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Italic text is Blaine's thoughts. Bold text is Kurt's thoughts.

River Flows In You

Chapter 10 – Teeth

Kurt and Blaine lock themselves up in Kurt's room for the rest of the evening. Kurt sobs and Blaine comforts him, holding him in his arms and singing to him in Fouri, under his breath. He coos and whispers sweet words in his ear, brushing his fingers lightly over Kurt's mangled skin. Kurt manages to choke out what happened with Azimio and how Karofsky helped him.

Kurt's family knows better than to bother him when he is sick so the only time the boys hear from them is when Carole brings them some hot chocolate and sandwiches before going to bed. Burt however, stands outside the bedroom door a few times, listening. He first thought he would hear making out, but the only sounds he hears are whispers and Kurt crying. He would know Kurt's crying through three brick walls. It pains him that he is no longer the one Kurt tells stuff to. But he is also glad that his son has finally found someone he can open up to, and who is there for him. He knows that Kurt isn't sick, he knows there is something going on. But he also knows how Kurt can sometimes overreact, he might have just missed to buy the latest fashion magazine or something. If something serious has happened, Kurt will tell him. And then he will deal with whatever or whoever has made Kurt cry, perhaps with a flamethrower.

On Saturday morning Blaine is the only one to descend from upstairs. He sits at the table and eats breakfast with Kurt's family, chatting politely and trying different kinds of human breakfasts that Carole has made. When he is done he brings some toast, scrambled eggs and tea with him up to Kurt. Kurt devours his breakfast while Blaine watches, following the movements of the muscles in Kurt's arms. "Kurt, what are vegans?"

Kurt swallows a mouthful of tea and sets the mug on his bedside table. "Vegans are people who don't eat meat and other products that come from animals."

"Oh…" Blaine moves to lie down beside where Kurt is sitting, supporting his head on his hand. "Why?"

"Well, I assume there are different reasons. But I think that it is generally because they think that the animals are treated poorly."


"Blaine? What are you looking at?"

"You- you have a- a cut on your back."

"OH SWEET GAGA, NO!" Kurt shrieks and runs over to the mirror as fast as he can with his still slightly hurting knee. "PLEASE don't leave a scar!" Kurt turns in the mirror to look at the wound.

"Stay here. I will go get you something." Blaine stands up and leaves Kurt's bedroom without any explanation.

When Blaine is by the edge of the forest he gets a text.

From: Kurt
Why did you leave me?

From: Blaine
I will be right back. I have something that might help.

From: Kurt
You help… Please hurry.

When Blaine returns to Kurt's bedroom he is holding a bouquet of pink flowers.

"That's really sweet of you Blaine. But how are flowers going to help?"

"My people use different flowers for different things. These are particularly good to help heal wounds."


"Lie down on your stomach."

Kurt looks confused but does as Blaine tells him. Blaine puts the flowers on the nightstand and takes one of them in his hand. He picks the petals off and crushes them in his hand, just like Blair had done with the other flowers. The flower petals become a sticky goo that Blaine smoothes over the cut on Kurt's back. "There. Now just stay still until it sinks in." Blaine whispers and kisses Kurt's shoulder blade.

He runs with all of his might through the shrubs of the forest, as she chases after him. He falls onto the ground beside a huge rock. She slows down into a slow walk, glaring and grinning at him lying there on the ground. He turns to face her and lets out a horrified yell. She stands beside him, bending down to grab the front of his t-shirt. In one fluid motion she rips the fabric off of his body. He continues screaming as she grabs his lower arm, and he tries to pull away. She bends down lower to look him right in the eyes and growls through her teeth. He stops abruptly but continues again at the sound and the pain of flesh tearing apart. She smiles and straightens, looking down at him as he starts to cry. She takes a hold of the bicep of the dismembered arm she is holding and lifts it toward her face. He looks up at her and sees that she is smiling. He starts to shout questions like "What are you?" and "Why are you doing this to me?" as she lifts the arm to her mouth and bites into it. She rips of a big chunk with her teeth and chews at it, blood dribbling down her chin. He lets out another terrified shriek and she swallows, licking her lips. "The dark ones are always tastier." she whispers, and a few drops of blood fall on her white shirt. He now notices the long tail that is holding back her long, dark hair and he yelps in fear. The thud of his right arm hitting the ground makes him choke on a breath and she bends down again, ripping his gray sweatpants off of his body as well. He tries to crawl backwards, kicking his legs wildly. But she grabs his left one and pushes him into the pool of his own blood on the ground, with a small hand on his broad chest. She leans down again, so her face is almost touching his, forcing him to meet her eyes. "Kurt." she says, so clearly that there is no way he could misunderstand. She straightens and rips his leg off, with surprisingly little effort. She throws it on the ground next to his arm and he is now screaming the loudest he can, not bothering to breathe. She leaps forward and grabs his head with her bloody hands. "KURT!" she yells before smashing his head into the rock beside them. She continues to yell Kurt's name while smashing his head into the rock repeatedly.

He stopped screaming minutes ago, when she finally stops yelling and lets the mangled body fall back into the colored-red-grass. She grabs his arm off of the ground and sits on top of the rock. She eats it slowly, crushing the bones into dust between her teeth and sometimes licking the blood off her lips. She smiles at his ugly, smashed in face and whispers "You will never touch him again.".

On Saturday evening Kurt has his nose in Blaine's hair, arms wrapped around his body. Kurt is sleeping, his small huffs of breath tickling Blaine's ear. Blaine smiles.

Kurt's phone starts to ring and Kurt jerks awake. He turns around at the same time as Blaine and answers his phone. "'lo?"

"Kurt! It's Dave. Karofsky."

"Um, hi Dave."

"Kurt. Azimio's missing!"

"What?" Kurt sits up, and Blaine moves to sit beside him.

Blaine takes Kurt free hand in his and Kurt looks at him with a really weird expression.

"This afternoon when Azimio's dad went downstairs to yell at him for sleeping past lunch he found a note."

"What did it say?"

"Something like "Mom, dad. I'm gone, and I am never coming back. I'm sorry, I love you." I think. His dad called and told me 'cause he thought we were still friends."

Kurt says nothing.

"Kurt, are you okay?"

Kurt sighs. "Yeah. Thanks for telling me Dave. See you at school." Kurt says and ends the call.

He turns his phone off and puts it in the top drawer of his nightstand. He then looks blankly at the floor.

"Kurt, was that Karofsky?"


"What did he say?"

"Azimio is gone."

"Gone where?"

"No one knows. He left a note to his parents, saying he was never coming back."

"Oh…" Blaine squeezes Kurt's hand. "That is good, right? That means you can go back to school."

Kurt says nothing, and rubs his sore knee with his free hand.

"Not on Monday. But when you want to." Blaine adds and leans his head against Kurt's shoulder, nuzzling his neck with his nose.

Kurt huffs but smiles. "That tickles, Blaine."

Blaine starts sniffing Kurt's face, just like a dog would and they move back onto the bed, Kurt giggling wildly. Blaine stops and smiles down at Kurt's gorgeous face. "Seriously, though. Are you okay?" I wonder where Azimio went. I wonder… Wait. Blair!

"I am. If he really isn't coming back then I will be able to return to normal." Kurt searches Blaine's eyes, but Blaine doesn't know what for. "In a while."

Blaine leans his head down as Kurt cranes his neck and their lips meet in a sweet kiss.

There is a knock on the door. Blaine gets off of the bed and Kurt hurries to hide under the covers to hide his beaten boxer-clothed body. Blaine sits down on the floor. "Come in." Kurt calls to the door-knocker.

"Um, hi Kurt. Blaine. Mom says dinner will be ready soon. Are you coming down to eat?" Finn asks when he opens the door, holding a towel over his mouth and nose.

"Finn, I don't have SARS or anything. You don't need that towel." Kurt says, narrowing his eyes at his brother.

"But what if-"

"Trust me, Finn."

Finn lowers the towel slowly, as if he's afraid he will die instantly from whatever horrifying disease Kurt has.

"It's not contagious. And even if it was, it definitely isn't lethal." Kurt mutters and glares at Finn.

"I have been in here for over 24 hours, and I am not dying." Blaine says and gets up, doing a little spin with his arms out. Dork. Absolutely adorable dork. "See?"

"Whatever. Come downstairs and eat, if you can." Finn leaves.

"Do you want to?" Blaine asks and sits down on top of the covers, next to Kurt's legs.

Kurt shakes his head slowly and pulls the duvet up over his nose. "I'm sorry about making you hang out with my family without me. I'm sure it's awkward." he mumbles through the fabric.

"First of all, you have not forced me to do anything. And second, it is not awkward but in fact nice. Your family is really nice." Blaine pulls the duvet down so he can see Kurt's face. "I will go downstairs and get us dinner."

"Your first dinner with my family will be without my family, stuck in my bedroom with me." Kurt sighs.

"It will be the best dinner of my life, so far." Blaine smiles.

Kurt blushes. So Blaine kisses him, of course.

Blaine falls in love with Carole's lasagna and happily tells her so when bringing his and Kurt's dishes down after dinner. Carole laughs and pats his cheek.

Blaine changes into Sean's old pajamas in the bathroom. I've seen you naked. There really is no need to change in there… Both the shirt and the pants are really tight, since Sean isn't as buff as Blaine. And the pants are so long that they cover Blaine's feet completely. Kurt doesn't cry that night. They talk for a while and fall asleep wrapped around each other. Burt checks on them at ten and finds them sleeping soundly. He smiles to himself and closes the door.

Blaine wakes up before Kurt on Sunday morning, so he takes the opportunity and calls his sister from the downstairs bathroom, where no one is sleeping on the other side of the wall. Blair picks up after the fourth ring.

"Hello Blaine."

"Hello Blair."

"Are you having fun at Kurt's house?"

"I am. But that is not why I called." Blaine says, acid in his tone.

"Oh, okay. Then why did you call?"

"Don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about." Blair doesn't respond, so Blaine continues in Fouri. "What did you do?"

Blair however replies in English, not even sounding bothered. "I made sure that he will never touch Kurt again."

Blaine releases a big sigh and continues in their native language, not wanting any member of Kurt's family to understand what he says in case they have woken up and is passing by the door. "What did you DO, Blirette?"

"Don't worry. He will never be found."

"Did you… eat him?" Blaine breathes into the phone, with words that would have sounded romantic to a human.


Blaine hangs up the phone and rushes up the stairs to Kurt's room. He turns his phone off like Kurt had taught him and puts it on one of Kurt's bedside tables. Kurt is lying on his side so Blaine gets under the comforter and wraps his arms around the taller boy, pulling him to his chest and burying his nose in his chestnut-colored hair.

At noon Burt knocks on the door. He opens it to find Kurt being held protectively to a sleeping Blaine's chest. Kurt stirs and opens his eyes.

"Hey, kiddo. You feeling better?" Burt asks as he takes a single step into the room.

Kurt rubs his eyes with his fist but stays where he is. "Not really."

"Okay, well…" Burt scratches his neck awkwardly. "Maybe you should at least get up, you've been sleeping for over fourteen hours."

"WHAT?" Kurt shrieks and sits up straight making Blaine wake up and reach out for Kurt sleepily, not opening his eyes. "Why didn't you wake us?"

Kurt nudges Blaine's arm with his elbow and Blaine wakes up. He realizes Burt is at the door so he pulls back from Kurt a bit, also straightening.

"I checked on you earlier but you looked so at peace, I guess. And you always stress yourself out, so you deserve to rest when you are sick." Burt reaches for the doorknob. "Anyway, you wanna come down for lunch?"

"Sure. I just have to do my skincare routine. I have been neglecting it the past few days. We'll be down in about half an hour, if that's okay?"

"Sure thing, kiddo. Take your time." Burt says before leaving the bedroom.

Blaine watches intently while Kurt puts a bunch of weird stuff on his face, both of them comfortable with the silence. When Kurt is done they go downstairs to eat. Both Finn and Burt seem to be done already, sitting on the couch in the living room with empty plates in front of them. Carole however is sitting in the kitchen, reading the paper. When they enter the room she folds it and puts it to the side, thereafter fussing around the kitchen to put breakfast on plates for the two boys.

"I made some salad for you, boys. I know you don't like all the fatty foods I make for Burt and Finn and I thought Blaine might like some of his own kind of food." Carole says to Kurt as she puts the plates in front of the boys.

"That is really thoughtful of you Carole, thank you." Blaine says and Kurt agrees.

Blaine loves the salad and Carole blushes at all the praise he gives her. Kurt giggles at them and leans his chin in his hand.

"What is that, Kurt?" Carole looks at his hand, and he quickly hides it under the table. "Is that a bite mark?"

"Um, no. I accidentally knocked my hand into my locker door when I was going to close it and I guess it left a bruise." Kurt rambles. Crap!

"I don't think-" Carole begins but Finn enters the kitchen.

"Aw, tough luck man. Salad!" he exclaims and punches Kurt's shoulder playfully.

Kurt winces and Blaine stands. "Come on Kurt." Blaine practically pulls Kurt out of his chair. "Thanks for breakfast, Carole."

Kurt just follows Blaine up the stairs.

"Did he hurt you?" he asks when they are back in Kurt's bedroom.

"No, it's fine." Kurt replies, rubbing his shoulder gingerly.

"You winced."

"Yeah, it hurt. But he didn't mean to hurt me, and it's not that bad."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, Blaine. I'm fine. Don't worry." Kurt smiles and kisses Blaine lightly.

"You didn't tell me about your hand." Blaine states as Kurt pulls back, pulling him closer by the hips.

"I bit it when Dave examined my knee. You know, so the knee wouldn't hurt as bad."

"Oh… Okay."

"I have no clue about this weird line, though." Kurt says and points to it.

Blaine chuckles. "That is weird, indeed."

Blaine moves Kurt backwards and pushes him onto the bed. "Let's not worry about that now."

They kiss and cuddle for hours, until dinner which they once again eat in Kurt's bedroom. Kurt freaks out in the evening about having to go back to school the next day so Blaine goes downstairs to get Burt.

"Dad. I still feel sick." Kurt states, as he tries to look as miserable as possible.

"Did you throw up today?" Burt narrows his eyes at his son.

"Almost, I gagged a lot. Nothing came out, though."

"Alright. Well then you better stay in bed for a couple more days."

"Can- can Blaine stay?" Kurt asks carefully, looking at the wall rather than at his father.

"You have both behaved, so I am going to trust you Kurt. Don't make me regret it."

"Thank you so much, dad."

"Blaine." Burt says and turns to look at Blaine, who is sitting by Kurt's mirror. "Are you feeling sick?"

"No, sir."

"Well, then." Burt stands up to walk out, but stops by the door. "Maybe you should go home for a few hours, though. Your sister's bound to miss you."

Blaine looks at his feet. "Actually, we had a fight."

"Oh…" Burt says. "Then maybe you should resolve it."

"I will, sir. It just… has to take some time."

"Okay. Well, then. Good night boys."

"Good night." the boys chorus.

"Um… I'll change." Blaine states and goes into the bathroom.

When he gets out, Kurt is dressed in his pajamas too, but he is sitting on top of the covers.

"What did you and Blair fight about?" he asks as Blaine stops beside the bed.

"Nothing really." Blaine bends to move the duvet to get I bed.

Kurt stops him. "Tell me. Please?"

"Well…" Blaine begins and then sighs, as Kurt moves under the covers. "She has been really emotional since her best friend moved in with her boyfriend, far away from here. So when I told her I would be staying here for a few days she got angry because she thought I didn't love her anymore and wanted to abandon her just like Linda did." Blaine lies.

"Ah… Girls." Kurt states and Blaine giggles.

Blaine feels horrible about lying to Kurt. I will tell him about me, soon. But I might never be able to tell him about what Blair did. That, he would never understand and accept…

To be continued!

Author's notes: I hoped the Azimio-killing wasn't too ridiculous! :P In the next chapter Blaine will tell Kurt about himself! Reviews make me happy! :D