Draco looked at the smooth skin of the beautiful creation in his hands. 'Oh lord…when I get my mouth on you.'

He turned on the faucet, soaking his love in the cool water. Gingerly washing every inch, careful not to bruise. This continued for 30 seconds, he was savoring every moment of it.

'I've been waiting for this all day…' He could feel the juices over his tongue, running down his chin…he was going to blow. He hungered for every last bit of this moment.

Draco remembered the moment he first laid his eyes on her. The beautiful green, he picked her out of a million. Nothing could tear them apart again. He closed his eyes remembering the pain he felt when he found his long lost love in the vanishing closet…no don't think about that dark moment Draco. You have a chance to love again…don't let that chance go.

'I love you…' he said as he brought the smooth skin to his lips, sinking his teeth in. The sour juice filling his mouth, he felt a tang throughout his mouth. 'Mmm…' he was savoring this moment.

Every bite sweeter than the last, ever mouthful just as juicy…he was losing control.

'I'm sorry…forgive me…' the last bite was now gone, having fulfilled his hunger. He wiped his mouth on his sleeve and tossed the remains aside…

The green apple, the love of his life, forever left in his memories. Draco is forever avenging her life, ever since he found a bite missing from the vanishing cabinet…he lives to feed on others. To forever avenge the life of the apple of his eye he once lost.

Draco walked off into the sunset, waiting until the next time he would have a juicy green snack.