The following morning Bianca thought about the previous day with Balthazar. She then thought of Lucas and how he had been upset about the previous day. In the afternoon Lucas and Bianca caught the bus, along with a few other students to Riverton.

"You know i love you, don't you?" Lucas put his arm around Bianca as they sat together on the bus

"Seriously you two" Raquel said from behind. Bianca ignored Raquel

"Yes i do, and I love you two" she kissed him softly on the cheek but at that moment she couldn't help but think of Balthazar.

At Riverton Lucas make sure Bianca would stay his forever so he brought her a necklace with a jade pendant.

"It's lovely" she said when they got back onto the bus "But i don't like you spending so much money on me"

"I do though" he sighed.

Back at Evernight some vampires were waiting for the Riverton visitors to return. Balthazar was one of them.

"Hey Bianca" he said, ignoring Lucas. The sad and envious look on Lucas's face made Bianca unsure if she should answer

"Hi Balthazar" she said shakily

"I need some help with this new iPod; we need to learn about how to put music on them do you mind helping me?"

"Um i don't know" she looked at Lucas

"I don't mind" he said quietly "I'll just go for a walk"

"Thanks mate, promise i won't steal your girlfriend" he laughed but Lucas just nodded

"She's mine Balthazar. You know that don't you?"

Yeah mate don't worry"

Balthazar and Lucas walked back to the gap in the wall where they had been the previous

"He's a bit wound up isn't he?" Balthazar said

"He just loves me and doesn't want to lose me to someone else" Bianca sighed "Now what was it about an iPod?"

"Oh that, i lied"


"Sorry gorgeous just wanted some time alone with you" Balthazar blushed

"I really, really like you Bianca"

"I know"

"So give me a chance"

"But I'm with..."

Balthazar interrupted Bianca by kissing her. At first she did nothing then she kissed back however she realised what she was doing and felt bad, no terrible and pulled away...only seconds after Lucas appeared.