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Chapter 14

Right as Clare pushed her door open and went inside, she kicked it closed and ran to her room, jumping face first into her pillows and just letting it out. She choked on her sobs, tears drenching the silk pillowcase. She couldn't believe Eli would do that to her, he was cheating on her, with his ex that he swore he didn't have any more feelings for. She was ready to tell him she loves him, then he goes and cheats on her, he didn't even have the decency to break up with her before going back to Julia.

God, I can't believe I let myself believe someone could ever love me, I'm an ugly, chubby, pale freak. KC cheated, Mark cheated and now Eli, way to pick 'em Clare. All I do is open myself up, let myself love and what do I get? A broken heart and a few more pounds gained from all the ice cream I eat. Well this time I'm not going to eat my emotions, I'm not eating anything, I'll just starve myself until I die on this bed, it's not like anyone will miss me anyways. That's pathetic Clare, pick yourself up, wipe away those tears and do something with yourself, write your article for the newspaper or something, just don't mope around.

Clare listened to herself, she sat up, wiped her eyes and took out her laptop, she would work to take her mind off it. She pulled out the notes she had taken yesterday at the party and started to write her article on Elijah Goldsworthy, it took all her self control not to write a piece about how much of an asshole he is once you get to know him. She knew that would be lying though, he was nice, smart, funny, witty, sarcastic, sweet and really caring. The only con there was about Eli Goldsworthy was that he was a cheating bastard, and in her book that over rides all good qualities.

She sent the article to her boss Katie before she could do anything like erase it all and just write a thousand words on how much Eli Goldsworthy sucks. Clare closed her laptop and felt relieved she wouldn't have to worry about work anymore. It hadn't taken her mind off Eli though; however it was absurd to think that it would since it consisted of writing a whole page about him and his book. Clare had stopped crying but her heart still ached, her head hurt and all she wanted to do was curl into a ball on her bed and give herself over to the tears. Yet she stood tall and looked at the clock to see it was already noon. It had been three hours since she had seen Julia. She didn't know what to do with herself, it was noon on a Saturday and she had nothing to do. She could call Alli and tell her everything, but then Alli would tell Adam and then Adam would tell Eli that Clare knew he had cheated on her and then she would have to talk to him, which is something Clare didn't feel like doing right now.

Clare Edwards paced around her apartment, going into each and every one of the rooms and tidying up a bit. By one in the afternoon she was back to doing nothing. She didn't want to be pathetic and cry over Eli, just this once she wanted to be strong, put on a brave face and continue on with her life. Clare couldn't though, because as she looked around her apartment everything reminded her of Eli and suddenly she couldn't stop the tears from coming. The small memories flashed by her. The first few weeks he was here and they would sit in her apartment eating take out and just getting to know each other, their cook off, that she won, their make out's, their fight and make up, their movie night after her car crash, him laying on her bed with her reading some parts of his book out loud to, editing his book.

She couldn't just forget Eli; she couldn't put on a brave face and be strong, not after what they had been through together and having it thrown away because he didn't appreciate it, or her. Clare let herself remember every beautiful moment they shared while she let the tears stream down her face.

Suddenly a knock was heard. Clare wiped away as many tears as she could and went over to the door. She wrenched it open, only to see Eli, standing there, an apologetic look on his face as he looked over Clare, her puffy eyes, red nose, tear stained cheeks, disheveled hair sticking every which way out of her ponytail, she was a mess, and it was his fault.

"Clare, can we talk?" Clare looked at him, scoffed, and slammed the door in his face.

Eli after leaving Clare at the party

"Clare, no! I've got to deal with this myself, you can't help, just leave me be for now."

It hurt him to spit out those words, but he wasn't himself right now, he was scared and lost, he wanted to tell Clare that he had a kid of his own inside Julia at this moment, yet he couldn't bring himself to make the words come out, it would ruin them. No girl would want to stay with a guy who was presently helping his ex girlfriend with her pregnancy that was caused by said guy in the first place. Clare would never want to be with him if he was going to have a kid with Julia.

He was leaving for his book tour on Monday, coming back only two and a half months later, he had tonight, Saturday and Sunday to talk it out with Julia and fix things with Clare. This was going to be a busy weekend.

Eli got into his black car and drove off; looking at Clare's saddened face as he drove by her. He wanted so badly to just tell her everything but he needed to talk to Julia first. Eli drove; he drove without looking around, without realizing where he was going. He ended up at Julia's apartment. He parked and looked up at the building, automatically looking for her window and finding it, the lights were on. Eli, wanting to just get on with the talk, got out of his car and buzzed the apartment number, waiting for Julia to let him in. Once the door to the building unlocked he walked in and went up to Julia's, going inside without even knocking. Julia was standing there as he closed the door and turned around. They stood there in silence for a while; they didn't know how to start and so they stared into each other's eyes.

"How was the party?"


Silence filled the air once more. Suddenly a stomach grumbled.


"It's mostly the baby. I've been having this craving lately, it just won't go away, I don't have it here and I haven't felt like going to the store."

"Let me guess, mac and cheese with jalapeƱo peppers and tobacco sauce?" Julia laughed, Eli knew her all too well.

"Come on, I'll take you to my place I have boxes of that junk." Julia nodded, took her coat off the chair nearby and walked with Eli all the way to his car in silence. During the car ride they used up all the small talk to avoid the serious matters but the two would have to do that once they got inside Eli's condo. They walked up and once inside Eli put on a pot of water to boil and the two sat at the kitchen table.

"Eli, I just want to tell you, I'm not going to get an abortion."

"I know Jules, I never expected you to, and I certainly don't want you to."

"I'm not giving it up for adoption either."

"Julia, it's my baby too, I don't want you to give it up. We're 25, we're stable and we have steady jobs, we can take care of this kid."

"You mean you want to help?" She had a look of surprise on her face and she let a smile appear on her lips, she was happy Eli wanted to help.

"Of course I do, it's the right thing to do, and I want to be present in my first child's life. We might not be together anymore, but Julia, you still mean a lot to me and I would never let you do this alone."

One single tear escaped Julia's eyes; she was overjoyed that Eli wanted to be there for her and their kid. Once she had told him that she was pregnant and saw his reaction she was so scared that he would want nothing to do with this baby, that once that the kid grew up, she would have to explain to him or her why they didn't have a father present. She imagined many horrible scenarios and the reality that Eli wouldn't let any of those happen warmed her heart. The dark haired woman wiped away her tear and smiled at Eli, who smiled back.

"Thanks Eli. I get that it's going to be hard, and I know you won't always be able to be there, but the fact that you say you are going to try takes away a lot of my worries. Thank you."

"Julia we made this kid together and we're going to raise it together. I could get him or her when you work, or something. I'm not too sure how all of this is going to work out, I know it's going to be hard, and a lot of work, but I also know that it's going to be all worth the trouble when the baby says daddy and the same goes for you for when it says mommy. We're adults and even if we're not together, we are going to be great parents damn it." Julia laughed at his small speech. Eli always knew how to make a serious situation seem a little lighter and it's something she was grateful for at this moment.

That was the last of the discussion, they knew there was going to be bumps along the road, they knew there were going to be more serious talks and probably some screaming matches, but right now they were both simply happy that they were going to have each other as friends for it all, they were happy that they were getting a kid.

Eli finished making the mac and cheese and they ate it, having some small comfortable conversations, about nothing important. Eli talked about the party, his book, Adam, but he didn't mention Clare, he thought it would be like rubbing Julia's face in it and he didn't want that. Julia talked about her work as an art gallery owner and artist herself, she talked about some of her new works and how she was getting a bigger place for her gallery, also that she would add some of her own art. It had only been three months since they talked, but it felt a whole lot more because of how much change there was in their lives. Once they finished eating and they were all talked out Julia took the guest bedroom and Eli went into his own room. Neither was actually able to sleep, it was only 10 after all. Eli got out of bed, and went to knock on the guest bedroom door, it opened quickly, and Julia seemed just as awake as he felt. They gave each other a quick smile and a nod, the words were unspoken, but they knew exactly what they were going to do to get themselves tired out.

Present, Clare had just slammed the door in Eli's face

"Clare come on, don't be like this. Open the door. Please?" She stayed silent, she wanted to scream at him, she wanted to slap him and push him and just make him feel guilt, but all she could do was stand there, staring at the door and not let one word leave her lips.

"Clare, we need to talk, would you please just let me in? I know what you're feeling right now, and I know you're most likely furious with me, but if you could just let me in so I can tell you something, I need you to let me explain."

Silence. She would not break, although all she wanted to do now was open the door and jump into the man's arms, forgetting about what he's done to her, all the tears she wept over him.

"Blue eyes, please." His voice was pleading, sad. Clare knew though, that he just wanted to explain how much of a mistake it was and that he would do anything to get her back, that or he would simply tell her it's over. Either way, she didn't want to hear it, not now, not ever. She's heard it too many times already.

"Please Clare. Open the door so we can talk."

"No. I don't want to talk to you right now Eli. I just want you to go away. Leave me alone. I don't want to hear your excuses, or your reasons for cheating on me. Just go away!"

"Clare I didn't cheat on you."

"Denial or lying isn't going to help you Eli!"

"I'm not lying Clare. I would never cheat on you. I would never do anything to hurt you." Clare wanted so badly to believe him, but when she believed Mark that one time it was only a week later that she found him with another girl, she wouldn't make the same mistake now, she wouldn't let herself believe and be naive like she was with Mark.

"Eli go away, you've done enough damage, I don't want to talk!"

"Then just listen. I didn't cheat on you Clare, I would never even think about cheating on you. I know you saw Julia, but there's an explanation for that, I swear to you, there's a reason she was there this morning. There's a reason I left in a hurry yesterday and that I said some harsh words. Clare you've got to believe me, I didn't mean to hurt you and make you cry. Can you please just let me in so that I can explain and tell you the reasons, I hate talking through a door and I just need you to listen to me. After I tell you everything you can kick me out, you don't even have to say a word."

The door creaked open slowly, Clare stepped aside, letting Eli walk in and go and sit on her couch, she joined him, not saying a word.

Back to Eli in his apartment the night of the party and he just knocked on Julia's door

"Oh! Yes! Eli right there! Fuck! Eli! Faster!"

"Slow and steady wins the race Julia."

"This isn't a race, it's a video game and if you don't press the buttons faster you'll die. Great, now look what you did."

They were sitting there on Eli's couch, in front of the television, Playstation controllers in their hands. Julia was screaming at Eli, telling him what to do, he wasn't playing very well; he kept getting killed and accidentally killing her. They were playing some kind of ninjas and pirates type of game that they always liked to play in the middle on the night when they weren't tired. Julia wasn't used to being the good one at playing this game and she was getting frustrated, but still having fun. Usually they would make it into a drinking game and they would have to take a shot if they died, but since she was pregnant it wouldn't really be a good idea. They stuck to just playing the game, it was still amusing.

"Sorry Julia, I didn't mean to decapitate you...Oh god, don't tell Adam I've gotten this bad at video games, he's going to go into cardiac arrest and then he would laugh at me for an eternity."

"Don't worry Goldsworthy, this'll be our little secret, I'm pretty happy you suck, it makes me think I'm better."

"Glad you find amusement in my embarrassment." They played video games for a couple of hours, when they got tired it was about 1 in the morning. Julia went back to the guest bedroom and Eli to his. It felt nice to have a night like that with Julia, he had missed their friendship, he wouldn't have admitted that a month ago, but he knew now that he and Julia were good as friends and they would stay that way. Two best friends slash ex lovers raising their kid together, not weird at all. Eli thought to himself before falling asleep.

Eli awoke groggily to the sounds of someone looking through something, there were cabinets closing loudly and the fridge opening and closing, then the cabinets again, suddenly there were utensils being moved around. He looked at his clock, it was 8. He untangled himself from his blankets, sitting up his feet on the floor. He wiped the sleep from his eyes and got up, stretching and cracking some of his bones. He walked out of his room and went to the kitchen to see Julia looking completely awake and looking through everything in his kitchen.

"Julia? What are you doing?" She looked at him, looking frazzled and a bit panicked.

"I'm craving bacon, eggs, French toast, pancakes and waffles. You don't have bacon nor eggs and I have no clue how to make pancakes or waffles, and French toast requires eggs and - "

"Julia. I'll go get you some, give me a minute okay? I'll go out and when I come back I'll make you some bacon and eggs, some pancakes, waffles and French toast. Does that sound good to you?" She sighed, relieved, and smiled at the man standing before her, offering to go buy and make everything she wanted right now.

"That sounds great Eli. Thank you so much, you're the best." She went and hugged him.

"It's just breakfast Julia." He said chuckling at her over exaggeration over something so small.

"It's more than that. While you're out do you think I can take a shower?"

"Yeah, that's fine, I'll be back soon with your feast for ten."

"Hey! There's a baby growing in me!"

"Oh playing the baby card now are we? Don't use it up too much, it'll get old soon."

"You're old!"

"Nice come back there Jules." She stuck her tongue out at him and went to the shower. Eli got dressed and left for the store to get all the ingredients he needed to make all the food to satisfy Julia's cravings and he got some other stuff he needed. When he got back Julia was out of the shower, he started cooking the bacon and eggs and made the batters for the waffles and pancakes. He prepared the French toast and after everything was ready and on the table Julia came out of the guest room. She looked a little worried and apologetic, but Eli thought it was only because she felt bad that she had made him cook 4 different things for breakfast. They sat down at the table and ate, they made small talk, and some compliments on his cooking were said by Julia. Something was bothering Eli though so after they ate and he put everything away he asked Julia.

"Is something on your mind Julia?" She looked down at her feet.

"I'm sorry Eli."

"You have nothing to apologize for Julia."

"No, I do. Um, you see...There was a knock on the door while you were out, I answered it of course, but uh...The person at the door was your neighbour, I don't know why, but she just started to cry and left."

"Clare was here?" Enthusiasm was heard clearly in his voice.

"I guess she was."

"And she just started to cry?" He was concerned now, why would she start crying at his door?

"Yeah, I don't know why, I just answered and she looked at me and then cried."

"You're sure nothing else happened?"

"Nope nothing, I got out of the shower and just as I wrapped a towel around myself, there was a knock on your door and I answered it."

"You answered the door with only a towel around yourself? Julia, Clare and I are dating and she knows you're my ex; she's been cheated on by her last boyfriend. Do you see where I'm going with this?" He calmed himself, it wasn't Julia's fault.

"Oh, Clare thinks you cheated on her with me, she probably thinks you decided to be back together with me. Oh god, Eli I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to, I swear." She looked so sincere Eli couldn't even be mad at her. It would be ridiculous if he did anyways because he's the one who caused doubt in their relationship by being mean with her last night. This is entirely his fault, once again, without meaning to, he hurt Clare, the girl he loved.

"Fuck, this is going to be so hard to fix, she probably won't believe me and she'll be so mad. She's most likely crying right now. Jules I don't know if I can fix this, I keep hurting this girl, what if this time she doesn't let me back into her life?"

"Well there's only one way you'll know and that's to go see her, stop standing here thinking the worst and just go over there, stop being a wuss Eli. Get over there and explain."

"Great pep talk, thanks." Eli said sarcastically, but really he felt grateful Julia was pushing him to do this. Julia gave him an encouraging smile before he walked out the door.

After begging Clare to let him in so he could explain she finally did and Eli sat down on her couch, she followed him shortly after, sitting quietly, waiting for him to start his explanation.

"Okay, well. I guess I'll start with the main reason Julia is back in my life." He looked at her, she just stared back.

"Um, well, you see...Julia is, uh. Julia's three months pregnant." Clare's mind quickly did calculations, 3 months ago Eli and she were still together, they had broken up over 2 months ago, but not 3 months. This meant only one thing.

"Julia's pregnant and I'm the father." Clare was looking down at her hands, she didn't want to see Eli's face right now, and she needed to think about this, she didn't want to though.

"Clare, Julia and I are going to be having a baby together, but that doesn't mean I'm back with her. She and I... we're friends, we like it that way, but I'm going to be in this baby's life. This is my child and I can't leave it fatherless. I'm going to be helping Julia a lot."

"You didn't cheat on me." It was a statement, she understood everything.

"I would never." Eli took hold of Clare's hands in his. "Can you look at me please?" Clare obliged, she looked up, her blue orbs filled with relief and happiness, but there was a tint of sadness.

"Clare, I just want you to know that I love you. I love you with all of my heart. I need you to understand that I have to help Julia, she and I made this baby together and I know that it's not really fair for you, but I'm really hoping that you can understand the fact that I need to be there for her." Clare nodded, Clare also took note that he had said that he loved her. Those three words made her heart flutter and a blush to come on her cheeks.

"I understand that completely Eli. I understand that you have to help Julia and that you have to be there for your child. I don't want to stand in the way of that, you have a responsibility and I respect that you need to take that responsibility and help out Julia as much as you can. I would be doing the same if I were in your place. What you're doing is important, and it's so very Eli of you to do. It's one of the reasons why I love you." Eli smiled, he had told her he loved her and she said it back, they shared their first I love you's. They were both smiling like fools at one another.

"Can I ask you something Clare?" She nodded her grin still on her lips.

"Are you sure you're okay with this? Us?"

"Eli, I love you and you love me. Of course I'm okay with us and this."

"It's just, I'm going to be helping Julia a lot, and she's having my baby. What I'm trying to say is, if we're gonna do this, you need to be all in."

Clare put her hand on the back of Eli's neck, pulling his face closer to hers. She crushed her lips to his, and deepened the kiss, letting her tongue explore his mouth, their lips moving in sync. She pulled away and looked into his emerald eyes.

"Eli, I'm all in." Eli was so relieved to hear those words come out of her mouth. He was scared that she would say no; that she couldn't be all in, that she couldn't be by his side while he helped Julia, that she didn't accept the fact that he was having a baby with his ex. He was so worried that she just wouldn't be able to take all of it in and be okay with it. It was going to be a bumpy ride and he knew it, she knew it, and because of that he was certain that she wouldn't be able to tell him she would be there, with him, every step of the way. He was so relieved and happy that all he could do was kiss her.

Eli placed his hand at the back of her hand and pulled her towards him, he smashed his lips against hers, sliding his tongue through her parted lips and twirling and swirling it in her mouth around her own tongue. Clare scraped her fingernails in his black locks of hair, her fingers tangled in the strands and pulling him closer to her. Their kiss was needy and filled with nothing but love for the one another. Their teeth were clashing and at times biting at the others lower lip. Clare straddled him, not breaking their kiss, his hands were griping her hips, he wanted so badly to rip her clothes off and make love to her, but he controlled his urge, although he couldn't control his member in his pants, it rose up, making it uncomfortable for Eli. Clare took notice of this instantly; she slid her hand down and rubbed him through his pants. Eli moaned at the feel of her touch, it might be through clothes, but just knowing it was her doing this to him made his head spin, his eyes grew dark filling with lust.

The green eyed boy got up, holding onto Clare, who wrapped her legs tightly around his waist. Clare knew he was going to walk them to the bedroom, knowing he needed to see where he was going she pulled away from his lips, letting her head dip down to his neck, sucking and biting on the skin, leaving small hickeys and love bites. Eli almost ran to the bedroom, he kneeled onto the bed, laying himself down, his hands onto the bed, holding up his weight since Clare was under him, her lips still attached to his neck. Clare placed feather light kisses along his jaw line before getting to his lips; she let her own pink lips hover over his. Clare's ocean blue eyes stared into his forest green ones. They were swallowing each other's breaths; both their hearts were beating erratically and they felt like they would end up beating out of their chests. Eli put his lips to her ear; his warm breath tickled the curly haired girl beneath him.

"I love you, you know that?" He whispered; his voice deep and husky.

"So I've heard." She pulled his head up so that she could see his face; he had his smirk on his lips. God she loved that smirk. Clare leaned up to his lips, hers meeting his, their lips moved with each other. Eli crushed his body into hers, his center causing friction with hers; Clare responded by bucking up her hips to meet the bulge in his pants, she wanted him so bad; she needed some kind of relief. The two moaned at the feeling. Their kiss muffled the sounds that left their lips, strangled moans and groans were filling the room as they rolled their bodies together. Clare's lips were bruising from the intensity and force in the kisses from Eli. She wrapped her legs around him, squeezing and pulling his hips closer to hers, his hard rubbing her center. Clare slipped her hands under Eli's shirt, his skin shuddered at her touch, she scraped her fingernails lightly on his chest, her hands made their way to the hem of the shirt, she held onto it and tugged it, bringing it up slowly, Eli broke away from the kiss, letting Clare pull his shirt off in a swift movement. She eyed his chest hungrily and this made him smile crookedly.

Clare unhooked her legs from around Eli and pushed him onto his back on the bed; she straddled his torso and kissed his lips quickly, moving onto his jaw line, then to his neck. She slowly made her way to his bare chest, placing light wet kisses all over him, sliding her body down lower as she did so, once she got to his belly button she started to unbuckle his belt and unbutton his pants. She placed her face above his crotch and looked at Eli with a smile on her face; he just looked at her curiously. Clare gripped the zipper in between her teeth and pulled it down; she then tugged on the jeans with her hands, pulling them off with ease, leaving Eli in only his boxers. She crawled back up and once again straddled his waist. She bent down and put her lips on his. Once their lips were connected though, Eli flipped them over; he was once again hovering over Clare. He broke the connection of their lips and put his mouth to her ear, he nipped at the lobe.

"You still have clothes on. That's not really fair is it now Edwards?" He whispered huskily.

"Then why don't you do something to change that Mr. Goldsworthy?"

"Don't mind if I do." Suddenly her shirt went flying across the room; he looked down at her with his crooked smile on his lips. Her breasts were practically popping out of her black strapless lace bra. He dove his head down so that he could capture her plump pink lips with his, their teeth clashed together and as he slid his tongue inside her cavern he coaxed her tongue to play with his, their tongues battled for dominance as their lips moved together, one hand travelled behind her, he found the claps of the bra and unhooked it, he took it into his hands and flung it carelessly into another corner of the room. He lifted his head up, breaking their kiss. He looked at her breasts. Wow. Was all he could think. His green eyes grew darker; they were filled with lust for the half naked, blue eyed girl laying there. Eli was trying to memorize the visual in front of him. He slowly went back down to meet Clare's lips with his, one hand slid up her torso, remembering the curve of her waist as it went up to palm her bosom, he slid his thumb across the nipple, it erected at his touch, he drew circles around it and then started to knead the creamy flesh with his ring covered hand, the cool metal causing shivers to go up her spine.

The raven haired boy slid a hand down to her jeans, unbuttoning them; he held onto the waistband and tugged down the material covering the legs of the girl he loved. He broke their kiss and backed a bit further, enough to be able to pull Clare's jeans right off, Eli dropped them to the floor, he looked down at Clare, the girl he loved was laying there on her bed in only panties. She's so fucking sexy.

Clare looked at Eli, the man she loved, was there on her bed while only wearing boxers. God, he's so fucking sexy.

Eli put a finger under the waistband of her lace undergarment, he slowly pulled it down, yet he didn't look down, he simply kept an intense eye contact with Clare, blue colliding with green. He pulled them off completely and dropped the garment with all the other clothing items on the floor, never once breaking the connection between their eyes. His head dove down to her center, her eyes followed his every movement, and she watched as his tongue stuck out between his lips and flicked at her clit. She moaned at the sensation. His green eyes looked up at her half lidded blue ones looking at him. He smirked at her and let his tongue lick at the lips and enter her. Her back arched and she bit down onto her bottom lip. He stopped his tongue and put his thumb to her bundle of nerves; he added a little pressure and started rubbing small circles.

"Eli." She moaned out his name, which caused a smirk to come to his lips, he loved the way his name rolled of her tongue. He licked the juices that had come out and put his tongue back to work, sliding in and out of her. Moans escaped her lips, her hips bucking, the bubble inside of her was growing bigger, her breathing became panting as she was falling into bliss. Suddenly he stopped. She whimpered at the loss of pleasure and looked down; he was staring up at her, a crooked smile on his face.


"What Clare?" He asked innocently. She just looked at him; he was going to make her beg. She wouldn't give in though.

"It's unfair, you're still not naked." She eyed his boxers/

"What are you going to do about it Edwards?" Clare sat up, she tangled her fingers into his hair and pulled him into a kiss, he pushed her back onto the bed, which is exactly what she wanted. She flipped them over immediately and straddled his torso, pulling away from the kiss. She shimmied herself lower and pulled his boxers along with her. Once they were off she looked at him, all of him.

"Oh." She said as she looked at it with wide eyes.

"Oh?" Eli asked. Not knowing what 'oh' meant.

"Yeah, um, it's just, wow. It's intimidating." Eli chuckled at her response, he never thought of it as intimidating.

"Intimidating huh?" His tone was smug. Clare suddenly remembered what she was doing and recollected her thoughts; she looked at Eli, a sly smile creeping onto her lips. Clare wrapped a hand around the shaft and slid it down and back up, slowly. Eli groaned at her touch. Clare took the head in her mouth and let her tongue swirl around it and jab at the slit, licking the pre-cum. She licked down the length and back up. Eli moaned, gripping onto the sheets as she slowly teased him with her tongue. He figured out what she was doing, she was torturing him the same way he had with her. Clare took it back into her mouth and went down; she sucked on it and pumped what she couldn't take in her mouth with her fist.

"Fuck, Clare." He was getting close, she knew that and stopped. Eli let out a playful growl.

"So that's how you want to play is it?"

"You started it." Eli took her hand in his and pulled her towards him, she was once again mounted on his waist. They looked into each other's eyes, speaking to one another without words. Clare leaned down and crushed her lips against his. She slipped her tongue into his mouth, coaxing his to play with hers. The kiss was speaking, telling him that she was ready, that she loved him, and that she wanted to be one with him. Eli understood, he flipped them over, Clare was beneath him, his cock at her entrance. Eli and Clare broke away from the kiss. Eli looked into Clare's eyes for any uncertainty, but he found none. Clare nodded her head, noticing Eli was waiting. His lips captured hers into a kiss and just as her plump lips touched his he entered her. His thrusts were slow, letting her adjust to him.

"You're so fucking tight Clare." He whispered into her ear.

"Mm, Eli, faster please." He obeyed, speeding up his pace. Clare wrapped her legs around his waist, giving him a new angle that let him go in fully, he hit a spot inside of her that made her toes curl and her hips buck. She could feel the whole, intimidating length inside of her and it felt so fucking amazing.

"Ah-Eli!" He thrust faster, deeper, hitting the right spot each time. He pressed his lips to hers, muffling the sounds that were escaping their lips. Strangled moans and groans filled the room as they were one with each other. Eli kissed down her neck, biting down whenever he was about to scream out in pleasure.

Clare's hips were bucking, meeting his thrusts with her own movements. Her nails were digging into his skin as she felt pure pleasure inside of her; the bubble was threatening to burst. She loved the feel of him sliding in an out of her. His body was shimmering with beads of sweat.

"Oh God! Eli! Fuck! Harder!" His thrusts became erratic, he was going in harder, slamming himself into her, their skin slapping together with each deep plunge inside of her. Eli knew she was close, he could feel her pussy clenching around his cock, he put the pad of his thumb to her clit, adding pressure and rubbing circles and he continued the movement of his hips, keeping the rhythm he started.

"E-Eli!" She screamed as she reached her climax.

"Fuck, Clare." Eli groaned as he also reached his, he slammed his lips to hers, teeth clashing with each other.

Clare's back arched straight off the bed, her body fitting into Eli's, her legs tightened around his waist, and her nails scraped at his back. Eli slowed his pace, letting her ride out his orgasm. They were both in complete bliss.

Eli slid out of her, he lay down on his back next to his curly haired lover, Clare cuddled into his side, resting her head on his chest, listening to the fast thumping of his heart. They lay there, regulating their breathing, their chests heaving.

The blue eyed girl was in heaven. She's had sex before, but it was never like that. What they had just done was not simply have sex, they had made love. She smiled to herself, this was special, a moment she'd remember her whole life.

The green eyed man was in pure bliss. The girl lying beside him was the one and he knew it. She was special; she could make him feel so many things at once, mostly he felt love towards her. This moment was something special that they shared and he'd never forget it.

Clare looked at Eli through her eyelashes, his piercing green eyes were staring right back at her.


"Hi." He responded, a smirk coming to his lips.

"I love you."

"So I've heard." Eli said, repeating what Clare had said to him earlier. This brought a smile to her face.

Clare and Eli lay there smiling at each other, they were both in bliss, they held onto each other. Neither wanted to leave this moment, they knew reality was waiting beyond the door of the bedroom, but right now they just wanted to lie in the other's arms, enjoying the moment they just shared. They didn't want to go back to the real world where there was a pregnant ex and a book tour waiting for them. However they know they had to get out there sooner or later, but not right away, so they lay there, smiling, completely in love with each other.

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