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A large room was empty as a group of people were seating in silence. The room was lost in semi darkness and was filled with desk, marking it as a classroom.

"It's this time of the year again," a boy's voice said, sounding somewhat amused, "I wonder how many first years will make it this year?"

"Probably not a lot," another one said, a girl's this time giggling.

"Why you must always put a taboo on the new kids eh," the boy answered, now sounding indignant, "I'm interested in this year's batch. If our school doesn't get many students, we might as well close it down."

"Hope some of them are actually skilled this time around," the girl scoffed, "The laughing stock of last year still hold some bad memories for me."

"Now what do you think Ayanami?" the boy asked.

The girl that was seating alone in the back, which seemed to be gazing at the grounds outside. She had short blue hair that hugged her face and pale white skin. She was seemingly lost in thoughts since she didn't answer right away…


She turned her attention toward the other two, her eyes a crimson red.

"I might go watch the entrance exams," she said standing up, "I'm feeling slightly bored of seating here."

The boy who was listening to her chuckled a little and said, "Well, what are we waiting for?"

Asuka Langley Soryu was pumped with excitement.

Today was the day she would get into Neon Genesis Academy. This was her dream of going to the school her late mother had went years before her and she was going to make her own legend rather than always been shadowed by her mother's which even in death continued to cover her.

Not anymore.

She had been training for years with Kaji, one of her sensei in the style that her mother used but Asuka had mixed the fighting style with something she had invented and had created something unique with it. She grinned remembering the look on Kaji's face when she had taken him down, using her new style of combat. He had been somewhat shocked but also proud of how strong she had become.

And that power, she will demonstrate it in front of the officials of the school to be admitted in.

I won't be in your shadow no more Mother, Asuka thought, Not anymore.

She glanced around herself.

They were a few kids around her age showing the same enthusiasm that she was feeling and some of them were rubbing their hands together in anticipation of showing off their moves. Soon enough, a man in a suit approached them.

"First years follow me toward the Examination area," he said.

The group of students followed him and as they walked, he was talking.

"Neon Genesis Academy is the best Evangelion Fighter School in the country. We only accept students that have potential to grow and prosper the Academy to new height. If you can't past the first test, then you aren't worthy of the officials time since you will be instantly send back home."

The few kids gulped.

"Now the school is divided between classes. The beginner's level is PILOT, and that's the bottom of the ladder that you'll have to climb to get to the next level. You can be a fifth year and still be a PILOT. Your level don't change each year, except only when your skills increases, your level will grand to the second level which is EVA. The EVA level varies between your skills and your abilities. You might be a low leveled EVA and a high PILOT. With me so far?"

A few nods answered him, and Asuka was raising an eyebrow.

"Now the last but not least, The ANGEL level," the man continued, "They are the Elites of the school and they are very few of them since hardly anyone ever risen through the levels during their five years here in Neon Genesis Academy. The ANGELs have power over everything in the school and they made up the Student Council. All of those members are recognized by the blue armbands that the Council wore, so treat them with the utmost respect since they can be your best friends or your worse enemies."

Asuka wondered who could be in the ANGEL level. She knew her Mother had been one of them since she recognized the description of the armbands and from the pictures her mother had, she definitely was one of them.

"So who is at the top of the Academy at the moment?" one random boy asked.

The man chuckled softly, "You don't need to know since you have seventy percent chance of failing the Entrance Exams."

Asuka grinned feeling her excitement growing to a new height.

The demands are fresh, she thought, only had to past the test and I'm in.

"You will be going in individually," the man now announced as they arrived in front of a double door, "Beyond this is the Arena were you will face your challenge. Good luck, now in alphabetic order…Bei Yang."

The boy advanced forward and entered the arena.

Up in the observation box, a couple of students were gathered to watch the battle that will be taking place.

"Oh, they are starting," one said.

"Wonder how many first years we will get this year?" another asked.

The door in the back opened and a group of students entered all of them with the armbands visible marking them as the Student Council. In the lead was a white haired boy with a vacant smile on his face as eyes took everything around him. Beside him was a black haired boy who was yawning a little as if he was just woken up, and a girl with a timid look was beside him, her hair was boyish then lastly a blue haired girl with red eyes which she quickly focused on the Arena below.

"The ANGELs have come to watch," one student whispered.

"They might be interested in this new year's batch," another said.

The white haired boy chuckled and said, "Well, they just about to start Rei. Let's see if those first years got what it takes to enter Neon Genesis Academy."

The battle below was short and swift into which the boy lost badly against his opponent.

"Weakling," Rei Ayanami said softly, "they shouldn't even be allowed to take the Exam."

The black haired boy sighed, "So cold already?"

"Rei got a point," the glasses wearing girl said, "It's obvious that this guy didn't have what it takes."

The other first years appeared and most of them were defeated in their fights thought three of them got through, one by the name of Touji Suzuhara and the other by the name of Makoto Hyuga. The last one was Keita Asari.

"Those were the most boring fights I've ever seen in my life," Rei said standing up, "I'm going back."

"Now for the last contestant of the day, Asuka Langley Soryu."

The name Soryu made Rei pause as the other ANGELs gasped.

"The Soryu?"

"I have to watch this," the white haired boy said.

Asuka entered the Arena with her hair in a ponytail with her hands clenched into fists. The opponent was an EVA by the look of it and it was a guy too. He had his hair in a ponytail with a slight grin on his face as he took a stance.

"So you're the daughter of the 'Red Devil' Soryu hunh?" he said, chuckling.

Asuka put herself into her unique stance, and was pleased to see the surprised expression on his face.

"What kind of stance is that?"

"Why don't you come and find out," Asuka tempted him.

The boy smirked, "Don't mind if I do."

He charged forward with a punch which Asuka dodged and went for a tackle which the boy dodged by doing a backflip. Then, with amazing speed, the boy charged toward her and Asuka pushed the fist sideway, leaving him wide open and quick as lightning, she slammed a punch into his face.

A rezoning crack echoed around the Arena sending the boy flying backward rolling away.

Observatory Box

"Not bad," the white haired boy said, "She is more trained than most of the first years."

Rei didn't say anything, her eyes fixed on the battle below.

"You bitch," the boy said, "You broke my fucking nose."

Asuka smirked, "This is a fight boy deal with it, but it won't be the only part that I will break before this fight is over."

Then Asuka dashed forward, her body blurring out until she appeared right below the boy with a kick straight into his chin making him fly upward. She disappeared from her spot and reappeared right above him her hand was charging with some kind of orange Ki.

"Eat this Sucker…RED DEVIL PUNCH,"

She slammed the Ki enhanced punch into the boy's stomach, making blood spat out of his mouth and he was send slamming back onto the ground creating a crater as she landed a few feet away in a stance again.

"And that's the difference between our abilities," Asuka said smirking.

"A Ki user eh," the dark haired boy said with a grin, "she is just like you Rei."

"She is a genius as her mother was before her," Rei said quietly.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't tell me you didn't notice?" Rei said, sighing, "She is using the Red Devil style also combining it with something I've never seen before creating this style she is using right now."

"You saw all of that from this single fight?" the white-haired boy said surprised, "Well, no wonder you're the top of the school."

"Eh, you've taken me by surprise there," the boy said standing up again.

Asuka widened her eyes, "You're still conscious…but how?"

"Like you girly, I'm also A Ki User," the boy said, as his entire body seemed to be shining with a sort of yellow energy, "This just got interesting…"

Asuka took a stance again as the boy charged forward with a kick which she dodged, and soon enough another attack slammed against her making her step backward.

He…He is faster than before…

The Boy appeared right above her with his leg raised high, "Let's finish this…Dropping Kick."

The kick went down at Asuka's head and to everyone surprise; the girl had disappeared again in a burst of speed. The kick landed on the arena creating a hole in the floor.

"Let see you survive this," Asuka said from behind him, her voice filled with venom.

"Piercing Fang,"

She ran her hands through the guys' body, her hand appearing in the front side, covered in slime. She then dropped the boy on the ground.

"And for your information, it will take more than just a machine to defeat me," she said, starring at the thing on the ground.

Sure enough, they had wires coming from her opponent prone body on the ground as she breathed heavily and she pointed her slim covered finger toward the Observation Box.

"This is my legend," she yelled, "Kyoko Zeppelin Soryu is the past, I am the future remember that."

"This is interesting," white haired boy said smiling, "She defeated one of the cyborg."

"On what difficulty?" Rei asked.

"It was set on NORMAL,"

Rei simply starred at the redhead girl that had her finger pointing toward the Box and if the girl could see her it would be almost as if Soryu was pointing straight at her, with her blue eyes shining with determination.

Interesting, she thought, a ghost of a smirk on her face.

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