A crush on the boss

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Summary: Kono realizes she has a huge crush on Steve and she tries her outmost to repress it. But when suddenly all that Steve does is super sexy in Kono's eyes, what will she do about it?

It was a calm day on the headquarters and the team was catching up on some overdue paperwork. Now, if you take a first look at them, they will appear relaxed, without a problem on their minds except catching the bad guys. But if you look just close enough, you might be able to see what rises under the surface. For example, you may see that one team member has problems with his ex-wife, or that one has an over protectiveness problem that he is trying to keep under control. You might even catch a glimpse of the loneliness that one member feels every time he goes home to an empty house. But what if you see that one really bad ass officer has a HUGE crush on a team mate, more specifically the BOSS, what would you think? Well what about we go on a trip through crush road?

Kono Kalakaua, although seemingly focused on her paperwork, was having the biggest internal fight ever.

Okay Kono focus, we need to discuss this okay? So, you have a crush on your boss, Commander Steve Mcgarret, AKA the hottest guy on the planet… NO! DO NOT think of him like that! He is your boss; he DOES NOT feel the same way about you! And you can get fired for this! Yeah that's right, FIRED! So do not even think on letting this show or you'll have to change jobs and you really like it here. So put yourself together and just ignore all the things that make him attractive to your eyes ok? Yeah something tells me that that's going to be near impossible… I don't care! Those feelings of yours… SHUT THEM DOWN! Ok, Ok, I'll shut them down. God I hope that works. You know what, it will work! The feelings are not even that strong right? Yeah he's hot but so are a lot of guys. Yeah, the crush will just disappear on its own. I just need to ignore it for a little while. Yeah…

"Hey Coz, coz!" Chin interrupted her chain of thoughts. He could see her from his desk and she seemed really off. He was worried so he decided to check on her but she was still off even after he called her name like five times!

Kono suddenly snapped out of it and stared at her cousin. God, she must have been like this for a long time to be noticed by her team mates. Oh God!

"Hey coz!" Kono tried to cover it up by acting as normal as possible.

"What were you thinking? You've been out of it for the past 10 minutes!" Chin asked, starting to get curious about his cousin's odd behavior.

"Uh… nothing, it's just this last case was a little hard you know?" Kono quickly answered hoping Chin would just buy it and leave her alone.

Chin was not convinced at all but seeing the glare she was sending his way he decided the subject could be addressed later, in private.

"Okay coz, just focus, I think we got a case on the way."

"Yeah ok, thanks coz." Kono thanked him and turned back to her paperwork before they had to get together and discuss the case.

Or so she thought, because you see the minute she turned her back on Chin, Steve's office came into view and she almost fated. She honest to God almost fated.

Oh no, this is not happening to me! God hates me! God HAS to hate me! Was the only coherent thoughts Kono's mind could form has she watched her boss change shirts in his office, for a whole MINUTE showing off his perfectly plane abs and muscular biceps. Oh yeah, God definitely hates the crap out of me!

And the worst part? She couldn't tear her eyes away. I mean, to be fair, what female human being would purposefully tear her eyes away from perfection? That strong plane chest and arms to die for… oh yeah, she overestimated her chances of getting over her crush.

Without realizing it her mouth was now hanging open and a little bit of drool was starting to drop from the side. But she couldn't stop looking at him. She was glad that Danny and Chin were already on the conference room otherwise she was going to be mocked until the end of times. But for her misfortune she did not consider the possibility that Steve HIMSELF would turn around and catch her staring, which is exactly what he did.

The last thought on her mind was ""Oh God I'm so going to get fired" before she quickly grabbed her files and actually ran to the conference room, her cheeks blushing so hard for being found on such compromising position.

Too bad she did, or else she would have caught the satisfied grin that appeared on Commander Steve Mcgarret's face as he saw that his subordinate was "appreciating" his body. Because, you see, the Commander himself also had a little crush on his subordinate…

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