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Chapter 3: Cabin-Mates

Early in the morning a minivan traveled down the streets heading for the camp bus pick-up site. Inside Mrs. Takenouchi was humming to a song on the radio while occasionally looking in the rearview mirror to watch the two girls that were sleeping peacefully in the back seat. Suddenly a cellphone rang. The two girls stirred at the sound and in response the older girl slipped her hand into her pocket and answered the phone while rubbing her eyes.

"Hello?" she answered sleepily.

"Sora?" she heard a familiar voice speak to her on the other end of the line.

"Tai?" Sora blinked, surprised at how gruff and tired her friend sounded.

"Yeah it's me. Listen… can I talk to Kari?" Tai asked.

"Sure," Sora murmured still surprised.

She moved to hand the phone to Kari but saw that the little girl had gone back to sleep.

"Kari," Sora shook the younger girl awake again.

"Huh?" Kari rubbed her eyes, but took the phone from Sora.

"Hey squirt," Tai said, a smirk evident in his voice.

"TAI!" Kari's eyes snapped open and started to water as she remembered last night.

"Sup?" Tai grinned from the other end of the line, but with a concerned edge.

"Don't worry about me," Kari blinked away her tears. "H-how are you?"

"I'm fine."

"You don't sound fine," Kari frowned.

She was not satisfied with her brother's answer. He had been practically chocking on his own breath last night for God's sake!

"I'll be fine," She heard her brother reassured her. "Always am aren't I?"

"Ok..." She said slowly.

"So, are you excited?" Her brother's voice was almost overflowing with enthusiasm.

"No. You're not here," Kari frowned and a tear slid down her face.


"Kari," She heard her brother sigh wearily. "You shouldn't feel guilty. It just happened at the wrong time. Just a bit of bad luck on my part."

"But..." Kari spluttered.

"No buts," Tai said firmly. "You've waited years for this..." Tai's voice faltered. "Don't let me get in the way. Now you and Sora have fun Kar. If not for yourselves then have fun for me, ok?"

"Ok..." Kari said slowly.

"Great," she heard Tai say happily. "Listen Kari you're going to have a blast. Camp is great! Have a great time, make friends and come home with loads of stories to tell me alright?"

"Ok Tai," Kari smiled sadly. "But only if you get better ok?"

"Will do," Tai stated. "See ya when you get back Kar."

"Bye Tai," Kari sighed before hanging up and handing the phone back to Sora just as Mrs. Takenouchi pulled into parking lot where the camp buses were waiting to pick up the campers. When they got out, Kari and Sora soon joined the mob of excited students from their elementary school and were soon loaded up on the bus after saying good-bye to Sora's mother. As they looked for a place to sit, Kari spotted Matt at the back of the bus and dragged Sora along with her to take the seats in front of the blond boy.

"Hey Matt," Sora smiled.

"Sora. Kari," Matt nodded before frowning slightly. "Where's Tai?"

Kari ignored the question and pretended to be preoccupied with getting comfortable in her seat. Sora cast Kari a worried look before leaning over the back of her seat to whisper to Matt.

"Tai had a bad asthma attack last night," she informed him. "It really spooked Kari, and Tai really wants her to enjoy herself. Could we please not talk about it?"

Matt's eyes widened a bit at the news but nodded.

"Sure Sora… Boy that's rough," he said softly, feeling sorry for Kari.

Sora nodded before noticing the little blond boy sitting beside Matt in the window seat. He looked a lot like the older boy.

"And who's this?" Sora asked smiling in a normal tone.

Hearing the change in conversation Kari rejoined them and peeked over her seat to see whom Sora was talking about.

"Ah," Matt blinked, "This is my little brother Takeru."

"But you can call me TK," the little boy beamed.

"It's nice to meet you TK. I'm Sora. I didn't know you had a brother Matt," Sora smiled.

"Yeah well…" Matt shrugged uncomfortably.

"What's your name?" TK asked Kari.

"Kari," she answered. "Is this your first time going to summer camp too?"

"Yeah!" TK grinned. "I've always wanted to go but my Mom didn't want me to go by myself so she got Daddy to get Matt to come with me."

"So that's what you mean by you were talked into going to camp," Sora laughed at Matt.

Again Matt shrugged uncomfortably.

When the buses finally left the school Sora and Kari continued to talk excitedly about camp to TK and Matt and two and a half hours later they arrived at the campsite, feeling a little queasy because of the smoke from the bus.

"Alright kids! Listen up!" Mr. Fujiyama called out over the noise on their bus after they parked. "For those of you who don't know me, I'm Mr. Fujiyama and I'm going to be one of your camp supervisors. Once you get off this bus and retrieve your luggage head on over to the registration cabin just over there. You can see it from here and can't miss it. There is a bulletin board there with a list of your names and of the cabins. After you find your name on the list and what cabin you're in head to that cabin and check in with you're councilor. They'll tell you where to put your stuff and give you a tour of the camp. You can give any letters you want to send home to me. Any questions? No? Well then, have fun and see ya around camp!"

Sora, Kari, Matt and TK were the last ones to get off the bus and took their time to get over to the cabin assignment board so that the crowd around it could thin a little. Sora and Matt left TK and Kari with the luggage while they went to see what cabins they would be staying in.

"TK, we're in cabin eight," Matt informed his little brother when he returned.

"Kari and I are in cabin eight also," Sora grinned.

"Really?" TK and Kari exclaimed excitedly, giving each other high-fives, happy to be staying in the same cabin with their new friends.

"Didn't realize that these cabins were mixed," Matt frowned.

"You're not shy are you Matt?" Sora teased the blond slightly.

"Nah," Matt shook his head with a small smile with a pink tinge on his cheeks. "Just didn't expect mixed cabins."

Sora shrugged. The camp cabins were usually distributed evenly so that there'd be four boys and four girls in each cabin.

"The cabins are sectioned," Sora explained. "Boy's half and girl's half."

"Whatever," Matt shrugged and picked up his and TK's luggage and soon the four of them were off to cabin eight to meet their other cabin-mates. When they got there, there was a boy with navy blue hair and large framed glasses outside their cabin looking at a clipboard nervously, clicking the pen he was holding furiously.

"Hi!" Sora smiled. "I'm Sora Takenouchi, and this is Kari Kamiya, Matt-!"

"Ishida and Takeru Takaishi," Matt finished for her.

Sora blinked surprised at hearing that the brothers had two last names.

"Ah!" the older boy nodded, checking something off on the clipboard before frowning. "Right… no Tai Kamiya?"

"My brother couldn't make it," Kari mumbled.

"Sorry," the older boy stammered guiltily before waving his hand to indicate the cabin behind him. "Well then you're the last to arrive. Girls' half of the cabin is on the left and boys' on the right. Oh! My name's Joe Kido by the way. I'm… well you're cabin councilor I guess."

"Guess?" Matt raised an eyebrow, scoffing.

"Yeah…" Joe laughed nervously rubbing the back of his neck. "Jason, who was supposed to be you're counselor caught the flu bug that's been going around and they called me in at the last minute to substitute for him. Good thing he's tutoring me or I wouldn't dream of doing this." He explained.

Matt nodded in understanding.

"Thank you, Joe," Sora smiled before pulling Kari along behind her into the cabin and taking the door on the left. Inside was another girl in a pink cowgirl dress with a pink cowgirl hat hanging down her back from around her neck. She was really pretty looking with her amber eyes and silky looking caramel colored hair that she was tying up in a ponytail.

"Oh this is a nightmare," the girl huffed as she kicked aside her suitcase. "This humidity is already doing major damage to my hair! Oh I knew that I should have gone to cheerleading camp, but no! My friends wanted to come to this camp and we didn't even get in the same cabin! My poor hair…"

"Oh boy," Sora muttered under her breath, facepalming and making Kari giggle.

"Oh hello," the pretty girl giggled when she realized that she was no longer alone. "I'm Mimi. Mimi Tachikawa."

"Sora Takenouchi," Sora nodded in greeting.

"And I'm Kari Kamiya," Kari smiled.

"Kamiya…" Mimi pouted, tapping a manicured finger to her lips. "Oh! You wouldn't happen to be related to a Tai Kamiya would you?"

"He's my older brother," Kari smiled.

"You know Tai?" Sora asked frowning.

"Of course!" Mimi blinked looking scandalized. "Who at our school in the third through sixth grades wouldn't know who he is? He's only one of the best soccer players our school's had in like forever! Oh! I know you too! You're on the soccer as well aren't you? I didn't recognize you with that hat on."

Sora blushed a little.

"And how do you know that?" Kari asked.

"I'm on the cheer squad," Mimi shrugged as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. "I know about all the good players because I have to go to all the games and I know that Sora and Tai are the best players we've got." She gave Sora a victory sign.

'Ok, maybe she's not so bad, a bit too random and preppy though' Sora mused to herself.

"Is Tai here?" Mimi asked Kari.

"No," Kari shook her head. "He…he's sick."

"Oh that's too bad," Mimi smiled sadly. "Oh! I know! Lets go meet the rest of our cabin mates." Trying to lighten Kari's mood.

Sora and Kari quickly deposited their luggage on their beds and followed the pink clad girl out into the main cabin area where Joe, Matt, TK, and a short boy with a frizzy head of rustic red hair were gathered. The unknown boy was sitting apart from the other three boys and was typing away at his laptop computer. Sora recognized it as one of the newer Pineapple models.

"Oh so you're in this cabin too Izzy?" Mimi asked the boy.

"Yeah," he nodded, not taking his eyes off his laptop.

"Well now that we're all here," Joe coughed, "Why don't we go around and introduce ourselves saying our names, ages and what grade we're in before we tour the camp grounds? Umm… I'm Joe Kido, I'm twelve, and in the sixth grade."

"I'll go next!" TK grinned, raising his although they're in class. "I'm TK Takaishi and I'm eight years old and in the second grade."

"Hi yall!" Mimi smiled brightly. "I'm Mimi Tachikawa, ten years old and in the fourth grade."

"Matt Ishida, eleven, grade five," Matt shrugged, not very interested.

"Well I'm Sora Takenouchi," Sora smiled, "and I'm also eleven years old and in the fifth grade."

"Hi, I'm Kari Kamiya and I'm seven years old and in the second grade, but I'll be turning eight in September," Kari smiled.

Everyone now looked at the boy Mimi had called Izzy. Sensing this, the boy sighed, finally shut his laptop and introduced himself.

"…I'm Koushiro Izumi, but everyone just calls me Izzy," the boy stated blankly. "I'm in the fourth grade and just turned ten."

"Well!" Joe smiled. "Now that we've all been introduced why don't I show you around the camp?"

"OK!" TK and Kari smiled while Sora and Mimi nodded with smiles and Matt and Izzy just shrugged as they all followed Joe.

So things seem to be off to a great start at camp, but how long will that last? Find out what happens next time on Digimon Digital Monsters!

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