To all my readers, this shall be a multi-chaptered bunch of oneshots with different types of shipping. Enjoy!

Title: Rain (BluexGreen)

Rating: K+

Summary: Kiss her in the pouring rain.

He sees her standing outside his house, watching him. He wants to go to her, to hold her in his arms and just hug her close to him. He wants to open that goddamn door separating them.

He doesn't, of course, and he watches the girl's face darken briefly, before leaving. A burning sensation running through the bridge of his nose, and he digs his fingers into his palms, to remind himself that he is Green Oak, he is supposed to be strong and powerful, not sobbing over a girl. "Leave the crying to soap watchers like Ruby and Diamond," he recalls Gold saying.

His breathing halts sharply as he sees her turn around to look at him. He can't help but glare back. But even his glare wavers as he sees two tears roll down her cheeks.

He wants to run out to her, but he slaps himself mentally, reminding himself about who he was. He rests his face against the cold window pane, his fingers tracing small circles on the glass.

Green Oak never cries.

Red visits him. He doesn't care, because he's too wrapped up in his own thoughts to listen to him. Both men sit in his living room, their hands wrapped around cups of cocoa. Red rambles on aimlessly on pokemon, battles and training. Green nods mutely, barely paying attention.

His friend avoids delicate subjects like her, and although he appreciates his friend's concerns and thoughtfulness, he doesn't need sympathy.

His mind wanders to the long forgotten days when she used to go to his house, where they could spend hours talking about everything under the sun. He misses those days, where he often loses himself in her bright blue eyes as he hears her ramblings on nonsensical things.

A sharp cough jerks him back to reality, and he notices his best friend's piercing gaze on him. He awkwardly shuffles his feet, and stares at the floor.

"You miss her."

Red's words silences him, and his head snaps up to give Red one of his trademark glares. But he stops midway, because he just can't summon the energy to even get mad.

He's lost all his spirit and energy ever since she left.

"So what's keeping you?"

He nearly drops his cup of cocoa at Red's words. He's close to Red, but he doesn't want to admit how he feels, not when he's on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He slams his cup on the glass table, not caring that the sound of breaking glass resounds around the silent room. Green's actions can't compare to the shock Red receives when he utters his answer.


He unplugs his answering machine, because he doesn't want to hear her voice every time the machine clicks on.

She sent him dozen of angry messages at first, and his fists clenches as he hears the sharp, gruesome words echoing around the room. It's a far cry from the sweet, angelic voice that he once knew.

She sends him sad messages too. He ignores them at first, because he doesn't want to hear her sobbing voice. But late at night, he betrays his conscience and sits on the floor, hugging his knees, letting her words swim around his head.

Eventually, he's sick of hearing her, and orders his Charizald to burn the machine away. Charizald reluctantly agrees, and as the bright flames lick away at the white answering machine, he hears her tearful voice mixing with the crackling sparks. He hesitates, but he doesn't stop Charizald.

He watches the scene until her voice fades away from the flickering flames.

Of course she doesn't give in that easily. She starts writing letters, and leaving them outside his doorstep, his window, his gym.

Thick letters with bright stamps plop through his letter box each day. He tears them into small pieces, taking great care not to read them. He watches the remains of the letter fall into the pedal bin like confetti.

Soon, his trash bin is overflowing with scraps of tear-stained paper with her writing.

He sits at the edge of the river with her latest letter. Yellow accompanies him, but he hardly notices her presence.

He smooths the paper about, his hands shielding the words scrawled carefully on the smooth sheet of paper. He doesn't want to read about apologies and forgiveness.

He expertly folds the paper into a little boat, and tries to pay attention to his companion's idle chatter. He can't, because he finds it unfair that two of his closest friends managed to keep their relationship steady for at least two years.

"You've got to talk to her sometime, you know," the blonde suggests casually. He feels her piercing gaze on her, and pretends to be focused on the small paper boat in his hands.

He releases the boat into the water, watching it bob along the surface. He reads the small words on the sail, and his fists clench. He doesn't want to hear her words of apology.

He feels a small hand on his shoulder, and looks up at his junior. Her eyes are filled with sympathy, and he reaches out to push her away, until she spoke.

"She's feeling just as heartbroken as you are."

Out in the centre of the river, the little paper boat sinks into the cool blue river, the words blurring away until he can't read them anymore.

One day, she just stops coming. He feels incomplete, as if something (or rather, someone) was missing.

He stands up abruptly, knocking a pile of carefully arranged paper onto the floor. Daisy and Professor Oak look up, surprised, but he doesn't care. He runs out into the storm, leaving his sister to stand in the middle of a sea of paper with a gobsmacked expression (and his grandfather nearly fainting with having to sort out the documents again).

He doesn't even know where he's running through, but he just lets his feet carry him to wherever intuition takes him.

Green runs until he is exhausted, and collapses into a crumpled heap. Rain drips down his neck as he gasps for air, breaking the silence around him.

He can't tell whether it's the rain or tears that roll down his flushed cheeks.


His first thoughts of the person was Yellow, because the person's voice was gentle, like the voice the Healer used to soothe a startled pokemon. He turns around, and to his utmost surprise and shock, stood Blue.

Blue, his friend, companion and ex-girlfriend.

"Green, I'm sorry, for everything..."

He stands up shakily, his hands trembling as she steps cautiously towards him, her blue eyes threatening tears. He thought leaving was the best option at that time, but he had no idea how much he had hurt her.

He finally sees Yellow's and Red's point. All along, they had let their pride get in the way, and destroyed a perfectly good relationship.

He opens his mouth to apologize, but the words die on his lips. He's not an emotional person, and he can't express himself with words. He watches Blue's mouth open and close, and just when he thinks she's about to walk away, she breaks into a sob and runs towards him.

He freezes, because he doesn't know how to act. He's useless at emotions, especially at comforting people. Just when she's about to reach him, he recalled what his grandfather always told him and Daisy.

"Sometimes, the fewer the words, the more meaningful the explanation is. And the more meaningful the explanation is, the deeper the friendship (or love) grows."

In his opinion, actions spoke louder, much louder, than words.

And that was the way to break the muffled silence between them.

She finally reaches him and grabs his wrists, blabbering her apologies between her heavy gasps. He tightens the hold of her hands and as she looks up at him, he pulls her close towards him, ignoring her squeaks of surprise.

He kisses her gently in the pouring rain, and he feels her stiffen slightly, before leaning in. He's surprised to see that he's crying too, because he's spent so much time bundling up all the hurt and sorrow inside him, that he's forgotten about the one person that could every make him happy.

He hugs the crying brunette close to him, feeling her body shudder as she cries into his chest. She looks so gentle, so vulnerable, that he thinks it's a wonder that this is the same Blue that used to fill his pillows with her Ditto or steal his belongings and sell them on the internet.

He knows he's forgiven when he feels her soft hand move across his face, wiping away the rain and tears that trickle down gently.

He kisses her again, and this time, despite the tears, they smile.

It took me a week to write this! I had to read a bunch of other oldrival fanfics, listen to a bunch of sad songs, until I finally, finally finished writing this. I'm pretty proud of this, and I hope you guys like this. Like i mentioned before, this will be a multi-chaptered story of oneshots, featuring different shippings and pairings. Hope you enjoyed this fanfic, cos its my very first oldrival fanfic :P