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Chapter 3 – Spirits

Naruto had just woken up after going into the portal he noticed he was resting on Queen sized bed in the middle of a very large room. The entire room was covered in a white mist that seems to emit a strange aura around him. The mist covers the entire room except for three things, first is his bed, second is a table beside the bed, and third was the young woman he found before entering the town.

Naruto decided not to freak out at waking up next to a strange woman and instead focused on the table. Looking at the table he found a letter with his name written on it.

Dear Child

If you're reading this then it means you're already awake. Follow the dragonfly beside this letter. The dragonfly will lead you to where you will meet your trainer. Hurry boy I don't like waiting too long.

After finishing the letter he searched for the dragonfly but saw nothing. Suddenly a dragon fly came in front of him.

"What the hell!" Screamed Naruto as he jumped several feet backward.

"Naruto don't be scared just follow me and your hell will begin." Said the dragonfly as he leads Naruto out of the room.

Naruto dumbly follow the dragonfly not knowing what to do.

As he followed the dragonfly he noticed that the room he was in was like a prison cell which disturbed him very much. Heading out of the room Naruto saw a small corridor and he could also see an opening at the end of the corridor that they reached very quickly. After exiting the corridor he saw a man sitting in a rock.

"Go to him" was the last word of the dragonfly before it disappeared.

Naruto then approached the man sitting on the rock with caution. He could feel a strange aura in that man that was similar to the kyūbi. The man was wearing a hooded coat so he could not see the face or the body of that man.

"Boy you really have a knack for being startled". Said the man with a voice that seems to remind him of Gaara but it has more warmth in it.

"Well the last thing I remember is..." But he was quickly interrupted by the man.

"Being sucked into a portal. Yes, you have been transported to another world where you will live and train until I feel there is nothing left for you to learn from me" The man says.

"How long do you think that will take?" Naruto asked.

"That will be up to you, Naruto" screamed Naruto.

"Wait, how do you know my name?" Naruto asked.

"The scroll you opened allowed me to scan your memories, heart, mind, personality, attitude and skills and you told me your name when we met" said the man.

"What? I've never met you before. I'm sure I would have remembered" Naruto said looking closer at the man.

"I guess, it can't be helped you eventually would have seen who am I am anyway" the man says before removing the hood.

"It's you!" Naruto shouts pointing his finger at the man. "You're the old man I met on the road"

"That I am. I am the spirit the master spoke of in his letter and I have many forms. When you met me I was standing guard to dissuade anyone curious or stupid enough to enter that village that wouldn't meet all of the qualifications Master Satoshi said he wanted in his successor. I must say though I am a little disappointed" the old man says with a heavy sigh at the end.

"What? Why?" Naruto asked still confused about … well everything.

"I have waited over a decade for the masters' successor and the boy turns out to be little more than a loud mouthed idiot with no fashion sense what so ever. I mean what kind of ninja wears such a bright shade of orange? I would think even the dumbest, most pathetic, ignorant life form could see how such a color would only be a hindrance to a real ninja. Then again after viewing your memories I got the distinct impression you were only playing at being a ninja and that you were only able to become one due to the beast inside of you" the spirit says.

Naruto was angry at what the man said, so angry he could only see red and he attacked the spirit. This resulted in his head being slammed to the wall hard as the man held him up by the neck.

"Boy my first lesson is to avoid fighting people who are stronger than you and you'll live longer. I guarantee It." said the man while he held his neck.

Naruto was surprised by the man's speed. The man seemed to move faster than Kakashi or Gai or even Jiraiya.

'What did he mean first lesson' Naruto asked himself.

"What do you mean first lesson?" asked Naruto.

The man sighed, "You really are stupid and clueless." this only further angered Naruto.

"Boy if you remember the letter, Satoshi-sama said that he left a spirit with all his knowledge, all his experience, and all of his skill. I am that spirit and I will be the one teaching you, his heir, all you need to know. I viewed your memories and once you return to your world you will have a lot of enemies that are going to try to kill you. Nine S-class shinobi, an entire village, and who knows who else once you display your abilities. I plan to make it so you will not only survive against all who oppose you, but be able to dominate and destroy them" the spirit explains.

That calms Naruto down. He remembers what the content of the letter he read said especially the spirit part.

"So you're the spirit huh." Naruto asked dumbly,

Yes boy I am and because you seem curious before we start you can ask me anything" said the seemingly old spirit.

"Okay could you first let go of my neck." Said Naruto

"Oh sorry for that" he says as he lets go of his neck.

"First thing first where are we?" asked Naruto while rubbing his sore neck.

"I thought I already covered this, we are in another dimension contained in the scroll you were sucked into. It is an advance sealing jutsu that creates a means to travel to a sub dimension of this universe where you can train and grow in peace without any distractions" the spirit says.

"Who are you?" Naruto asks getting to his big question.

"My name is Kuroikongou (Black Diamond)" the spirit answers.

'Weird name' Naruto thought.

"So what kind of spirit are you?" he followed up.

"You will find that out later."

That irritated Naruto a little, but he hide it to the best of his abilities because he doesn't want to be choked again.

"Why did that scroll choose me?"

That question brought silence between the two for several minutes. Naruto didn't want to say anything because he felt that one wrong word would result in a very painful experience.

"I knew sooner or later you would ask that question but not this early. You want to know the answer kid? Which Naruto nodded.

"Look below you boy" said Kuroikongou which Naruto obliged.

What Naruto saw completely surprised him. The ground beneath him suddenly changed to a portrait of a man. The man had long black hair, silver eyes that seem to be cold, and his face seems to be serious. He was wearing a black trench coat that covers his whole body and wielding a large and black zanbatō. The blade of the zanbatō seemed to be made out of several large black diamonds, the guard was golden, the hilt black like the blade.

"Boy that man in the portrait is Satoshi-sama my master and my creator." Said Kuroikongou

Naruto was analyzing the portrait that he was looking at.

"What kind of shinobi was he?" Asked Naruto

"I will show you his life and then those questions of yours should answer themselves" said Kuroikongou.

Kuroikongou raises his hand then multiple images flash through Naruto's eyes. Naruto could not believe what he was witnessing right now. He was witnessing the life of a powerful shinobi, no a god right before his eyes.

The man's skill was unbelievable. His control over his element was inhuman. He could control the wind like it was part of his body. Also the control over his sub-element was also amazing. But the thing that amazes him more was how he used his sword and his weapons. He was using three main weapons in he visions he saw the sword, a spinning disk, and a bow.

The first sword was the sword that he was holding in the portrait. It was as large as him but he could still control it masterfully. The spinning disk was pitch black making it almost invisible at night even when the moon shone on it. It would slice and dice his opponents up multiple times from any different angles before returning to his hand. The blades on the disk could extend to varying lengths but would only grow as long as the blade of a tonto.

His third weapon was a bow, ivory white in color with a white string that never broke. It could fire normal arrows and those made out of Satoshi's own chakra. When he fired arrows made out of the wind they would multiply and pierce through any armor or shield.

But the thing that made him sad and angry was the way the people of the village treated him when he was old. His very own village attempted to kill him when he was getting old. That was the reason why there were multiple bones of people and animals in the village. When he was betrayed he protected himself against all the shinobi's of his village. He managed to kill them all but with a price. He was severely wounded multiple times.

So the last thing he did was to make sure that he was remembered. He put a seal on the entire village that would kill anyone that did not meet his requirement needed to pass on his skills. He also sealed all his knowledge, his scrolls, and two of his weapons. The sword on the other hand was sealed in a separate scroll by a strange ritual before being sucked into the seal with everything else. After the sealing he embraced the scroll while writing the letter. Then it went black.

"So boy after watching his life what kind of shinobi do you think he was?" asked Kuroikongou.

"He was an honorable man, an amazing shinobi, and an even more amazing person" Answered Naruto without hesitation.

"You are correct boy. He was a fantastic warrior, a good friend, and a good master. He treated everyone with respect even if they didn't give a shit about him." said Kuroikongou.

"Now to answer your second question, remember the sword that he was wielding in the portrait." Naruto nodded.

"That boy was me" said Kuroikongou.

"How can that be you?" said the surprised Naruto.

"Boy do you know what a sentient sword is?" asked Kuroikongou.

Naruto shook his head no. Of course he didn't know. He wasn't allowed to know much of anything back in Konoha.

"A sentient sword is a type of sword that has a spirit, a soul, and a mind. A sentient sword chooses who its master will be. Normally a sentient sword is created by a powerful being mostly a sage, a spirit, a mage, a demon, a tailed beast, or a god. But my master was very special. He was the one who created me despite not meeting the usual requirements" Explained Kuroikongou.

"How did he create you?" asked an astonished Naruto.

"He had a God like affinity towards the wind. It was so strong that it created a wind spirit. That spirit was me." Answer Kuroikongou.

"Wait, you mean..."

"Yes boy you have the same God like affinity towards the wind as my former master, To the extent that you created a wind spirit in your subconscious. As a matter of fact before we go any further I think it is time the two of you met" Kuroikongou says before placing a glowing hand on Naruto's forehead.

Naruto felt himself losing consciousness and tried to fight it for a little while before sub coming to darkness. The moment that Naruto was knocked out he returned to the sewer that was the prison of the kyūbi. But unlike before he wasn't in front of the cell that was holding the kyūbi. This time he was in front of giant statue of a sleeping dragon and it was trapped inside a giant sapphire stone.

Naruto not knowing what it was yet approached the giant stone. Every step he took he could feel the breeze of the wind getting stronger as he gets closer to the giant stone.

He was now merely three feet from the stone and couldn't stop himself from touching it. Now that he was so close to the stone he could feel that the breeze he felt was coming from the stone. A strong breeze of wind enveloped the giant stone. He could now see that the stone was emitting a beautiful ray of light around the sewer. He could also feel a warm feeling inside him now that he was touching the giant stone unlike the feeling of fear when he was near the cell of kyūbi. He was so busy observing the giant stone that he didn't notice that the dragon inside of the stone had opened its eyes and was slowly analyzing him.

Naruto, oblivious to the dragon analyzing him, felt the wind getting stronger by the second as he continued to touch the stone. He felt strangely calm and relaxed as the wind blew right in his face not even bothering to close his eyes.

The dragon seeing this suddenly narrowed his eyes to Naruto then its eyes widened like it realized who he is. The dragon started to leak out a strange substance finally snapping Naruto out of his trance like state. Naruto jumped a couple of feet away from the stone preparing to run as the creature broke out of it's stony prison.

"Wait I've been waiting for you for such a long time. Don't leave yet" said the dragon in a feminine voice that startled Naruto because he didn't see it's mouth or snout or whatever move.

Startled and confused by the dragon he decided to stay for a while and talk to the creature. He didn't know what it was, but he continued to get a calm reassuring feeling so he decided to trust it.

"Ah...sure...well what are you?" ask Naruto in a confused voice.

The dragon was shocked at what he said but could sense that the boy in front of her still could not use her. So she circled around Naruto wrapping her body around him gently so she would not further startle her future master. Although the move in itself was startling.

As for Naruto he really felt comfortable with the creature so he allowed the dragon to wrap around him. It's strange when the kyūbi tried getting near him he could not feel anything except fear, despair, or extreme anger but he was feeling the complete opposite even now when this other creature is wrapped around him. He felt so comfortable that he could relaxed easily some how knowing instinctively that he would not be harmed.

As the dragon completely enveloped Naruto's body she moved her head near his ear. "Hurry up and learn how to use your element master. I've been waiting for you to use me since the day you were born." Said the dragon

"Wh...what are you talking about?' asked the confused Naruto

"You'll find out soon enough. But for now someone is waiting for you outside. So goodbye for now" Said the Dragon as she brought Naruto closer touching him forehead to forehead as a white glow began to emit from where they were joined.

Naruto soon disappeared from his mind scape in blinding light before he could ask anything else of the creature.

"Soon enough you'll be using the power that has been hidden from you your entire life." Said the Dragon as she is then encased in the same bluish stone as before.

Outside World

Naruto woke up from his bizarre visit to his subconscious. It was strange and comforting at the same time. Strange because every time he visited his subconscious he always end up in front of the annoying fox but now he ended up in front of a strange yet gentle female dragon. Comforting because the aura of the dragon wasn't evil like the kyūbi it was very calming like she was a part of him or something. He wasn't given long to ponder on this as Kuroikongou broke him out of his thoughts

"I trust whatever happened in your mind was enlightening" the spirit said before continuing not giving Naruto a chance to ask anything.

"Now boy before we start I'm going to tell you what we are going to work on. We are going to work on ninjutsu, kenjutsu, and fūinjutsu and before you ask I'm going to explain why you're learning those specific skills.

First is ninjutsu, it is the best way for you to control your element and by the looks of things in your memory and by the things I see in you, you have greatly untapped potential in ninjutsu that was mostly ignored by your previous teachers.

Second is kenjutsu, it is the second best way for you to control your element and can enhance your ninjutsu by tenfold if you know how to use a sword properly. Plus, if I deem you worthy in the art you might become my next master.

Lastly fūinjutsu, it is the best way to contain your pet inside you, it can also be the best way to contain some material that you will need in your journey, and the most important thing in why you are going to learn about seals is because if you become proficient with seals it could help you in your battles and training. It also the only art form with no set limits capable of creating entire worlds like the one you are in now or simply storing supplies for battle or survival. Now boy shall we start your training or would you like to wait until tomorrow so you can rest?" Asked Kuroikongou.

"Yes let's start." said Naruto with much excitement in his voice. He could not wait to learn those ninja arts.

After hearing Naruto's answer Kuroikongou snaps his fingers. The effect is instantaneous. The entire area was changed. The corridor changed in to a valley, with several land formations surrounding it.

"First we are going to work in your physical conditioning and your chakra control. You posses impressive stamina, but your body won't survive long in it's current emaciated condition due to your poor diet. It doesn't matter if you can use A-class or even S-class jutsu if your opponent can simply hit you or out run you. They could kill you before you could even make one hand seal. So we will work on your strength and speed until I deem you at an acceptable level to learn more.

I see you can already you use two A-class ninjutsu, but with your level of chakra control you use to much chakra and despite the impressive levels of chakra you posses it will become a hindrance when you fight higher level opponents. If they manage to evade enough of your jutsu even you will deplete your chakra reservoirs leaving you vulnerable. Also, if you want to use some of the more extreme jutsu my master created or used you will need to have at least jōnin level chakra control or greater.

Then we are going to follow it up with taijutsu and genjutsu. I know you have shown little ability with the more subtle of shinobi arts, but to become as strong as my master you will need to learn how to break and perform genjutsu.

Your tiajutsu sucks and I would never let someone who cannot perform the most basic of arts to wield me. After all there will be times when you won't be able to use me and will need to rely on your own power to defeat an opponent.

After that we will work on your mind, battle strategy and tactics, kenjutsu, and fūinjutsu. Any questions?" asked Kuroikogou after the explanation.

"Yes! I have one. I can understand the physical conditioning and chakra control stuff" scowling at the mention of his horrible chakra control "but why do I have to learn taijutsu and genjutsu. I thought only ninjutsu, kenjutsu, and fūinjutsu are the things that you are going to teach me" Naruto asked.

That question earned Naruto a light punch to the gut. "Boy if I only teach you those three you will have an enormous weakness against any ninja proficient in those two art forms and weakness in the ninja world means death, Any more stupid question?

Naruto even though still rather upset by the punch he received, let it go and asked two more questions.

"I have a summoning contract with the Toads. Will they be able to come here and will I be allowed to keep them?" Naruto asked.

The spirit actually had to think on that one for a moment. His previous master had no knowledge of these summon creatures or their abilities so he wasn't able to give a sufficient answer.

"I … can't say. I do know they will not be able to sense or contact you for the duration of your stay in this seal so they may consider you dead after a while. The decision to continue your contract or not will be up to you" Kuroikogou says.

"Anything else?" the spirit asked hoping that would be the end of the questions. His prayers would go unanswered.

"Actually, the girl that was brought here with me. What will happen with her?" Naruto asked.

This was yet another question the spirit couldn't answer.

"I don't know … this was never meant to happen. The seal was designed so only one person would be allowed entry. If she is here that must means other forces are at work that even my master couldn't predict, but now she will stay as neither of you can leave the seal until we have finished your training. If she wants she can join in your training or work on her own, perhaps she will even help you in your free time as I sense she is very strong" the spirit says.

Naruto nodded glad that out of the way.

"Umm … is there another room for her to stay in or something. I don't know a lot, but I do know it's not proper for boys and girls to live together unless they are married or in a committed relationship of some kind" Naruto says a little flustered at remembering how he woke up.

"This world will bend to your needs. You will find food, clothing, equipment, and all that you will need during your stay. However, living arrangements are what they are if you are uncomfortable or the girl complains then you can always sleep outside some where or the floor" the spirit says uncaring of the issue.

Naruto frowned but nodded. It would have to do for now he guessed.

"Good any more questions?" The spirit asked hoping to get on with things.

Naruto shook his head.

"Good! Now before we start first create 50 shadow clones" which Naruto created quickly.

"Now that you created the shadow clones will the original step forward." The original Naruto then suddenly stepped forward.

"Okay, I will now tell you what your first warm up exercise will be" the spirit says gaining Naruto's undivided attention "First you must run 100 laps around the valley, followed by 150 push-ups, then 200 sit-ups, and lastly 100 squat-trust. After you finish seek me out for another exercise" Instructed Kuroikogou.

After hearing what Kuroikogou said Naruto's face had turned ghostly pale. What he was about to do seemed like torture. But his reaction didn't go unnoticed by his trainer.

"I know that what your about to do seems like torture but it is your first step to becoming strong enough to start the rest of your training. You have the potential to surpass my master and the leaders you called Hokage but you need to experience hell first to gain the power and strength you need. Power and strength comes from hard work, training, and determination. There are no short cuts for gaining power and strength. Do you understand me boy." Lecture Kuroikogou

What Kuroikogou said actually calm him made him fell relief but he still have one question in mind.

"Okay, I understand the reason for the 'warm up' exercises that you want me to do but why did you ask me to create 50 shadow clones?" Ask Naruto.

"The answer is very simple. We are going to start your lessons in fūinjutsu and chakra control. My master took three years to become a seal master so I'm going to need 25 of you to even start with the basics" Kuroikogou answered.

"Wait a minute! Don't you need me for that?" asked Naruto.

"Boy all I need is 25 of the 50 shadow clones I asked you to produce. You, the original, just need to focus on all the physical training and your clones will handle all the things that involve sealing while the other 25 do the chakra control training" said Kuroikogou.

"How the hell could I learn about sealing or chakra control if my clones learn it and not me?" Ask a confused Naruto.

Kuroikogou stared at the boy with disbelief. How could this boy not know the secret of his most favourite jutsu? He had practically used it more than 500 times, more than his master had used it in his lifetime. But yet this boys haven't discovered the secret of that jutsus. But it made since with the way he had abused the jutsu in the memories he had viewed. Plus, it seemed like no one before had been willing to tell the boy probably thinking he new or would learn about it with time.

Then and there he knew that it was going to be a long, long, long before this boy would be ready to leave the seal.

"Boy don't tell me you hadn't discovered the secret of the shadow clone jutsu by now?" the spirit asked incredulously.

"No I haven't! What do you mean secret of the shadow clone." Naruto asked dumbly.

"To make a long story short if you dispel a shadow clone all its knowledge and its experience will return to the original. I can't believe you hadn't noticed that. You have been using this jutsu a lot and I mean a lot to the point where you have actually abused the jutsu" said Kuroikongou.

"I used it all the time and didn't notice it" said Naruto with an embarrassed look.

"Just start running before I beat the shit out of you" the spirit says, which Naruto obediently obeys starting the long arduous road that would be his training.

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