The Klainer head-canon to end all head-canons is that Kurt and Blaine's first adopted child is called Toronto and, most importantly, he looks just like Kellen the mini-Warbler. This is a cold, hard fact in my head. Blame Chris Colfer. And Darren Criss. And Tumblr.

But yeah, I don't really know where this fic came from. It's basically just little Toronto talking about his Dads. Or 'Towonto' as that's the way he says his name in my head. He's got one of those cute lisps that little American kids in movies have. The Toronto in my head is adorable.

Anyway, Toronto would like some reviews for his little story about his daddies. Pretty please?

And I don't own anything. Obviously.


My name is Toronto Anderson-Hummel. I am six years old and my favourite things are singing, dancing, animals and my daddies. My Dad is called Blaine and he writes songs and teaches people music and my Daddy is called Kurt and he sings and acts on stage on Broadway, and we live in New York.

We go to Ohio to visit my grandpa and grandma and Uncle Finn during Thanksgiving and Christmas and stuff, and I like it there. My uncle Finn is really funny and tall, and when he picks me up and puts me on his shoulders I feel like a giant. My Dad and my uncle Finn and my grandpa taught me to play football. Dad isn't very good at it and makes Daddy laugh, but grandma says that grandpa shouldn't play football too much because he's heart is sick and he gets tired easy.

My daddies met each other when they were in school and then they got married and adopted me when I was a baby, and they love each other very much. They like to hold hands and kiss each other and kiss me a lot. Daddy says they used to sing to me when I was a baby and I was crying. Daddy's singing is really pretty and Dad takes me to Broadway to see Daddy sing on stage and he's really good. Me and Dad clap and cheer real loud.

I like when my daddies read me a story because they do the voices and it makes me laugh. Dad read me Harry Potter which is all about magic and wizards, and sometimes it's scary but it's really good. I like the flying on broomsticks the best and that mirror where you see what you want the most. If I looked in that mirror I would see me and my daddies eating lots of chocolate cake.

I like when my daddies put music on and we dance and sing along to all their favourite songs. My Dad taught me a dance to a song called Teenage Dream which is really fun. Daddy told me that when he and Dad got married they danced to that song at their wedding and that makes me like it more. Sometimes my Dad sings it on the piano or the guitar and it's really cool. Also he sings me songs from movies I like, like Mulan which is my favourite movie.

When I grow up I want to be a vet because I like animals and I want to swim with dolphins. For my next birthday my daddies are going to get me a puppy and I'm really, really excited. I'm going to call him Chester. If I can't be a vet then I want to sing and dance on stage like my Daddy or write songs like my Dad. They teach me to sing and Dad is teaching me to play piano.

Some kids in my class think it's funny that I have two dads but I think it's great. My daddies say that I should be thankful because some kids don't even have one dad and I have two so I'm really lucky. I love my daddies very, very much and I want to make them proud of me. I hope when I'm grown up I'm happy like they are.

Hope you enjoyed this little bit of adorable randomness, Humble Readers :)