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Harry Potter fanfic

The Love of Three

Chapter 1: Girlfriends

Harry Potter was smiling as he walked with his girlfriend to their favourite spot. It has been two weeks since the Department of Mysteries and Voldemort was exposed to be back. He and his friends went to the Ministry in hopes of saving Sirius, but found out it was a trick by Voldemort. Harry and his friends fought bravely against twelve of the most dangerous Death Eaters. Harry's best friend, Hermione Granger, was injured badly in the fight while the others came through with minor injuries.

"Harry dear, we're here." his girlfriend said breaking Harry out his thoughts

"Well then, I guess we should set everything up." Harry said as he gave his girlfriend a peck on the cheek

She smiled as she set down the picnic basket and began to taking out the food "Have you told them yet?" she asked as soon as she laid out all of the food

"Um… no. Not yet." Harry said sheepishly

"Harry James Potter!" she scowled

"I'm sorry Daph, but it's kind of hard to tell your two best friends that I've had a secret girlfriend for almost a year!" Harry said cowering a bit

"Fine, but you'll tell them as soon as you get to that headquarters?" Daphne Greengrass said in a commanding tone. Daphne was one of the most beautiful girls at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. She had long blonde hair, which was currently up in a loose pony tail and bright blue eyes that seemed to sparkle in the light

"Yes, dear." he said meekly

"Good, now let's enjoy this picnic Dobby made for us!" Daphne said smiling

Harry and Daphne have been secretly dating since a few weeks into their fifth year, but kept it secret because they knew what the fallout would be. A Slytherin and a Gryffindor dating, that was sacrilegious. So they made secret meeting spots and with the help of Luna Lovegood, who stumbled upon their secret, were able to have a nice time together while keeping their friends in the dark.

After they ate Daphne was sitting against a tree with Harry's head in her lap "When do you leave?" Daphne asked as she played with Harry's hair

"I got a letter telling me they'd get me in a week." Harry answered as he relished the touch of his girlfriend

"So we only have a few days left together?" Daphne pouted

"Then let's make the most of it." Harry said grinning. Daphne smiled also before she gently held onto the sides of her boyfriends head and pulled him up so their lips met in a soft, loving kiss which made them both smile in joy…

(1 Week later)

Harry entered Number 12 Grimmauld Place with a frown. He missed Daphne already, but he couldn't do anything about it for now. "Hey pup, how's your summer been?" Sirius asked smiling

"Alright, though it's better now that I'm away from the Dursley's." Harry answered though the truth was that Harry barely spent anytime at Privet Drive because he was with Daphne for most of it. He arrived at Privet Drive, but didn't stay long as he had a portkey to Daphne's house then he'd go back to the Dursley's every night so not to arouse suspicion.

"That's good; I made a room just for you so you don't have to stay with snore-a-lot Weasley!" Sirius said

Harry laughed at his best mate's new nickname "That's great Sirius." Harry grinned at his Godfather, or Dogfather as Sirius sometimes called himself

As Harry followed Sirius he found that the place looked better than the first time he was here. The dank darkness that was everywhere here wasn't there and it looked a lot friendlier, especially with all the snake motifs gone and replaced with lions. Sirius led Harry up to his new room. It was decorated in Gryffindor colours and Harry felt like he was finally home.

"Sirius, could you get Ron and Hermione for me? I need to talk to them." Harry asked. Sirius nodded at his Godson's request and left the room. When his two best friends came in Hermione immediately rush over to him and gave him one of her patented bone-crushing hugs

"Oh Harry, it's great to see!" Hermione said excitingly

"It's great to see you too Hermione, but I need to breath!" Harry said smiling at his friend's enthusiastic greeting

Hermione loosened her grip, but stayed close to him "So, what is it you want to talk to us about?" Ron asked curiously

"Hang on; I think Sirius should hear this too." Harry said as he went to get his Godfather

Ron and Hermione looked confused as to what he wanted and why he wanted his Godfather included. As soon as Harry came back with Sirius, he closed the door and put up as many privacy charms as he could think of. "What's so secret pup?" Sirius asked curiously

Harry looked at three of the most important people in his life before releasing a deep sigh "I have a girlfriend." The Boy-Who-Lived said simply. The black haired boy looked at their reactions with curiosity; Ron's jaw dropped, Sirius looked proud, and Hermione looked like she was ready to cry though she held it in.

"How can you have a girlfriend, mate? I mean, we would've known you are dating someone!" Ron said still in shock somewhat

"Well yes, usually, but I didn't want anyone to know. So I'm sorry for not telling you until now, but I wanted to have some time to be normal, you know?" Harry said not looking at them directly

"So who is she?" Sirius asked anxiously

"Daphne Greengrass." Harry said to his Dogfather with a smile on his face

"A Slytherin! You're going out with a bloody Slytherin! What's wrong with you mate?" Ron bellowed

"That's why I put up the privacy charms." Harry muttered to no one

"You do know that all Slytherins are evil!" Ron stated

Harry frowned at his best friend "Ron, not all Slytherins are evil, in fact the Greengrass family have always been fence sitters, but I've convince them to side with us" Harry said proudly

"But it could all be a ploy Harry!" Ron said desperately trying to make his best friend see the light

"No, Harry is right, the Greengrass family never sided with Voldemort or ours until now, I guess." Sirius said thoughtfully

"Harry, how long have you and Daphne been going out?" Hermione asked speaking for the first time in conversation

"Since some time in late September or early October, I think. I can't remember exactly without looking at my calendar." Harry answered truthfully. Hermione's face fell at this news. At seeing his best friend sad Harry tried comforted her in the best that he could "Hermione, I'm sorry I didn't tell you, but Daphne and I thought it would be best to keep this a secret. I wanted so bad to tell you." Harry said looking at the brunette and giving her a small hug. Hermione nodded, but said nothing

"I can't believe what I'm hearing!" Ron shouted

"Ron calm down. If Harry says that Daphne is good then I believe him." Hermione said with conviction

Ron stared at the brainy bookworm in disbelief "Am I the only one who has any sense here?" Ron asked out loud

"Ron, you better get your act together because I want to invite Daphne over to stay for the summer." Harry said

"You want that slimy Slytherin here?" Ron shouted

Harry balled his fist as he tried to control his anger. No one insults his girlfriend not even his best mate. Hermione sensed this and grabbed Harry's hand to help try to calm him. Harry glared at his best friend and said in a very cold tone to leave, which Ron was gladly to do after the privacy charms were gone.

After the redhead was gone the three had a discussion on where Daphne would sleep and when she'd arrive. Harry told them that she was waiting for his letter and Hermione offered to share her room with Daphne. Harry was happy that one of his best friends was trying to accept his girlfriend. Little did he know was that Hermione wanted to share a room with the 'Ice Queen' of Slytherin to interrogate her

(2 days later)

Daphne walked through the door if Number 12 Grimmauld Place and was greeted with a lukewarm greeting from everyone except three people; her boyfriend, Hermione and Sirius. "Hello love, I've missed you." Harry said after he kissed her in greeting. Daphne smiled and returned the greeting with equal passion

"If you two want to get busy, may I suggest somewhere private?" Sirius said grinning. The couple broke apart blushing. Hermione came forward and introduced herself, which went well then she showed the Slytherin where she was sleeping.

Once Daphne was settled Hermione put up a privacy charm in their room and sat down "I guess you want to talk about Harry?" Daphne asked knowing the reason she was sharing a room with Hermione. The bookworm nodded at the question "I don't know what to say really, but he changed me. I was the Ice Queen of Slytherin as you know, but with Harry I can be myself, I don't have to hide." Daphne said smiling a little

"I know what you mean, Harry has a way of bring out your true self and not to be embarrassed about it. He did the same thing to Luna last year and now she's one of his closest friends." Hermione said knowing exactly how Harry can affect people around him

"I know, Luna caught us one night and promised to help us sneak around." Daphne said as she remembered that time. Hermione's eyes widened in shock at the new information "I know, I didn't expect it either, but she respects Harry and is very loyal to him." Daphne said when she saw how the brunette reacted

Hermione knew that Luna was extremely loyal to Harry. She could see it in Luna's eyes and knew that Luna would sacrifice herself to protect Harry. "I wish I was able to go to the Ministry with you. So I could be there for Harry, but I didn't know what was going on and even if I did know, I couldn't risk blowing our cover." Daphne continued, feeling guilty

"Daphne, you don't need to feel guilty and you don't have to hide now and if we go somewhere again. I'll make sure Harry brings you with us!" Hermione said firmly. Hermione didn't like that this girl, who didn't know Harry as well as her, but was able to snag him. But she was willing to give her a chance. She would do anything for Harry even if meant sacrificing her own happiness.

"I know that I'll never be as close to him as you are Hermione, and I don't want to get in between the two of you." Daphne said breaking Hermione out of her thoughts

"Daphne, you don't.."

"I've seen how you two interact with one another over the years and I know you love him Hermione and I think he loves you too." Daphne said looking down

"But if he loves me, why is he with you?" Hermione asked perplexed

"Because he doesn't think you like him like that, so he went to me because I'm like you, I'm intelligent, beautiful and independent." Daphne said tucking a piece of her blond hair back over her left ear

Hermione blushed at the beautiful comment "I'm not beautiful Daphne. Not like you or even half of the girls at Hogwarts." Hermione said sadly

Daphne snorted "You are obviously blind Granger!" the blonde Slytherin muttered. Hermione blinked at the comment from the blonde "Harry sees you not for your outer beauty, though I think he finds very attractive, but it's on the inside that he really cares about." Daphne said confidently

Hermione nodded as she understood what Daphne was telling her. Harry wasn't blinded completely too physical beauty like most of the boys at Hogwarts, but he saw what was inside and that was what really mattered. "Listen, I think I can share him if you want to." Daphne said seriously though she fidgeted a bit Hermione just stared at the tall blond Slytherin

Share Harry? She never thought she'd have to do such a thing. It's always been him and her even if Ron was there he was in the background mostly. But now his girlfriend was proposing sharing her boyfriend with her. The boy, who she's fancied since third year. It was something she needed to consider carefully.

"Look, I know that you'll be able to be there for Harry more than I can, because where I am and the position I'm at. So I think we can work something out!" Daphne said as she fiddled with the comforter

"You've thought a lot about this, haven't you?" Hermione asked still in shock at what the tall blond offered her

"You're the only person he talks about mostly, sure he talks about Ron and Sirius, but you always ended up what he talks about no matter what." Daphne said feeling depressed now. Hermione got up from her spot and hugged the tall blond Slytherin

Harry was grinning as he walked in to the library. He's never been so happy and it's because he has his girlfriend with him even though not with him at this moment. When he entered the library he spotted Ron and Ginny playing wizard's chess, Remus was reading in one of the chairs, and Luna Lovegood was staring at the books on the shelves.

"Luna, what are you doing here?" Harry asked quite shocked to see the blond Ravenclaw

"Oh hello Harry." Luna said giving him a glance then turning back to the books

"Hi Luna, but again what are you doing here?" Harry asked still perplexed

"Oh, I was asked by professor Dumbledore to come since he thought it would be wise for the students who went to the Ministry be here since they'd be targeted heavily." Luna said in her dreamy tone

Harry nodded in agreement to the headmaster's logic "Where's Neville?" Harry asked looking around knowing the once clumsy and shy Gryffindor would be here also since he was with them at the Ministry

"He's in his room waiting for the effects of one of the twins products to wear off" Ginny said looking up from the chessboard for the first time. The room went silent as Hermione and Daphne entered

"What's she doing in here?" Ron sneered

"Ronald, that's no way to treat someone you don't know!" Ginny said smacking her brother in the head

"But she's a Slytherin!" Ron whined as he rubbed his head

Ginny rolled her eyes and got up to greet the new girl "Hello my name is Ginny, I apologize for my prat of a brother." Ginny said

"Nice to meet you Ginny, I am Daphne." the blond said

"Ronald, Daphne is a nice person once you get to know her and you'll best be nice to her!" Hermione said sticking up for her new friend

Ron's jaw dropped "I can't believe you, she's a bloody Slytherin for goodness sakes that means she evil" Ron said almost shouting

"Not exactly Ron. Slytherin house is for the ambitious, not for evil." Lupin said entering the conversation

"Hello professor, it's nice to see you again." Daphne greeted her former Defence teacher

"Hello Miss Greengrass and I haven't been your teacher for a while so you can call me Remus." Lupin said smiling and Daphne nodded with a smile on her currently red lipstick covered lips

Ron sputtered for a bit then stormed off. Neville came down a little while later to see the others all talking in the library

"Hey Neville, how are you?" Harry greeted with a smile

"I'm great Harry, but what's going on with Ron?" Neville asked as he sat down next to Ginny

"He's not happy with my new girlfriend." Harry said with a shrug

Neville looked confused "Why would he be mad at Hermione, she already told him that she wasn't interested in him last year" Neville said

Harry's eyes widened "Hermione? I never said Hermione was my girlfriend" the Boy-Who-Lived shouted out

Neville looked more confused "Then who is your girlfriend?" Neville asked eyeing Ginny and Luna

"Neville, I'd like you to meet Daphne Greengrass, my girlfriend." Harry said smiling proudly

Neville did a double take, but smiled and held out his hand "Nice to meet you, Daphne."

Daphne took it and smiled "It's nice to meet you too."

After that the conversation was smooth sailing as everyone, except Harry learned about Daphne and Daphne in turn learned about Harry's friends. "I'll tell you the real stories of Harry's exploits when we are alone." Hermione whispered into Daphne's ear. Daphne nodded with a smile on her face

Harry however heard this and sighed "Alright, I guess there's no going around it, I'll tell you the truth about my years a Hogwarts and Hermione will help!" Harry said in a fake defeated tone because he trusted the people in this room with his life. So for more than three hours Harry and Hermione regaled the group in the adventures they had during their school years. Sirius joined them before they got started so he got to learn the truth also.

During the telling the group found it interesting as Harry always highlighted Hermione's accomplishments leaving his in the background while Hermione would downplay her part and highlighted Harry's. At the end everyone in the room was really enlighten. They got the real story by combining both stories and not the cock and bull that a certain redhead spewed that made him look like the hero of it all.

After that Daphne was more than sure that Harry had feelings for Hermione and she had to get to the bottom of it. "Harry, could we talk for a moment?" Daphne asked seriously. Harry nodded and got up wrapped an arm around Daphne and they left

"Harry's got it bad!" Sirius said shaking his head, a big smile on his face before letting out a small laugh

"What, like you did back in fifth year with, what was her name, Amelia Bones?" Lupin said with a smile

"Shut up Moony, we where both Love Potioned!" Sirius growled

"That was forth year Padfoot." Lupin said, rolling your eyes "That didn't stop you from humiliating yourself by singing that love song to her on Valentines day, and that was in fifth year." The werewolf then smirked and continued "But what happened next? When you tried to kiss her what happened? You missed and kissed old Christopher Petermore. Who was her boyfriend at the time. And then he was your own personal stalker!" the group in the room burst out in laughter at that tail

"Shut it Moony!" Sirius growled, throwing a pillow at Lupin, which hit him in the face.

"What is it you want to talk about, love?" Harry asked as soon as the two of them were somewhere private

"Do you have feelings for Hermione?" Daphne asked outright. Harry sputtered for bit then he went to a spiel that he and Hermione were only friends. The speech he used came so naturally to him made Daphne sure he's said this before or rehearsed it in his head many times. "Harry, you don't have to lie to me. Remember, I've seen how you two act around each other for the past five years and I know that you care for her deeply." Daphne said knowingly

Harry hung his head in defeat "You're right Daph, but I love you too, I don't want to choose." Harry said sadly

"Harry, I think Hermione and I can work something out where you can have both of us." Daphne said with confidence

"But that's not fair to you!" Harry said morosely

"Harry, you've been selfless for a lot of your life. For once in your life be selfish!" Daphne said with a smile. Harry stood there thinking of the pros and the cons of this and finally nodded his head, but he still wasn't sure. "Good, now I need to talk to Hermione." Daphne said leaving Harry to his thoughts. Daphne pulled Hermione from the library and into the room they shared and after she secured the room she got to the point. "I think I've got Harry right where we need him." Daphne said proudly

Hermione blinked in confusion before she asked "What are you talking about?"

"Have you thought any more about my offer?" Daphne asked knowing that the brunette probably never stopped. According to Harry, Hermione never paused on a problem until she solved it.

"I have, and I think I am willing to do this, but what does Harry think of it?" Hermione asked

Daphne smiled at this "I told him that for once he should be selfish and I think he's willing to try."

"But he never said that he'd go along with it!" Hermione pointed out

"No, but I can tell that he's going to cave." Daphne said smugly

"How do you know?" Hermione asked not liking this smug looking Daphne

"Don't worry Hermione, I didn't do anything to influence his judgment, but I could tell that he's going to accept it." Daphne said trying to reassure the brunette

Hermione was still conflicted. She didn't want to do this if Harry felt like it was not a good idea. Her whole being was centred on doing right by Harry and helping him in any way. A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts "Who is it?" Hermione called

"It's Harry." the Boy-Who-Lived said from the other side of the door. Daphne undid her privacy charms and let her boyfriend in

Harry was shocked to find his girlfriend here, but ignored it because he wanted, no; he needed to talk to Hermione. She was the only person whoever gave him unbiased advice and knew exactly what to do to help him no matter what. "Um, Hermione could we talk?" Harry asked nervously glancing at his girlfriend

Hermione nodded "I think I'll go downstairs and talk to Remus and the others." Daphne said taking the hint. After she left Harry re-cast the privacy charms in the room

"So I guess you want to talk about me sharing you with Daphne?" Hermione asked starting the talk. Harry nodded

"Yeah, what do you think about it?" Harry asked. Hermione blinked then smiled. Leave it to Harry to worry about her wellbeing and totally ignore his.

"I've thought about it a lot and I think that I'm willing to try. I like Daphne and I think between the two of us we could keep you in line. But what do you think of it, really?" Hermione asked

Harry looked at his best friend for a while. He never thought of Hermione to be willing to share like this, but she always had a way to surprise him. That's why he loved her the way he did. She was never dull and kept him on his toes. "I've liked you since second year." Harry admitted sheepishly

Hermione's eyes widen at this. Harry smiled at the fact that he rendered her speechless, which was an amazing feat "I didn't know that I did at the time, because I never had any kind of love or affection before, but after you got petrified I was lost and didn't know what to do. I'd visit you in the hospital wing every chance I got, I even snuck in under my invisibility cloak at night just to see you, to talk to you." Harry said smiling as he remembered those nights. Hermione never knew this and it made her love him more if it were possible

"My feelings for you grew over the years, though I didn't notice them at all since I had other things going on. But you were with me through all of that and helped me through it like you always do" Harry said smiling at the last bit. Hermione smiled also "By the time I figured it out, I also found that Ron like you too and I didn't want to lose his friendship so I let you go." Harry said

'Figures that Harry would do something noble like that.' Hermione thought

"I also never thought you'd like me in that way so I kept my feelings hidden, which I had become good at. But you were always on the forefront of my mind. But when Daphne and I started to date, I figured that I missed my chance and besides I was happy." Harry continued

"Harry, I've liked you since you saved me from that troll in our first year. I've never seen anything so selfless before. You intrigued me and not because you were the Boy-Who-Lived, but for the boy you are. I made a vow to myself to be there beside you no matter what, to help you through whatever trouble that plagued you, it plagued me also. I dedicated my life to helping you in any way possible. No matter how hard it was or how you might feel about me." Hermione said.

Harry felt awful because he knew what she was talking about. Third year, the Firebolt. She did it to protect him and he treated her like dirt. He never made it up to her and that now bogged him down. Hermione smiled as she could see what was going through Harry's mind, which she was able to do since their first year a few weeks after the troll accident. "I hold no grudge Harry, and you don't have to do anything to make up for it." Hermione said taking Harry's hand in her own

"But you deserve it Hermione, the way I treated you, I never appreciated all you've done for me. What kind of friend am I?" Harry said as he sat down on the nearest bed head in his hands

"Harry, you're a good friend and the fact that you admit this makes you a better one." Hermione said comfortingly

"How do you always know how to make me feel better?" Harry asked smiling slightly

"Because it's my job." The bookworm said with a smile

"Hermione, will you be my girlfriend?" the Gryffindor Golden Boy asked simply

Hermione beamed before she said "Yes I will!" she then leaned forwards and caught Harry's lips with her own, kissing the black haired boy with all the love she had inside her. All the passion her heart held for the scar-headed boy she wrapped her arms around.

Harry closed his eyes, wrapped his arms around Hermione's waist and kissed her back, showing the girl the same amount of love and passion she was showing him. When they pulled away, they where both blushing and smiling happily

Meanwhile downstairs Daphne was having an interesting talk with Harry's other friends "So what's it like in the Gryffindor tower?" Daphne asked curiously

"Well we always have the best parties!" Neville said, smiling smugly

"Really?" Daphne said with intrigue

"Yeah, Fred and George always were able to get all the food and drink." Ginny said smiling also

"That sounds lovely, better than what the Ravenclaw's have." Luna said as she played with her Butterbeer cap necklace

"How about Slytherin, what are their parties like?" Ginny asked curiously

"Malfoy bragging about how he won the entire match." Daphne said

"Pshh, Draco couldn't find the snitch if it were right in front of him!" Neville said. This made everyone laugh

"You're probably right since he's never beaten Harry, but that's because Harry's the best Seeker in the whole school" Daphne said smiling. Everyone nodded

Ginny liked Daphne, she couldn't help it. Daphne wasn't like any of the other Slytherins, and plus if Harry trusted her than that meant she was trustworthy. Neville was also on the same thought train as Ginny and trusted Harry's judgment. Luna as usual was hard to read with her dreamy expression in place.

Harry and Hermione came down holding hands and Daphne smiled when she saw this "Well?" she asked anxiously

"We talked and decided that it could work." Hermione said smiling. Daphne jumped up and kissed Harry then hugged Hermione. The others in the room were quite confused as two what was going on.

Daphne explained to the others what was going on and after she was finished Sirius laughed "Only you could get two of the smartest girls in school!" Harry blushed at this

Neville walked up to Harry "Congratulations Harry" Neville said grinning

"Thanks Nev." Harry said happily

Luna just smiled as Ginny looked shocked at the new threeway couple

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