"Man, this party is lame. Hey Bon, let's go somewhere else."

"It's raining pretty hard out there… Where the hell do you want to go?"

"Anywhere," Rin said with grin.

And so the pair burst out of the noisy house, jackets pulled over their heads to protect them from the rain. Of course, it was raining so hard that they were still soaking wet in a matter of minutes. Rin laughed and threw his jacket on the ground. He began to run through the puddles with Ryuji chasing after him.

"Come on Bon," Rin yelled. "I bet you can't catch me!"

Ryuji gritted his teeth together, excepting the challenge. "Oh, you really think so? I bet that I can!"

The two teenagers ran through the puddles, splashing each other and rolling around. Eventually Ryuji did catch up to Rin and tackled him to the ground, landing them both a large pile of mud. To anyone watching it might've looked like a fight, but to them it was how they spent time together—wrestling playfully.

While Rin was still in shock from landing in the mud, Ryuji leaned closer and kissed him on the forehead. He pulled the half-demon up and cuddled him gently, trying to shield him from the rain. "Sorry about the mud," Ryuji smirked. "But you were asking for it."

"I know," Rin said with a smile, snuggling into Bon's chest. "I knew you would catch me no matter how fast I ran. I wanted you to catch me and then kiss me like you just did."

Ryuji chuckled, looking down at the purring half-demon in his arms. "Well then, you got what you wanted so how about we go inside and dry off?"

"No way," said Rin, breathing in Ryuji's scent. "I want to stay like this."

"Idiot," Ryuji said, glaring a bit. "Do you want me to get sick?"

"No, I just want this moment to last." Rin closed his eyes. "We don't get time alone very often. Hell, we hardly get it at all. I wish our relationship didn't have to be a secret, I just wish I could kiss you every day at the beginning of class like the straight couples do! I wish I could…" His voice trailed off.

Ryuji sighed, ruffling Rin's hair. "Oh? So that's it?" He cleared his throat and looked at Rin with narrowed eyes. "Look, this is hard for me too. I want to be with you, Rin, and I know I can't all the time because of what other people say. But I'm not complaining because of the little moments I do get to spend with you."

Rin blinked, face turning red. He looked away, pouting slightly. "Geez Bon, now you've made me feel selfish."

Ryuji gave a nod. "Serves you right, pesky little devil."

"If you want to go dry off I'm fine with that."

"Idiot, I'm not going to leave you out here."

"Are you sure? I thought you were worried about getting sick."

"Th-that doesn't matter right now."

"Oh? Are you trying to change the subject? Ha, I'm just teasing you. But if you kiss me just one more time I might come in with you."

Ryuji groaned, messaging his temples. "Ugh, if that's what it takes then fine…but just one, okay? We're both soaking wet here and-" Before he could finish, Rin grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and started their kiss. It started out kind of bland, but after a few seconds it grew warmer, with Ryuji rubbing Rin's back and Rin running his fingers through Ryuji's hair. Their hearts pounded as it continued, neither of them wanted it to end. But it had to eventually.

They pulled back in unison, ending the kiss. While Rin wiped drool off of his top lip, Ryuji was trying to stop the bleeding on his. Apparently Rin had nipped him and he had been too distracted to notice.

"Well," Rin said after an awkward silence. "Let's go inside now."

"Yeah, it's gotten cold out here and I can't feel my bottom lip."

A/N: Hey there guys! I had some spare time on my hands today so I threw this little baby together. Sorry if they're OCC, I don't have much experience when it comes to writing about Bon and Rin. Also, first time writing a kiss scene. /failed I will make up for it in the future.