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Abigail Harrison never understood why her fiancé was so quiet and closed in on himself; he was always like that sure, but it never seemed to fit him. She would always wait for that day when he would come to life, but she's only seen that a few times. Once when his best friend came to visit for the week…that was one hell of a week, and second was when a girl, her boyfriend, and an older bigger man came to visit him for a day. Those two times were the only times she's seen him become animated with the way he talked and/or moved. They visited before in the past years, but the moments kept getting better. She loved that side of him and wished she could see it more…and that's how she ended up at the Mayor's Office of Rosendale, Georgia. Being as it was a newly placed and small town she had no problem getting in to talk to the right people.

"Miss Harrison," Mayor Fields grinned largely at her holding a hand out towards a chair, "Please sit," she did so, "What can I do for you?"

"I need you to find some people for me," she said softly.

"Might I ask why?" Fields leaned back in his chair folding his hands; elbows resting on the chair's armrests.

"It's for my fiancé," she sighed, "He just isn't right and I can tell."

"Is he not doing his work on the farm?" Fields raised an eyebrow.

Abigail shook her head, "No, of course he is! You know he would never let the town down by not getting ready for harvest…he's better than that. It's just he's so quiet and lost like."

"He's been like that since day one three years ago, Miss Harrison you of all people should know that," Fields stated boldly.

"Yes, I know, but that's where you're wrong," Abigail looked down at her hands resting on her lap, "It's not him."

"What do you mean?" Fields asked curiosity filling him.

"You see he is so much more alive than that," she looked back up at the balding man, "he had a friend of his visit two years ago for a week and I saw a whole 'nother side of him I never knew existed. He was so lively, talking like there was no tomorrow, laughing, being zany and strange, but it seemed natural. After his friend left he fell back into himself, but the about three weeks after two friends visited him, he had met them during The Dark Days. One was a reporter from Ohio, she brought her boyfriend who they said they also met during The Dark Days, and the other guy was a Football Coach for a town up in Ohio by the girl. His other side of him was back and living brightly for that whole day. They were telling stories back and forth and I knew he loved it, but then they left and he was gone again. They visit like three times maybe a year and this year they haven't at all."

"So what do you want me to do for you?" Fields asked.

"I want you to find them for me and convince them to visit again," Abigail begged, "He needs this. I want him to be happy."

"Have you talked to him about this?"

She shook her head, "I don't want to lose him anymore than I already have…please do this for me. Think of it as payment for all the things we've down for the town…please?"

Fields sighed and sat forward, "Alright…I'll see what I can do, but I need names of the people."

"They didn't give me last names," Abigail thought for a moment, "The girl's name was Rochelle, her boyfriend Francis, the man went by the name Coach and the first guy was Keith."

"Alright, I'll look into it," Fields watched her stand saying a thank you before going to the door, "Oh and Miss Harrison."

Abigail looked back at him.

"Give Ellis my best.

She nodded then left the room.


Abigail stopped short halfway down the hall of the one story farm house before turning to walk back out onto the front porch stopping to listen, it was quiet. Dead quiet. She went back inside and hurried into the main room, "Ellis, honey where are you?"

"What do y'need?" Abigail jumped at the sound of her fiancé's voice coming from the kitchen door frame.

Abigail looked over at Ellis grinning slightly as he wiped his hands on a towel clad in a pair of jeans, red shirt, work boots, and a blue baseball cap, "I didn't know where you went. Are you done out in the field for today?"

Ellis nodded at her.

"Oh," her grin started to fade, "what would you like for dinner?"

Ellis shrugged, "Doesn't matter t'me, but I have t'head over t'the garage."

"Did Tom call?"

Ellis nodded.

"When will you be back?"

"Around seven," Ellis turned going into the kitchen returning a few seconds without a towel and eating an apple, "I won't be any later I promise."

"Okay," Abigail and he held eye contact for a moment before he walked over to her kissing her cheek.

"I'll see you in a few hours then," he walked past her into the hall.

She followed him out to stand on the porch watching him go over to his run down yellow pickup. She waved at him as he drove past getting one in return; slowly she went back inside and to their bedroom. She pulled off her yellow cardigan putting it in the laundry basket then scooped up all the other clothes she could find that needed washing. She sat the basket on the bed and went to the bathroom putting her brown hair into two braids on either side of her head resting nicely on her shoulders brushing against the exposed skin the white tank top offered. She grabbed the basket again and made her way out back only to be greeted by a slight gust of wind twisting her long blue skirt between her legs. She sighed stopping to let the wind play with the skirt a little longer before returning to the task at hand: laundry. She was about to get the water basin ready when the sound of a phone ringing inside the house went off. She ran into the kitchen almost tripping over her cowboy boots; the phone found her ear, "Hello, this is Abigail."

"Miss Harrison, its Mayor Fields."

"Oh, hello Mayor what can I do for you?"

"I'm calling about your fiancé's friends."

"Really? That was quick."

"Well that's the thing," Fields sighed, "I spoke to his friend Keith, but he said he was up in Maine for the remainder of the year and wouldn't be visiting until New Year's."

"What about the Ohio friends?" Abigail felt a wave of disappointment start to crash on her.

"The man Coach is busy with his school's football team till school ends; Rochelle is in Boston with her boyfriend for some new breaking story."

Abigail's hand wrung the phone's chord and she sat down at the table, "So, there's nothing you can do?"

"No, actually there's something," Fields cleared his throat, "The woman said that though she was in Boston and busy she was going to get in contact with one of their other team members from The Dark Days and she'd call me as soon as possible with any information."

Little lights of hope flickered in Abigail's heart, "Thank you Mayor this means so much to me; I owe you one."

"Just remember that when you make those apple pies of yours you have a very hungry Mayor, have a nice night Miss Harrison." The dial tone went off in her ear and she stood to the hang the phone up feeling slightly better than before. She was starting to look forward to seeing her future husband being his natural self.


Ellis pulled his hat off and wiped the back of his arm across his forehead and looked up at the hot sun feeling that it was getting too hot to continue all this work, but he had a job and it needed to be finished. He replaced his hat atop his head and made sure his coveralls were tight around his waist before picking up an armful of hay and moving it to the barn where he dropped it onto an expanding pile. He wiped his hands on his white t-shirt knowing that Abigail would probably be angry about destroying another shirt, but at least he wore work gloves.

He stepped back out into the midday sun wishing for the slightest breeze that he knew would never come, "Man this sucks." Maybe he should've taken up Mark's offer of helping him out today, but no, Ellis had to be the nice guy and tell him that he had it all under control because the heat would be unbearable…well it was and he was alone working hard in the sun. This was bullshit.

"Ellis, sweetie!" Ellis stopped his mid-bending-down-to-do-his-damn-job-so-he-could-be-a-nice-fucking-guy-because-that's-who-he-was movement and turned around to see Abigail coming around the side of the barn in a yellow sundress, her hair pulled up into a pony tail. She was beautiful, sweet, gentle, and had the loveliest southerner's accent a female could have. She was grinning largely, actually for the past three days she's been like this saying she had a surprise for him and that he was going to love it.

Ellis pulled his gloves off and waved at her.

"I have someone here to see you," she beamed.

Thank God, Mark finally realized I was a crazy fuck for wanting to do this alone, but he was wrong…oh so very wrong. The man who rounded the corner was not his garage buddy dressed in his usual jeans and t-shirt, but a very well-dressed man in a white suit that was all too familiar to him. The gloves fell to the ground and he gaped. It couldn't be possible, it wasn't possible…he was dreaming, yeah that was it…a dream. C'mon Ellis wake up…wake up! He blinked hard hoping that the man would vanish, but he didn't…he was still standing there looking like he did four years ago…four fucking years ago on the last day he saw him after getting off that helicopter. That last moment of watching the other be dragged away, but yet there he stood in the flesh staring at him with just as much surprise, "Nick…"

"Hey kiddo," Nick gave a frail grin trying to find something else to add.

"W-w-w-what're y'doing here?"

"Thought I'd come visit," Nick shrugged.

Ellis's shock dissipated and he sneered, "Y'know what Nick, fuck you." Ellis turned storming off towards a shed a few yards away.

Abigail gasped at the words, she never once heard Ellis use that language before…sure he cussed like any other redneck out here, but not at anyone, "I am so sorry Nick."

Nick held up a hand, "I deserved that…just let me talk to him."

Abigail nodded and watched as Nick walked after Ellis.

Ellis heard the approach as he opened the shed walking in it, "I don't want t'hear it Nick. So just go home, I was doin' jus'fine."

"Kid," Nick said from the door frame, but Ellis grabbed a pitchfork off the wall and pushed past him going back towards the barn and Abigail who stood watching in silence.

Nick caught up to Ellis walking next to him, "C'mon hear me out."

Ellis stopped walking and turned to the older man, "Hear you out? Nick it's been four years since the last time we saw each other! You can't expect me t'jus be all buddy-buddy wit-you. Even Rochelle and Coach have visited me in all that time, with Francis!"

"Wait the greasy vest monkey?" Nick asked and Ellis glared at him going into the barn, but Nick followed.

"I've seen Keith too, he's visited me," Ellis growled, "but not you."

"I've been busy," Nick said plainly.

"Bullshit!" Ellis snapped at him, "Rochelle has been busier than hell yet she found time to visit!"

"I'm serious," Nick hissed, "I have been."

"What between all your back alley gambling and cheap whores?" Ellis retaliated.

Nick's eyes flared, "No! Like having a job! I had a job!"

"That took up four years?" Ellis bit.

"Yes, actually it did! Four fucking long ass years that I hated every moment of! I don't think I want to even call it a job! Sure there was money being given to me, but I was caged up in some fucking facility out in the middle of Bum Fuck Egypt! So yes, I've been busy!"

"I don't believe you," Ellis said quietly.

Nick was about to shout at him, but stopped remembering how this is not what he wanted to happen when he saw the hick again, he sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "When we all got separated, Coach and I were taken to some half-ass facility. We were both confirmed as carriers of the virus. What did they do for you and Ro? Take some blood, because they did a shit load of stuff to us. Coach was released a few months later, but no not me because I had no one to go back to! No one! Coach had his sister and nephews, but I had no one! They told me since I had no family on record I wouldn't be missed so the fuckers kept me locked up like some government guinea pig!"

Ellis blinked at him, "Nick…"

"They did things to me, things I don't ever want to recall and now I won't have to, because they let me walk yesterday," Nick looked down, "I have nothing and they gave me nothing, but a shit load of cash I have stashed at a bank."

"Why are you here then and not buying somewhere to live?" Ellis hated to ask the question, but he had to.

"Because I couldn't, not yet," Nick looked up at him, "I had to make sure you were okay, El."

The way the name rolled off Nick's tongue made his heart skip a beat and he looked over at Abigail, "Hey, Abby, darling…could you give us a minute?"

Abigail nodded from the large doorway, "I'll be inside the house ironing."

"Okay," Ellis nodded at her and waited to hear the echo of the screen door shutting before looking back at Nick with a small smile, "I've missed you Mr. Gamblin' Man'."

Nick smiled back at the nickname, "Yeah, I've missed you too Overalls."

Ellis's smile grew bigger and something sparked in Nick's eyes making Ellis shiver, but before he could say anything Nick had him pushed up against a beam their lips together in twisted long lost passion; a kiss that brought back too many lost memories of needing the other's touch and the other's taste on their tongues. What have they just unleashed?