Dear Sora,

I was hoping you got this letter, but if you didn't, I understand. If you don't want to read this, I also understand. This is Roxas, the guy everyone mistakes you for.

The reason that is because I'm you. I'm your nobody.

But, I'm back inside you now, because you had to wake up, and I wasn't supposed to exist. I wanted to meet you. Meet my original self, meet who everyone expects me to act like. Everyone expects me to love Namine because everyone expects you to love Kairi. But I don't love her.

I love you.

I know that's sort of me loving myself, but I've heard stories from Riku, the blindfolded guy, Kairi, the girl I met when I fell, Xemnas, he spoke of you being the Keyblade Master and me being a key.

They didn't want me.

I was a key.

They wanted you.

The real deal, not some heartless look-a-like. But when I was working in the Organization, I got these visions of your memories that were buried inside of me. You have met many friends; Donald, Goofy, Mickey, as have I, except, they can't really be my friends.

Since I can't feel like.

I feel empty, cold, evil. I feel like a robot, because without hearts, we would be mere machines, and that's what I am. I'm a machine. I'm a robot, a doll, a puppet, an empty being.

Until I learnt more about you.

I had this warm and pleasant feeling inside of me when I heard about you, and Axel told me it was probably love.

Because I'm not like other nobodies. When your heart was instantly returned to your body, part of your heart and part of your memories went inside of me.

So I tell you one more thing.

I love you.