Chapter 1. Where did it all go wrong?

Disclaimer: I do not live in the United States so it is impossible for me to be Rick Riordan. Also, if I was, PjO would be a Pertamis story rather than a Percabeth. Nuff said.

There was fog everywhere and the entire city had been destroyed with the exception of the empire state building standing alone, silhouetted in the background but that was a good sign, Olympus still stood. As the dust began to settle the final result of the battle could be seen, Typhon, The king of monsters has faded by the hand of none other than Perseus Jackson. But all was not well as said hero collapsed only to be caught by Artemis, Goddess of the hunt. As Percy lay there his form began to flicker, he looked into the silver eyes of the Goddess before him and couldn't help but think that he had lived well. He had saved everyone, he was the best hero of all time and now he was fading. He barely heard Artemis as she cried for him begging him not to leave but all he could do was lie there and say his final words.

"Artemis, I love you." Percy whispered hoarsely as he pressed it into her palm and closed her fingers around it. Then everything started to go black and the last thing he heard was Artemis gasp.

"Percy, I love you to." Artemis said as she began screaming uncontrollably at the loss of the one man she would ever love.

Three months earlier.

Percy was in heaven, he was completely content with his life. He had Annabeth the most beautiful bookworm in the world, she was his better half, she was his everything, she was his wisegirl. Perseus had finally decided to settle down, now that the quest against the titans was completed, the giants were defeated. He was finally able to think about what he wanted in his life and only one answer kept returning in his mind. Annabeth Annabeth Annabeth. This was all the motivation Percy needed, he was going to pop the question, he was going to ask Annabeth to be his wisegirl now and forever.

So with that in mind Percy began making plans for the big day when he would ask her and so he began his way though camp Half-Blood heading in the direction of the Hephaestus forges to make a ring so special that it would be impossible to say no to. Over the years since Percy had made the request that all gods recognise and claim their children really allowed the camp to flourish. Its size was now astounding, there were campers almost everywhere going about their activities be it archery, close quarters, canoeing, or small games of capture the flag.

The big house had an extra floor added to accommodate guests that would frequent camp Half-Blood. Shortly after the giants war Percy had made another request of the gods, which allowed the mortal parents to come visit their children when they wish to. This was widely accepted as it was far safer for the families to visit their child while in camp rather than risk monster attacks.

Percy, having finished the ring finished his plan for the perfect night and began to set it in motion. He went to the Athena cabin and gave it a special knock that allowed Annabeth to know who was waiting outside. She quickly tidied herself up and promptly opened the door and embraced Percy with a hug.

"Percy, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit." Annabeth stated.

Percy mock glared "I was wondering if you wanted to, you know, go out to dinner… with me."Percy was already beginning to fear for what her reply may be, he needed to do this tonight, the timing had to be perfect.

"Sure, I would love to Percy, just let me grab a few things." Annabeth said as she retreated back into the Athena cabin only to emerge shortly after.

'That's my wise girl, doesn't need to get dressed up, she already looks better than any of those Aphrodite girls' Percy thought. Annabeth looked at Percy's seemingly lost expression as he gazed at her.

"Uhhh earth to Seaweed Brain, are we going to go or are you just going to stand there staring at me" she spoke smugly.

"Huh? Oh right… sorry, let's get going" Percy blurted, his cheeks reddening with embarrassment that he was caught daydreaming as he began to walk them to a secluded part of the beach where he had spent considerable time preparing.

Annabeth was breath taken at what Percy had prepared for her "You did all this for me? Wow Percy, I'm impressed, it looks like you do know how to impress a lady." Annabeth said, her voice clearly filled with shock.

"Annabeth, I don't know how many times I've told you but I'll say it again, I would do anything for you" Percy stated, now it was Annabeth's turn to blush "Anyway, shall we eat" he asked, she just nodded quickly trying to get over the words Percy had said and proceeded to sit on the cover that was on the ground.

The image around them was surreal, on one side the ocean was peaceful and the tide was giving off a soothing sound. On the other side there were some of the most beautiful trees Annabeth had ever seen.

"How did you find this place" she asked in wonder.

"I sort of stumbled across it one time when I was swimming in the ocean and straight away I knew that it was a special area. It's right on the camps borders so few people ever come here." Percy explained as he pulled out a picnic basket filled with each of their favourite foods but there was a little secret Percy had added. He had cooked them with the addition of ambrosia to maximize the flavour to impress his love all the more.

They began eating silently just enjoying each other's company and the view, soaking in the atmosphere of the evening.

"Wow Percy, did you cook these? They are amazing" Annabeth asked shocked.

"Yeah, I tried mixing in a little extra something for an additional flavour kick." Percy chuckled. He then noticed that the sun had begun to set and knew it was time to ask the question he had been waiting all night for.

"Annabeth I…" he began

"Percy, I need to talk to you seriously for a minute ok?" Annabeth interrupted.

"Ok, shoot" Percy said curiously.

"Look Percy, the school year is starting soon and I got into California's college of Architecture, art and design. I will be able to become one of the best architects ever" she stated.

"And what does this have to do about me" Percy questioned.

"Well you see, there are some wild parties on campus and I don't know if I would be able to remain faithful. Therefore I chose to end this relationship on good terms to make sure I don't betray you." Annabeth spoke sadly.

Percy let what she said set in for a minute while he was in deep thought 'Why is she doing this? Can't she see that I love her? I can barely live without her'. He started to tear up which did not go unnoticed by Annabeth.

"Look Percy…" she tried to amend.

"Is that your final choice?" he whispered.

"What?" Annabeth asked.

"Is that your final choice!" Percy yelled.

"Yes Percy, I'm sorry but it is…" she replied meekly.

"Then I guess I have no need for this" Percy muttered as he threw the box containing the ring next to Annabeth and began walking away.

"Percy wait… please" she said. He continued walking until he got to the ocean, tears streaming down his face he took one last look back at Annabeth before disappearing into the water.

Annabeth picked up the box hesitantly and opened it. She gasped as she dropped it only to hastily snatch it back up and pull the ring out. The not so wisegirl examined the ring in all its beauty, it was made of silver and gold which intertwined until it reached the diamond. The ring sparkled amazingly in the setting sun and Annabeth began to cry at what she had just done. 'Why… how could I have been so stupid, the signs he was giving me all this time…' She thought as she examined the ring further only to notice on the inside was the message 'I love you now, and forever. You're Seaweed Brain.' and on the opposite side to said message, under the diamond was an owl perfectly crafted out of celestial bronze.

She quickly took out a drachma to talk to Percy but what she saw in the IM made her gasp and quickly destroy the connection.

"Percy please come back… Please… I'm so sorry" Annabeth choked out as she cried herself to sleep on the last place she will probably see Percy in a long time. (This seemed like a good place to stop but since it is my first chapter I will continue it a little bit.)

Percy didn't know where he was swimming to, he just went where ever the ocean decided to take him, his tears barely noticeable now being surrounded by seawater. After what felt like a few hours of sulking he decided it might be best to head back to camp, but just then a structure in the distance caught his attention, it looked like a palace. Having nothing better to do and needing to put his mind on other matters, he decided to check it out.

Upon his arrival, he discovered how big the palace actually was, and it was surrounded by a huge bustling town. Mer-people began greeting him and bowing to him, which just confused him even more as he knew this couldn't be his father's palace, that was destroyed during the titan war 2 and a half years ago.

Percy arrived at the entrance to the palace and promptly floated his way to the throne room only to stop in shock at seeing his father there conversing with Amphitrite and Triton. Poseidon looked up to see who had entered and smiled when he saw Percy, but he saw his son's face change to that of one filled with great grief. The sea god stood and began walking to Percy but stopped as the demi-god slammed into his father hugging him, just needing some comfort. Poseidon began to read his son's mind and quickly discovered what had Percy so depressed which caused the sea god to hug his child even tighter.

"Percy, I'm so sorry. If there is anything I can do for you just ask." Poseidon whispered comfortingly.

"Dad I just don't know what to do with my life now, before I had it so planned out but now everything is just gone…" Percy whispered submissively.

"How's about this Percy, you stay here at the palace with me until you feel capable of leaving, and I will curse that daughter of Athena. If she goes near any form of water, I will personally smite her, screw what Athena will try and do to stop me" said the sea god, a gasp was heard and both Poseidon and Percy looked in the direction to see the last remains of an IM disappearing.

"That would be great dad, at least this way I feel that she will be suffering having to smell bad all the time."Percy chuckled mildly.

"Go to a room my son, any will be fine and you may stay as long as you like." Poseidon said motioning for him to exit through the door that leads to the private quarters.

"Thanks dad, for everything, I'll cya later" said the demi-god as he made his was out of the room.

One week later Percy was still sulking, he would seldom leave his room, everything he needed was in it. A bathroom that was tiled with huge sea shells that looked magnificent, a king sized bed that had an imprint of a trident of the cover with beautiful carvings on the headboard. The room was big with the walls made out of coral that seemed to glow every colour possibly related to the sea, there was even a door that led to a private lounge with a 60 inch TV but he barely ever used that room. He didn't need to leave his room to eat, all of the daily meals were brought to him and if he needed snacks he had a fridge and pantry packed with instant food.

Percy was finally starting to get over the hurt of being dumped, and was about to leave his room when he felt an earthquake. He quickly barged out the door and saw a merman.

"Hey what's going on!" Percy yelled above the sound.

"Oceanus is attacking, Poseidon has gone outside to confront him." The merman replied.

"Oh shit" Percy muttered as he floated out to help.

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