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Chapter One

Standing in the shadows, he watched the woman he had loved more than anyone in all the years he had lived, love someone else. Body resting against the tree, he noted the tire swing he had watched the little girl swing on hours earlier. Hearing the laughter of both blondes, Angel watched Buffy and her daughter Hannah run to the man Angel knew to be Buffy's husband and Hannah's father.

Pained, he tore his eyes away from the scene before him as Tyler scooped both the girls into his arms. "It's what I wanted for her." Speaking to the only voice that listened, he heard Angelus respond within him in a low growl. It's what you chose for her. Not what we want. Sighing he agreed before walking the short distance across the yard, the black duster flowing in the wind before he climbed into his car and drove away in the night.

Walking to the bay window, Buffy looked out at the tire swing as it swung from side to side before her eyes caught the lights of a car fading fast. The familiar pull in the pit of her stomach began to lessen, but it was still there, had been there. Angel. It had to be him. Every so often she'd get that feeling like he was around only to find nothing, but darkness when she sought him out.

Feeling tiny fingers curl in her own, Buffy's green eyes met their match in the four year old girl that looked every bit like her. "Mommy, you okay?" Nodding at the sleepy four year old, Buffy forced a smile to appear on her lips as she bent down to scoop Hannah into her arms. "I'm fine sweetheart. I thought I saw something outside." Or someone.

Meeting her husband's gaze, the smile faltered some even though she did her best to hold it in place. "Take Hannah up for me?" At his nod she leaned in for the kiss he bent down to place on her lips. "I'll be right up." Dressed in pajama pants and a long sleeved t-shirt, Buffy's blonde locks fell on her shoulders freely and caught in the wind once she stepped outside.

Walking to the swing, she stole one look over her shoulder to see her husband disappearing up the stairs to tuck Hannah in. Reaching the tire swing she climbed on top of it and took a seat and swore that she could smell the scent of leather, old spice, and something purely Angel. He smelled like the earth, like fresh rain. He smelled like home.

Spinning on the swing she glanced up at the stars and wondered if he too was looking at the same stars she was. Feeling tears well up, she gripped the rope of the swing tighter and closed her eyes to keep the tears from falling. Head tilted back, her hair cascaded down like golden waterfalls as she breathed in the scent of him while she sought for the feel of him.

Feeling cool hands rest on her arms she bit down hard on her lip as she fought to keep from saying, "Angel." A kiss was placed to her neck and immediately she was brought back to the reality of it all. The warmth of his kiss attempted to beckon her, and on a night where Angel was pushed to the back of her mind it would have. With Angel in nearly every thought it was impossible to lose herself in the kiss of her husband. Eyes opening, she spun around to face him.

"Are you coming inside soon?" Noticing the worry in his eyes she nodded and allowed him to help her from the swing. "Was I out here long?" At his chuckle she came to know that indeed she had been. Hand slipping into his she wasn't prepared for him to sweep her into his arms. "Long enough to make me want you even more my love." Stealing a kiss from her lips Tyler carried his wife into their home where he soon moved them to the bedroom.

Setting Buffy on the floor Tyler lifted the grey t-shirt from Buffy's body to reveal her sun kissed skin. Lost in thought Buffy only realized his intentions when she felt her pants being slipped from her only for to him pull her against his own body.

There would be no cuddling tonight she assumed nor would she be allowed to leave her undergarments on to sleep in. He wanted more than the soft caresses she allowed him while they laid in bed. With each second that passed she could feel his lips sliding along her throat and when they covered the scar, Angel's mark, she jerked away. Blinking, her cheeks flushed in embarrassment as she looked at her startled husband. "I'm sorry. My mind was somewhere else sweetheart."

"Are you alright Buffy?" Even though his voice said he was sincere his hands were back on her body, sliding over her skin before he pulled her bra from her. It was then he slid to knees to pull her panties down her toned thighs and finally her legs. Concentrating on keeping her breathing steady, she tried to imagine Angel so that her body would respond appropriately.

Feeling Tyler lift her leg and place his over his shoulder her eyes snapped open at the first swipe of his tongue. "Tyler no, sweetheart you know I …" And then he parted her folds and slipped two fingers inside as he sucked on the bud that had her hips jerking forward on their own accord. Forcing herself to pull away from him she played her role well.

"I need you inside of me." The lie was easily told and so was the next. "Now baby. I've waited so long. We both have." Pushing his boxers down she felt bile rise in her throat as her hand covered the length of him to convince him to speed things along.

His chuckle only voiced his cockiness as he pulled Buffy to him and immediately invaded her mouth with his tongue while pushing her back to the bed and covering her body with his own.

Thighs parting to accept him she closed her eyes tightly as visions of Angel flashed in her mind. Even though the fan on full blast she pushed against her husband's chest and broke the kiss. "Open the balcony doors. I'm so hot."

"I do that to you baby, don't I. I make you so hot… so wet." A pinch to her clit and Tyler was on his feet, manhood standing proudly, as he opened the balcony doors to cool the room. "C'mere Buffy."

Sitting up Buffy prayed the cool breeze would chill his skin so that it would make the fantasizing so much easier on her. Walking to him she felt her breasts bounce with each step as his eyes raked over her.

If her mind had been focused she would have realized that the ache in her stomach were the tale tell signs of Angel having returned, but she was focused on how to hurry everything along while her husband seemed to want to drag it out.

His brown eyes darkened at the site of Buffy walking to the balcony with nothing on. Her long locks hid the view of her dusty rose colored nipples causing Angel to step forward, almost revealing himself from the shadows he had hid himself in.

It hadn't been longing that had made him return from leaving the first time. He had realized even though it pained him to stay around, it pained him even more leaving. If only he could speak to her, maybe things would change, but he didn't have that strength.

His eyes followed the movement as Tyler pulled Buffy to him and palmed both cheeks of her rounded back end with his hands. With her head lolling back Buffy looked like the goddess Angel believed her to be, and he wished to twist those blonde locks into his hands.

Tyler's lips moved across her skin until they found the dusty nipples that peaked through her hair. Pushing the hair over her shoulders Tyler bent forward to take a nipple into his mouth while his hand snaked down to run his fingers along the slit of her feminine folds. Parting her thighs he suckled on the nipple for a moment, before switching to the next and doing the same.

Angel bit down on his own lip as he felt the tightening of his pants when Buffy was turned to face his direction. Tyler pushing her over to bend over the railing he pushed her legs apart to guide his member inside of her.

Buffy's soft cry disappeared into the wind, as it chilled their skin, while Tyler pushed inside of her from behind her. Rocking back against him she whimpered as he massaged her breasts as he keep pushing into her. Tyler had always been an incredible lover, but no one could make her feel the way Angel could.

Buried within her, Tyler pulled her hips back against his as he ground against her back end while Buffy's eyes shot open. In that moment Angel chose to step out from the shadows, his eyes locking with hers.

Feeling like a traitor, tears filled her eyes and she almost pulled away from her husband in shame. It was Angel's shake of his head to tell her no that kept her rooted to her spot. Clenching the railing with her hands she bit down hard on her lip and busted the skin. The metallic taste of blood hit her tongue as she fought to keep her eyes on Angel's.

He wanted the contact, she could tell by the look in his eyes. As her husband pumped inside of her, his thrusts fast and hard she could tell his climax was close when his hand found her clit.

After his step forward he heard the low growl of Angelus within him again. The human was soiling his mate, degrading her. This is all your fault soul boy. All your fucking fault. If you hadn't left her to have this normal life, we wouldn't be standing here. Rip out his throat. Take our mate. Images of draining Tyler only to leave him to die as he watched him take Buffy in front of him were pushed forward by Angelus and Angel found himself almost nodding in approval.

Rubbing a hand down the front of his pants he tried to push against his erection, but it was no use. With every soft cry of his mate his erection jumped. As his eyes held Buffy's he watched her body go rigid as Tyler rubbed her clit furiously. Unsnapping the button of his jeans his own hand crept inside to rub along his member. Strong hands wrapped around the width of him and massaged in a steady and quick rhythm after his member sprang out of his jeans. It was the way Buffy's mouth fell open in surprise that provoked his fantasy.

Buffy was on her knees in front of him, ready to apologize for allowing another man to take her. Guiding the thick head to her mouth he rubbed it along her lips until they parted for him. Hissing when her hot mouth wrapped around his member his hands tangled in her hair to guide her head down. As her head bobbed up and down on his member his hands tightened in her hair and he pushed his member to the back of her throat.

His hands moved expertly along his member and the fantasy was interrupted by the groan of Buffy's husband. No longer could he imagine his mate in front of him. Instead of continuing, Angel watched his mate fake her own climax as her husband sagged against her before finally pulling away.

Fastening his jeans, Angel's eyes held Buffy's as slipped back into the shadows… waiting.