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Like the Wind

"Parker, please tell me this isn't what I think it is," Hardison said to her.

"Hardison I'm sorry," she replied, "but you have to admit that that play was beyond boring. You promised me an interesting evening."

Hardison started to object but stopped himself, she was right, the play had really tanked – it'd been worse than all of Sophie's plays. They'd walked out through the first act and had been walking through the quiet streets when Parker had dragged him to the First National Bank.

They got into the bank without incident and made their way to the vaults. Watching her Hardison knew that this hadn't been a spur of the moment decision for her, she'd come prepared.

"Parker, how long have you been planning this?" asked her.

"Not long," she replied, "and I would have told you but you were so excited about us going to the play, you know us spending time together not doing a job." At his raised eyebrows she added, "It's not as if we're actually going to steal it."

They stood looking at it in silence. "It's the Raphael that's been missing for years, isn't?" he asked her.

She nodded, put it back and began to close the vault.

"I believe you're trespassing on private property," a voice said behind them. Parker and Hardison turned.

"Well if it isn't Neal Caffrey," Parker said smiling at him, "I thought you'd left all this second story business behind."

"I could say the same of you," Neal said, smiling at her, "I thought you were legit these days. Helping people no one else is willing to help."

"What are you doing here, anyway? I thought the FBI had you on a pretty tight leash." She pointed at his leg.

'Yeah," Neal replied, "they do. That's why I'm here tonight. I heard that you knew some people who could help me with it."

"How is Mozzie?" Parker asked him.

"He's actually outside waiting for us," Neal replied. "We followed you from the theatre, although I wasn't surprised to see you end up here."

The three of them walked out onto the street where Mozzie was waiting. Hardison was surprised to see Parker hug the smaller man. They seemed genuinely happy to see each other.

"Neal tells us you need help," Parker told Mozzie.

"That we do," he replied. "I'm sure you've heard about Neal's entanglement with the Suits." He pointed at Neal's tracking device. "Word on the street is Alec Hardison is the man to see about such things."

Hardison looked at Mozzie and Neal; he was still reeling in shock. Parker actually had friends, and she kept tabs on them and he hadn't known about them.

"We know all about you," Mozzie told Hardison. "So the question is, will you help us?"

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