Silence filled the room for a moment, tears coming to my eyes as I spoke with a shaky voice.

"So that's about it, I still love you Cody, and I understand if you never wanna see me again." I finished, turning slowly and making my way towards the door. I only made it a few steps before his hand reached out, grabbing my arm, spinning me around to face him. The moment I faced him, Cody crushed his lips against mine. I was caught off guard, as his lips danced with mine, the kiss full of passion as I slowly let him deepen the kiss, and my fingers threaded through his dark hair, holding him close to me, his hands wrapping around my hips, holding me close to his body. The kiss broke, both of us gasping for air, Cody's lips slowly kissing down my neck.

"You deserve so much more than me Cody." I admitted, Cody's head lifting again to mine, his forehead resting against mine as he shook his head.

"I love you Kylie, you're perfect for me." Cody whispered with a wide smile, lunging forward his lips pressing against mine once again, this time gently as he nibbled on my bottom lip, getting me to deepen the kiss, while he maneuvered us towards the bed. I squealed falling back on the bed, as he fell with me, his teeth gently grazing down my neck, his tongue flicking against my earlobe.

"I hope Kyle and Stephanie aren't expecting you home tonight." Cody whispered against my ear. My body immediately responding to everything he was saying, as I let out a groan.

"Considering Kyle texted me a picture of Cole giving me a thumbs up, when I told them I was in your hotel room, I sincerely doubt it." I replied, causing Cody to laugh out loud against my skin, as he nuzzled against the crook of my neck, sending shivers down my spine. It felt so good being with Cody again, his body pressed against mine, as he continued sucking on the pulse point on my neck. I smiled as I grasped his t-shirt, pulling it free from his waistband, watching as he sat up for a moment, throwing the shirt on the floor, kicking off his jeans, shoes and boxers.

"I feel very overdressed." I spoke softly, watching as Cody's blue eyes darkened with lust as he crawled back on the bed, over me on his hands and knees,

"Let's fix that then." He whispered, grabbing my shirt and peeling it from my skin quickly, tossing it on the floor with his pile of clothes. I smiled as unlatched my bra, just getting it off my shoulders, tossing it freely, before Cody quickly lunged forward, his mouth enveloping on hard nipple. I couldn't help it as my back arched, forcing more my breasts towards him, his free hand kneading the neglected breast, before swooping across my chest and repeating the actions on my other nipple. I felt the arousal pooling low in my stomach as I arched my hips forward grinding them against his body, hearing a husky growl come from his chest, as he let my nipple go with a soft 'pop'.

"I have to know." Cody whispered, popping the button on my jeans open before softly slipping his hand past the waistband of my cotton panties, my whole body arching off of the bed as I felt his fingers dive through my wet folds.

"Cody.." I panted, as his thumb circled my enlarged nub, his lips sucking on my earlobe as continued to tease me. Somehow through the haze in my mind, I had enough mind to reach down, grabbing his buttocks with my fingers, urging him against me. I felt him smile against my skin.

"In a hurry?" Cody murmured, his breath cascading over my skin.

"I don't mind going slow, but I need you now." I admitted, Cody's blue eyes meeting mind as he grasped my pants and panties and stripped them off me in a quick motion before joining me back on the bed, letting us relish in the feeling of just being skin against skin once again. I locked my legs high on his hips, encouraging him as he positioned himself and slowly entered me fully, both of us sighing with relief when we felt the full connection. Cody's forehead resting against mine, waiting for me to adjust to him.

"I've missed you so much." Cody whispered, as I leaned forward closing the distance, letting my tongue dance with his, learning the taste of him once again. Cody's hands reaching for mine, as he intertwined his fingers with mine, pressing them against the mattress on either side of my head, while he slowly started the rhythm. The rhythm quickly grew into a passion filled haze, both of us taking what we needed from each other before, hitting our moment of ecstasy and falling into each others arms.

The night had been a long one, Cody and I learning each others bodies all over again multiple times through the night, I smiled as we walked hand in hand in the elevator at the hotel.

"How's that feeling this morning?" I asked, Cody's arms circling around me, pulling me against his body as he leaned against the wall of the elevator.

"It's still a little sore." Cody admitted.

"Should I kiss it to make it better?" I teased, a smile growing wide on Cody's lips, as I leaned forward leaving a gentle kiss on the injured nose, before connecting my lips with Cody's, nibbling softly on his bottom lip, before the elevator dinged and the door opened in the middle of the lobby. I walked with Cody off of the elevator seeing Dustin in the lobby, as he approached us, giving his brother a hug, before hugging me.

"I'm gonna guess, you two are on better terms?" Dustin asked with a small smile, winking at me.

"Dustin had the connecting room with us last night." Cody said with a smile, as I blushed.

"Oh." I said, blushing as I looked down at my feet.
"I spend 300 days a year in a hotel, trust me I've heard much, much worse.." Dustin tried his best to reassure me, as I continued to blush, following Cody and Dustin out of the hotel.

We arrived at the arena, a little farther from home than the other one, but still not too far from my house. I smiled as I walked backstage with Cody, our hands connected like they should be, coming around the corner, when suddenly Vince approached us.

"Cody! How are you feeling tonight?" The older man asked Cody, as he shook his hand.

"Good." Cody admitted.

"How about we try that match again tonight?" Vince asked, Cody's face lighting up, as he glanced to me than back to the older man, giving him a hug, before Vince excused himself and left. I smiled as Cody wrapped his arms around me tight, pressing his lips against mine. The kiss broke when the need for air overtake our senses, both of us resting our foreheads against each other when I spoke.

"Only if Cole was here to see it." I said honestly, Cody's lips curling into a wide smile, as he grabbed me by the hand and led me down the hallway, opening the door at the end. I walked into the room seeing Cole running across the room.

"Mommy! Look, I'm awesome!" Cole said excitedly, decked out in merchandise that said 'I'm awesome.'

"How'd you get here?" I asked surprised, looking at Kyle and Stephanie who were across the room.

"I made some calls last night, with some help from Ted and a few others we were able to get them here." Cody admitted, reaching out grabbing Cole from my arms, hugging him tight.

"I'm gonna take a guess that The Miz was one of them?" Cody asked my son, who happily nodded his head.

"I'm awesome, Cody!" Cole repeated as Cody placed him back down on the floor, as my son happily ran back to the couch, where his action figures sat.

Sitting in the locker room went faster than it ever did, before the PA arrived and told Cody he was needed in gorilla position. I watched as Cody held his hand out for mine, and lifted Cole into his arms as we went with him, stopping in front of the security guard who would take Cole and I to seats on the floor to watch him win the IC belt. Kyle and Stephanie were already out there. I smiled as Cody put Cole down on his feet, opening a Reese's peanut butter cup, and splitting it in half, handing half to Cole before eating the other half. Cody stood before us, holding the plastic mask in his hand, looking at it before looking over to me.

"You sure you aren't gonna miss this guy?" Cody asked, looking down at the mask.

"Nah, I prefer my men dashing!"