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This Chapter covers Good Boy Kurt Chapter Sixteen

From the Other SideChapter Sixteen


"Slowly," I have to tell him, "I want time to enjoy this," because otherwise he tends to hurry and I come far too quickly. Gripping his hair tightly I move my hips forward just enough to brush the tip of my cock on his lips, and like that he starts to lick me with these tiny little licks that drive me nuts every single time.

He puts his hands on my thighs to steady himself but I decide not to let him use his hands on me, just his mouth. Already I'm fighting the urge to be inside his far too talented mouth and he starts to whimper and struggles against me so he can take more.

I tap him on the nose and say as sternly as I can, "Kurt behave," his eyes roll up to look at me and he can pull off the most innocent and sexy combo I've ever seen, it makes me chuckle, "Who would have thought that pure innocent little Kurt Hummel would enjoy sucking my cock this much, that you would almost come yourself as you give me frecking amazing blowjobs."

If anything the words enflame him and he does something with his tongue that nearly makes my knees buckle, "Oh shit that feels so good," so he does it again. I should have realised he'd try pushing it when I noticed he's hard too because he tries to take the whole head of my dick in his mouth and I have to tell him off, "Uh-uh play nicely. You know I love that talented mouth of yours, and the things you can do with that tongue, well my wildest fantasies did not get close."

God I love doing this to him, making him so wild that the buttoned up Kurt everyone else knows flushes and falls apart. I enjoy controlling this, I enjoy knowing he's getting as much enjoyment of this as I am. And this is one of my biggest fantasises, him on his knees, "You have no fucking idea what a turn on it is to see you on your knees babe," and he whimpers again wanting me so much he's stopped thinking and I can see he's starting to go under already.

Considering he can fight me on the sub space thing when I'm disciplining him it's always surprised me how quickly he can slide under when he wants to. He must really want this, I'll tease him some more and then I have the perfect way to let him come after we finish here.

"Please David," he begs so sweetly and he's further gone than I thought if he's at this point already, "Please."

"Please what Kurt?" I ask, it's all part of the game. "What do you want?"

"Please David, please let me suck your cock," and I can't resist him when he talks dirty, I know it twists him up inside and makes things more exciting for him, it's why I sometimes insist on it.

"Open your mouth then Kurt," and he does so I push into his mouth. It makes him moan and the vibrations are mind-blowing, even as he somehow sucks and licks at the same time. It's a good thing I'm holding him in place as he tries to bob up and down on me, he fights it and I have to grip his head with both hands, "Just suck it for now," I order him and he stops fighting.

All the effort he put into fighting me now goes into obeying me and any blood I had left in my brain is rapidly heading south even as those delicious noises he makes get louder. "Yes," I hiss, "Harder Kurt, suck it harder." I ease in to him a little more, I don't want to choke him.

His hands tug on my jeans trying to get more of me and I hang on for dear life and struggle to control my own lust filled needs. I'm so close now. And he knows it as he redoubles his efforts and I nearly see stars.

All I can hear are the sounds of his mouth on my cock and the moans he's making. I've left room in his mouth for a reason and now I can rock my hips very slightly in and out of him, he adjusts to the pace I've set and I grunt out, "Nearly. Fuck, Kurt I love coming in that sweet, hot, wanton mouth of yours. You love this too don't you. And you're going to drink down every last drop aren't you?" The nod he gives nearly sends me over the edge.

Kurt's eyes are closed tightly and I can see his own hips moving, he's good though and grips my jeans to keep his hands away from his own groin.

Oh god, I'm not going to last, thrusting deeper into him I speed up and then I manage to get him some warning, "Now! Kurt! Now!" And it rips out of me and into him and he's swallowing around me as I yell his name, I let it all out and hold onto him as I finish.

This is Kurt and I'm kinda sensitive so I have to pull him off of my now soft cock. He falls to the ground and I bask in the orgasmic afterglow. He's sprawled out his legs open and his jeans swollen.

He still manages to look angelic, though fairly fallen and debauched at the same time.

I have a puppy to see to so I put my junk away and use my foot to rub his junk, "Oh Kurt that was really good, I really enjoyed that. You are such a good boy," I tease him. "Looks like you enjoyed it too didn't you?"

"Yes," he whispers and rocks his hips against my foot.

"Did you like sucking my cock?" I ask him its another part of the game.

And like always he says, "No David, I loved sucking your cock."

"Bedroom Kurt," I order him and he's gone, the boy can move when he wants to. Walking in he's kneeling on the floor at the base of the bed and he's wearing far too many clothes, "Take off your clothes Kurt, I want you naked."

His clothes go flying, and I sit on the edge of the bed, he's really needy if he's not bothering to fold anything up. "Come here Kurt, kneel in front of me." I barely catch him in time, I'm going to have to be more careful with him, he's not in a fit state to think right now, "Easy Kurt, don't hurt yourself."

Dazed eyes stare at me, "Oh god you're really horny aren't you baby, let's sort that out for you." Kissing his face I say, "I want you to move your hips and come into my other hand," as I put a hand around his cock and squeeze enough that he moans softly.

Not even a second later and he's moving erratically, his hands scrabble to my knees for support and he's panting into my ear, fuck he really does need this, I am never going to let him go two weeks without some kind of prearranged release for him.

"Please David," he whimpers, "Please I need to come."

Kurt's been so good that I let him without anymore teasing, "Then come for me Kurt." His back bows and he howls before sobbing my name and then as I kiss his sweaty hair he says, "I love you."

Every fucking time, it gets me, I'll never tire of him saying that. When he's caught his breath he moves away so I hold up my hand that's holding all his come, like a good boy his face is straight in there and he starts lapping at it, , "That's it babe, all of it, don't miss any. That'll do Kurt, go lay down while I wash my hands," I help him lay down and his eyes close.

That's another thing he does every time, he always needs a nap afterwards. Washing my hands I snag his collar and lead and swap them over, his eyes crack open slightly so I know he's awake, "Come on Kurt kitchen for you."

He crawls off of the bed and we slowly make our up the hall, I don't pull on the lead, he crawls over to his bed in front of the radiator, it's on so he won't catch a chill, "In you get, down, that's a good boy. Now have a little rest while I get dinner ready."

"But it's my evening to cook," he protests his eyes barely open.

"No, I think I'll cook tonight honey," I kneel down and run a hand through his hair. "Go on babe, chill out a bit."

Popping the radio on I sing along to some of our favourite oldies and out of the corner of my eye I can see him smiling and relaxing. Yep I so have plans for him on Sunday.

Carole Hummel-Hudson:

Setting the table her hands tremble a little and she still can't get over Kurt being a sub. Not Kurt. She knew a young girl once who was into that, the girl was so submissive in everything. But Kurt?

She'd been so sure he'd had a summer romance, that there was someone, but Kurt being Kurt hadn't admitted anything. In fact he'd bloomed, relaxed, laughed more.

How could he be happy if he was a sub for the Karofsky boy. Maybe the boy had some kind of blackmail over him.

Confused she hurries to the kitchen and for the hundredth time wishes Kurt was here, he was always helping around the house, tidying up, cooking. She keeps expecting him to waltz in like nothings happened roll his eyes and pitch in while bitching his brothers out, smiling at the little kids, hiding the unhealthy food from Burt and gossiping with her about school.

Calling out that dinner was nearly ready she starts to drain the pans and rubs at her eyes, they've learnt something new about Kurt today, that's a good thing. It was one more step to getting Kurt back.

Burt Hummel:

Carole's gone to do the dinner and Puckerman hasn't left the room. "Sir?" The boy's still being respectful.


"Sir I've not seen any bruises on Kurt's body," Puck has been through hell and is even more cynical than Kurt so when he says, "I don't think Karofsky's beating him. I don't know how he got Kurt to agree to be a sub, but he's not using actual violence on him."

He's been so caught up in losing Kurt and then the police beating he sometimes forgets he's not the only one missing Kurt. "Thank you," he stands up and grips the boy's shoulder, "Thank you Noah," because that's what Kurt calls him, "Come on let's go round the rest of our family up and haul them to the table."

Walking out he calls the rest of the to dinner and makes the kids go wash their hands.

Noah Puckerman:

He swallows and stands up. Burt's hand seems to have branded his shoulder. Pushing it away he goes to the dinner table and grabs food before Finn can eat it all.

Sarah Puckerman:

She smiles. She plays up. And she tries not to look at the seat Kurtie should be sitting at.

Everyone tries to do her hair in the morning, but Kurtie always used to do it perfectly.

She knows it's all her fault, somehow she drove Kurtie away. She tries not to think about the book under her bed, the one she picked out of the trash when she hurt Kurtie and told him she didn't love him.

She does, she loves him almost as much as Noah.

Finn Hudson:

"Mom, this food's amazing, thank you," he starts eating and then slows down, he doesn't want to give himself an upset stomach and he's worried about what will be said later on.

Stacie Evans:

Picking at her food she wishes Kurtie were here. He'd be teasing her and making her giggle and she has a new colouring book full of princesses to make pretty.

The other Glee kids were coming over and she knows the three of them are going to be sent to the other room. They're trying to get Kurtie back and she wants to help too.

She doesn't want him to be gone like her parents.

She misses them all so much.

And she's going to tell Kurtie that she loves him every single day, she won't yell at him about anything like she did her parents, he'll know she loves , he will, and nothing bad is going to happen to him.

Nothing bad can ever happen to him if she can just tell him that she loves him.

Sam Evans:

It's not good. What ever it is Puck found, it's not good. Burt and Carole are quiet and only talk now and again.

He owes Kurt.

He owes Kurt for being there when mom and dad died. Of offering the cramped insides of this house. Of sitting with him through endless reruns of Avatar as he tried to lose himself, to shut reality out. Instead Kurt just brought the nicer sides of reality with him and helped him keep his brother and sister with him.

He wants his bro back.

Stevie Evans:

He tells Burt about the totally cool game they did at school and the big man smiles down at him. He tries really hard to make Burt and Carole smile.

When Kurt comes back he wants to show Kurt how good he was, just like Kurt always is. Like when he wakes up with a nightmare and Kurt would sit with him and make him warm milk before carrying him back to bed so he can sleep and have good dreams.

When he grows up he's going to be just like Kurt, just not so into clothes because that was not him. Kurt's the coolest brother he's got, he's even cooler than Samie because Samie's a bit of a dork, but he loves all of them.

And he's going to be so good that Kurtie never leaves them again.

Burt Hummel:

After dinner the kids are made to have baths and they know something is up but they go to bed, none of them mess around. He reads to them and has to stop for a moment because he remembers Kurt perched on one of their beds reading to them and making them giggle, his little baby boy glanced up to spot him watching from the doorway, they'd grinned and Burt had walked away to sit with the other boys and watch a game.

In the background the doorbell rings and all three kids cuddle their teddy bears tighter.

"We'll be down in the basement," Burt tells them and closes their door behind him.

Time for a full update.


The chicken smells fucking awesome and then Kurt's stomach rumbles so loudly I can make it out over the top of the radio, "Soon babe, just a few more minutes and you can eat."

Dishing it all up I go to get him and let him sit at the table, after all he's being spoilt. Saying grace we tuck in and I swear the just inhales the food, damn he was hungry.

I even tempt him with a small lump of ice-cream. Then I order him to sit in his basket while I wash up. He deserves a rest.

The fact he's not attempting to sleep means he's woken up, though he's not trying to verbalise and I think he'll be happy as a puppy tonight, no stress, no worries and I can pet his hair for him, that clothing program he likes is on tonight.

Giving him the option of doing something else I turn to him, "So what do you want to do now?"

And the bitch just opens his legs shamlessly to show off his new erection and whines at me. Oh god that pushes my buttons every single damn time.

"Kurt babe, I meant something less sexual, I thought you were tired. How about we watch a little TV before bed." I offer and he sulks adorably but nods anyway.

Taking his lead from the hook above his bed I tell him, "Okay go wait in the lounge for me." And he crawls out of the kitchen, yep he is staying a puppy tonight.

Grabbing some supplies I raid the bathroom cupboard and then wander in with some lube and a condom, "Maybe you were right, and anyway it will help you sleep. But I meant it when I said we were watching TV, that clothing program you like is on, then my sports round up, then we'll see."

Sitting on the sofa I watch as he simply flops his body over my lap and I start to stroke his hair and his back, under my hands any tension that had started to build up melts away and he watches his program.

I won't pressure him, he might just start to fall asleep, I don't think he's had a lot of sleep over the last few nights.

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