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Round 55

Shikinami Vs the Three Units

Shinji walked out of the room he was in feeling the area around him shake violently again. The young man turned around glancing at the place he was in, wondering just what was going on up there.

Probably a fight, he thought, GEHIRN is taking on that hooded woman probably…then I am going to have to warn them about Misato…about who she had her allegiance to.

He gathered his Ki around him and then zoomed forward running straight toward where the sound of battles were coming from. He wanted to see who the ones were fighting against that woman he had faced back at the Tournament on Sakamoto.

Shikinami stood across from the trio in front of her. The young woman was breathing deeply as she stared at her three enemies. All of them were fast and their teamwork was so amazing that they were almost no opening in their movements…

Well I can say, I`m in a pickle alright, she thought narrowing her eyes, They are not only fast but also as powerful as I am…probably even more…GEHIRN send them to finish me off, and I can`t rule out they could be after Asuka also…

She raised her Ki as her eyes shifted from their blue to the bright green.

"Meaning I will have to defeat them here," she said, "Since you three aren`t playing around, I`m going to have to get serious early…"

The three Units stayed silent as they observed her then they moved in perfect sync. Shikinami dodged Unit 03 who came at her with a punch which she blocked. Shikinami spun her body around letting most of the force from the Ki, enhance her movements as she launched an attack of her own toward the Unit`s head…

Then a hand took hold of her clothes, causing her to glance back at it finding Unit 01 standing there. The young man pulled her back, sending her flying backward. Shikinami then landed on the wall in a crouch as she gathered her Ki around her body…

Unit 01 launched a large blast of Ki toward her and Shikinami raised her head toward it as she joined both of her hands together as her Ki gathered their also.


The large blast tore through the wall behind her, continuing the drill the mighty large hole into the earth as rocks and dust covered everything around them. From the smoke, Shikinami jumped out her clothes lightly ripped as she hovered in the air.

"That was close," she murmured.

Then a shadow appeared from above her causing her to glance up toward it. Unit 02 was there coming down with an axe kick toward her face and Shikinami instantly blocked the attack, feeling the air around her vibrate.

Damn, I can`t fight back at this rate, she thought as she was pushed back by the force of the attack.

Unit 02 charged forward at her, and she started to launch blow after blow toward Shikinami who was blocking all of the attacks, her hands moving in a blur of movement to even keep up with the girl she was fighting against.

Then she suddenly jumped backward from her causing Shikinami to blink at the sudden retreat only to see that the Unit 02 at her hands formed into a square symbol aiming straight toward her.

"Four Corner Blast," she yelled as her hands started to glow brightly.

Shit, Shikinami said as the world in front of her suddenly started to disappear in a bright white light.
The pure power behind that attack sends her flying down unto the ground landing there in a crater. She lied there; not understanding how that attack hit her, it was like a wave of something knocked her straight out of the air.

As she stood back up the trio arrived in front of her.

"Your defeat is inevitable Eve," Unit 01 said.

"My name is Shikinami Soryu," Shikinami said to him, "and I will not let puppets like you three stop me from achieving what I worked for."

Her Ki started to grow even higher than before.

Snow who was watching the fight blinked slightly noticing Shikinami`s Ki continued to grow. He never thought that it could reach such height before since she never had done so in the past. But he knew the story when Shikinami had unleashed that power before and she had almost died back then.

"Don`t tell me this is…," he said.

Shikinami`s Ki continued to grow and the earth below her feet had started to shake slightly and the rocks around her had started to levitate from how much power she was releasing.


"Your body can`t handle all the release at once you know," Takatsuki told her as he seated in front of a teenager Shikinami.

The girl blinked at him.

"Why not?"

"Your sickness stops it from happening," Takatsuki told her.

Shikinami tighten her fist.

"I thought the doctor said I was cured," she said.

Takatsuki approached her.

"You may have been healed but the damage that had been done cannot be repaired," he told her, "While I am helping you to reach your full potential, I know that you can`t do it as you are now. Even using the Planetary Devastation is pushing it."

"But I need that power," Shikinami told him, "I need it to take down GEHIRN. To make them pay for what they have done…"

He put a hand on her shoulder.

"GEHIRN`s time will come," Takatsuki told her, "You and I will see to that, but you shouldn't push your body like this anymore…if you do, you won`t survive."

Shikinami was angry but in the end, she agreed with the man.

"It`s all their faults," she said, "What they have done to me…left me scars that will never heal."

The man simply lowered her head.

"C`mon, let`s get back to the house," he said.

End of flashback

Ever since that time, she never pushed herself far anymore and since she had never been sick then, she thought that she was healed enough causing her to use the Planetary Devastation against the Evangelions back at Sakamoto…

Even in my death, I will not let them get in the way of my revenge, she thought.

Then the world exploded around her pushing everything away as the three Units, covered their faces against the large winds that were flying with dust. When it settled, Shikinami was standing, thought her appearance hadn`t changed much but her eyes surely did which no longer where the glowing green color but a crimson red.

A gold like had merged with her Ki as she stood there staring at the trio in front of her, her eyes taking them in.

"Time to die," she said before she simply disappeared where she stood.

The three Units blinked, glancing around themselves searching for their targets when it suddenly appeared in front of them. Shikinami launched a lightning quick attack straight toward the one in the middle meaning Unit 01`s face causing him to fly backward. The two other Units didn`t have time to move before Shikinami was upon them, smacking a kick straight into Unit 02`s face sending the girl flying and launching a Ki Wave attack straight against Unit 03 as she flew back also.

Shikinami landed on the ground with a crouch before standing back up, her red eyes glaring at the trio which was standing back up. Unit 01 had a cut on his lip, Unit 02 was also sporting a bruise upon her face and Unit 03 had a burn mark upon her skin tight outfit.

She then raised her hands toward them gathering an enormous amount of Ki forming a concentrated Ki Bomb in her hand.

"Turn to dust, Atomic Devastation."

The small ball of Ki grew in size probably twice as large as the Planetary one as the blast razzed the ground as it aimed straight for her enemies. Then a sudden brightness appeared in front of her followed by the explosion that carved a crevasse in the earth…

Rei blinked at the sudden light that appeared in the distance in front of their group causing her to come to a stop along with the other two. The ground underneath their feet even had started to shake like the aftershock of an earthquake.

"What on earth was that?" Hikari asked, taken aback by the light and the earthquake.

"I don't know," Rei said, before glancing at Maya, "What can you make out Maya?"

When the girl didn`t answer, Rei gave her a glance and noticed that Maya was shaking as her pale eyes stared at the distance. It was like she hadn`t even noticed that Rei had spoken to her. Rei approached her and gently touched her shoulder.

That snapped Maya out of whatever trance she was in. The girl then, glanced toward Rei.

"Oh, Rei…," she said.

"What can you feel Maya?" Rei asked her.

"Powers beyond those of a normal human being," Maya said, "It easily can destroy this entire side of the country if that person wish to do so and I don`t see how anyone could defeat whoever is holding that much power."

"Is it those three powers you noticed earlier?" Hikari asked.

Maya shook her head.

"No those are still the same as they were before," she said, "I think…I think it`s the one who had taken Asuka away from the school."

"They are more powerful than I anticipated," Rei said frowning, "Maya, can you feel Asuka`s Ki from where you are."

"I can`t," Maya shook her head, "That powerful Ki is overpowering everything around it…I can hardly feel our own Kis from where we are."

"Let`s hope she hadn't gone anywhere," Rei said, "C`mon let`s continue…but be careful, we don`t know what we`re walking into here."

The other two nodded at her before the trio started to move again.

Snow was watching the destruction that Shikinami had made. He couldn't believe that she was that powerful. Never before that had he seen her unleash such destructive power before. Maybe it was a last resort move…but whatever it was…

It was fucking awesome.

"Snow?" a familiar voice said.

He turned his head toward it.

"Hey Doc," he said, "You won`t believe what Shiki just did right now."

Takatsuki glanced toward where Shikinami stood and his eyes went wide as his skin became white as sheet.

"No…No," he said, "Why did she unleashed that power? I told her the risks before."

Snow noticed the worried tone in the older man`s voice.

"What`s this power Doc?"

"It`s an incomplete transformation," Takatsuki said, "A transformation that use the full potential of the Genesis cells within her body. Last time she had done it, Shiki almost died because her body couldn`t handle it. I made her promise to never use it again because it`s use will be her death."

Snow`s eyes went wide with shock.


Suddenly, Shikinami falls collapsed to her knees, coughing violently.

"Shikinami," Takatsuki yelled.


A vertigo feeling coursed through Shikinami form as she falls down on her knees, coughing. She can taste the blood in her lips as she did so.

Damn it, not now, she thought as she put a hand on her mouth.

She removed it when her coughing subsided noticing the splotches of blood upon it. Then she felt someone kneeling beside her.

"Shikinami," Takatsuki said as he took hold of her shoulder.

"Hey," she said chuckling, "I…won."

"But why did you use that technique?" Takatsuki asked, "You heard my warnings before…"

"I know," Shikinami said, giving him a sideway glance, "I had to…to keep them away from Asuka."

Then she leaned forward coughing again and this time vomiting blood upon the ground in front of her. Takatsuki took hold of her shoulder keeping her in place.

"Hang in there child," he said pulling one of her arm over his shoulders, "Just hang in there."

"Sure Doc," she grinned.

"Snow come and give me a hand," Takatsuki said over his shoulder.

Snow arrived soon enough and Shiki`s other hand over his own shoulder as the two helped her up…

"You`re not going anywhere Eve," a familiar voice said…from right behind them.

Then an explosion took place sending all three of them flying forward and landing on the ground. Shikinami groaned where she had painfully landed and rolled until she came to a stop. Then she raised her head in the air glancing around and her eyes widened at the sight.

"Impossible," she murmured, "This is just impossible."

Unit 01 was standing right there, his skin tight outfit still looking the same thought it had a few cuts here and there. He looked down toward her as the other two landed beside him.

"N…No way," she heard Snow said, "How…How could they have survived such an attack?"

"Those plugsuits we wear is not for fashion," Unit 01 said, "They are Ki Armor."

Shikinami blinked.

"Ki Armor?"

"They absorb our Ki and become the strongest defense that any person can hope to achieve," Unit 01 said, "Any weaker people like us wouldn`t have survived but since our Armor use our Ki to become a shield, your last attack almost had no effect upon us. In other words, that power you just used…was a total waste."

Shikinami stared at the trio in front of her.

This is…I can`t believe it myself, she thought, my incomplete transformation…

She shook her head as she pulled herself up.

"I`m not done yet," she said, standing on shaking legs, "I can still fight…"


Shikinami suddenly vomited blood again, the red substance landing on the ground in front of her and splattering about as her fall back down to her knees.

No…It can`t be it yet…, she thought.

Unit 01 smirked slightly as he raised his hand toward her slumped form.

"This is the end for you, Project Eve," he said as he powered up his hand.

Before he could attack her, a red blast came flying from somewhere causing the Three Units to suddenly jump back from Shikinami to avoid getting hit by the surprise attack. Shikinami blinked wondering where it came from as she searched for the person that had sent it.

Her eyes went wide when she find Asuka standing a little farther away, along with Ryoji Kaji, her red hair flying behind her and an angry look on her face.

"You three bozos, stay away from her," the young girl growled.

Unit 01 narrowed his own eyes at her.

"Eve 02," he said, "You are also a target for elimination."

Asuka enters the carnage... the fight will reach it`s climax...

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