Title: Jealousy

Rating: T

Summary: Well, since he was in the picture first, it was obvious that he should be ranked higher.

Pika always found Yellow annoying.

It wasn't the fact that she was mean to him, or the fact that she was evil. It was just that she was stealing Red away.

Pika didn't mind Yellow moving in to Red's house. In fact, he liked that fact very much, since he could see Chuchu everyday. He liked Yellow, but it was just that he didn't get to spend time with Red anymore. Pika always came first in Red's eyes, but apparently he got replaced by the blonde.

He found it extremely annoying that Red cancelled training practice nearly every day just to spend time with Yellow. Not to mention, he also found out that "spending time with Yellow" involved staying at home the whole day without actually doing anything.

They just talked and laughed and kissed all the time, much to Pika's disgust and Chuchu's delight.

Pika hated the fact that he was no longer welcome in Red's room.

He used to be the king of Red's pillow, often taking long afternoon naps on the white, pristine surface, hissing and spitting at anyone who dared to interrupt him.

Unfortunately, Red simply picked him up and ignored his growls, before shutting him outside every afternoon. Much to his annoyance, he let Yellow in with him. He thought it wasn't fair, since he had been with Red much longer, and she had only been with him for a few months. And the very fact that she had instant access to his room at any time angered him further. All she had to do was just hug him, and Red would go into a stammering daze.

He remembers walking in on them once, and was pretty disgusted with the state of Red's room. Red's jacket was flung across the room, and both teenagers were red-faced and rumpled.

Red kicked him out of his room before he could use Thundershock on both of them.

Now he was not only banned from Red's room in the day, but he was also banned from the room at night.

He finds it ridiculous when he eavesdrops outside their room. He always thought night-time was for sleeping, not for raving about how someone's hair or eyes or whatever looked. Plus, they often talked till midnight, and he couldn't get a good night's sleep.

He complains to Chuchu about his trainer's ridiculous antics, but she doesn't believe him. In fact, she claims he's "jealous". He stormed off in a huff, leaving a sighing Chuchu muttering something about "boys" and "unromantic".

He finds it frustrating being ignored, and decides to confront them one day. He waits until Red leaves his room (shirtless accompanied with messy hair) before bounding into the room.

He sees Yellow sitting on the edge of Red's bed, running a hand through her already messy blonde hair. He thinks the girl looks pretty messed-up, since her hair is rumpled, and her shirt is all crumpled. Still, he approaches her, trying to look as dignified as possible, but ends up tripping over Red's shirt. He makes a mental note to tell Red to actually clean up his room everyday, since he practically throws his clothes around like confetti, even more when Yellow moved in.

Yellow looks at him in surprise, before picking him up and cuddling him to her. She scratches him behind his ears, and he nearly forgets what he's so mad about, until she bends down and whispers into his ear.

"You don't mind if I love him too, don't you? I promise I won't come between the two of you."

His anger subsides at her words. He squeaks softly in reply, and snuggles closer to her body. She laughs softly and runs her fingers through his yellow fur gently. Pika chirps happily, and smirks at Red, who'd just came in.

Red scowls at him, and he smiles back smugly.

Hey, at least now they could both compete for Yellow's affection.


WHOOOAAAA, guess what I found sitting in my computer? Yep, a couple of my old fanfictions!

I wrote this story a few months back, even before I had a Fanfiction account, so my style of writing in this story is not as great as my previous works.

However, when I read this, I decided to put it up, since its one of my first few fanfics, and I thought I should share it. I think its as old as "Neglected".

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