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'Audrey is the only person in Haven who could get me up at ungodly o'clock in the morning and bully me into a tuxedo.' Duke thought to himself, wincing. He still had a slight hangover from the bachelor party the night before. It felt as though the troubles were tap-dancing their way between his temples. A quick look over at Nathan, found him to be suffering as well.

Nathan glanced up, and a long, full look was passed between them. Duke finally broke the eye contact. He couldn't handle the accusation he found in Nate's eyes. The pair had had a long talk the night before during the party and it had gotten heated, but an unsteady truce had been reached. They both loved Audrey, but only one of them was marrying her.

Thats when the wedding march started. He didn't dare look over at Audrey, for fear his true feelings would be revealed. All he really had to do was look at Nate's face to see how beautiful Audrey looked. Duke squeezed his eyes shut. The last thing he needed was for people to start talking about how he started crying at the wedding. He didn't open them until the music stopped. Thats when he finally got his first good look at Audrey. She looked ethereal. Like something straight from his dreams, or possibly his nightmares. Try as he might, a single tear slipped down his cheek.

"What do you know. He is human." Nathan said so softly, only the three of them could hear it.

Audrey looked back and forth between him and Duke. Her eyes were filled with regret. Regret for the things that could have been. Duke knew somewhere deep inside her heart, she would always harbor that secret yearning. That one day, late at night, she would lie awake, and wonder at what might have happened if she chose the other. He didn't begrudge her that feeling. It was only the three of them, which meant someone had to be left out.

Duke looked too the new Reverend, who was waxing eloquently about the joining of two people. Thank God "the Rev" had died in his sleep suddenly. The new one was much better. He didn't view the troubled as sinners who turned their back on God. He felt that they were blessed by God. Duke really had no feelings, negative or positive for the man, but he was willing to do anything for Audrey. His attention was snapped back to attention as he heard her whisper in the softest voice possible.

"...I do."

Duke looked about him in a panic. Nate was giving him a look that could freeze hellfire, and Audrey...was looking at him with pure, unadulterated love. That simple look changed his world forever. He took a deep breath to cover his nervousness.

"I, Duke Crocker, take you Audrey Parker, to be my lawfully wedded wife..."

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