A flash of lightning woke me suddenly. There was something different about tonight, a sixth sense was warning me something big was about to happen. Or it might have been the pale orange in the sky. I heard something in the background. I wasn't sure if it was real or my imagination, I needed to calm my mind and find out what the ringing was.

'Strange,' I thought. 'The kitchen seems darker that it should be.'

The ringing began again, I realised it was the phone, before I picked it up, everything stopped.

'Curious,' I whispered, as I walked out, I raced to the phone as it started ringing again.

'Lieutenant Wilson, we need you here now,' a voice said with a tone of authority

'What's this abo…' the line died before I could finish.

'Well that was strange,' I said sarcastically before changing my attitude 'but it has to be serious.'

I rushed to get changed and freshen up to make myself presentable. The phone rang again.

'I said now not 5 minutes ago!' the voice barked

I rushed to the door, grabbed my keys, locked up and literally bolted out the door.

Driving to work was eerie. Even though the streets should be packed at this hour, with late night shoppers and weary night shift workers, there was no traffic what so ever. I thought the hairs on the back of my neck stood out so much I would have looked like a porcupine, it was the same feeling as earlier this morning was screaming at me to run, so I drove a little faster, I knew I couldn't get caught by cameras because of my position, but I could still get stopped by cops. I raced down the empty side streets to avoid any unpleasant encounters.

It was even stranger when I approached the base; there was no action at all. There was no movement. The only people I can see are the duty guards and the computer labs, lights on and full of people; a beacon of light in an orange night. That seemed to be my destination; I passed security and drove to the labs, drawn like moth to a flame.

'This is going to be a long night' I predicted as I parked.

'You're late lieutenant,' it was the voice from the phone.

'As I said, what's this about,' I requested

'We've picked up a transmission followed by some unusual radio and radar silence. The whole area has gone dark, even the satellites can't see that region, we're completely blind now. So we need you to fly there with the new V-17 lightning bolt, with a few,' he stated as he looked at his assistants, 'Modifications?'

'The new Lightning's systems are online and fully operational.'

'So when do I fly out?' I asked