A/N: A short outtake without Bella and Edward. It's about Tanya.

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Tanya Denali stands in front of the mirror and combs her hair. It has become fuller since she's gotten better. She's still seeing her therapist every other week, but her progress has been very good. For the first time in her life, her weight is almost normal. Her mother was appalled when she visited her family in Alaska. She always was the one to push Tanya's career as a model, and it's not easy to accept that Tanya has chosen to leave this lucrative business.

But she did, and she has finished her GED. She's becoming a social worker, attending Hunter College.

Her circle of friends is smaller than it used to be, but they are true friends, not the coke-addicted clique she used to hang out with and party in Milan, Paris and Cape Town. There's Natalie, who she met on her first day of college. She's a lively redhead with a talent for crafting jewelry. They go to the movies on Saturday nights, and sometimes cook together. Then, there's Johnny and his boyfriend Oliver. She met them at a concert a mutual friend was giving. And then, there's Sarah, whom she met during her therapy. Sarah also used to be anorexic, but they found they have a lot more in common than just their illness.

Like Tanya, Sarah got married young and is now divorced. Like Tanya, she's very beautiful and has no real self-confidence. They talk to each other several times a day, and try to meet as frequently as possible.

It was Sarah who persuaded Tanya to enroll into a yoga class that takes place at a studio on 56th East and 11th Street. It's said to be one of the best. Tanya isn't too hot about it, but she'll go there for Sarah's sake.

She throws a pair of sweats and a T-shirt into her bag, as well as warm socks. It's only March, and despite the tiny bits of green creeping through the grey of the city, it's still cold.

Tanya's phone rings, and it's Sarah.

"I'm almost at your place, are you coming down?" she says. Her voice is light and carefree.

Sarah works as an interpreter. Her main language is German, but she also speaks fluent French and Italian. She met her ex-husband while in Germany. He's the CEO of a big law firm in Munich. Sarah moved there when they first got married, but their love wasn't meant to last – which became clear when she found him in his office, where his secretary was busy sucking his cock. They tried to work through their difficulties, but the only thing that changed was that Sarah relapsed into anorexia and ultimately, returned home.

"Yep, on my way," Tanya replies, throwing on a pink leather jacket and a black woolen hat. Her style has changed since the days when she was a model. From the days she was Mrs. Edward Cullen.

They have been divorced for two-and-a- half years now, and parted for almost four. Sometimes, she thinks of him, and always with a feeling of shame and guilt. The demise of their marriage was not his fault, but hers. She was constantly away, partying and taking drugs, destroying not only herself but also his feelings for her.

She was too young back then too. When they married, she was twenty-two and he, thirty-three. He comes from a stable and very WASP-ish background, with a rich family consisting of doctors and lawyers. Tanya never got close to his family, sensing their reservations toward a model who didn't even finish high school, whose parents emigrated from Russia when she'd been two. No old money there.

"Hey, sweetie!"

Sarah hugs and kisses her. She's very chipper and tells Tanya all about the guy she met last night. Her blue eyes twinkle and her dark bangs bob up and down as they make their way to the subway.

"And when are you meeting him?"

"Tomorrow," Sarah says excitedly. "Dinner and a movie."

"Mmm," Tanya laughs. "Classy."

She thinks back to her last boyfriend while Sarah keeps telling her about this wonderful man named George. Tanya dated this Tom dude before Christmas, but it never worked out between them. The only real relationship she ever had was her marriage to Edward.

It was wonderful in the beginning. They traveled and went out, and Tanya felt proud and grown-up to have such a mature and handsome man by her side. He had this calming influence on her. He tried to save her from herself, until the end, when he had reached the end of his resources.

By then, they'd long been separated, and he had been with his new girlfriend. Tanya met them at a charity function about six months ago. They're married now and looked incredibly happy. Edward's new wife – Bella – is very pretty. The exact opposite of Tanya, small and brunette and curvy, with huge dark eyes.

Tanya is tall and thin, with no boobs to show. Her skin is pale and her hair is strawberry blonde. She used to dye it, but it's been back to its natural color for years now.

They have arrived at the subway and make their way down the stairs. Each time Tanya is in the subway, she thinks back to that day she can't remember. All she remembers is that Bella suggested they might have some coffee. That's all. She'll never be sure that it wasn't her that caused her to fall down the flight of concrete stairs. She'll forever be grateful that nothing happened to her.

Tanya sighs. She's been better for a long time, but the things she did during her darkest phase will always haunt her in one way or another.

The subway is crowded and the girls are happy that it's only two stops to their destination. When they step into the street, it's already getting dark. They have no problem in finding the yoga studio, because there are large black letters above the front door.

"Yoga Factory," Tanya murmurs and shrugs. "Okay, let's give it a try."

They roll out their yoga mats in the large room. The walls are made of red brick, and the floor is polished wood. The ceilings are very high, the light warm and welcoming. About fifteen other women are waiting with them, chatting and laughing while Tanya takes a deep breath.

The woman behind her gasps.

The yoga instructor has entered the room. He's a beautiful, black man.

"Good evening, ladies," he says. "I'm Amun."


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