A crush on the boss part 8

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Steve hesitated for a second and then took the five large strides that would lead him through the doors and outside. Seriously how many times have I walked through these doors today? He thought to himself.

There was a slightly chilly breeze floating in the air and it was already dark outside, leaving only a few lamp's dim light to help him see into the darkness. He let his eyes get use to the dark and looked for her near the building, all the while revising in his head what he was actually going to say to her. Or do

He spotted her 20 feet away from him and a smile grew in his face. She was leaning against the wall with her eyes closed and enjoying the quiet of the night. He knew it calmed her. He started heading her way and the thought that she must be really out of it crossed his mind sense she didn't even hear him approach. It wasn't until he was only 2 feet away from her and was looking intently at her that she noticed someone's presence. Her eyes fluttered open and she was surprised to find him standing there looking at her. She quickly straightened and started pushing herself from the wall.

"Hey, I was just on my way back, you wanna go-"she was completely cut off as her back hit the wall again and Steve's lips crashed down onto hers. She stood froze for a moment, not really processing what was happening but she snapped out of it in time to kiss him back just as fiercely as he had kissed her. She could feel his hands around her waist and she brought her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss. Their tongues fought each other for dominance, Steve winning of course, and after a few seconds they separated in search for air.

Kono whimpered slightly at the loss of contact, still with her eyes closed, but they fluttered open as she heard Steve chuckle.

"You should have told me I had that effect on you a long time ago." Steve teased her, loving the sparkling look on her eyes.

"I swear if you keep teasing me like that I will kick your ass." Kono threatened, although deep down she loved the flirting that had been going on between them.

"Oh don't worry; I already got that promise from Chin." Steve stated playfully making Kono giggle. But he knew it was time to be serious now.

"Listen, Kono…" Steve started, taking her hand. "I know that I have been… uh, playing you, we'll put it at that…" he let out another chuckle as Kono scoffed. "for this past week… but, I'm serious about this Kono. I really want to be with you. I do have feelings for you. I can see myself being with you and I think you feel the same. And if you don't… well, I don't give up that easily." He flashed her one of his fully dimpled smiles that could bring any woman to her knees.

"Hmmmm…" Kono hummed with a thoughtful look.


"There is just something wrong in that scenario." Kono said while trying to maintain a straight face.

"Something wrong with that scenario…" Steve trailed off not knowing what she meant.

"Yeah, well you see, this past week you tempted me, flirted with me, played me and shamelessly ogled me… all of which I have forgiven you for…"

"Then what haven't you forgive me for?" Steve asked even more confused.

Kono leaned in closer to him and whispered very softly.

"You only kissed me once…" she whispered, loving the sudden look of want that crossed his beautiful hazel eyes.

"Well I guess we'll just have to change that…" he replied crashing his lips onto hers again, softer this time, taking his time exploring her.

And all Kono could think was "Oh my God I'm finally kissing him!"


The next morning…

Danny came into the bullpen to find his three friends already sitting at their desks. He walked slowly towards his own.

"Morning guys." Danny greeted them, receiving three good mornings back from his teammates. Danny put his bag down and walked over to Steve's desk. He stood there waiting for his partner to lift his head. As Steve did so, he looked at him with a confused look.

"Anything I can help you with Danny?"

"Well, you know, after my retrieval due to my stomach ache yesterday, I was just hoping you'd feel me in on the night's details!" Danny said sarcastically.

Steve risked a glanced at Kono and then looked back at Danny. "Nothing out of the ordinary." Steve replied simply and focused back on his paperwork with a visible smirk on his face.

"Nothing out of the ordinary…" Danny trailed off with an astonished look on his face. He knew his friend had gone to Kono afterwards and he had a suspicious that they were now dating but he needed confirmation. He turned to Kono.

"Rookie?" He asked hopefully.

Kono lifted her head and simply replied to Danny. "Thank you for your help Danny."

WHAT? He though.

"Thank you for your help…" Danny once again trailed off and decided to call it quits. He walked back to his desk, all the while musing out loud.

"Yeah, ok, that's it, I'm asking for a raise!"


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