Written for Shezli for reasons that will become obvious.

"Adam, darling. It'll be fine," Judy Copeland reassured her son for what felt like the hundredth time that day. "You love him and he loves you. Today will be over with in no time." Adam smoothed his palms over his thighs, trying to straighten his already perfect dress pants out. Judy gently rested her hands on his shoulders and nudged him to sit down in front of her.

"It's not that," he sighed as she started to run a hair brush through his hair. "It's the fact that..." He broke off and scrubbed his hands across his face in frustration. Judy put the brush down and pressed a soft kiss to the top of her sons head.

"I love you," she said firmly. "Whatever else happens remember that. And you know that the gorgeous man out there loves you too. That man is going to treat you like a prince for the rest of your life. You're going to be just fine." She shared a soft smile with her son in the mirror before someone knocked on the door. The two of them turned just as Jay poked his head in.

"Sorry to interrupt but it's time," he told them. Judy smiled sweetly.
"We'll be out in a few seconds," she promised. Jay nodded and left shutting the door behind him. Judy turned back to her son, placing her hands gently on his cheeks.

"You ready?" she asked gently. Adam took a deep breath then nodded. Judy smiled at him and they walked down the hall to the veranda. Adam had insisted on getting married in his own backyard and his fiancé had agreed. Standing in front of the glass doors Adam began to fidget worse than he had before. Judy just shook it off and looped her arm through his before pushing the doors open and leading Adam down the aisle. She knew that as nervous as he was he would regret not getting married today much more than he would ever regret getting married. She handed her son off to his fiancé at the end of the aisle, making sure to get a whispered threat in when he leant down to kiss her cheek, and kissed Adams cheek before she took her seat. Jay was standing next to Adam, which was only fitting considering how close they were. Of course Jay also had to nudge Adam occasionally as he kept getting distracted by looking at the man he was marrying.

By the time the ceremony was finally over Judy had several tissues clenched in her fist. It had been beautiful, the couple having written their own vows, and she hadn't been the only one crying. She was the first to congratulate the newly married couple before she started to set the food out. Adam had wanted a simple reception and, being wrapped firmly around his finger, his new husband had agreed to whatever Adam wanted. It was a good sign in Judy's opinion. The fact that Randy Orton knew what was good for him by folding to her son was a sign for a long and happy marriage. He treated her Adam perfectly, and as long as he continued to make him happy then nothing could make her happier. Her baby was married and happy. And that was good enough for Judy.

So this was meant to go a little bit differently. Judy kind of took over…I might have to do a take of this from Adams POV. One day. But Shezli seems to have planted the Redge bunnies in my brain. Not that I mind. Let me know what you think!