Chapter 1

"GET OUT! GET OUT!GET OUT!" Julia screeched at Eli while throwing his things out of the door.

"I don't want you in my life!" Now throwing a glass at his head, which he dodged.

"Julia, I didn't do anything." Eli tried pleading his case, she was accusing him of cheating on her, which he would never do in a million years, but she kept insisting that she wasn't enough for him and that he was secretive about his life to her. She always accused him of things, but they were always small things like, drinking all the milk just to make her pissed. He never did any of the things she said he did but she always got mad. Now though, it was different, cheating was a huge deal so she was heartbroken, even though he didn't do it. But he was getting sick of it, he loved her with all his heart and he was planning on proposing and having a future with her but he couldn't do it anymore. Every day he did something new to piss her off, of course he's never actually done any of the things but it wasn't important to her, she would always believe her own self and nobody else. He was tired of the fighting so he gave in to her insane thoughts.

"Stop trying to hide it Eli! I know you fucked the girl and you've been doing her for a week now! Just admit it!"

"Fine I fucked her! Are you happy now? I fucked her brains out!" Of course there was no girl, he didn't even know who she was talking about. He felt bad for caving in to her crazy imagination but he knew if he kept fighting her it wouldn't do anything. He was mad at her for not ever trusting him even after being together since they were 19,which would mean 6 years since he was 25, but he couldn't deal with her anymore.

"Well I hope she was worth it because I never want to see you again!" She started crying and Eli tried consoling her but she just screamed at him to leave so he let her cry and got all his things and left.

Of course Eli had nowhere to go, he just had a bunch of bags full of his clothes, and his car, he hadn't packed everything since that would take too long, he'd have to go back, but right now he didn't care. It was midnight and he was out on the streets. He walked along and decided to stop at a bar to get himself a drink, he needed it badly tonight.

5 drinks of scotch later Eli couldn't really walk in a straight line, let alone drive his car anywhere. He was still conscious enough to notice the sleazy motel just down the street so he walked – stumbled – all the way there and was comprehensible enough to get a room for the night.

When he awoke in the morning it took him a while to get his memory back together but after all the puzzle pieces were there he decided to get a move on with the day.

First off he needed to get his shit together, secondly get a new apartment, but with him being on a budget he didn't really know if he could afford anything by himself, so he might need to get a roommate, or just find an apartment that needed a roommate, either way he needed a roof over his head ASAP. Maybe he'd get a condo.

He went to a small diner, got the newspaper and while waiting for his order decided to look for apartments or condos there, as he was about to open the newspaper his phone rang. He looked at the caller I.D and notice it was Adam, his best friend. 'I Can't believe I didn't decide to call him sooner!' He thought to himself before answering the call.

"Hey! Adam!"

"Don't give me that shit!"

"What? Dude why are you pissed at me?"

"Julia called me last night, she was in tears. She told me you cheated on her. What the fuck dude?"

"No man, I didn't cheat on her."

"Eli, she told me you even told her that you fucked the girls brains out!"

"No, let me explain. She was on one of her crazy train of thought, she accused me of cheating, which I did not, but whenever I tried to deny it she would get even worse, she wouldn't let me have a word in. She was throwing things all over the place screaming that I was cheating on her for a week and all that other crazy shit and whatever I said just didn't do anything. So, I gave in and told her what she wanted to hear, we broke up, I took all my clothes and the only time I'm going to see her again is to get all my other shit when I find a place to stay. I would never cheat on her, I was planning on proposing to her soon, in like a month or so, I just needed to find a ring, but I can't deal with her anymore dude, everyday is something new and worse. I quit. Game over. Finito."

"Eli, man I'm so sorry."

"It's fine, I just hope one day she'll get better and stop all of this not trusting people thing she has going on. I feel bad for her, you know..."

"Yeah... Anyway, if you need a temporary place to stay, I'm here for you bro."

"Thanks man, I think I'll take you up on that offer."

"Alright, I guess I'll see you soon."

"Yeah, oh and hey, Adam?"


"I can't believe you actually thought I'd cheat on her, what kind of a best friend are you?" Eli laughed and heard Adam laugh to and then he heard Adam hang up.

Eli and Adam have been best friends since high school, they've been there for each other for so long that Eli couldn't believe that his first instinct wasn't to call Adam right away yesterday, he kept wondering why but then decided to just let it go, he was just so mad and sad that he didn't really think at all.

He got to Adams door and didn't even bother knocking, that's how close they were, they just barged into each others homes, like it was their own. "Adam?" No answer, he probably just left somewhere quickly and is getting back soon, so while waiting he decided to finally look at the paper for some apartments or condos. Eli looked through, mumbling the No's, Definitely Not's and Maybe's to himself. He circled the interesting ones, which was like 1 apartment and 2 condos and then put the paper down. The ones he circled were ones that were the cheapest, he had a job but it was only part time. He had already written and published 2 books and they were selling pretty great so he had some money but if he got an apartment or a condo a little higher than his budget it wasn't really a good thing. He knew he had Adam to lean on for now, but he didn't want to lean on his best friend forever so he called the apartment, in that one he would be a roommate to the person who lived there. The person answered but he told Eli that the place was already taken. 1 down 2 to go. The two others he would be living on his own and would have to decide if he needed a roommate if he got the condo. One was more downtown Toronto, near "The Dot" and the other was a little further from the chaos of Toronto. He called the one more downtown, since it was near his job, he worked at a publishing firm. He wasn't one of the big guys who got a bunch of money though, he was barely acknowledged. The person who answered the call for the condo said that it was still free and he could take a look at it, so he made a meeting to meet them tomorrow at noon. He then called the second and did the same thing except the meeting was at 1:30, which gave him some time in between both condos. He was quite excited, but when the excitement wore off and reality set in, he was sad.

He had lost his girlfriend of 6 years because she had trust issues, he had to basically restart at square one. He loved this girl and she just kept pushing him away. But before he could go into a depressive state Adam came home.

"Eli! Hey! How's the apartment search going?"

"Pretty good, I'm going to look at two condos tomorrow, and then I have to decide if I need a roommate to share the monthly fee for buying , with me or not, I mean they're both pretty cheap, but I haven't taken food, electricity and all that other good stuff into consideration. Either way though, I'm pretty sure I can make it on my own."

"That's great man! Glad to see you're doing something and not moping around lifeless."

"Yeah, well it only happened yesterday, give it some time for me to realize what happened and then I'll be moping." He chuckled a bit, but he knew it was true.

"Just make sure you're not here when you do okay?" Adam said, trying to lighten the mood a little.

"Your such a good friend." Eli responded sarcastically.

"Wanna play some video games? We haven't done that in a while."

True, Eli and Adam are the best of friends, but they haven't played video games in a while, or hung out for that matter, so he was pretty happy to sort of have this time with him. And so the reuniting began.