Written for a prompt by breathless_dawn on Then There's Us (Livejournal).

Rose Tyler finds herself pulled from a dreamless, deep sleep by a beeping noise. She finds herself extremely aggravated right away because she hasn't had a good nights rest in what seems like ages. She could probably pinpoint exactly the last time she slept well but that would mean delving into her past, and she's still not quite ready to do that.

"What's bleeping? What do I 'ave that bleeps?" Rose grunts out, her accent deepening and becoming almost incomprehensible, while she shoves messy bedridden hair out of her face. "Stop that right now, I don't 'ave anything that should bleep!" Rose yells into the empty room as she rummages around in her nightstand. Her phone? No, that's stuck on an obnoxious chirping sound that she can't seem to get rid of. Her alarm clock? No, she tossed that clear across the room where it promptly broke into several pieces. So what in the bloody hell was bleeping?

The blonde stumbles out of bed, only very nearly avoiding smashing her head on the floor when her left leg got caught up in her bed sheets.

Rose Tyler was now thoroughly livid, and yet the noise continued on like it had no idea that when she found the source of it she was going to smash it into bits.

Though if Rose hadn't of fallen she wouldn't have noticed that the bleeping noise was coming from under her bed, in a box that was shoved far into the furthest corner. She laid flat on her stomach and pushed herself under her bed, reaching towards the bright blue box that held a lifetime of memories. Her anger had quickly, nearly instantaneously had turned into dread.

"No, no, no this isn't what I think it is." Rose muttered darkly to herself as she sat up and dumped the contents of the box onto her floor, shoving things out of the way without really looking at them. If she looked she would have saw a simple key hanging from a silver chain, a pink and white phone that looked like it had seen better days, several papers and photographs- suddenly she had the source of the noise in her hands.

She scrambled for her phone, a plain black thing, and hit number 1 on her speed dial while twisting the seemingly innocent bracelet in her hand. A small red light on the bracelet was flashing in time with the noise.

"Rose, sweetheart, what's wrong?" Rose's mums concerned voice asked at once. It was, after all, past 3 in the morning.

"I'm sorry mum, but I need to speak to Pete." Rose hadn't grown comfortable with calling this worlds Pete dad yet. He was just so different from the Pete her mum had told her stories about, and even more different from the Pete who she had met at a wedding so many years ago. Luckily he didn't find this offensive.

"Rose?" Pete's clear voice broke though a bit of Rose's panic. Everything was going to be fine now. Even though she kept repeating that she couldn't quite get herself to believe it. She was currently hopping around her room, one hand on her phone and the other still holding the bracelet as she tried to shove some jeans on.

"The bracelet- the dimensional cannon, it's making the noise it does when it's recharging itself." Rose managed to get her jeans on properly and she blindly grabbed a jumper off the ground and pulled it over her shirt.

"How is that possible?" Rose could hear Pete moving, probably getting ready like she was to get to Torchwood as soon as they could. Rose was already shoving her feet into her trainers and running out of her room, through her small flat and out the door. "I thought you disabled it." Disabled was putting it lightly, and it wasn't her who had done it but Pete knew how sensitive she still was about the real person who did it.

"It was! There's no possible way for this to be working unless someone could somehow rebuild the majority of the machine and get the necessary battery cells to make it run." Pete knew how very impossible that was. They had barely managed to do it themselves, the entire world had chipped in for it. "I'm heading to Torchwood right now."

"I'll meet you there in fifteen." They both hung up as Rose ran down the street. Some might call her a bit obsessive. Alright, nearly everyone who met Rose Tyler called her obsessive, at least when it came to Torchwood. Rose couldn't help it though, all she had left in this world was Torchwood. If she didn't throw herself into her work she'd probably be a sobbing wreck. But of course someone who is obsessed with their work only lives three blocks away. She could have gotten even closer but she liked to run the three blocks.

"Good evening Miss Tyler." The security guy called out as Rose ran past. He didn't seem fazed by her sudden appearance, actually quite the opposite. It wasn't really a night without Rose Tyler rushing into the Torchwood building like someone was chasing her. The guard didn't mind, and he had stopped trying to get her to sign in a long time ago. He knew enough that if Rose Tyler was running that usually meant the world was in trouble, and there was no one better suited to setting things right than the blonde woman.

Rose ran into the elevator, pulling out her keycard as she ran before sliding it through and pushing the button for the basement. She tapped her foot impatiently before the doors opened again and she was once more running.

Running past bits of spaceships and whole ones. Past huge guns, barrels, boxes, equipment, more weapons, other things Torchwood simply had no idea what was, and suddenly she came to a white door. She swiped her card again, punching in a code, and then putting her hand onto the scanner.

The door swooshed open and she stepped inside, letting the door close behind her as she walked down aisle after aisle of neatly kept boxes. At the end of all the aisles there was a six feet radius of room where the dimensional cannon rested. At least where the platform and controls for the dimensional cannon rested.

When Rose had last saw it everything had been neatly piled into the corner and nothing had changed. It even had a fine layer of dust over it. Rose looked down at the bracelet, wondering if it was somehow malfunctioning. Then she remembered that there were no power cells in it for it to be working. It was just a chunky piece of junk now, but then why was it bleeping so insistently?

Rose walked over to the dimensional cannon and her eyes caught something on the control panel, a blue envelope was resting on it. Rose frowned as she picked it up carefully and turned it around in her hands, examining it. The front had her name with the Torchwood address, and around the address it was surrounded by stamps. She flipped it around and on it was a number zero in silver writing. She tore it open, her heart pounding as she pulled out a card.


16:30 MDT

37" O'38"N 110" 14' 34"W

Rose raised an eye brow before hearing a loud beep that made her jump. She looked down at the control panel, everything that was written on the card was now programmed into the small computer. The panel beeped once, the bracelet in her hand echoing it in a smaller tone and Rose barely had time to let out a gasp as the light turned from red to green.

Rose would have screamed but every atom that made her up was being pulled apart, transferring through the void and then reappearing and reforming in another place.

Her knees promptly gave out and she was left gasping for breath. She just barely managed to keep down the contents of her stomach. When she had been jumping from one universe to the other over a year go they had given her medication and shots to counteract the effects of the canon. Even then it had been difficult, it had taken her over six months to gain a tolerance for it but she hadn't been prepared and she felt very ill.

None of Rose's senses were working, and all she could do was hope she was somewhere safe as she tried to pull herself together. Sound was the first to come back, which wasn't helpful because besides the small pop from her ears, there was nothing to hear. Sight came back next, which didn't help either because she was suddenly very blinded by the bright light. She blinked back tears as she tried to get her eyes to adjust while the rest of her senses slowly came back to her.

The desert. She was in the middle of the bleeding desert.

Rose turned herself in a 360 but there was only desert everywhere she looked, for as far as she could see. She took a deep breath and tried not to panic as she picked a direction and started to walk.

Rose clenched her empty hands before flexing them. She tried not to think about the lost envelope, or more importantly, the dimensional cannon. The shock of suddenly being transported made her release both items, and now both were probably lost within the void. She just felt very lucky that when she let go of the bracelet she wasn't also stuck in the void.

She walked up a hill, with the sun beating down on her she had quickly grown very hot, and sweaty. Rose pulled off her jumper and tied it around her waist while trying to gain some footing in the sand that shifted and slipped beneath her trainers.

Over the hill was a long, winding road which was of some relief but what was more so of one was the car parked on the side of the road. There was a tall, skinny man with half his body in the backseat window, his legs swinging feebly in the air before he righted himself and stood up straight. In his hand was a cowboy hat. He turned it around in his hands as Rose made her way towards him, trying to remember all the moves she had learned in her self defense classes provided by Torchwood. She didn't want to hurt him, he actually looked supremely harmless in his tweed jacket and bowtie but she knew better than to judge anyone based on looks alone.

After thoroughly examining the hat from all angels he finally very carefully placed the hat on his head, and she was close enough now to see the extremely pleased look cross his young features. He shifted from foot to foot as he pushed his coat aside and pulled on his suspenders, wincing and rubbing his chest as they snapped back against him.

"Excuse me." Rose called out, her voice slightly hoarse from the combination of jumping dimensions and walking in the desert for what seemed like forever, but was probably only twenty minutes.

The man turned, a large grin on his face that quickly vanished as he took in the sight of her. Rose wasn't insulted at the look, she knew what a mess she probably looked. She had forgotten to comb or even pull her hair into a pony tail, so it was wild and tousled by sleep. She was also covered in a layer of sweat and sand, her shirt sticking uncomfortably to her. Not to mention she had just walked out of the middle of the desert. She's surprised he didn't get into his car and drive away as fast as he could.

"My name is Rose Tyler, I'm a bit- well I guess you could say lost." She gave him a grin, hoping it would put him more at ease as she came to stand five feet away from him. From this distance she could see how young he really was, probably just in his mid twenties and he looked like he belonged lecturing a college class, not in the middle of a desert with a cherry red car behind him.

"Lost?" His voice broke on the word and he cleared his throat and patted his pockets while simultaneously rocking on his heels. She tried not to remember another man who could never quite hold still for any small amount of time.

"Yes, I know how odd this seems, but if you've got a mobile on you?" She glanced around. "Though there's probably no signal out here, where is here by the way?" Rose tried to give him another disarming grin but it only seemed to make him balk further.

Just then a big school bus pulled up. Rose raised an eye brow, glancing left and right but she still seemed to be in the middle of a desert. So why, exactly, was the middle of the desert getting so many visitors? Perhaps this wasn't her old world, the one she was born on. Maybe she was in a different one, or maybe this wasn't Earth at all.

"Thanks!" A female voice called out and Rose saw two sets of feet appear from the gap under the bus. "This is it, yeah? The right place?" The voice was distinctly Scottish. So definitely Earth then.

"Uh- no where? Middle of? Yeah, this is it." A male, British voice answered back as the bus slowly pulled away, revealing two people with packs on their backs, both facing the opposite direction. The redhead glanced around then turned, a huge smile overtaking her young face as her eyes fell upon the man in a cowboy hat and tweed.

"Doctor!" The girl yelled out, running across the road to embrace him. His arms came around her as Rose felt her stomach drop. No, it couldn't be. Could it? Oh well that would make so much sense though. The dimensional cannon starts up without a battery to run it, mysterious blue envelope, the middle of a desert, and a shiny red car. Oh that is just so him, despite looking completely different. "So someone's been a busy boy, eh?" The girl asked as she adjusted his bowtie and the other man walked over to them.

"Hey, nice hat." The man said by way of greeting as the other man, the Doctor, glanced over at Rose and cleared his throat.

"It's a Stetson. I wear a Stetson now. Stetsons are cool." He said, as if on automatic. He opened his mouth, his attention directed at Rose before a loud bang rang throughout the desert and the Stetson was knocked from his hat as everyone ducked down.

Everyone's attention was pulled over to a woman with curly hair and a large gun. She blew on the gun as Rose's hand automatically went to her own sidearm, but she had left her gun in another world. "Hello sweetie." She put the gun away with a grin.

"Alright!" The Doctor called out, clasping his hands together before motioning with them. "River, Amy, Rory I am sorry but first things first." He turned to Rose, who had up to that point forgotten to feel left out from the group and had just been amused and very alarmed that the woman had shot at the Doctor and everyone acted like it was an every day occurrence. She didn't think either of the regenerations she knew would handle being shot at like that.

"Hello." Rose said with a grin. The Doctor took a step closer to her, his floppy brown hair falling into one eye before he pushed it away. Her own hair was sticking to her sweaty skin but she made no move to push it away.

"Does everyone else see her?" The Doctor asked his three other companions.

"Don't be daft, of course we see her." The Scottish redhead scoffed, placing her hands on her hips. "Who's she then?"

"So some clever rouse then?" The Doctor asked, his hand hovering over her face for a minute before he quickly pulled out his sonic screwdriver and aimed it at her. Rose raised her eye brow at the new sonic, it was larger and glowed green instead of the normal blue she had been use to but he used the same flourishing movements as always. "No, not plastic then."

"Are you done yet?" Rose asked with amusement. She wasn't offended or surprised by his lack of belief that she was here. She was, after all, suppose to be stuck in another universe. She actually partly believed she might have breathed in some alien hallucinogen, it wouldn't be the first time. Though she decided to just go along with it, for now at least. As far as hallucinations went, this one wasn't half bad.

"Rose Tyler it is quite impossible for you to be here!" The Doctor said but pulled her to him in a bony, and somewhat awkward hug. It took a moment for them both to adjust. This new regeneration was a bit shorter, wider but somehow bonier. He had grown use to hugging the Scottish girl no doubt, who was quite a bit taller than Rose but soon they both found a comfortable position. He was cool as usual, even in a jacket in the middle of the desert the Doctor never seemed to get hot, and he never did something as human as sweat. Rose suddenly felt a bit self conscious about her own sweaty self.

"Doctor, did you just sniff me?" Rose asked, laughter lacing her voice. At least he hadn't licked her. She was quite glad he got over his oral fixation. Every time he had licked something new she had been a bit disgusted and worried that he would catch something. He had assured her that his superior time lord biology prevented that but even superior beings such as Time Lords got sick.

"Well, yes." The Doctor answered, not embarrassed in the least as he pulled back to arms length, his hands holding her upper arms in a tight grip. "You smell like the void, and the other universe, a bit different then this one you see. Of course you also smell like Rose, a bit like sunshine and star dust and cherries. You always smelled like cherries. If you're a copy you're a very good one." The Doctor rambled, causing Rose's grin to widen and her tongue to stick out between her teeth. The Doctor had never described her smell before, and she found she was quite pleased that he hadn't mentioned she stunk. No, actually he had been quite flattering, though he didn't seem to notice that he had actually given her a good compliment.

"Doctor! What is going on?" The redhead asked in a frustrated tone.

"Yeah, I'm a bit confused too." The British man said in a much softer tone than the girl he arrived with.

"Doctor, this isn't suppose to happen, she can't be here." The woman with curly hair said in a stern tone.

"Shut up all of you!" The Doctor ordered, not unkindly but none of them paid him any mind. "River is quite right you know, you shouldn't be here. Impossible that is."

"Sometimes I've believed in as many as six impossible things before breakfast." Rose answered back, her tongue sticking out between her teeth once more. It had been one of t heir favorite sayings when they had been travelling together. She couldn't remember the last time she had been this happy.

"So, only five more to go then?" The Doctor grinned back before shaking his head and looking around, clasping his hands together again. "Well if you're here I doubt he could have stayed behind, how did you get here again? You haven't gone and done something stupid and dangerous like tear a hole in both universes just to pop in for a quick visit, yeah?" Despite his serious words he still gave her a mischievous look, like even if she had torn a hole in two universes he wouldn't be angry. Actually if Rose didn't know him better she'd say he was flirting with her. Though Rose couldn't be positive, she didn't know this Doctor as well as the other two.

"Well this is all your fault Doctor, if the universes have holes in them than that's your responsibility." Rose corrected.

"What? What have I done?" The Doctor looked as if he was running through a mental list of everything he had done and Rose interrupted him, because he had lived over 900 years and it would be a very long list.

"You sent me an envelope!" Rose said, pushing her hair behind her ear.

"Like this one?" The Scottish girl asked helpfully over the Doctors shoulder as she pulled out her own blue envelope.

"Right, except the number was different, mine had zero written on it." Rose said with a nod. "Bit insulting, that is." She said, referring to the zero.

"No! Well yes, but no, that's not- it wasn't, I was just feeling a bit nostalgic when I wrote it, and zero is not insulting! It comes before one, and it's a good solid number, nothing beats zero, but I tossed it out in the void when I was- oh but that explains that. Though not entirely, who would have expected it to actually get to you?" The Doctor said, mostly to himself as he motioned with his hands and paced in short steps, his boots kicking up dust and sand.

"The Tardis, she's a smart girl." Rose offered with a slight grin, her eyes darting around to look for the big blue box that she had missed nearly as much as the Doctor himself.

"Rose Tyler-" The Doctor said her name, then repeated it as if he liked the sound of it. "Rose Tyler, sounds quite good coming from this mouth, yeah? No wait- don't get off track." He said like she was the one getting him off topic. "I need to know what you know but we don't really have the time for it all to be explained-" The Doctor pulled up the sleeve of his tweed jacket and looked at the gold watch on his wrist in confirmation.

"Do what you need to do." Rose said instantly, her hands out to show how open she was. The Doctor stopped fidgeting, becoming completely still for the first time and looking at her with entirely too old eyes that didn't quite fit in his young face.

"This won't be pleasant." The Doctor warned.

"Ever been dimensional jumping? Can't be any worse." Rose said with a shrug and watched as some strong emotion flickered across the Doctors face before it disappeared to quickly for her to figure out just what it was.

"Doctor, this is a horrible idea, please-" The curly haired woman said desperately, now standing very close to the Doctor. The other two remained quiet, glancing between the woman, the Doctor, and Rose with confusion.

"Thank you River," The Doctor said shortly before placing his hands on both sides of Rose's face, his fingers pushing slightly against her temples and skull. His hands were cool even with the desert heat and it was a welcome relief on her hot face. Rose remembered that this was the same position that she had seen the Doctor get into with Reinette, and she pulled herself back mentally so she wouldn't see any of the Doctors thoughts. His secrets were his own, and she had no right to them if he didn't want to come out and say them himself. Rose felt more than saw the Doctor smile as he heard this thought.

Suddenly Rose was remembering a bright red bicycle for Christmas. Then a presumably drunken man hidden half in shadows of an alley as he told her she'd have a really great year. She remembered telling her mate Shireen about this encounter, grinning and laughing as Shireen said some drunk guy said I looked like the queen, should I believe him too then? She remembered a store basement, a cool hand in hers as she trusted a stranger and ran behind him. The memories flew by like a blur as the Doctor searched for the right one.

Suddenly came the memories she was most worried about. Holding a familiar but different hand on a cold beach while watching a blue box disappear. Crying into a shoulder on the trip home. Watching a skinny man in a suit playing with her little brother, Tony. Two months of memories and then he was gone. The memory of asking her mum and Pete if they'd seen the Doctor, and them looking worriedly at her. Nobody remembered the human version of the Doctor, and she remembered feeling like she was losing her mind. She remembered the next completely lonely two years as she buried herself in her work and tried to push all thoughts of the Doctor away.

Then came the memories of the blue envelope, Torchwood, and the dimensional cannon. She felt the Doctor withdraw from her head and she suddenly felt very dizzy. The Doctor caught her before she fell to the ground. His arms were surprisingly strong around her and he held her with something close to desperation as he pressed a soft kiss to her forehead.

"Oh Rose," He said softly, only loud enough for her to hear as he half carried her to the car, pulling the door open and setting her in the passenger seat before reaching over and turning on the car, also turning on the air conditioning full blast.

"Got what you needed then?" Rose tried to ask lightly as the cool air hit her. It was a shocking relief from the dry pounding heat of the desert.

"There was a period where I didn't exist, I didn't think it'd effect him." The Doctor said, his green eyes so very sad as he kneeled down and looked up at Rose. Rose flicked his floppy hair off his forehead and gave him a smile.

"Saving us poor apes again?"

"Well, technically the whole universe, the Tardis sort of exploded and wiped out life across the universe and the only way was to sort of explode myself." The Doctor patted his knees before the redhead cleared her throat, loudly and very clearly. "Oh right! Well Rose Tyler, you should formally meet the Ponds, Amy and Rory!" He motioned to the two and they both smiled at her. "And River Song." The Doctor nodded to the older woman who was frowning still. "This makes things a bit more difficult, because you will not just sit back and do what I tell you, will you Rose Tyler? The girl who's crossed dimensions to muck up my plans. And they were such nice plans too! Well not exactly nice, probably not, you lot won't- but that's beside the point."

"Doctor, I'm telling you this isn't how this is suppose to go-"

"No? Because time can't be unwritten? Rewritten just to be unwritten and rewritten differently again. Times constantly changing and I thought you, River Song-" The Doctor put emphasis on her name as he spun around to look at her. "Would understand that more so than anyone." River's eyes went a bit wide before the Doctor turned back around.

"I'm sorry, but who's she again?" Amy asked, sounding a lot more pleasant than River but ten times more annoyed.

"Rose Tyler, didn't I say that? Actually I believe I've said it quite a few times now, haven't you been paying attention Pond?" The Doctor said with a slight tsk.

"I think she means more than my name Doctor," Rose said with a laugh. "I'm- well sort of like you, a companion, a past companion that is. Kind of got myself stuck in another dimension." Rose explained, deliberately leaving out the part where the Doctor left her in the other world the last time they saw each other. A look of deep sadness crossed the Doctors youngest face yet but he quickly hid it behind a false smile.

"Another dimension?" Amy asked.

"Alright! No use standing around you lot, everyone in the car, you can chit chat while I drive. How's everyone feel about a good old American shake? That's where we are, by the way, Rose. You asked before, yeah? We're in America, Death Valley to be exact. Well not exact exactly, you have the coordination's of where exactly we are and Death Valley is quite a big place. What are you waiting for? Everyone in!" The Doctor hopped around to the drivers seat before closing the door behind him. Amy, Rory, and River all piled into the back as Rose closed her own door.

Mostly Amy and Rose filled the silence. Amy told Rose the story of how she met the Doctor, and how many years she waited. Rose poked fun of the Doctors horrible timing, telling Amy of how he promised her one day had passed but really she had been missing a year. They traded stories on how the Doctor has messed up, until he got offended and yelled at them both.

Rose noted how pleased the Doctor seemed to be that she and Amy seemed to get along so well. It was very different how her old Doctor who wore a trench coat felt when Rose and Sarah Jane Smith had gotten along. It had seemed then that he had nearly been disappointed that they were no longer fighting over him. Rose tried very hard to ignore the looks that seemed to pass between River and the Doctor.

"Okay, Rose out, everyone else stay in the car." The Doctor said as they pulled up to a small diner in a small town. The Doctor got out of the car in a way that Rose already thought of as purely Doctor. He seemed like he was a baby giraffe, all long limbs and not quite sure how to work them all properly yet. She found it strangely endearing.

"You gonna leave me here, yeah?" Rose tried to make light of it but seemed to fall just short of it.

"No, well yes, but there's something I need to do and I'm just- I know you won't go along with it. I can see the time lines Rose, you know that, and there's two of them in my head right now. One where I didn't chuck that letter out in the vortex and you stayed in that other world, and then there's this one we're currently going on." The Doctor explained in a rapid fashion. Rose was surprised how much she had missed this, the Doctor explaining things to her quickly and expecting her to follow. She was satisfied that she understood most of what he said. "I'm a bit older now, but a younger version of myself is going to show up here soon, so you won't be alone for long. He's going to figure out what happened."

"Doctor, I don't want to go back to that other universe." Rose said quickly without actually meaning to. She felt like a hand was slowly squeezing her heart but she forced herself to choke out the next words. "You saw- he's gone, and I can't- I'm just so alone there. There's my mum, but she has Pete and Tony and it was always- I always choose you Doctor." The Doctor, this new one with deep set green eyes and floppy hair who dressed like an English professor studied her with an intensity that Rose felt down to her very soul. He then grinned suddenly at her.

"Well Rose Tyler, why don't you just tell me that?" He tapped his head. "I have a feeling he'll like it." Suddenly Rose was gathered up into a hug that ended as abruptly as it had started, and just like that the hand that was squeezing her heart let go and she could breath. "I have to go now, or I might just put this off for another 100 years and steal you away for myself." Rose felt her cheeks heaten, and she was suddenly glad for the heat because there's no way to tell the sunburn from the blush. "Oh Rose Tyler, defender of the Earth, the girl who-" He paused and grinned. "Well, can't just put you into one category, you've done so much. You're going to do so much, you brilliant girl you." He gave her one final grin before hurrying back into the car and then pulling out, kicking up dust and sand as he drove away.

Rose watched the red car drive away, waving at Amy who was waving through the window. She then took in a deep breath, holding it for a while before slowing letting it out as she pulled a hand through her hair. She winced at how damp it was from sweat, and how her hand snagged on several knots. What a good impression she must have made after not seeing him for so long. Though he didn't seem to mind her appearance at all. She had questioned his flirting at first, but now she was nearly positive he had definitely been flirting with her.

Her thoughts were interrupted by an all too familiar grinding sound. She turned to watch as a blue box started to appear in the parking lot of the diner. The door flew open and a now familiar gawky man tumbled out, glancing around as he looked down at a blue envelope. His eyes suddenly looked up then met hers.

"Hello." Rose greeted, not able to hide her grin.

"Oh," The Doctor looked down at the envelope before taking a step closer to her. "Rose Tyler what-"

"It's a bit of a long story," Rose said, then grinned suddenly, tongue peeking out between her teeth. "Right then, before you get me back in that box, shakes it is, and you can pay." She tilted her head to the diner.

"No money." The Doctor answered back automatically, a tiny smile beginning to grow on his face.

"What sort of date are you? Come on then tight wad, shakes on me." The Doctor let out a laugh before sweeping Rose up in his arms. Once again the hug was a bit awkward at first, the Doctor had to readjust himself but he finally found the right position and swung the blonde right off her feet as she laughed.