Itachi sighed. He hated doing the Akatsuki's shopping, but since he was the sanest and most normal looking member...

Quietly looking around, he made sure the shopkeeper wasn't watching him since his long hair made him look a bit like a delinquent here. The man was busy with another customer. Good.

When he was certain that absolutely nobody was looking in his direction, he opened a storage scroll and quickly sealed several packs of batteries into it. Part of him wanted to leave money for said batteries, but money from the Continent was worthless here.

This was the reason why he hated doing the shopping in this world, that honest part of him that would have made him an excellent civilian had he been given the opportunity despised stealing, and stealing was what he had to do if he wanted to get anything here.

Knowing that he couldn't take anything more from this store without getting noticed, he left in search of another. By his calculations, he had to hit three more stores before he could head back to the well and his own world where he could happily quell that honest part of himself by paying for everything he got from snacks to underwear.