AN: I am haunted by the anger and anguish on Simon's face in S2E7, when he says about his future self: "I hate thinking of you being with him" and "He was much better than me, wasn't he?" So I keep thinking of how it might have been if Alisha had let the physical side of the relationship move at a slower pace and let him gain some confidence first. Maybe let him decide when he was ready. Also, I would imagine, having been touch deprived for so long, Alisha would revel in lots and lots of kissing and touching, at least in that first week. This is what I came up with. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading!

Simon and Alisha are kissing. They spend a lot of time doing this. In fact, Alisha suspects she's been kissed more in the past week than she's been in her entire life up to now. Ever since she got rid of her power, they can't keep their hands and lips off each other. They kiss in stairwells, at bus stops, in between bites of pizza. Sometimes it's hard to have a coherent conversation because one is always breaking off mid-sentence, sighing, and pulling the other into a long, lingering kiss.

Alisha loves the way Simon periodically stops to look at her, his pupils dilated, his blue-gray eyes filled with awe. No one has ever looked at her like that before. Well, not while just kissing her, anyway. She also loves the way his hands are beginning to move over her with more confidence, more possessiveness. Where at first he would hold her tentatively, waiting for her to press herself against him, he now easily runs his hands down to the small of her back, over her arse, and moulds her firmly into his body.

At the moment, they are up against the wall in a stairwell. It feels incredible having the full length of Simon's warm, wiry body holding her firmly in place. They've been kissing furiously for a while and she is mindless and dreamy, hair disheveled, eyeliner smudged. Her lips feel tender and swollen and well-used. Simon is clearly aroused, but because of their height difference, the pressure she's craving is tantalizingly out of reach. To sort this out, Alisha twines her arms around his neck then rises on her toes and hooks one leg around his waist.

To her amazement, without breaking the kiss, Simon tucks her leg more firmly around him, then easily lifts her up, cupping her arse in his hands and pressing her even more firmly between him and the wall. The combination of the out-of-character gesture—so much like his future self—and the delicious pressure between her legs makes Alisha gasp out loud. Immediately Simon is all furrowed brows and wide, concerned eyes.

"Alisha, what? I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?"

She stares at him stupidly for a moment. Then with something between a laugh and a groan, she wraps her legs tightly around his waist, digs her fingers into his hair, and devours his mouth. They don't slow down until a door slams in the hallway above, followed by the sound of footsteps coming quickly down the stairs. Simon exhales regretfully and sets Alisha back on her feet. He studies her for a long moment, a considering look in his eyes, then he smiles slightly.

"I think," he says carefully, "We need to ... um. We need to go home."

Alisha's lips come up in a smile and she nods without taking her eyes off his face. Simon hesitates for a moment, then reaches for her hand. He lifts it to his lips, then intertwines their fingers and leads the way.