Chapter 10. I arrive to save the day.

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"Enter!" Boomed a voice far more ancient than Greece, far more ancient than Chaos himself making Percy wonder what he had gotten himself into this time.
"My boy, that prophesy is completely about you. And who am I? Why I am the real creator of the Universe, I am the father to Chaos. I am Order." The god of Order spoke giving off a grin that lit the room to be just as bright as the walls that the throne room was made of.
"Do you honestly think that this is your first life? The first time you have been used as a soul? Because that is far from the truth. Now I know you are familiar with re-birthing from the underworld, and I can tell you that you are on your third life." Order spoke confidently as he frowned at Percy's naivety.
"It is what is required, my boy, now you reach even me in power. All that stands in your way is Chaos, but even with your powered up state, you are not enough to beat him which leads to my final gift to you, child. You will be my replacement, you will correct my mistake and become the new god of Order" The ancient God spoke as he stood up, grinning as he placed his hands on Perseus' shoulders.
Then a bright golden light shone out as the final figure appeared from the hole and then she saw him. She saw the one person that made the world stop and allowed her heart to live again. Perseus Jackson, the man she loved had returned and she was never going to let him go.

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Percy stepped through the rift he had made and emerged from the other side almost instantly. The first thing he saw was the carnage that had taken place around Manhattan and a few Gods struggling on the ground in pain. It seemed that several had fallen at the hands of the enemies but thankfully, none of them had faded. Sure he could retrieve them from the faded realm but a moment there can be a world of difference here.

After scanning the battle scene that had paused upon his arrival, Perseus' eyes locked with Artemis' and he saw something he thought he would only ever dream about. In her eyes he saw love and longing, and he knew, it was all for him. Then what happened next was a blur and all Percy felt was her lips on his own, fitting perfectly and in that moment, the world vanished from his mind. All he felt was bliss and peace, happiness and contentedness, everything merged together and he just felt complete, whole. He now had all he needed in life, he had his motivation to live and that was exactly what he planned to do.

"Now while this is all sooooo touching" Chaos drabbled sarcastically "We were in the middle of something I would like to see finished immediately"

Chaos began concentrating his power and began bringing the void to Earth, taking away the very oxygen that humanity needed to survive. As the darkness began to fill the world, it was suddenly eradicated by the golden light of Order. Silence fell over everyone once again until Percy spoke.

"Now now Chaos, I can't go and let you destroy the world now can I? That's hardly fair on all those living on it" Perseus spoke smugly, grinning from ear to ear.

"How did you do that! There is no one, NO ONE that can match my power!" Spoke the being of Darkness incarnate, his face that of complete shock.

"You said it yourself the last time we met. You were not the first being in the universe… I met someone even older than you, and now in that sense I am far older than you too. For you see, I have a power more ancient than your own, I have the power of Order" he mentioned, letting the power flow into his voice making the other immortals in attendance stagger at the weight of his words. "I hold the very power that created you, and with it, I will see you destroyed"

"No… No that's not possible, I have searched everywhere for another and always failed. How did you succeed in a few short months when I have failed for countless millennia…" Chaos muttered trying to comprehend the new information.

"Well, I guess you never checked the faded realm then huh. As you may have noticed, I brought some friends back with me." Percy laughed as he nodded his head in their direction.

Each gave their own nod of greeting while Uranus gave a sinister smile directed at Gaia who noticeably flinched and lowered her head to avert his gaze. Resulting in Uranus changing to a satisfied smug smile, the first to speak was Helios.

"So Apollo, my sun is looking a bit ill, you haven't been taking the best care of her have you. Tsk tsk, you know she requires constant care." The old sun god commented as he shook his head in disapproval.

"Yo its Helios
Been a few hundred years bro
How's it going?" Apollo grinned as he finished his haiku.

"Still giving everyone grief with those damned haikus… when will you ever give the world a break… Makes me want to fade all over again." Helios remarked placing more weight on his left leg as he shuddered to emphasise his point.

"Ouch man, that hurts… but let's get serious, we have quite the collection of immortals here and I believe someone wants revenge for your betrayal thousands of years ago. Oh look, here he comes now" Apollo finished with a smirk as Hyperion barrelled towards Helios, the battle of father and son about to begin.

"I think dear brother may need my help." Selene muttered as she too joined in the battle.

"I want that one" was Hercules simple remark as he pointed at the primordial Ophion who looked like a human snake, scales covering his skin making him look heavily armoured.(A.N. Imagine or google an argonian from elder scrolls)

Hebe merely shrugged and decided to help Hercules knowing that he would be in over his head by taking on a protogenoi alone, though he would never admit it. Each immortal chose an opponent and the battles began. Poseidon verses Pontus, Zeus verses Chronos, Hera verses Thesis, Hades verses Erebus, Artemis verses Nyx, Apollo verses Aether, Ares verses Tartarus, and Hephaestus verses Phusis. Athena had been forced by Poseidon to stay out of the fight seeing as she had become pregnant and Aphrodite didn't want to break a nail and so she settled for playing the role of cheerleader for her husband. Dionysus, having been allowed to drink again was in no state to fight anyone, and so he chose to dance around merrily while shouting vulgar obscenities.

The primordial's Hydros and Thalassa along with Hemera eagerly waited for their turn to battle while Chaos stood at the back cautiously eyeing Perseus and analysing what he could potentially do. He looked at the titans in front of him excluding Hyperion and Kronos and decided to give the new god of Order a test.

"All of you, attack him and destroy everything. Leave nothing left to allow him to reform but make sure he does not fade, for if he does, he can just come back. He gave that away when he came back." Chaos ordered, his face was devoid of emotion but he let absolute darkness and menace flow into his voice to intimidate each titan into doing his bidding.

Each of the titans charged forwards as they prepared to unleash mass destruction on Percy, but as they got close, the very pressure of the air got heavier until they could no longer move and were all stuck bowing down to him.

"Why fight when you cannot even stand" Perseus smirked as he swiped his hand through the air across when the titans lay.

The very matter in front of Percy began to destabilise as the Titans were released from the god of order's pressure. Knowing that even together they stood no chance, they began to flee but Percy wasn't finished with them, not by a long shot. The young god moved faster than most eyes can track and began delivering swift justice to each titan. To those watching, all that could be seen were titans stumbling around air but they knew from Chaos' startled face that what was happening was far worse.

Perseus didn't need to resort to godly powers, his strength was enough to deal with petty titans, and all they were really doing was providing a good warm up. He chuckled as he stopped moving and all of the titans dropped down writhing in pain, Percy looked up at chaos with a smirk capable of striking fear into the toughest of enemies. And Chaos was no exception. For the first time in his life, Chaos had someone who was a threat to him, someone who could potentially end him. And he knew that one mistake would be too many, but despite the fear of being faced with his own… mortality, he was excited, to finally test the extent of his power against a foe who could endure and perhaps even return the same damage.

*Scene change*

Poseidon was eyeing down Pontus, neither backing down, it was almost as if the very seas were at war while they were standing stock-still. The Olympian god knew that he was no match for Pontus, none of the gods could match up to a primordial without help, but they hadn't a choice to start with. But when Percy returned, they felt stronger, like a blessing had been placed on each of them making them fight on equal footing with the protogenoi and he knew now that his son had achieved a status far greater than any could ever comprehend and he was proud.

But that thought quickly grew distant in his mind as he estimated his foe, knowing that there were more opponents after his head than any of the other gods present. Hydros, Thalassa and Pontus were all deities of the sea and each one would want a piece of him, he just hoped they weren't saving the strongest for last. Poseidon didn't know how far the blessing from his son could go seeing as Percy's power would be concentrated on Chaos not to mention that all the other Olympians received the blessing too.

The sea god couldn't stand to lose his son again, the moment he had stepped through that portal, it was like a piece of his heart became whole again. No father likes to see their son die and be unable to help prevent it. Pontus interrupted Poseidon's thoughts.

"Well are we going to do this or not little fish, as fun as it is to watch the other battles, I would rather be in one of my own. So what say you?" The primordial sea god questioned as he took up a loose fighting stance while smirking at Poseidon's clear annoyance from the nickname.

"Fine, I hope you are ready because as you know, the full force of the sea is hard to resist old man." The Olympian sea god finished as he thought that he would never have to call someone old man.

Pontus' smirk grew into a sinister grin as he lunged forwards unleashing a small reserve of his own personal water that was still enough to full an average sized lake before quickly turning it into a hurricane. They were quickly enclosed within the ring of water to block outside interference and then their battle began. Poseidon shot a sea green beam out of his trident only to have it dodged by Pontus, the beam hit the hurricane and went around picking up speed before it fired back at the Olympian sea god. The blast knocked Poseidon off his feet as he was blasted back falling just short of the wall of water.

He staggered to his feet and stumbled forwards slightly, never had he been hit by his own power, that was one of the biggest insults Pontus could have given him. As the younger gods vision began to clear, he saw the primordial running towards him with a spear made of stygian iron coated in poisoned water. Poseidon quickly raised his trident to deflect the blow but it grazed his shoulder and he immediately began to feel its effects, it was like the sea in his veins was being drawn out, his very life force. He knew that it was time to use his son's blessing to its best.

The younger sea god was enveloped in a golden cloak of energy that flowed through his body expelling the poison and healing his somewhat self inflicted wound. Poseidon felt that his son's blessing wouldn't last very long and so he would have to finish this battle quickly. Knowing there was no point in holding back, he unleashed the full force of the sea in his body, the ground began to shake causing Pontus to visibly pale as he began to lose balance. An earthquake unlike that of which the Earth has ever felt surrounded them as the ground tore itself apart under them.

"Now Poseidon please, let's be reasonable" Pontus pleaded as he fell due to the ground giving out under him.

"Oh its far too late for that Pontus, far far to late." The Olympian god finished as he unleashed his personal supply of water on Pontus.

The hurricane stopped as Pontus was trapped in a water prison that he had no control over, the ultimate insult to a god of the sea. As the surrounding wall of water dropped, Poseidon dropped to his knees in exhaustion only to be picked up by his throat by Hydros who had Thalassa standing right behind him.

"My my, looks like Pontus underestimated you. But now you having nothing left, we had hoped you would provide us with more entertainment but your death will suffi…" Hydros was interrupted as Aegis thrust through his chest.

"No one kills my husband without going through me first" Athena yelled as she slammed her shield into Thalassa face knocking her out cold.

Hydros looked at the spear thrusted through his immortal heart as ichor began flowing freely, quickly going light headed as he tried to cover the wound. The goddess of wisdom grabbed her spear and kicked Hydros off it, the primordial water god slammed into the ground out cold.

"Did I ever tell you how much I love you?" Poseidon sighed as he stood back up grinning.

"Yes, but it wouldn't hurt to hear it again" Athena teased as she moved closer, also grinning.

"I love you" He whispered as they kissed with battles still raging on around them.

*Scene change*

Ares was mad. No mad is an understatement, he was crazily furious that he had lost Aphrodite to his brother the blacksmith. He couldn't comprehend why she would go back to that crippled trash even if he had been reformed to suit his new realm as god of love. The god of war needed something big to vent his frustration and knew that Tartarus would be a good opponent to take all the pain he had to give. He knew Percy had blessed him but he was honour-bound to refuse, to show weakness to that little punk would make everyone think less of him. So he decided then and there that he would beat Tartarus by himself with no help.

Ares was never one to really talk about things, always one to kill first and ask questions later. So it came to no surprise for the god of nothingness and stormy hell when the second they were ready, the war god charged. But he could never prepare for the rage that radiated from Ares, it was enough to make any normal lower god cower in fear. Ares onslaught was fast and strong, slashing and slicing trying to get Tartarus to bleed his golden blood but the god of nothingness knew that fighting Ares like this would be pointless, he was not a god of combat, more of containment and torture and that's exactly what he planned to do.

Ares swung his sword horizontally in an attempt to behead Tartarus but the primordial pulled him into the darkest depths of hell.

"You think hiding in the dark will save you! I will use your golden blood to light my way back to the world and then I will smash each of your little friends." Ares yelled as he slashed his sword through the darkness trying to connect with anything.

A dark foreboding laugh echoed around the area devoid of all light, "You think you can find me? Let alone actually hurt me… you truly are insane Ares. Come on boy, throw your little tantrum so I can end you quickly." Tartarus snickered, his lips curling into a smile as he stood behind Ares and whispered in his ear "Or should I fight Hephaestus instead?"

Ares bellowed out a mighty yell as he swung his sword in a full circle around him before diving further into the darkness in search of his prey. He was blinded by his rage and so this darkness didn't affect him at all, he was in a blood lust and only the scent of another immortals blood would satisfy him. The war god heard Tartarus make a noise and took a step in his direction but his foot fell into a hole causing him to trip.

"Now now, we wouldn't want you falling into my realm of nothingness now would we?" The primordial god mocked gesturing to the darkness around him before stopping himself, Ares couldn't see him.

"Play your little games and have your petty tricks just know that your head will adorn a pike outside my palace when this battle is over." Ares smirked watching Tartarus thinking that he was completely oblivious to the primordial's location.

"Well I guess time for talking is finished and I grow bored so let's finish this." The god of nothingness muttered stifling a yawn to annoy Ares.

The war god merely grunted in acknowledgement and waited for Tartarus to strike but he didn't predict what Tartarus would do next, he unleashed his stormy side of hell and used Ares sword as an amplifier. He was blasted away from his weapon and landed with more than just his eyes on fire, the war god quickly got up and dusted himself off. He held out his hand to summon a spear which he quickly threw at Tartarus catching him by surprise and impaling him through the torso. The god of nothingness stumbled and gasped as pain shot through him as questions of how that just happened surfaced before he remembered what exactly his opponent was god of. War, tracking an enemy is a vital part of war and he was stupid enough to forget.

Tartarus pulled the spear from his body and dropped it into the void of nothingness as Ares appeared in front of him slashing down with his sword giving the primordial another deep wound. The protogenoi made a sword from the very storms of hell to fight Ares in combat and each clash the swords made, the war god would receive high volts of electricity. But each volt did little to quell Ares rage as he just kept swinging his sword, he was having the time of his life, fighting an opponent who could give it as good as he could take it.

Ares began laughing with each clash causing Tartarus to question his sanity but the protogenoi knew he had to end this soon, his power was fading and he was left with few options. The war gods hair was anything but tidy, the electricity making most of it stand up in off putting directions and the maniacal smile didn't help. Tartatus had been lost in his own realm for countless millennia and the gods had taken to using his hell as a place to store the unwanted. Only with the help of Chaos had he found his way back into the world and now when his revenge was close at hand, he was on the verge of falling back in.

But in his realm he was stronger, and he needed that strength to beat Ares and so he did the last thing he wanted to do, he would not lose to some young god. He swung at Ares and as they parried, he grabbed the war gods arm and pulled him down into nothingness with him.

*Scene change*

Hephaestus clashed with Phusis, blacksmith and fire verses nature. Initially he thought he had been wise to pick an opponent he could burn quickly but boy was he wrong. Sure taking down one plant of another was easy but a forest that never stops growing, now that's hard. Not to mention that there was a constant amount of vines trying to wrap around him as he was trying to move towards his enemy. The god of the forge knew that his power was falling quickly, he could barely keep the vines away with his flames and with each inch that they grew closer, he knew that is was an inch closer to his end.

But he wasn't sad, he had finally gotten what he had wanted all his life, these last few months of his life had been heaven and it was all thanks to Percy. He knew that kid was something special, and after choosing to leave Calypso on the island, he had come to respect the boy. To sacrifice an amazing beauty to go back to friends and help save the world, well a few months ago Hephaestus couldn't have said he would do the same thing. But now he finally felt loved, he had his beautiful wife who was now content with him and loved him just as much as he loved her. He would die happy knowing that Percy would save the day, and save his wife in the process, with that thought he felt the last of his power leave him and he blacked out as the vines began to tighten around him.

Hephaestus didn't know how long he had been out, a few seconds or a few hours but what awoke him was the most unexpected battle cry he had ever heard. As the blacksmith opened his eyes, he saw that the vines around him had been withdrawn by Dionysus standing nearby muttering something about these vines being perfect for grapes to go in his new wine. Hephaestus quickly looked around for Phusis but was surprised when he saw him engaged in combat with… Aphrodite and she looked furious. The primordial god of nature was on the retreat, Aphrodite was showing him all the new powers she had as she blasted him again and again. She was battling with the power of love and fire, two of the strongest forces known to the world and she was making Phusis sweat.

The forge god remembered that Aphrodite was a daughter of Uranus, she had the power of a titan and was gifted with realms of a god also. Her power was always underplayed but now Phusis was getting the full blast of her power and Hephaestus found himself content to watch her with a smile on his face. She had a small dagger with a hooked edge that, while looking extremely deadly, also had a built in mirror. It was the first weapon she had made with her new found talent and had exclaimed it was perfect, and Hephaestus had to reluctantly agree that it did in fact look great on her.

It was clear that Aphrodite was about to win, Phusis' power was nothing in comparison to the power of love and fire combined, his form flickering as he tried to hold on to what life he still had in him. Hephaestus watched as she delivered the final blow and Phusis couldn't hold on any longer, his essence leaving the universe. The blacksmiths eyes looked up at Aphrodite who still looked gracious despite having just finished a battle, she began making her way over to him with a sultry smile on her face.

"Did I ever tell you that I love it when you get dirty? Hades, don't even get me started on fighting a man's battles for him." Hephaestus joked which earned him a playful punch from Aphrodite as he chuckled.

"Oh ha-ha… but you do have a point, it does add to the attractiveness" She remarked as she pulled him in for a kiss feeling him smile before returning the kiss.

*Scene change*

Percy and Chaos separated from their clash and gazed around the battle field checking what had happened in the battles. Poseidon and Athena had won, as well as Hephaestus and Aphrodite, Ares might still be alive but it was unlikely he would ever be seen again. Hades and Erebus were still battling as well as Apollo in his fight with Aether.

Zeus and Hera had teamed up against Chronos and Thesis to finish them quickly but the primordial of time was slowing down their attempts. The gods that had finished their battles had gathered to watch the battle between Order and Chaos, albeit at a great distance. Artemis and Nyx had not been seen since the beginning and everyone assumed that they thought the battle was too crowded, and took their battle to the moon strengthening both of their powers.

Perseus smirked at Chaos, but his smile faltered when he saw the father of the protogenoi with a big grin.

"I'm sorry, did I miss the joke?" the god of order questioned as he raised an eyebrow in disbelief at Chaos.

"Well think about it boy, if I beat you all their victories would have been for nothing and don't go thinking they can help you. Surely even you have noticed that the power being emitted from our battle would be too much for any of them to handle. And don't think that I didn't notice you giving each of them a blessing, which took a rather big expenditure of energy. With all of that, don't you think I would feel confident in my odds against you?" Chaos grinned even more which did not suit his face, it looked like a witch covered in moles. (The moles being the stars(I know a weird image))

"Look, how about we get back to this battle and let our actions speak" Percy offered while deeply thinking of the odds for his victory.

"Now that's more like it. More chaos, FUN!" Chaos screeched as he drew a sword of pure darkness made of the very realm he resided over.

Perseus clicked riptide turning it into sword form having had his other sword broken by Chaos. Each time their swords would clash, the sound barrier would break as the clash thundered around the remains of Manhattan.

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