The Past Returns 2: Faye's Dilemma                 Chapter Seven:  Held in Captivity

Kevin thrusted Faye into his bedroom and shut the door with a grin.  He pulled her to him and started to kiss her along her jaw line while Faye tried to pull away.  "Faye you don't know how long I've waited for this moment".

"Listen Kevin why don't we take things one at a time then we'll see what happens next".

He stopped kissing her to take a breath.  "I think I waited for you long enough", and kissed her on the lips.  Once again this brought clips of her past back to her.  She saw herself being kissed by him at a beach on planet Earth with the waves at low tide, the sun setting, and there she was in his arms.  Then the dreams of her past came back to her once again: the sun shined though the windows blinding everyone.  Just then the aircraft gained enormous speed, diving straight down to the ground.

"This is it!  AAAHHH!!!"

Then all went black.

She pulled back and shook her head.  "No", Faye said and held her head with both hands.  "Why can't I remember anything?"  She was then brought back to reality as Kevin grabbed her left arm.

"What do you mean no?"

"You have a hearing problem or something, I said no.  You might have me here with you but remember that I'm here against my will".

"Let's get things straighten out.  First, you are here because you decided to take my offer, and second, you will do exactly what I say".

"True I may be here but it doesn't mean that I should act like a slave and do the hell you want with me.  Even if it depends on my life so be it.  And one for thing, if I can't remember the past or least of all you then that should mean something".

"Care to tell me what it should mean?"

"That nothing good comes from neither of the two".

"Next time you might want to choose your words wisely".  Kevin then pushed Faye back into a chair and grabbed a piece of rope and tied her hands tightly around it, as she struggled to break free.  "Maybe now you'll think twice about refusing me", with that said he left the tiny apartment and locked the door shut.  Faye continued to struggle against the rope however it was no use, and even if she did break free she was locked from the inside.


"Ed are you sure the tracking device isn't working?" Spike asked for the sixth time.

"Spike person can't you see that Ed has been trying hard to find Faye Faye?  Ed has been trying all sorts of things, right Ein?" She asked the dog who was sitting by her side and in response he barked. 

"How secure is the line?  I mean you did test the damn thing before giving it to her right Ed?"  He asked, hoping the child did have a somewhat of a brain.

"Silly Spike person of course Ed tested the tracker.  She even gave Faye Faye an intercom to speak through it so she could contact the Bebop in case she was in any trouble.  See I told you Ed was smart.  Now let's see here, tell Ed Tomato why isn't Faye Faye's tractor working?" Ed spoke to her laptop as if it was really going to response.

"Spike, come give me a hand with this", Jet called from the kitchen.

"Ed remember keep working", Spike said and went off to the kitchen.  "Jet I'm really busying at the moment, whatever it is I'm sure it can wait".

"No it can't", he said.

At this moment Spike realized what he was talking about.  As soon as he walked into the kitchen he saw Eric sitting in his highchair smiling and Jet's face covered in what seemed to be beef with vegetables.  Now wiping himself with a towel.  "What happened now?"

"Why don't you ask your son?" he asked pointing to Eric.  "I'm sure you can finish feeding him, there's his bowl and spoon on the counter.  I'm outta here", he then exited.

Spike took the seat Jet had previously used and signed.  He directed his attention to Eric's bowl and spoon took them in his hands and then stared at Eric who innocently smiled back.  "Don't pulled that stunt with me kiddo, I know what you did", then dugged the spoon into the bowl and fed a spoonful of beef with vegetables to Eric.  "You know you should be more obedient towards Jet, he may be an old man but he's still a person", and chuckled but kept feeding Eric.  "Even though at times he deservers it for lecturing and bossy me and Faye around so many times". 

"Spike person", Ed called.  "Ed found some interesting news".

"On my way", he called.  He was going to make his way over to the living room when he heard Eric whine.  He quickly went over and set him down and in a flash he ran out of the kitchen.  "What is it Ed?"

"After Spike person left the living room Ed decided to go over everything again.  But it was no use so Ed decided to do something else, Ed forgot that you can contact Faye Faye through her tractor".

"Yeah I think that seems a little helpful", he said sarcastically.

"Anyway, what Ed is trying to say is that the tractor needs to be on in order to contact a person", she then put a hand to her head.  "Ed remembers programming it before she gave it to Faye Faye and now it doesn't work.  Which means that Faye Faye must now have it off".

"What?" Spike asked incredulously.

"Ed said that Faye Faye must have it off".

"Why in the hell would she turn it off?"

"Faye's a smart person so if she has the tractor turned off then it must be for a good reason", Jet intervened in the conversation.

"Yeah but at times she can act real stupid".  He sat on the couch and stared up at the ceiling.  "Let's just hope that she knows what she's doing".


Two days had now passed and Faye was still strapped down to the chair.  She looked all about her surrounding once again; apparently trying to find something that would be of good use for her escape.  But sadly she only saw the same thing: a king sized bed, a window, a desk with a computer, and a wall that was occupied with her pictures.  She squinted her eyes and tried to remember the time when those were pictures were taken unfortunately, she couldn't remember a thing.  It's no use . . . as much as I try to remember I can't.  Curse the day when I was put into the cryogenic sleep.  Once again Faye struggled against the ropes that bind her.  If I only had a pin knife then maybe I could cut my way out and escape from this hellhole.  Her stomach growled, considering it had been two days.  I wonder what's Spike and Jet are thinking, they must know by now that I purposely turned off the communicator. 

Just then footsteps could be heard walking down the corridor and was getting louder and stopped in front of the door.  A key was put into the doorknob and was unlocking the door, it turned, and Kevin was there smiling while holding onto a large white bag.  "Hello my precious.  How are we doing today?"  Noticing that Faye wasn't responding he continued to talk.  "Well since it's been two days sitting here by your lonesome self, and no doubt hungry, I've decided to bring a little something to you".  He reached under the bed and displayed a small roll away table.  Kevin unfolded it and started to take things out of the white bag.  An ivory colored mantelpiece, two plates, two glass wines, a bottle of champagne, and two candlesticks.  Kevin then set the table up and turned to Faye.  "Dinner for two?"  He took out a lighter and lit the two candlesticks.  "Now if you promise to behave then I'll cut you lose and you can have dinner with me.  What do you say?"  Faye nodded and he smirked in return.  "I knew you'd come to your senses", he then took out a pocketknife from his back pocket and cut the ropes.

Faye looked at her wrists.  They were sore with red marks and so she rubbed them gently and look up at Kevin.  "If you were going to keep me locked up here for two days you could've at least let me loose", and looked around the room.  She noticed that the door was close meaning that she was still locked from the inside.  Damn.  She glanced over at Kevin who was looking through the white bag and then she spotted what she was looking for.  The key was dangling from his front pocket.  If there was only some way I could get my hands on the key then maybe I could – her thoughts were interrupted when a plan suddenly came to mind.    

"It's nothing much but at least we're here . . . together that is", Kevin spoke.

Faye gave a little smile and walked up to Kevin.  "Why don't we skip the dinner and go straight to dessert?" she asked seductively.  "You're were right and I was wrong", she said and put her arms around his neck and leaned in closely.

Kevin was taken aback by her actions but soon learned to like it.  "I was?"

"Yeah you were.  I guess normal person like myself even make mistakes.  What was I thinking when I actually thought I loved Spike more than you?

This caused him to laugh out loud.  "Don't stop there, continue".

Faye leaned over by his ear and whispered.  "You're nice, sweet, sensitive, and completely irrestible", much to her dislike she kissed him on the lips and he lost himself in the kiss, as planned.  She quickly slipped one hand into his pocket and carefully felt around for the key.  I got it!  Faye pulled away and smiled.  "There's one thing you don't know about me Kevin".

"Oh?  And what's that my dear?"

"Never underestimate me", with that she pushed him roughly away from her and side kicked him in the stomach and did a spinning back kick to his head, sending him colliding to the ground.  With that done she quickly ran over to the door and was having trouble putting the key into the keyhole and after much attempt the doorknob turned.  She was about to make her way out the door when Kevin reached out and grabbed onto her hair, pulling her back into the apartment.

"Where did you think you were going?  Escape?  Playing with my emotions just to escape?  Well I have something to tell you Faye, when are you going to quit playing games and learn that you're mine now?"

"Like I said before Kevin, never underestimate me", she turned around and punched him straight in the face and caused him to loose his grip.  Faye then grabbed his shoulders and pulled him towards her, his groaning meeting with her knee.  Within seconds he was on the floor cupping his hands in between his legs.  "Sorry but as you probably understand my presence is expected elsewhere", she said sarcastically and threw the key in his face and walked out of the apartment.