This whole story has been inspired by Bloc Party's song, "So Here We Are".

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CH. 18 - So Here We Are

Harry's POV

"Holy shit it's raining like mad out there!" I shouted over the rain as I held my door open for Hermione.

"I told you, the forecast said that there was going to be heavy showers today. I honestly do not know why you sound so surprised," She replied as she took off her rain boots and placed them neatly against the wall.

"Well, I didn't expect for it to be this bad," I answered taking my own shoes off and placing them next to hers.

"Harry really? It's London," She said with a smile as she patted her soft hands playfully against my cheek.

I rolled my eyes at her in response and followed her to my bedroom. Her hair was drenched and mud was caked on her trousers and yet all I could focus on was the sway of her tight little bum. I was really going to go to hell one day.

"The best part about all of this is the fact that you thought it was going to be perfect weather for you to teach me to properly play football. Look at us. We are so filthy," She said against the frame of my bedroom door entrance.

"I swear next time, I will take your weather advice into deep consideration," I responded, tucking the stray strand of hair behind her ears. She smiled up at me pulling me into the room. I grabbed her hands gently in my own and felt the cold dampness. "You are freezing. How about I make us some tea?"

"That would be lovely. I just feel so incredibly disgusting right now with all this mud all over me."

"Well you are free to use my shower. Sirius is gone off on business for the weekend so we are alone."

"And what exactly are you implying?" She asked me with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

"I am not implying anything. I am merely stating a fact," I answered trying to keep the grin off my face.

"Right. Well I think I will take you up on that offer to use your shower. I can't take this filth anymore," She said walking further into my room.

I nodded to her before walking off to the kitchen to start the teakettle. I put water inside the kettle and got two cups from the dish rack and placed a tea bag into each one. While I waited for the water to boil, I couldn't get the thought of a naked Hermione in my shower out of my head. I tried to focus on other thoughts to keep the blood from rushing to my groin.

My thoughts traveled to the past couple of weeks after the death of the mass murderer Tom Riddle. It had been a hard time trying to get things back on track again for both Hermione and me. Hermione had nightmares for a while about losing me. It had gotten so bad that her parents had wanted her to attend therapy to help deal with everything. She had quickly put her foot down at the thought and the matter was never discussed again. If it was possible, I had become even more protective of Hermione. I walked her to and from every class, texted and called her multiple times a day to make sure that she was okay, and took her everywhere she needed to go. Ginny told her that she thought that I was smothering her, but Hermione and I both had an understanding. We never wanted to be apart at the moment and it was working out fine for the both of us.

The sound of the teakettle going off interrupted my thoughts. I reached for the cups and poured the hot water into each one. Walking out of the kitchen, I went to my room to tell Hermione that the tea was ready. When I walked into my room, I heard the water still running. I smiled to myself as I heard her humming happily to herself in my shower. At that moment, I knew from this day forward that I would never be able to take a shower in my bathroom again without thinking of her being in it.

"Hermione, the tea is ready. I have some sweats and a shirt that you could wear when you come out. I can put it on the bed for you. Just come meet me in the kitchen when you are done okay?" I announced outside the bathroom door.

As I turned to take the clothes out of my wardrobe, she started to speak to me through the door. "Harry, do you think that you could come inside for a minute?" She asked.

My heart started to race a bit as I tried to press the naughty thoughts deeper into my perverted mind. This was Hermione we were talking about. She probably needed a towel or something.

"Yeah sure," I answered as I opened the door and walked inside.

I could see the outline of her figure through the glass and I knew I wouldn't be able to handle being in here for very long. I could see the curve of her breasts and that bum that I loved so much. I felt the blood pool to my cock at the sight.

"What is it that you need?" I struggled to get out, trying to sound unaffected.

"I was thinking, you are extremely dirty too. You should clean off," She replied through the glass.

"Yeah, I probably will after you're done and we have tea," I said, trying to stop myself from staring at her figure.

"Why wait? You can share the shower with me," She said softly.

"E-excuse me?" I stuttered.

"You heard me, get in the shower with me," She asserted in that incredibly hot Hermione-like tone.

I gulped down the saliva that coated my mouth. I swear this had to be a dream. I rubbed my hands against my eyes and opened them again. Sure enough, Hermione was still there, naked in my shower. At this point my cock was pressing painfully against my trousers in the most threatening way imaginable.

"Harry?" She asked opening the shower door and peering out.

"Give me a minute," I answered.

She closed the door again and continued to soak her body. I breathed in and out once, trying to control myself. It's not like I never saw a naked girl before. I had seen Cho naked loads of times and Hermione that one time about a month ago, but nothing compared to this. Hermione was so precious to me and I knew that once I entered that shower there would be no way for me to stop myself from taking her right against the shower.

Making up my mind, I threw off my shirt and pulled down my muddy trousers and boxers to the floor. Tossing my wet socks aside, I reached for the shower door and pulled it open before stepping inside and closing it. Hermione moved further back to allow me room. I groaned involuntarily at the sight before me.

Soapsuds were traveling down her body at the most seductively agonizing rate possible. I watched as it slowly traveled from her round, nicely formed perky breasts, down to her smooth stomach before finishing down to the curls protecting her delicious mound. My cock was harder than it had ever been in my entire life and I had to physically restrain myself from reaching down and stroking it.

"Do you need the soap now?" She asked holding out the bar of soap to me.

How she was acting perfectly calm about this incredibly intimate situation was beyond me. However, I nodded and took the soap out of her hands.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," I muttered under my breath, praying to the heavens that I did not take advantage of her.

"What was that?" She asked looking into my eyes.

"Nothing," I said as I started to rub the soap across my arms, knowing full well where it had just been. "You know what, no, it is isn't nothing. You do understand the effect that you have on me right? I can't just stand and pretend like nothing is happening."

"Well I mean it is a natural reaction for a male isn't it?" She said sounding like her logical self.

"No, you don't get to play the rational card right now. Dear lord I can't do this," I said as I put the soap down and reached for the shower door.

"Wait, Harry don't go," She responded, putting her hand on my arm to stop me.

"Hermione, I can't be in here with you like this. Do you know the sick perverted thoughts going through my mind right now?" I asked her. She pulled her hand back from me and shook her head no. I walked towards her and backed her against the wall. "All I can think about right now is how incredibly sexy you look. I want to throw you against this wall and fuck you until I make you cum on my cock."

Her breathing started to pick up and I saw her eyes widen at my revelation. I continued on. "I am so painfully aroused right now that I can barely see straight. God, Hermione tell me to leave and I will because I don't think I can stop myself from taking you against this shower right now," I pleaded with her looking deep into her beautiful brown eyes.

She closed the distance between us and moved her hands down my face. "I want you Harry," She said softly, close enough for me to feel her breath against my lips.

I groaned again at her powerful words and grabbed her head and crushed my lips uncontrollably on to hers. I kissed her hungrily as I ran my hands through her beautifully untamed hair. I heard her moan against me as she tried to insert her tongue into mine. I let her have full access as I pushed her back gently against the shower wall. Our tongues dueled for dominance as I ran my hands down her hips and to her bum. I massaged the tight piece of flesh with my hand and I felt her moan in my mouth again.

Detaching our lips from one another for oxygen, I trailed kisses down the side of her face and to her delectable neck. She sighed in pleasure as I licked across the skin while I raised my hands up to feel her breasts. I flicked my fingers over the nipple and she rubbed herself against my straining cock.

"Fuck," I groaned out at the amazing contact. She smiled at me before she ran her hands down my body...

"Wow," She said, turning herself into me.

"Wow indeed," I echoed as I tore the used condom off and threw it in the rubbish bin.

I pulled her closer into me and ran my hands through her hair. I have never felt more content in my entire life. I had come to the realisation that Hermione was my life. I had been an idiot letting her go the way I did when we were younger. Thinking about Cho now almost made me laugh. Cho did not hold a candle to Hermione.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked, sitting up to rest on my chest.

"Just thinking about how glad I am to be here with you," I answered as I stroked my hand against her cheek.

She smiled that gorgeous smile that I loved so much before placing a kiss on my heart. I smiled back at her in response.

"So here we are," She said looking into my eyes.

"So here we are," I echoed her sentiments before reaching for her to place a kiss upon her lips.

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