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Chapter 1 – Banishment

He was now staring up at the council that was a big part of his suffering, the very same people that would decide his fate. The best feeling he ever got from a majority of these people was the feeling of being an Ant that they could squish at any moment they chose to do so. As he stood before these people he couldn't help but remember the situation which led to this predicament.


As the waterfall continued to fall in the middle of the Valley of the End, two people were starring down each other.

The first person had blonde hair, whisker marks on each side of his cheeks, an orange jump suit on, and something else different than his usual appearance, a red violent chakra cloak that resembled a fox. As a result his whisker marks became more defined, his teeth were fang-like, and his cerulean blue eyes were now red with silted pupils.

He was the jinchūriki of the Kyūbi no Yōko, Uzumaki Naruto.

The second person had raven-colored hair, red eyes with three tomoe's in the irises, a blue shirt with white short pants on, and something else different than his usual appearance as well, his cursed seal elevated to level two. The result was his skin became dark grey, his hair longer, his nose marked by a dark star-shaped mark on its bridge, and his back winged with hand-shaped appendages.

He was the last of the Uchiha clan, Uchiha Sasuke.

Both of them had been fighting for quite some time. It was plain to see as their battlefield had been ruined since they started their battle, and also in their scars and injuries on both of their bodies. Both were at their limit, down to their last attack.

"Enough is enough! Come on Sasuke, let's go back. You have nothing else to prove," said Naruto.

"No, can't you see? I need the power to kill 'him'. In order to get that power I have to kill you, my best friend, the only person that I have formed a bond. Now I will break that bond by killing you, Naruto," said Sasuke.

"You can gain that power in Konoha with our friends. You don't need to go to Orochimaru," said Naruto, desperately ignoring what Sasuke said about killing him.

After hearing what Naruto said, he started to laugh menacingly. "You don't understand the power I need. The power I want isn't in Konoha. I can only have that power by killing you and by going to Orochimaru," said Sasuke between his laughs.

Before Naruto could think of a response, he saw Sasuke doing a familiar set of hand seals. After realizing that that the only way to bring back Sasuke was by force, he quickly charged his right palm for his signature jutsu.

"So it has to come to this," Naruto whispered with sadness in his voice.

"Time to die dobe!" Sasuke shouted.

Then both of them charged holding powerful orbs of energy in the palm of their hands.



As the two powerful jutsu about to clash, Naruto was thinking of another way to end this battle.

'What the hell am I to do? I promise Sakura-Chan that I'll bring the teme back alive, but if this continues, I don't even want to think of what's going to happen. There has got to be another way but, what?' Those were the thoughts of Naruto.

Then suddenly he thought of a crazy way to end the fight and lessen the chance of them dying.

'I hope this works. If not, well, let's just say at least this will be the end of it all.'

As the two jutsu were about to hit one another Naruto dispelled the rasengan. He shifted his body in mid-air to avoid the chidori. He then sent a swift kick towards the chin of Sasuke, propelling him upwards. Then, making two shadow clones, he used both clones to give him the right leverage to propel himself upwards as well. As Sasuke headed downwards, Naruto grabbed Sasuke's head and slammed it to the ground below making Sasuke spit out some blood. Then just to make sure that Sasuke stayed down, Naruto choked him till the mark of the curse seal disappeared and he lost consciousness.

As he laid his eyes to his now unconscious teammate, the red chakra started to disappear. His face was starting to turn back to normal, and as he blinked his eyes turned back to cerulean blue. Then, gathering his last remaining energy in his body he grabbed the body of his "best friend" and struggled as he dragged it back to Konoha.

He limped his way out of the valley, determined to return to Konoha with the success of his mission. As he limped, he could feel that his body was practically broken. The fight with Sasuke had taken a hell of a lot out of him. Taking multiple fire jutsu, having been stabbed by the chidori while evading another and taking on Sasuke in level two curse seal mode was no joke. That and tapping into the fox's chakra at the level he had was putting a major strain in his body. Even with his amazing healing ability, he still felt like shit.

As his body was about to give in he saw a blur of red and green heading in his direction. He began to panic. If it was the enemy he knew that his worn out body could not protect himself and Sasuke. Luckily it was two of his friends.

The moment he lost consciousness he manages to mutter out in a whisper: "Gaara, Lee". Then, his body finally gave in.

Konoha three days later

The moment he opened his eyes and noticed that he was surrounded with white walls. Naruto realized that he was in the hospital. With barely any energy he started to sit up and scan the room.

He saw that he was in a simple room, with a little table on his side. He could see that there was one little flower in the vase, meaning that there was at least one person that visited him. As he tried to stand he could feel that his body hadn't healed completely. Then suddenly he saw a person that was like an older brother to him.

"Iruka-sensei, what are you doing here?' ask Naruto.

"Naruto you're awake. You should try not to move around. You're still in pretty bad shape,' said Iruka in a worried tone.

"Don't worry Iruka-sensei. The future Hokage could not be so easily weakened by these little injuries." Naruto said while wearing one of his foxy grins.

"Oh yeah, that reminds me, where's Sasuke-teme? I can't wait to see him. I bet that he is pissed after the beating that I gave him." He jokes while smiling.

Iruka couldn't believe him. After what the Uchiha did to him, he still viewed him as a friend.

"Naruto, he is in the room at the end of the hall," Iruka managed to say.

"Thanks Iruka-sensei," Naruto said while he exited the room.

As Naruto walked to the room of his teammate, he could not stop thinking that he had finally beaten his rival. That and he couldn't help but think of the reward his other teammate would give him. He had fulfilled his promise towards Sakura-chan as proof of his love for her. He wondered what she'd say to him and if she would give him a kiss. As he approached the door it opened to reveal his other teammate.

"Sakura-chan look I fulfilled my promise to..." He was stopped mid-word as he was slapped to the face hard.

"How dare you I asked you to bring him back alive? I didn't ask you to bring him back half-dead!" shouted Sakura.

"But I didn't have any choice. If I didn't fight him like that, he would have escaped and he may have killed me" Naruto retorted.

Before Naruto could answer back he was slapped again. He could only stare up from the ground in shock.

"I don't care if he would have killed you! Why didn't you just die and leave us all alone! No one likes or even cares for you and no one ever will. Iruka-sensei, Tsunade-sama, Jiraiya-sama, even those two cooks that fix that horrid ramen really hate you and were only nice to you, because they were forced to!" Sakura yelled loud enough for the entire hospital to hear.

"I don't ever want to see you ever again. You hear me? I don't want you to ever show your face to me ever again, because if you do … I'll kill you" said Sakura in a cold fury.

Naruto could only continue to stare. Sakura had never said anything like that before or in a quiet voice. She was his light, his promise of a better tomorrow. He was shocked by his friend's reaction. He brought back their teammate alive and fulfilled his promise to her … maybe half-dead, but alive nonetheless. If he hadn't fought Sasuke with everything he had then Sasuke would have escaped, and maybe he wouldn't be alive right now. As he was thinking, an ANBU interrupted his train of thoughts.

"Uzumaki Naruto, the council demands your presence," said the ANBU.

End of Flashback

As he stood to the center of the meeting hall, he scanned around to see the council members. He first saw Tsunade in the center taking her rightful place as Hokage.

The two people beside her were the two elders Homura and Koharu. Naruto knew they had never liked him. He had been called into these chambers before and they had always seemed to side with the group that either wanted him dead or gone.

The person below him was a seemingly crippled old man. He was the Sandiame's rival and former friend maybe best friend if he remembered correctly. He had also tried to kidnap him once when he was little, but the Sandiame stopped him.

The people in the lowest section were parents of his friends. He didn't know exactly how each of them felt about him, but he did know not all of them liked or approved of him. He also knew they had helped the old man fight for his rights against the civilians and elders.

He wasn't sure why they did, but he always heard the old Hokage say that after paperwork the worst part of his job was politics. Politics had saved Naruto a lot more than he knew, but the old man was gone now and whatever leverage or tricks he had used in the past to save him were buried alongside him.

"Uzumaki do you know why you are here?" asked Homura.

Naruto didn't know what to answer; he just shook his head for a "no."

"You are here because we are trying to decide your future in this village" said Homura.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked a little confused

"We recently found out that there is an organization made up of mostly s-rank criminals called Akatsuki and their goal is to capture all 9 jinchūrikis, while we do not want to hand over the Bijū to them we cannot afford to put the village in danger either. Thanks to the Sand and Sound invasion during the Chūnin Exam Finals Konoha has become weaker than ever before." said Koharu.

"This organization is out there and we don't even know all their members, but the ones we do know of so far are Uchiha Itachi, Hoshigake Kisame and at some point in time Orochimaru. With members like those if this organization was to launch an attack on Konoha to get the Kyūbi we can't be sure if we would survive the aftermath which is why we have decided that Uzumaki Naruto will be banished from Konoha for the safety of the village." said Homura

"Wait! Even if we banish the boy all we are doing is handing him over to the Akatsuki and then they will get the Kyūbi's power! And I for one am not comfortable with handing over the power of the Kyūbi to a group of S class missing ninja's. This will not eliminate the threat that the Akatsuki pose. All this will is give them even more power and make them into an even bigger threat than they are now..." Said Chouza Akimichi with some members of the ninja council agreeing with him.

"If we listen to you then we will be giving the most powerful and destructive force that we know to a bunch of criminals and I don't think what those criminals have in plan for the Bijū will be for the benefit of Konoha or any village and country in Elemental continent!" Said Inoichi Yamanka.

"This matter is not something that is up for debate. We have already gone to the fire daimyo and explained the situation to him. He has given us the go ahead to banish him but because of everything he has done for the village he will not be put in the bingo book" said Koharu.

This caused different reactions among the council members. All of which went unnoticed by Naruto as he hit the ground and slumped over. His world had been shattered and everything he had worked so hard for was gone. He would never get his promotion, he would never get to become a sensei a dream he had never voiced, and he would never become Hokage his ultimate goal. There was also those visions of little blond haired blue eyed kids that he had dreamed of often, but that was probably done with now too.

Obviously unnoticed by Naruto and the majority of those in the room the Hyūga clan head was watching the boy with thoughts shared by half of the clan heads and a few of the civilians.

"Although I hold no hatred for the boy I do think it is better that he leaves. In our current condition the village can't afford to have an enemy like the Akatsuki. With him gone we can rebuild the village and our forces and deal with the Akatsuki in our own time when we are ready. Also, perhaps with him gone Hinata will finally give up her silly little crush over the boy and start training more and become stronger like a true Hyūga heiress should. If not I have no choice but to put her in the Branch House and have Hanabi be the new heiress." thought Hiashi

The ANBU Commander and Aburame Shibi just sadly shook their heads, knowing that this was a mistake that will one day come back to bite them, but went along with what the majority wanted.

Chouza just sighed sadly knowing his son would be greatly affected by this.

Shikaku just thought, "Troublesome idiots."

Danzo, Homura and Koharu just kept their face neutral much like Hiashi, but were secretly pleased with getting what they wanted. Although Homura and Koharu were both oblivious to Daznō's real motive in banishing Naruto.

"H-how many of you … agreed to this?" Naruto asked finally speaking up.

When he looked around he saw all but two civilians, both elders, all but four of the jōnin present (Sarutobi Asuma, Yūhi Kurenai, Shizune, and Maito Gai), and all but four clan heads (Inoichi, Chouza, Shikaku, and the stand-in for the Kurama clan) had agreed to his banishment.

One hour and thirty minutes later

Naruto was in his apartment getting ready to leave when he was interrupted in his packing by some familiar faces. Tsunade, Asuma, Kurenai, Iruka, Teuchi, Ayame, Jiraiya, Shizune, Konohamaru, and a surprise guest Yakumo all came to be with him. It was a nice little gathering although it left Naruto wondering what happened to the rest of his so called friends.

After they had left he found documents lying on his kitchen table with a letter from Tsunade and Jiraiya attached. He had just finished reading the document concerning his parents and when he finished he was so furious he had to bite down on his own tongue just to keep himself from screaming in rage at what he just found out.

"They lied to me...! Ero-sennin, Baa-Chan and the old man they all lied to me right to my face. Maybe Sakura was telling the truth … maybe they were only pretending to care because of who my parents were' Naruto thought.

Naruto had just found out he was the son of the Yondaime Hokage and his mom was an orphan from a clan that was from another village. This revelation sent a lot of different emotions coursing through him sadness, worry, doubt, but mostly anger. He was furious that his father was the one that sealed the Kyūbi in him with his mothers help and that bastard Jiraiya had been his godfather and the prick left him to rot in the village for over 13 years. Tsunade … well she didn't even care enough to stop her booze tour around the elemental countries not to mention racking up a monumentous amount of debt that apparently the Senju coffers weren't enough to pay for so she had used a portion of his inheritance under her authority as Hokage and her position as godmother.

He had seen the bank accounts in the documents. They showed his family was pretty wealthy with his dad being the previous Hokage and his mom coming from one of the founding clans of a village called Uzushiogakure that was destroyed sometime between the second and third shinobi world wars. They were not the richest family in Konoha, but they had enough money to last them for about 30 years without working. He had to scrimp and save every day of his life with the little amount he got from social welfare from the village, and all this time he had a fortune that was rightfully his.

And now a quarter of that was taken by his no show god parents (Jiraiya had been stealing his money since he met him during the Exam break) and a third was used by the village to help rebuild after the Invasion and damages for the pranks he pulled in the past. They weren't even going to give him the rest of it, because they said it was payment for caring for him for thirteen years.

The village had stolen his inheritance from him! The Village even denied him his birthright by keeping him from knowing his family and knowing where he came from and even took his family name from him.

When he read the letter Tsunade and Jiraiya wrote him trying to explain themselves and Sarutobi's reasoning for what they did he was even more pissed. He also found out there was a list of people in and out of Konoha that also knew and didn't bother to be there for him like they should have been. He quickly finished packing taking everything he could sealing it all away in a large scroll, one of the few useful things he had been taught.

- Outside Konoha -

Outside the village on a hill overlooking it a lone figure stood looking down at the village for the last time. It had not been too hard to sneak out of the village. He had decided to have one more look at the village before he left. He would not give them the benefit of seeing him cry or get to laugh as they watched him be kicked out.

'My old life in Konoha is over now and a new one will begin outside of it's walls. But you Konoha! I vow this I will become strong. I will become stronger than my father, my mother or anyone else that there has ever been or will ever be alive and when I do you will be sorry that you ever banished me, and that is a promise of a life time, Believe it' with that thought Naruto turned his back on the village and started to walk away from it.

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