Imposter, Protector, and Angel

Chapter 1

The First Twenty Years

The Potter's had triplets: Harrison James, the oldest with stunning round eyes and messy black hair with pale skin with Sirius Black as his godfather, Harley Lillian, the middle child who looked so much like her older brother but with distinctly almond shaped eyes and hair with red strands hidden in it had Remus Lupin as a godfather, and Harold Evans, the youngest with his mother's red hair and father's hazel eyes with Peter Pettigrew as a godfather. When the twins were a year and a half old, the Potter's were attacked that fateful Halloween night after the betrayal of Peter Pettigrew. James fought valiantly but was quickly stunned; Voldemort swept over his lifeless body and up the stairs and quickly took care of Lily, planning to wake them later and show them the lifeless bodies of their children before he killed them as well.

He cast a critical eye over the babes who were watching him; the young red head would grow to be a wizard with power, but not nearly enough to defeat him, the girl he was much weaker and would most likely be with average magic at the highest form of her power. His attention shifted to the black haired boy…yes; this was his rival of power. He raised his wand and the killing curse passed his lips the boy's eyes narrowed and a white light started in his chest and shot out from him as a perfect, sphere shield, sparking like lightening and that was the last thing Voldemort saw before death claimed him.

The children were left marked: Harrison had a lightening bolt scar on his forehead and the backlash of the killing curse and shield left a star within a moon on Harley's chest, and Harold had a strange sort of 'S' on the back of his right hand. James and Lily rushed in after being awakened by Dumbledore to find Harrison asleep, Harley quietly staring at him, and Harold bawling his head off. Dumbledore was quick to conclude that Harold was the savior of the Wizarding World and that mistake caused the course of events that followed.

For the next seven years Harold was dotted on by James, Lily, Dumbledore, Sirius, and Remus while Harrison and Harley were left to take care of each other with the seldom visit from Snape who always gave them a book and said to learn how to use the bloody thing (though that was only once a year since James and he still disagreed and he even disagreed with Lily about the treatment of Harold), and the occasional help of the house elf Millie, who they would send to buy presents for each other with the money their parents, Sirius, and Remus gave them for allowance and gifts since they had no clue what their children wanted while they bought Harold anything and everything. Then, on December 23rd when Dumbledore was arriving for Christmas weekend, Harold was so excited he ran past Harrison and Harley at the top of the stairs, tripped, and crashed down to the bottom, breaking his wrist. Dumbledore swore that he had seen Harrison put his foot out and Harley push him to trip Harold and even though Harold insisted he tripped on his own, and James and Lily believed Dumbledore. On Christmas Eve, they had Harrison and Harley pack some clothes, their favorite toy, a story book, and apparated them to an orphanage in America called "Lennox House" and left them.

For the next six years, Harrison and Harley lived in the orphanage run by a sweet old lady and her creeper abusive grandson, often going hungry for the lack of food, with cuts and bruises from various beatings, terrified of getting caught for theft to survive, learning how to pick locks to escape if caught, and learning that they weren't exactly normal. Harrison had a sort of shield that would burst from his body when he was afraid or tried to control it and was able to talk to snakes while Harley soon came to develop an unnatural agility, strength, heightened senses, elongating nails (A/N: think Halle Berry's Catwoman in the agility, strength, cat-likeness and senses) and had a black cat tail that would appear on whim or at times of stress and her ears shifted to a cats when she had the tail. They joked it was like their favorite toys, Harrison had a miniature knight that's charm to sword fight on command had long worn off while Harley had a stuffed blue winged cat named Brygun after the Norse Goddess Freyjas chariot puller. Then, when they were fifteen a man by the name of Charles Xavier and a woman called Ororo Munroe came and told them they were mutants-proving it by Xavier changing the mind of Vivian's grandson-and wizards and that if they wanted, they could come and study witchcraft and wizardry as well as control of their powers at Xavier's School for the Gifted. They readily accepted and soon after were un-officially adopted by Ororo and studied hard to make their mother proud and eventually became head of their class and joined the Quidditch team, Harley as the Seeker and Harry as the Keeper and yet still managed to become known as the "twin terrors" with their pranking skills and seemingly endless in-sync speeches.

For the next two years, they lived a good life and made friends with several people. Harry started to date Rogue-seeing he was the only one who could touch her with his shield protecting him, they were literally made for each other- and Harley dated the gentle, quiet giant, Piotr and he helped her through her manifesting a power of growing black angel wings out of her back. They were living a happy life with a mother figure in Storm and a father figure in Logan until Stryker raided the mansion while Storm, Piotr, Harry, and Scott were on a mission. Most of the students and teachers escaped except for Harley, Bobby, Siren, and Wolfsbane. Stryker experimented on them and soon found out that Harley would be able to have the admantium operation which he injected into her after Logan's healing ability, before Magneto, Mystique, Logan, and Scott broke in to save Avalanche, Toad, Quicksilver, and the X-Students. Dr. Hank McCoy, or Beast to some but to Harley always and forever "Dr. Fuzzy!" concluded the admantium gave her admantium bones, claws (A/N: like Lady Deathstrike in X movie) and admantium retractable wings which was amazing was that she could actually manipulate and produce more admantium, however, with Logan's healing ability forced upon her, she would never physically grow past the age of seventeen roughly since her growth hormones were being affected. This made Harley furious since she would forever be stuck at the height of 5'1" with a boyfriend who was still growing and already at 6'4", but Piotr assured her that he would always love her small size and reminded her that he would stop aging around twenty and had only two years left till he was twenty.

For the next three years Harley developed her skills and mutations, focusing more on those then her sorcery since she was a mediocre witch-besides her many premonitions inherited from her birth father's great aunt, Herbology, and Potions-when she was an omega level mutant and earned the code-name "Cait Sith", for the darkness of her hair and extra appendages, circular white scar on her chest, cat-like abilities, and graduation to the X-Men (A/N: Looks like a young Rose McGowan with the Potter hair and Evans eye color). Piotr also proposed to her and they were officially fiancés. Harry on the other hand surpassed all the witches and wizards in America and started training defense and oddly enough, music for both required control of the entire body and became known as the "Vindicator" for he protected everyone fiercely and hunted down wrong doers (A/N: Picture Harry as Matt Bomer's Neal Caffery from White Collar only with green eyes and black hair…same dress style-even hats- and mannerisms in speech, romance, and the occasional illegal activity). After four years of dating, had married Rogue and was happily training her with her powers continuously and romancing her. All was happy…then came that fateful day when Xavier announced that with the Wizarding War in Europe, many buildings that housed wizards were destroyed and since Xavier's school was the largest both on the outside with three hundred acres and inside-thanks to so many enlargement charms and several add ons-the American ministry asked Xavier to house all of the Wizards that needed a place to stay and meet during the war and informed the students that America was no longer a neutral country but siding with the questionable "Light." The wizards would arrive within a week and Harrison and Harley exchanged glances, both wondering if the family that had forgotten and shunned them from so long ago would be with the many wizards coming…they were not looking forward to a sure to be reunion.

Harold learned not to ask where Harrison and Harley were after almost a year after their absence. It made his father mad and mother agitated. Two years after their absence his father informed him that he was now the heir to the Potter fortune. He knew it was wrong, so terribly wrong and didn't understand why no one had listened to him when they told him he had simply tripped over his own feet so many years ago and instead listened to Dumbledore who hadn't even witnessed the incident. He learned not to trust the old man at an early age and hid it well. He had hoped to see his siblings at Hogwarts when he went but they weren't there. That meant that either they had attended another school, that Dumbledore had scratched them off the Hogwarts list, or that they were squibs and if he remembered correctly, he was usually praised for Harry's magic or Harley's gifts of everlasting flowers that were most defiantly made with magic.

At Hogwarts he was constantly belittled by Severus Snape until he proved himself in potions by passing with an Excellent continuously, stalked by the two youngest Weasley's whom he immensely disliked because unlike his brothers who tried their hardest to make something of himself, relied on being the "oldest friend of Harold Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived" rather than doing his own work, and Ginny Weasley continuously tried to slip him love potions or steal his hair or trash to sniff and try to learn more of him. They both even tried out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team where Harold was Seeker since his first year even though first years were not suppose to be allowed and he wasn't all that good (he was sure Dumbledore did something to make everyone think he was good). Also, it seemed no one had even heard of his brother and sister, not even remembering he was a triplet. The only part of Hogwarts he truly liked was a girl named Hermione Granger, a muggle born and outcast until Harold and she became good friends one day in the library studying for finals and hiding from the noise of the castle, and in Harold's case, from those evil damned twinkling eyes of the headmaster.

In Harold's first year the headmaster hid the Sorcerers Stone in the castle and it was nearly stolen by one of Moldy-shorts lankies. Harold knew the Headmaster had wanted him to fight and protect it but he made a resolve not to fall for the old mans delusional schemes.

Second year the Chamber of secrets was opened by his little Weasley fan-girl stalker and he, again, did nothing…at least not until Hermione was petrified and then he went and bought the necessary potion from an apothecary in Diagon Alley and stayed by her side the rest of the year.

Third year there was a breakout at Azkaban and over twenty Voldemort supporters escaped. All were captured but that rat Peter Pettigrew who continued to evade the ministry. Hermione had helped by illegally lending her time turner to Snape who was under disguise of the Polyjuice Potion and captured most of them.

Fourth year the Tri-Wizard Tournament was held and Cedric Diggory killed after being put under the imperious curse by the imposter Moody to get blood from Harold and a note stating Voldemort returned was sent back with the body and Harold discovered he was a mutant with the power over shadows.

The ministry were idiots and in Fifth year, a woman named Umbridge (referred to as Um-Bitch) was put in charge of Hogwarts and caused trouble for anyone who supported the idea and for anyone with magical creature blood in their veins-including Harold for being a mutant and all the other mutant student's- until she was put into St. Muggos by a centaur herd.

Sixth year Snape became DADA's teacher and terrorized the students by his mass duel practices. Harold was always annoyed by Slughorn, the Potion's Professor, who wanted him as his 'Champion Student'. He even went so far as to try to bribe Harold with a Flexi Felix Potion which made the user lucky. He also learned that he was a mutant with the ability to morph any item into what he wished.

Seventh year he was nearly forced to hunt for Horcruxes by Dumbledore until his mother said no and refused to waver her decision. Then the year after he graduated and married Hermione, the Wizarding World was plunged into war- All but America who remained neutral- and when he was twenty and Hogwarts was destroyed, America became sided with the light and offered the Baltic, Russian, English, French, Asian, and Spanish light Wizarding and Mutant communities a safe-heaven at Xavier's Institute for the Gifted. He remembered that it was in America and all he could do was pray that he could find his brother and sister again.

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