Dropping from the roof, I could Count 6 people in the hanger, two troops and 4 pilots. Taking my time and darting from cover to cover, slowly moving closer to the enemy.

50 feet now. 40 feet. 30 feet away from the enemy I see what looks like a turret.

'This could be fun' and adjust my course accordingly.

Jumping in was the easy part, turning it on and firing was the hard part.

The low drone of the reactor was ominous, all the controls were blue and what looks like a shield activated 'That's cool'

Lining us my targets carefully, what looks like a fuel tank next to the troops and half of the pilots 'Hey Guys, What's Up!' The Explosion was magnificent, more so that I would have expected from a fuel tank, oh well it worked didn't it.

Now sprinting to the other pilots; slashing at them gracefully and brutally as I run past, towards the same model fighter I took out in the dogfight earlier.

'Take Off! Yea WHO!'

Flyers, what a surprise. But what is a surprise is the similar setup to the V-17 Lightning Bolt; something fishy's going on here 'I'll have to report this to base.'

'Lockdown Lockdown' Sirens roared, lights blinked, flashing red light is never good.

Flying out of the hanger was a breeze, even with the lockdown, nothing a good shot with these guns can't do.

'Damn it, they've scrambled after me! Three contacts, coming in hot!'

Splitting the duel control to the engines, I perform some simple manoeuvres, all the more potent with duel control, something that I've never experienced. Stopping in mid-air and allowing them to overtake me allows me to take one down. Descending 50 feet and hitting supersonic after the remaining jets. Strafe left to avoid incoming fire and send some back

Where the third is I don't know. Probably flew back for re-enforcements, so I shouldn't be sticking around here. Loading my location into a GPS system, now comes the long wait to DC, again!

'Why does this keep happening to me?' after four tours overseas, you see some pretty strange stuff, including long flights over hostile territory, torture and murder; but hell, nothing I've ever seen has come close to what I've seen today.