We're just not." Replied Rose

"Rosie, he's the same age as your Dad! He's what…25 years older than you! That's just…just…I don't know what it is but…ARGH!" yelled Al clearly frustrated with this strange conversation.

"I know. Al, look, I don't even know what this is and Harry and I haven't had a chance to talk about it. I mean who knows, maybe it's just a time thing, a quick shag…"

"What?" yelled Al and Harry at the same time

Rose put her hands up in surrender and said, "I'm not saying that's what it was but Al, I don't know, OK? Can you just keep this to yourself until we figure it out?"

When he just stared at her in response she continued "I just don't see the need to get everyone all riled up when we don't know what's going on yet. I mean I didn't exactly plan on anyone finding out while we were still in the middle of everything!"

Al groaned and said "Gross, Rosie. I really didn't need to know that you were still in the middle of shagging my Dad when I got here!"

Rose giggled and Al looked at her like he had never seen her before then he finally said, "Fine. I won't say anything. But let me know when you figure it out because I swear I don't ever want to walk in and see you two going at it again!" He shook his head as if trying to clear the vision from his head and Rose hugged him happily. He was decidedly uncomfortably with the hug, not wanting to touch her anywhere with all that he knew and broke away quickly. "Can we go now, so that everyone can eat? They're all waiting for you…"

She looked back to Harry questioningly and he said, "Go ahead, I'll just shower quickly and be right there."

She smiled and walked over to him giving him a quick but passionate kiss on the lips and left through the Floo to go to the Burrow. Al was mumbling "gross" under his breath and shaking his head.

Harry smiled to himself thinking that it hadn't gone as bad as he expected. He was happier than he could remember being in a long time and he practically skipped upstairs to the shower to change and go to the Burrow. He was looking forward to figuring out what this was with Rose but he knew that it definitely wasn't a quick shag for him. Maybe he could find happiness after all.

My intention was this was a one-shot because it's a strange pairing but let me know what you think!